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No, I think most people actually agree with me and certainly defend freedom of expression even if it does not coincide with their views. If saying what I said leads to these consequences, I prefer not to be on these boards. I think the corporate world is now run by compliance people. In this context, I understand their firing
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Oct 20 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mark Faber is associated, including U.S. and China. Most recently, Mark Faber has been quoted saying: “I shall continue to write my two reports: The printed Gloom Boom & Doom Report and the website report. If I ever stop writing it won't be because some media outlets call me a racist, but because Mr. Mugabe asks me to be his minister of finance.” in the article 'Dr. Doom', Marc Faber, removed from more boards after comments on race.
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Sep 20 2017

In 2009 when stocks bottomed out, I can tell you that not many people saw why stocks would go up. Now it's the opposite. The sky is clear. Corporate profits have been expanding – they're good. Interest rates are low, but valuations are very

Sep 15 2017 - Cambodia

Some Japanese companies are actually quite good value. I personally prefer investments in Indochina, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and also Laos. That is the region I think has enormous economic potential and there will be plenty of opportunities. But for institutional investors, the Japanese market offers in some sectors very good

Sep 15 2017

So, we have had a shift in market leadership away from the U.S. to other

Sep 14 2017

I don't want to increase my bond exposure. Every year, some bonds are maturing, and as a result I'm reducing somewhat the bond

Sep 14 2017

I think the dollar could easily rebound by 4 to 5 percent, or maybe even more. Longer term, I'm obviously not optimistic about the U.S. dollar. You just have to look at the U.S. administration and their economic policies that will not be very conducive for dollar strength in the long run. They're actually shooting themselves in their own feet, so long term I'm obviously negative about the U.S.

Jun 24 2017 - Bull market

We've had more than eight years of a bull market. The Nasdaq is being driven by very few stocks. Either people with money will be taxed heavily ... or we'll have a massive deflation in asset prices – I repeat: massive. Eventually the system will

Jun 24 2017

You know we have a lot of volatility, and when things will start to go down, they'll go down a

Jun 24 2017

We could print enough money that the Dow goes to 100,000. All I'm saying is it will end very badly, extremely

May 31 2017

We have a bubble in

Apr 26 2017

I would rather build up cash positions and eventually invest in the euro. I think the euro is attractive and fairly priced. I think European stocks are also relatively

Apr 26 2017

You're accusing me of being wrong? I laugh at

Apr 26 2017

I tell you when all is over people will love me for having warned them to have all their money in stocks. I'm used to people like you who always attack

Mar 02 2017

I believe the time will come when the weakness of the euro becomes uncomfortable for the Europeans, specifically the Germans, and then there will be a reverse. And the dollar will go down, and the money that flowed into U.S. assets will flow out of U.S. assets, and so the market is more likely to go down. I believe also the policies of Mr. Trump will actually not reduce the government. Plus, fiscal spending means essentially an expansion of the government, so that is not pro-growth in my

Feb 26 2017

When you look at Trump and his administration, and the way the budget is, I think further money printing down the line is

Feb 26 2017

Very simply, the market starts to go down. As it goes down, it will start triggering selling, and then it will be like an

Feb 26 2017 - China

China looks quite attractive. For the next three months, money can flow into China. The economy, surprisingly, has begun to do quite well. We see that in retail in Hong Kong. We see that in the hotel industry, and we see that in the demand for

Feb 16 2017 - Mexico

When you see Mr. Trump lambasting the exporting countries of Asia, calling China – he hasn't declared it officially a currency manipulator 104281479 and so forth, what is the reaction of the leadership in Beijing. Everybody in Asia and around the world, including Mexico and the Europeans will say, the U.S. is no longer a reliable trading partner and no longer a reliable ally. We have to look after ourselves. So the Chinese are pushing essentially domestic-led

Jan 30 2017 - Protectionism

As we go into 2017, the consensus is that inflation will go up … And you want to be overweight U.S. stocks … but protectionism, I guarantee you, is not going to be good for the

Jan 11 2017

I think that gold has performed fantastically

Jan 11 2017

Mr. Trump is pro-business, so it's natural that the mood has improved among the small-businessman, corporations and investors. I think Mr. Trump will have a better economy, but that doesn't necessarily mean that asset prices will go up, because they are already grossly inflated. If someone wants to be in the market, and I always have part of my assets in equities, then I think other markets than the U.S. are more

Jan 11 2017

Foreign markets will outperform the U.S., and if both go down then the U.S. will go down more. The only space I like in the U.S. is essentially gold shares, silver and platinum. You have great gold mining companies in the

Dec 16 2016

We have to be very careful when we talk about investments. We have a lot of volatility coming toward us. I think that in general people are far too optimistic about the U.S. becoming again a great country. I doubt that one man alone can do

Dec 16 2016 - Japan

If you want to be in equities, the U.S. market is now at the most expensive level compared to Europe, Japan and emerging economies it's ever

Dec 16 2016 - Bull market

In March 2017, the U.S. bull market will be eight years old. By any standard, this is a very aging bull market. By June 2017, the economic recovery will be eight years old. By any standard, a recovery that is very

Dec 16 2016

Mr. Trump is not particularly keen on China. There may be some trade war escalation or trade restrictions with China, which in my view would rather be negative for the U.S. than for

Dec 16 2016

China does not depend on the U.S. The U.S. is still its largest export destination as a country, but taken together, all the emerging markets are for China much more

Dec 16 2016

We have a credit bubble in China, like, by the way, everywhere else in the world. It's just bigger in China and that, in my view, will have to be

Nov 30 2016

I think that in 2017 my recommendation would be to overweight emerging economies, and I would also overweight Europe, partly because I think that the sentiment about the U.S. dollar is far too optimistic. I think the dollar is terribly overbought and overvalued, so I wouldn't get into the U.S. dollar at this

Nov 09 2016

The obvious trade with a Trump victory is to own Russian and Kazakhstan assets – bonds and equities. That is the obvious trade for the simple reason that Mr. Trump has a more benign view of the world and respects the perspective of foreign

Nov 09 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

But, many Asian countries were not all that much in favor of TPP to start with ... so I don't think that it's a

Nov 09 2016

Over the last 12 months, U.S. government's debt increased by 1.4 trillion dollars and will hit 20 trillion dollars very quickly… within a month or

Oct 24 2016

This combination of infrastructure in emerging economies and infrastructure spending in the developed economies of the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, will mean that inflation will actually surprise on the

Oct 24 2016

In the western world, they believe – I'm not saying it's the right belief – but the belief among economists and the neo-Keynesian and the interventionists is that monetary policy alone cannot lift the global economy out of its slow growth mode. So they have to go and build infrastructure and boost governments' fiscal

Sep 22 2016

They are going to continue to print money and the Fed's balance sheet and the other central banks' balance sheets will continue to grow until the whole system collapses and then you and I in gold assets will be better off than in paper

Sep 22 2016

They were trying to mix all kinds of powders and chemicals to produce essentially gold. And they all

Sep 22 2016

It's possible that suddenly inflationary pressures will be there, that central banks should then act but they cannot because the system is so

Sep 22 2016

This is a blatant expropriation of honest people's savings. And in that scenario I'd rather have gold than

Sep 22 2016

Pension funds, even in these beautiful years of returns, 2009 to today, they have become less funded, they have become more underfunded. With interest rates at zero and this low, their portion that's in bonds is never going to meet the expected returns of 7.5 percent. It's physically not

Aug 09 2016 - Toyota

What they produce can be produced by Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Nissan. Anybody in the world can make it eventually, at much lower cost and probably much more

Aug 09 2016 - Tesla

I think Tesla is a company that is likely to go to zero

Jun 24 2016

They were conducted or paid by the

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