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That critical message is we need start making our legislating match our campaign
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Nov 10 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mark Meadows is associated, including Trump and Affordable Care Act. Most recently, Mark Meadows has been quoted saying: “Failure is not an option. The preliminary numbers really look very good in terms of economic growth.” in the article Using tax legislation to overhaul Obamacare still ‘being discussed, ’ Ryan says.
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Sep 10 2017 - Trump Presidency

I wouldn't want his job for anything. I have a hard enough time keeping 40 members of the Freedom Caucus together. You don't take a Pollyanna view that the way things have always been done are going to be changing, just because you get a new speaker. But to Speaker Ryan's credit, he stays engaged in spite of being bloodied, even by some of his own

Sep 06 2017

It will probably pass, with a majority of Democrats and enough Republicans to get it across the finish

Sep 06 2017

Attaching the debt ceiling to it is using a catastrophe in Texas as leverage to pass something that certainly there should have been an alternative plan to

Sep 03 2017 - Republican Party

If they accomplish all of that, I think they'll get an A-plus for the month, and have avoided a disastrous September. Actually, even if they can get through September with a C grade, October and November will certainly be a little bit easier

Sep 03 2017 - Republican Party

I find it interesting that the secretary has long called for a clean debt ceiling and now suggests that we attach something to the debt ceiling vote. There should be a clean bill; it's called the Hurricane Harvey relief

Aug 31 2017

We're going to fund Harvey relief without a doubt, but I think it just sends the wrong message when you start attaching it to the debt

Aug 11 2017

You can take the top one percent and tax them fully, and it still won't pay for

Jul 24 2017

They ought to be aggregators. There's plenty of think tanks that are out there. We ought to take a score from Heritage, from AEI (American Enterprise Institute), from Brookings, from the Urban Institute and bring them together for a composite

Jul 19 2017

It's still short of what it

Jul 12 2017 - American politics

Our official position has been to repeal all the taxes,

Jun 29 2017 - Republican Party

Is failure an option? Absolutely

Jun 17 2017 - Democratic Party

Confidence in Congress, whether it is a Democrat or Republican led Congress is at an all time low. People believe that it doesn't matter which party is in power. It doesn't matter who is in control. They don't expect a whole lot to get

Jun 17 2017

There are so many things that are a priority legislatively for Congress to get done, whether true health care or tax reform or a number other things, like infrastructure or fixing the VA. We took an official position primarily because the legislative calendar we've seen so far, as reflective of input from people we serve, has not been that robust. If that's a good way to put

Jun 17 2017

It's a unique time. I'm going to a meeting right now with the Speaker to push this very thing!feedback

Jun 17 2017

It's incumbent upon us break the mold and start to rebuild trust. What better way to do it than to, say, break the norm of going home for five weeks in August and the first part of September and actually work into the wee hours of the morning until we get things done?feedback

Jun 13 2017

There's really one stumbling block that a lot of us are divided on: the border adjustment tax, and where you go with that. If it were to be whipped today, I think there's 70 to 80 votes against the border adjustment tax. So our position has been, let's go ahead and get to something we can all agree

Jun 09 2017 - Republican Party

I think he was exonerated. He said that he wasn't under investigation and indeed that was

May 25 2017 - American politics

In the end what we've gotta do is make sure there is enough funds there to handle preexisting conditions and drive down premiums. If we can't do those three things then we will have

May 23 2017

If you start in the middle, you make everybody mad when you move one way or

May 22 2017

Meals on Wheels, even for some of us who are considered to be fiscal hawks, may be a bridge too

May 22 2017 - Democratic Party

It probably is the most conservative budget that we've had under Republican or Democrat administrations in

May 17 2017 - Russia

This must only be a first step. No doubt this investigation should extend to the circumstances that led to the president's abrupt dismissal of James Comey and to other critical matters that arise. I would hope that the people here (in Congress) will believe if a special prosecutor tells them that there's no indication that the Russians have done anything here, that they will finally open their eyes, and say, There's no there,

May 05 2017 - Obamacare

If it's revenue neutral, you're not really lowering taxes. You're shifting the

May 04 2017 - Obamacare

This is about making it better for the American people, and what the president signs will be infinitely

May 04 2017 - Republican Party

This is a good day for the American people and the president of the United States. He personally engaged in a real way to make a

May 04 2017 - American politics

I don't see any defections because of this particular amendment from our previous whip

May 04 2017 - Obamacare

I have read the bill no less than six times. If they haven't read the bill it's because they haven't the spent the time to do

May 04 2017 - Obamacare

It's real easy to be unified when your vote doesn't matter and you're in the minority. It's much more difficult to be unified when you're in the majority, and that's what we're seeing. But I think we're making a big step forward

May 03 2017 - American politics

Hopefully we're just a handful away. There's still a lot of undecided, but generally, at this stage of the game, you can address the concerns of the

May 03 2017 - American politics

We see that as being a net plus in terms of the vote

May 03 2017

I think it's imperative that we have a vote before we leave for a

May 02 2017 - Obamacare

We're hoping that we're looking at days, not weeks at this point. But if it doesn't happen this week, we need to look at Plan B or C. I want to get across the finish line. What's critical to us: Move enough people to '

Apr 26 2017 - Republican Party

I believe that we're going to get to 216 or

Apr 26 2017 - Republican Party

Generally speaking, there's a lot of

Apr 10 2017

So help me explain why we went backwards …. … It doesn't matter what you think …. It matters what the rank‑and‑file thinks. And that's the whole reason why you have an employee survey … if you're thinking that everything is kumbaya, I mean, how do we fix the problem? How many have you implemented? Therein is the problem, Mr. Gardner. When you get information from rank‑and‑file employees and you do nothing with it, there is a problem. Then they think that their opinion doesn't

Apr 10 2017

So, this would indicate that there's a problem within your leadership ranks of not actually responding appropriately to the rank‑and‑file. Would you agree with that?feedback

Apr 10 2017

That concerns me even more … If you're surprised by the results, it shows that we have a lack of understanding of the rank‑and‑file … Why would you be surprised?feedback

Apr 10 2017

So are you surprised by that, that they think that leadership is not fair, that management is not fair?feedback

Apr 09 2017

Now you're going to be setting top-line numbers, which you appropriate to. That will have a unique dynamic, let's put it that

Apr 06 2017

We can get it done before August as long as we are real serious about having real debate... debate has to be about changing policy. We need to go ahead and start having those discussions today. Let's look at legislative

Apr 06 2017

If those offers that were made over the last couple of days actually appear in the legislation, the majority, if not almost all of the Freedom Caucus, will vote for this

Apr 05 2017 - American politics

It perhaps is as much of a repeal as we can get

Apr 05 2017 - Obamacare

We've been giving. We started out with wanting to repeal all of Obamacare, then we backed off to repealing some of Obamacare and repealing all of the taxes. Then we backed off to saying, Well, we can repeal some of Obamacare and some of the taxes.' Now we're down to just a few fundamental issues that we're asking for repeal of. . . . We're asking for one thing. Premiums for the people we serve have to come down, and if they don't come down, we will have failed and we will have missed our

Apr 05 2017

There were no agreements tonight, and no agreements in principle, and certainly no agreements in terms of a

Apr 05 2017 - Obamacare

Whenever you get close to a deal, negotiations have [three] phases: it's called fatal, near-fatal, and definitely fatal. We're in the fatal to near-fatal mode. It's not definitely fatal for at least another 48

Apr 05 2017 - Obamacare

It's important to set realistic expectations that passing a bill between now and Friday is still a Herculean

Apr 04 2017 - American politics

It was a very good exchange of ideas, with concerns that represent the very broad spectrum of our conference. It perhaps is as much of a repeal as we can get done. That's the calculation we have to

Apr 04 2017 - Trumpcare

Anything that gets changed substantially allows you to walk back those declarations. It's premature to say where we are or what we're on, because we're at that conceptual stage right

Apr 04 2017 - American politics

We're hopeful that we'll get the legislative text within the next 24

Apr 04 2017 - American politics

We're waiting to see what the legislative text actually outlines but we remain open minded and willing to look at the details of the

Apr 03 2017 - Trumpcare

We remain open minded and willing to look at details for the plan, so we're hopeful. We are encouraged by at least the idea – intrigued by the idea – but would certainly need a whole lot more information before we take action in support or

Apr 01 2017 - American politics

Freedom Caucus stood with u when others ran. Remember who your real friends are. We're trying to help u

Mar 31 2017

The narrative is not surprising in the White House because I think some of his advisers are suggesting that it was consensus that we pulled the rug out from underneath the president's agenda and nothing could be further from the

Mar 28 2017

I don't think we need to go home until we get this done. I've reached out to five different Democrats

Mar 28 2017 - Republican Party

I don't think we need to go home until . . . we get a solution

Mar 28 2017

Obviously everybody wants to find a way to get this passed and we're going to work real hard to do

Mar 27 2017

You know how this works. To put a stake in it today would not be accurate, and nor would it be the narrative that this is a great failure for the president. He's done more in 65 days than any president in modern history. And so let's put it in real perspective where we

Mar 27 2017

I fully expect that what we're going to see is not only real tax reform, but other measures that come along. So, tax reform and lowering taxes, you know, will create and generate more income. And so we're looking at those, where the fine balance is. But does it have to be fully offset? My personal response is

Mar 27 2017

Let's go ahead and pass one without [a] border

Mar 26 2017 - Trumpcare

I mean, if [Democrats are] applauding, they shouldn't, because I can tell you that conversations over the last 48 hours are really about how we come together in the Republican Conference and try to get this over the finish

Mar 26 2017 - Obamacare

I fully expect that what we're going to see is not only a real tax reform but other measures that come along. And I still believe that there is a good chance, if moderates and conservatives can come together, that we repeal and replace Obamacare, bring premiums down, cover more

Mar 26 2017

If they're applauding, they shouldn'

Mar 24 2017

I'm still a 'no' on the bill. I think it's the president leading, and I applaud him for

Mar 23 2017 - Obamacare

We have not gotten enough of our members to get to 'yes' at this point, under what we are currently considering. However, I would say progress is being

Mar 23 2017 - Republican Party

At this point, some of the provisions here do not lower health-care costs enough ... for my constituents. We've got to make sure it lowers health costs. The president's engagement is unparalleled. The president has made some very good-faith

Mar 23 2017 - Obamacare

I can tell you at this point we are trying to get another 30 to 40 votes that are now in the 'no' category to 'yes.' Once we do that I think we can move

Mar 23 2017 - Republican Party

We are working very diligently tonight to try and get there. The overall impression of the Freedom Caucus is we're willing to jump through unbelievable hurdles to hopefully get to a point where this bill is better for the American

Mar 23 2017

I can tell you that we're making great progress. We're not there yet. But we're

Mar 23 2017

Do I think it gives the president a loss? Absolutely not. We are going to get to the finish

Mar 23 2017

We are hopeful as we start to make progress in these negotiations with some of the things the White House shared with us. We would not be where we are today in even considering this if it had not been for President Trump's personal involvement ... He's moved this a very long way. Not only for House Freedom Caucus but for other

Mar 23 2017 - Obamacare

We're encouraged tonight, just based on the real willingness of not only the White House, but our leadership, to make this bill

Mar 22 2017 - Republican Party

They have made clear that is their belief. But I have talked to senators who say that not only has it not been adjudicated, but it hasn't even really been presented in a meaningful way, so that narrative is simply not a narrative based on fact. It's based on conjecture and belief – which I think it's a deeply held belief for them, but it's not based on

Mar 22 2017

There's not enough votes to pass it

Mar 22 2017

This is not a personality decision; this is a policy decision. It won't lower premiums, and until it does, I'm going to be a no, even if I sends me

Mar 22 2017

They don't have the votes to pass this tomorrow. The opposition is still

Mar 21 2017 - Trumpcare

I serve at the pleasure of the people of North Carolina. When you serve at their pleasure, it's only those 750,000 people that can send you home and it's a temporary job and I've known that since Day

Mar 21 2017 - Trumpcare

They're already whipping with a whip that's about 10 feet long and five feet wide. I'm trying to let my members vote the way that their constituents would want them to vote. . . . I think they're all very aware of the political advantages and disadvantages. This is a defining moment for our nation, but it's also a defining moment for the Freedom Caucus. There are core things within this bill as it currently stands that would violate some of the principles of the Freedom

Mar 21 2017 - Trumpcare

It's very clear that the negotiations are

Mar 21 2017 - Trumpcare

They're already whipping with a whip that's about 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. I'm trying to let my members vote the way that their constituents would want them to

Mar 21 2017 - Obamacare

I'm confident that we still have enough concerns that a vote of 216 votes in the House would not happen today. There are core things within this bill as it currently stands that would be violate some of the principals of the Freedom Caucus. They're already whipping with a whip that's about 10 feet long and five feet

Mar 17 2017 - Republican Party

There's not anywhere close to the votes. I can assure you that this bill needs to be

Mar 16 2017 - Trumpcare

I think he is looking for amendments to be made to make it

Mar 16 2017

The House repeal-and-replace plan doesn't go far

Mar 16 2017 - Obamacare

People higher up on the food chain than

Mar 16 2017 - Obamacare

They will whip it, and they will find 40 nos and another 30 or 40

Mar 16 2017

That is probably the No. 1 priority. If we can get those, it would make the rest of it a whole lot

Mar 16 2017

I'll say this, if the bill that comes to the floor is the exact same one in Budget, I'll feel a little bit that I'd been

Mar 16 2017

He's a very worthy opponent, let's put it that way. You can be a worthy adversary and not be an

Mar 15 2017

We'll be judged on one thing. It is not a CBO score. It is not even on keeping our word – even though we will be judged on that. It will be if premiums are coming down. That's the number that

Mar 15 2017

He is looking for amendments to be made, to make it better. Ultimately it's going to have to be amended to get enough support for passage on the House floor. We see some of the things we're recommending needing to be adjudicated in the

Mar 14 2017

Ultimately it will be President Trump that saves this

Mar 11 2017

When he gets information from everybody, before the final decision is made, somebody might say, Well, I had a great conversation with him. Then he'll go and go in another direction and have another great conversation. That's how business people make

Mar 10 2017

I'm very confident based on my conversations with the White House the willingness to negotiate in good faith the things that drive down health care

Mar 10 2017

Do I expect all of the issues many of the Freedom Caucus would like would like to have to be in a final bill passage? The answer is

Mar 10 2017

If that's the best that they can do, then perhaps they have a different whip count than I

Mar 09 2017

I didn't hear anything that said it's a binary choice at the White House

Mar 08 2017

We do see a lot of bull here, maybe not a lot of

Mar 08 2017

You better be a little careful about just calling Louisiana a bunch of swampland and disparaging other parts of the

Mar 08 2017

I would be the first to admit that calls from the president will certainly influence members and to suggest otherwise would be to ignore politics. Whether you fully supported Donald Trump or not, getting a call from President Trump obviously makes a

Mar 07 2017

What the vice president is saying is that this foundation is a good foundation. The bill that was introduced last night is still open for

Mar 07 2017 - Obamacare

Repeal, to many, meant to many that we would repeal the entire Obamacare plan. All the taxes, all the mandates. When he talked about replacement, it took on another meaning to many, meaning that people with preexisting conditions would not be kicked off their plans. Let me tell you, those two things are still the

Mar 07 2017 - Obamacare

The fundamental question is, when we see the full plan, will it reduce health care costs and will it do so over time? And when will we see the repeal of Obamacare insurance mandates if this is enacted?feedback

Mar 06 2017 - Social security

He did talk about saving Medicare and Social Security, and as someone who was on the campaign trail with him in November, it was really about making sure that people who were getting benefits, or about to get benefits, are

Mar 06 2017

I think there would be lots of people afraid to vote no, but I think there would be enough [unafraid] where you couldn't get to

Mar 03 2017 - Republican Party

Currently there are not enough votes to pass it in the

Mar 01 2017 - Obamacare

The tax credits included in Ryan's plan will create an entirely new entitlement program. We are concerned about a new federal plan that will only increase premiums and lead to higher prices. We are not going to fix healthcare by replacing Obamacare with another plan that won't

Feb 28 2017 - Trumpcare

I can give you three of four different reasons. They've asked for everybody's input. Obviously the final result of where we are today is not something that I support and I'm not alone in that

Feb 28 2017

The way it's put forth would actually take the number of tax credits from 9.5 million people that get a subsidy today and potentially increase it to 40 million people. We're going to pay for that by putting a tax on union workers and middle-class workers that happen to have good employer insurance. That dog doesn't

Feb 28 2017

I think we're a long way from

Feb 14 2017

I would rather accomplish something with distractions than not accomplish anything with smooth

Feb 02 2017 - Planned Parenthood

We committed to the American people to repeal every tax (in Obamacare), every mandate, the regulations, and to defund (women's healthcare provider) Planned Parenthood. That's what the American people expect us to do – and they expect us to do it

Jan 13 2017

While serious concerns remain, I have been please to hear the speaker commit to bringing up a healthcare replacement bill within days, now weeks, of a repeal

Jan 11 2017

We need to be voting for a replacement plan at the same time that we vote for

Jan 04 2017

If we're going to repeal it, we need to repeal the

Jan 04 2017 - Affordable Care Act

It would have to be an unbelievable, compelling case to suggest we need more than two years to repeal and replace the Affordable Care

Nov 15 2016

To suggest that President-elect Trump's victory didn't weigh as a factor in terms of the speaker's race would be disingenuous to suggest

Nov 14 2016

The results speak for itself. Was Steve Bannon effective? I don't' think anybody here would deny that he was

Oct 28 2016

[There] will be real discussions after Nov. 8 on who our leadership will be and what that will look like going

Sep 24 2016

When we're looking at government oversight, it really has to do with previous government

May 12 2016

The speaker has been pretty clear. We're looking at all legislative options in order to make sure that we address this in the fairest and most concise

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