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If part of the terrorist methodology is to prey on the vulnerable ... then it stands to reason that there will be people with certain mental health conditions who will be ... susceptible to that. Radicalizing and inciting someone who is vulnerable to go and carry out some ghastly attack seems to be part of their tactics, and that has brought in a whole load of vulnerability issues, including mental health, that we now have to wrestle
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Nov 07 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mark Rowley is associated, including London, Metropolitan Police Service, and motive. Most recently, Mark Rowley has been quoted saying: “We have hundreds of detectives involved looking at [closed-circuit] TV, forensic work and speaking to witnesses.” in the article British police arrest 18-year-old man in connection with London subway attack - The Washington Post.
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Jun 06 2017

Our work necessarily involves making difficult judgments about how to prioritize the resources available to us at a time when the U.K. is facing a severe and high-tempo terrorist

Jun 06 2017

I have seen nothing yet that a poor decision was

Jun 05 2017 - London

As the officers confronted the terrorists ... a member of the public also suffered gunshot

Jun 05 2017 - London

We're going to have to think again about the next iteration of our police and security service model, which has constantly had to innovate over many

Jun 05 2017 - London

The security and intelligence services and police have stopped 18 plots since 2013, including five since the Westminster attack two months

Jun 05 2017 - London

Khuram Shazad Butt was known to the police and MI5. But there was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned and the investigation had been prioritised

Jun 05 2017 - London

At any one time MI5 and police are conducting around 500 active investigations, involving 3,000 subjects of interest. Additionally, there are around 20,000 individuals who are former subjects of interest, whose risk remains subject to review by MI5 and its

Jun 04 2017 - London

The public can expect to see additional police - both armed and unarmed officers - across the capital as you would expect in these

Jun 04 2017 - London

The situation these officers were confronted with was critical, a matter of life and death. Three armed men, wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, had already attacked and killed members of the public and had to be stopped

Jun 04 2017 - London

I am humbled by the bravery of an officer who will rush toward a potential suicide bomber thinking only of protecting

Jun 04 2017 - London

At eight minutes past 10 (2208 local time, 2108 GMT) last night, we began to receive reports that a vehicle had struck pedestrians on London Bridge. The vehicle continued to drive then from London Bridge to Borough Market. The suspects left the vehicle, attempting to stab a number of people, including an on-duty British Transport Police officer who was responding to the incident, and he received serious injuries – fortunately not

Jun 04 2017 - London

We believe three people were involved, but we still have got some more inquiries to do to be 100 percent confident in that. The suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests. But these were later established to

Jun 04 2017 - London

We believe three people were involved, but we still have got some more inquiries to do to be 100 percent confident in

May 27 2017

We are getting a greater understanding of the preparation of the bomb. This greater clarity and this progress has led (the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre) – the independent body that assess threat – to come to the judgment that an attack is no longer

May 27 2017

Once we get past the weekend, we will be looking to step down the extra resources we have had in place over the last week. And the military support we have had in place over the past few days, under Operation Temperer, we will start to phase out as

May 27 2017

There is still much more to do. There will be more arrests and there will be more

May 27 2017

They're very significant these arrests. We're very happy we have got our hands around some of the key players that we're concerned about. But as I say there is still a little bit more to

May 26 2017 - London

We've got our hands on a large part of

May 26 2017

Clearly, we haven't covered all the territory we want to but we have covered a large part of it so our confidence has been increasing in recent days. But there's still more to

May 25 2017 - Terrorism

While we do not usually comment on information-sharing arrangements with international law enforcement organisations, we want to emphasise that, having received fresh assurances, we are now working closely with our key partners around the world including all those in the Five Eyes intelligence

May 24 2017 - London

The public will be aware of the arrest that's been made and the searches that are ongoing and there's more work of that type that we're continuing at the moment. However, as we've said throughout the last 24 hours, the critical line of inquiry for us is looking at whether the dead terrorist was acting alone or as part of a

May 24 2017 - Manchester bombing 2017

At this stage it is still not possible to be certain if there was a wider group involved in the

May 24 2017 - Terrorism

We are moving at pace, we are making arrests, we are doing searches but - not unsurprisingly - there are still gaps in our knowledge. Whilst we are chasing those gaps down, on a precautionary basis, based on that judgment, JTAC (the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre) have made this judgment about the threat level and we will respond in our policing stance to that

May 16 2017 - Libya

I regret that we have not been able to deliver the justice that the victims and their families deserve. Our thoughts today are with WPc Fletcher's family and all those affected by the events of that day in

Apr 29 2017

We've got some critical lines of inquiry, those link to particular hypotheses, but I'm not going to discuss those because those are very much live

Apr 25 2017

However she left that apartment, she has been abducted. It is not a 20-year-old who has gone missing and who has made a decision to start a new life, this is a young girl who is missing and at the heart of this has been an abduction. As detectives, we will always be extremely disappointed when we are unable to provide an explanation of what happened. However, the work carried out by Portuguese and Met officers in reviewing material and reopening the investigation has been successful in taking a number of lines of interest to their conclusion. That work has provided important

Apr 25 2017

There are critical lines of enquiry of great interest to ourselves and our Portuguese counterparts, and there are some significant investigative avenues we are pursuing that we see as very worthwhile. So, one of the lines of enquiry, one of the hypotheses was: could this be a burglary gone wrong? Someone is doing a burglary, panicked maybe by a waking child, which leads to Madeleine going

Apr 25 2017 - Scottish independence

As an investigation team we are only too aware of the significance of dates and anniversaries. Whatever the inquiry, we want to get answers for everyone involved. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is no different in that respect but of course the circumstances and the huge public interest, make this a unique case for us as police officers to deal

Apr 25 2017 - Scottish independence

In a missing child inquiry every day is agony and an anniversary brings this into sharp focus. Our thoughts are with Madeleine's family at this time - as it is with any family in a missing person's inquiry - and that drives our commitment to do everything we can for

Apr 25 2017 - Scottish independence

Our mission here is to do everything reasonable to provide an answer for Kate and Gerry McCann. I'd love to guarantee that we will get to an answer, sadly investigations can never be 100 percent successful, but we will do everything we can do reasonably to find an answer to what has happened to Madeleine. We solve more than 90 per cent of serious cases here at Scotland Yard. I so wish I could say we will definitely solve it, but a small number of cases sadly don't get

Mar 24 2017

We've seized 2,700 items from these searches, including massive amounts of computer data for us to work through. We've received hundreds of uploads of video images to our online platform. Given this attack was in the heart of the capital we also, of course, are dealing with statements from a wide range of nationalities. My team will work with Parliamentary authorities to assess whether a different tone or a different balance is

Mar 24 2017

Our investigation focusses on understanding his motivation, his preparation and his associates. Clearly a main line of our investigation is what led him to be radicalised? Was it through influences in our community, influences overseas or through online propaganda? Our investigations and arrests will help with

Mar 24 2017 - Scottish independence

My team will work with Parliamentary authorities to assess whether a different tone or a different balance is

Mar 24 2017 - Scottish independence

Our investigation focuses on understanding his motivation, his operation and his associates. Whilst there is still no evidence of further threats, you'll understand our determination is to find out if either he acted totally alone, inspired perhaps by terrorist propaganda, or if others have encouraged, supported or directed him. We now have nine people remaining in custody, and one woman has been released on

Mar 24 2017

We've seized 2,700 items from these searches, including massive amounts of computer data for us to work through. We've received hundreds of uploads of video images to our online platform. Given this attack was in the heart of the capital we also, of course, are dealing with statements from a wide range of nationalities. Those affected include a real cross-section of ages from at least 12 nationalities. It's a poignant reminder, I think, that the impact of this attack on the capital will reach around the

Mar 24 2017

We remain keen to hear from anyone who knew Khalid Masood well, understands who his associates were and can provide us with information about places he has recently visited. There might be people out there who did have concerns about Masood but did not feel comfortable for whatever reason in passing those concerns to

Mar 24 2017 - Women

To that end in our continuing investigation and ongoing covert activity we have made further significant arrests overnight - in the West Midlands and north

Mar 24 2017 - Terrorism

Our working assumption is that he was inspired by international

Mar 23 2017 - 2017 UK Parliament attack

It is still our belief, which continues to be borne out by our investigation, that this attacker acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism. Clearly the investigation is ongoing and developing all the time and we continue to focus on his motivation, his preparation and his

Mar 23 2017 - Women

We are still collating numbers of walking wounded and of those in the hospital sadly seven of them are in a critical condition. Tragically the deaths included PC Keith Palmer who was protecting Parliament and two members of the public – a woman aged in her mid 40's and a man aged in his mid 50's. We must not allow terrorists to create discord, distrust and

Mar 23 2017 - Terrorism

Clearly our investigation is ongoing … and is focused on his motivation, his preparation and

Mar 22 2017 - 2017 UK Parliament attack

This is a day that we had planned for – that we all hoped would never happen – but sadly it is now a

Mar 22 2017 - 2017 UK Parliament attack

One of those who died today was one of our police officers, PC Keith Palmer. Keith was 48 years old with 15 years service, a husband and father. He was someone that left for work expecting to return home at the end of his shift and he had ever right to expect that would happen. I can also now confirm that there are three members of the public who have lost their lives in the

Mar 22 2017 - Terrorism

We are satisfied at this stage that it looks like there was only one attacker. But it would be foolish to be overconfident early

Mar 06 2017 - Syria conflict

The military progress squeezing the territory of Isis... I see that as good news but we mustn't assume that the terrorist threat is simply about Isis or simply about what's happening in Syria. Al-Qaida remain a threat and there are offshoots of both organisations. The military success is welcome but in and of itself it's not going to eradicate the terrorist

Mar 06 2017 - Daesh

It would be wrong to suggest it was of the same gravity as the threat from Daesh and Al-Qaida, but there are extreme right-wing groups who are trying to provoke violence in communities, trying to sow discord and divide communities and on occasion using

Mar 06 2017

We are likely to face a severe threat for sometime to come. And we need the missing piece in the jigsaw in the investigations we are running that often the public

Mar 06 2017 - Daesh

Some of them have been more sophisticated planning looking to attack public spaces, or police offices or the military, not that dissimilar to some of the attacks we have seen in Belgium and France and elsewhere. There is a whole range from the simple to the complicated. Sometimes reporting oversimplifies things and says terrorism is about IS [Islamic State] or Daesh and it's about Syria. Actually there are many Isis offshoots in other parts of world, al-Qaida is still very, very

Mar 06 2017

And of course in the UK … extreme rightwing groups are very provocative and can cause significant risk to our communities, and indeed there are extreme rightwing-related issues which led to the tragic murder of Jo Cox. This threat is going to continue in different forms and it going to keep metamorphosing. The reason for this appeal is to say to the public: 'Trust your instinct, we are already getting lots of information on a third of our cases, look at our website, listen to these adverts, and if you pick up anything at all suspicious don't be cautious please

Mar 05 2017

The majority (of our work) is actually people in this country who are radicalized. Sometimes they are in contact with people overseas and they are looking to radicalize others in this country and potentially conduct

Nov 01 2016 - Terrorism

You do get gang members, criminals, people who are already angry, violent, difficult people causing problems in communities, who perhaps get given a clearer purpose for their violence by a terrorist ideology, whether they pick that up on the streets or in prison. Those gang criminality links are an issue that concerns us. We have seen evidence of it potentially linking firearms into

Aug 04 2016

We should be proud of them and the British tradition of using the minimum necessary

Aug 04 2016 - Taser

Early indications suggest that mental health is a significant factor in this case and that is one major line of

Apr 08 2016

All of the work that we have done so far increasingly point the tragic incident as having been triggered by mental issues. At this time we believe this spontaneous attack and the victims are selected at randomly. I stress that all the work that we have done so far does not suggest these factors and his background are not relevant to the motivation for his

Apr 08 2016

Anyone who's been following events in Europe over the past few weeks will understand why we want to show our determination to protect the public. We are deadly serious about the protection that we are offering the people of London and we will never be

Mar 22 2016

In London specifically, the Metropolitan Police Service has mobilised additional officers, who will carry out highly visible patrols at key locations around the capital including the transport

Oct 24 2013 - Portugal

Both sides of the investigation are at relatively early stages, with much work remaining to be

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