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We still know very little, but it is certain that people have been injured. Perhaps, it is to be feared, worse. The British can count on our support. We are monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with the British authorities.
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It is my task to keep the nation safe and stable and deal with these kinds of people.

You could say these are the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals in trying to prevent the wrong sort of populism to win. The half-finals are in France, in April and May. And then in September in Germany, we have the finals. And I want the Netherlands to be the first country which stops this trend of the wrong sort of populism.

These are the quarterfinals in trying to prevent the wrong sort of populism from winning. The half finals are in France in April and May and in September in Germany, we have the finals.

If you look below the surface, the English economy suffers potentially irreparable harm because of their Brexit.

Well, this has nothing to do with elections. We have not sought… We did not seek this fight, it was Turkey deciding to create this chaos last Saturday. That's what I'm fighting for, not for myself, but I do believe that the present strategy, the present course of the government is the best way of moving forward – and no experiments!

We will not lower ourselves to this level. It is totally unacceptable.

We do not rule out any party, not even … no party at all. At the same time there are huge differences between my party and the Labour Party and the Freedom Party.

You want 'Nexit'. You want the Netherlands out of Europe. You know this will cost 1.5 million jobs. That would mean chaos for the Netherlands. In England (Britain), there's chaos too now, because of Brexit. You want to push the Netherlands into chaos too. Don't do it. I sincerely hope you're not going to be the biggest (party), that you won't form a cabinet, I will put up a tough fight. Don't do it. It's the worst news the Netherlands can have now.

I believe they just wanted to come here to talk with Turkish people about the referendum. And again, it was very difficult to come to logistical arrangements.

Turkey is a proud country, but also the Netherlands is a proud country. We will never negotiate under threats, under these type of utterings of the foreign minister. So that's why we stopped discussions and we told him that he was no longer welcome that Saturday.

We've seen it with Brexit, we've seen it with Trump, when we thought it wouldn't happen the night before. The chance is still large as life that we wake up on March 16 and Wilders' (party) is the biggest.

I want the Netherlands to be the first country which stops this trend of the wrong kind of populism.

Some Turkish politicians are talking about Nazism and fascism in relationship to The Netherlands. This country, as the Mayor of Rotterdam pointed out yesterday, was bombed during the second World War by the Nazis. It's totally unacceptable to talk in this way. So of course there is absolutely no way excuses can be made, they should make an excuse for what they have done.

This is a man who yesterday made us out to be fascists and a country of Nazis. I'm going to de-escalate, but not by offering apologies. Are you nuts? We are in the wrong situation with Turkey at the moment. We asked the minister not to come because of the tensions we expected in Rotterdam and because we are not comfortable with such a visit. A visit from a Turkish minister to the Dutch people to talk about a Turkish referendum, and still they come.

This is a man who yesterday made us out for fascists and a country of Nazis. I'm going to de-escalate, but not by offering apologies. Are you nuts?

The biggest problem in this case is that Turkey is talking about Turkish citizens who they want to talk to. These are Dutch citizens who possibly also have voting rights in Turkey. Turkey is a proud nation; the Netherlands is a proud nation. We can never do business under those sorts of threats and blackmail.

The Turks know that we are against such a visit to address large groups of Turks. It has to do with the fact that he is a minister. It is not that we are barring Turkish politicians but ministers who want to talk about such purely national issues.

Well yes, in the Netherlands it might be a particularly difficult phase after the elections but typically it can take some time but we eventually will form a government.

We are now number one in the polls, but we still have the Freedom Party just behind us, Geert Wilders, so there is still a big risk that he could come out number one, so I think that it would be very bad news. I will fight very hard for my party to get out first.

We believe that Dutch public space is not the place for political campaigns of other countries.

We find this unacceptable, the public sphere of the Netherlands is not the political campaign area of other countries.

We feel a growing discomfort when people abuse our freedom here to spoil things, while they just come to our country for that freedom. I understand that people think if you so fundamentally reject our country, I prefer that you leave. Act normally, or leave. The solution is foremost a mindset. We must continue to make clear what is normal and what is not normal in this country. We will have to actively defend our values.

I have that feeling, too. Behave normally or go away.

The situation with Russia is getting ever more confrontational. That is a direct threat to our stability.

It is in the Dutch interest that Europe is strong in its relationship with Russia, with Russia being increasingly aggressive in its foreign policy.

Fantastic news. All of the Netherlands is proud.

All these countries have an interest in fighting terrorism, in a more secure Europe, in preventing uncontrolled migration, all have an interest in economic cooperation to create more jobs.

England has collapsed politically, monetarily, constitutionally and economically.

It's not only the British voters who have doubts about European cooperation. There is skepticism in many other EU countries.

I think it would be very bad news, for the UK, for the Netherlands, for Europe as a whole. For two reasons. First of all, take the Netherlands and the UK. We are both seafaring nations. Our prosperity, our ability to create jobs, future growth, is built on the free market, is built on open borders.

Europe has to say you go to Lithuania, you to Germany, you to the Czech Republic and so on. That resettlement instrument is clearly not yet in sight.

We hope we can reach an agreement with Turkey on taking back economic migrants, the non-Syrian refugees.

If it works with the non-Syrians we have dealt with 40 to 50 percent of the entire refugee stream already.

What I am seeking is the best possible outcome for Greece. Even if it means, to achieve that, using all tools provided for under (EU) conventions.

All energy now is focused on getting the deal with Turkey working, on building the hot spot and reception capacity in Greece and Italy, so that will be all of the focus over the next two months.

So what we need to do is to build reception capacity and the hot spots in Greece, Italy is a bit, is one or two steps further now, but still a lot more needs to be done there and only when they have been established, you can relocate people from these hot spots over the rest of the European Union.

Well formally then we have to take a position because this is a consultative referendum, then the law requires the government to take a position and put this to the Dutch parliament. How we will deal with the outcome of the referendum and that we will decide after the 6th of April, after the referendum, and of course your question assumes there will be a negative outcome and I will put all of my energy in coming to a positive outcome.

Well there is no Dutch proposal as you stated it. What we have said is that we have to think about a situation where the influx of refugees stays at a high level it is currently, even now in winter, with the risk of a spike again in the spring, and then you have to think about what are the alternatives to what ifs, and I cannot go into the what ifs are I am thinking of.

Well we are of course working on a positive outcome and this is not a referendum the Dutch government called, there is a law in the Netherlands where so many people, through signatures, can force a referendum, a consultative referendum on a particular issue. This is what happened here.

Some of the people against it think it is a first step to membership, it is not. We have these association agreements with countries in middle America, in the Middle East, and they are not applying for membership. Maybe for the Eurovision song contest, but not for the European Union.

And we will make it clear and explain to the Dutch public why we put our signature under this treaty, its because its in the Dutch interest. To one, have a free trade agreement with Ukraine, we are a trading nation, we can earn a lot of money when Ukraine is more successful than it is currently, it's in the Dutch interest.

And secondly, because it is all about building the state, the rule of law, implementing all of the human rights, well the things we have fought for in the European Union.

Well if they would be stranded in Italy and Greece, it would be relatively easy to get the scheme going. The problem is that they are not stranded, they come into Greece and then they and go on and continue in the West Balkans, comes through Slovenia, Austria into mostly Germany or Sweden and sometimes the Netherlands and Belgium.

We need a greater sense of urgency frankly, and I hope that some member states who still believe that they can hide away from this, leave it to other member states, will come to realise that this is a problem that can only be solved if everybody takes part in burden sharing. And we are not there yet and we know perfectly that some countries don't want to do it, so we need to convince them.

I want to call on Russian authorities to respect but also to provide complete cooperation with this report and the following criminal investigation by the Dutch public prosecutor in collaboration with four other countries.

Bilateral, inter-regional trade flows between Asia and Europe are already the largest worldwide. So we depend on each other. That's a fact. For example, financial stability in the Eurozone directly influences growth rate in Asian countries. And the rise of a prosperous middle-class in a large part of Asia is crucial for Europe's future.

It is not on the table at this moment. We have to look at the situation – if indeed the situation deteriorates any further. At the moment at least we need to remain with the present sanctions.

Well, the feelings are running high in terms of this terrible crash. The Netherlands has been asked by the world to lead the independent investigation, and I expect results over the course of this year and that means that I cannot at all assume who might be behind this, who has done this. I know there are many theories around, but I really have to be silent on this.

Yes, I think so, I do believe so. The Minsk process, the peace process, means that Europe is really taking leadership in solving this.

There are strong indications that the Russians are continuing to arm the rebels.

Frans Timmermans is travelling to New York for consultations with the United Nations and members of the Security Council to extend the international coalition, whose aim is to secure a quick repatriation and to make sure that all the facts are uncovered about the horrible events of MH17. All this should have been done days ago. But we're working as hard as possible to ensure a quick repatriation.

It appears flight MH17 has been shot down, but we are still waiting to get clarity about the exact cause of the disaster.

They will be surrounded both on and alongside the water by the best the Netherlands has to offer. From historic ships to a joint performance by the royal concert orchestra and DJ Armin van Buuren. It will be a feast for your eyes and ears.

Obviously I'm very happy my party came out number one. It's also a big responsibility now to live up to the expectations of our voters. We now have to focus on forming a stable governement as soon as possible.

The austerity policy from the last two years didn't work. We need growth in Europe and therefore we need a stronger euro.

There is a real choice in this election. Also in Europe, will we continue with our close relationship with Germany and Finland in fighting the euro crisis or will it make a shift towards a more France-oriented Europe which I will be against?

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