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I think there are only limited inferences that can be drawn from state elections for the whole
Mar 27 2017
Martin Schulz has been quoted 147 times. The one recent article where Martin Schulz has been quoted is Merkel's CDU victorious in Saarland. Most recently, Martin Schulz was quoted as having said, “We have not reached what we aimed for tonight. But that does not mean that we will not reach our overall goal, which is to change the government of Germany.”.
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If the small baker in Hamburg pays his taxes but the American coffee business next door pays no taxes ... if big businesses make more profits for years but real wages in Germany stagnate or fall, that is not

When we have billions in budget surpluses in this country, I don't want this money used for tax relief on big incomes but rather for it to be

We want eurobonds. Common debt with a lower interest rate could defuse the debt crisis (in the euro zone) and stabilise the banking system. Eurobonds are a powerful weapon against speculation and exploding interest

What Trump is doing is un-American. If Trump is now driving a wrecking ball through this set of values, then I will tell him as chancellor: That's not the policy of Germany and Europe. As long as the Minsk peace agreement is not fully implemented, the sanctions cannot be lifted. We must tell Putin very clearly that Russia is obliged to respect and defend international

A strengthened EU is the best way to protect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany, which makes sense as a response to what is developing in the US. I would like to achieve social justice through a combination of the distribution of justice and investment

Social democracy is about being fair to each other, hand in hand, side by side. In order to have the best for our country, we are seeking practical solutions for people. What a big difference that is to the conservatives' non stop, tiring

There is a deep cut going through society, not just in our country but in other countries in Europe as well. European societies are drifting apart. After the presidential election in the United States one may say that society is drifting apart across the

If this can be extended for a bit more adult entertainment, this is where the Abenomics focus is really on right

This transnational democracy is in great danger today, and everywhere on this continent the splits and the ultra-nationalists are spreading again. Those who are bringing people against each other. I will certainly fight against this hate no matter

Our vote opens the way to ensuring that the whole agreement can achieve the necessary threshold figures so as to come into world-wide

There is not only still hope but we are on the way to find a compromise and to find a solution for questions raised by the Wallonians, which are questions raised by a lot of citizens all over in Europe, and we have to give an answer

The door for every step forward is open but it's quite clear that the problems on the table are European problems. In my eyes, there are no problems that cannot be

The door for every step forward is open but it is quite clear that the problems on the table are European problems. In my mind, there's no problem we can't solve. I'm very optimistic we're going to find a solution for CETA that is going to make the project better. It is already a very, very good

In my eyes there is no room for additional sanctions, for that you need unanimity. There is also no room for lifting the sanctions, I find this correct, because as long as the Minsk agreement is not entirely applied we should not lift the

Sudden closure of Nepszabadsag sets a worrying precedent. I stand in solidarity with Hungarians protesting

We should in my eyes take this very seriously. But I think the government in Budapest should take it also seriously that it was not a majority and we have therefore a good chance for dialogue with – that was my proposal already before the

There are a lot of people thinking about my future, amongst them some who say I'm doing a good job. I find this not so

The best possible deal – ladies and gentlemen – with the EU, is membership of the

Any other arrangement necessarily entails trade-offs. Perhaps it is easier to convey what I'm trying to say in culinary terms. There will be no 'a la carte'. Secondly, on free movement, I see a clear majority in the European parliament for insisting that the fundamental freedoms are inseparable. And especially no freedom of movement for goods, capital and services without free movement of

Trump is not only a problem for the EU but also for the whole world. If a man who shows off by not having a clue and by saying that specialist knowledge is elitist rubbish ends up in the White House, a critical point will have been

We should adapt the code of conduct to make it clearer what former EU Commission presidents and EU commissioners are permitted to

Abe needs to spend a lot of money and it's easy to spend on big projects. Abe needs things that are linked to technology, the future of infrastructure and getting Japan into the next century. On paper, maglev ticks most of the boxes. The benefits might not stack up in

Leadership issue settled, now I expect we work quickly to deliver

One could feel the insecurity about how we should proceed from here in the coming weeks and months. And there was also a feeling that we would need a fundamental discussion about the future of the European Union now with her 27 member

As president of parliament I've never experienced such an atmosphere in the building and it's quite understandable and logical. Britain's decision last Friday will certainly change the character of the EU and it will definitely change the character of the

We now expect the British government to deliver. The summit on Tuesday is the right moment for

The United Kingdom has decided to go its own way. I think the economic data show this morning that it will be a very difficult

We have a major impact on the trading centers in Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong, but also overall investment flows, overall trade flows will be affected in one way or the other and markets globally are already very

You know certainly very well that I've never been a supporter of these austerity measures. Cleaning up a budget, rearranging sovereign debt is necessary, but if you don't have economic growth or employment to raise national income, you're never going to fix a budget in the long

They are very loud, they make a lot of noise but they certainly don't represent the majority. In the European Parliament you have 650 MEPs, let me repeat that figure, 650, who are pro-European. That means the overwhelming majority is pro-European. And I fight with all my strength the idea that just because you make the most noise you can be considered a

It's a G7 country. A permanent member of the U.N. security council with veto power. It's the second biggest economy in the EU single market. We need

We need to protect our external borders under applicable rules, while treating each case individually. And then we need a system to relocate refugees within the 28 member states… If you have one million refugees, and you distribute them among 28 states with a total population of 500 million, you have no

I don't understand this question. I work from morning to night to send a constructive message on

We are partners who need mutual cooperation. I cannot imagine that Mr Erdogan would want to give up on this cooperation. We are ready to cooperate but Turkey has promised to carry out reforms so that we can get started with our share of the

That's a fair question. There is indeed clearly a majority, at least half the member states that say 'it's a German problem, we have nothing to do with that.' That's shameful, because the price is not paid by you, nor by me, it's paid by the

Frankly, to answer your question, and we're speaking very openly here – it's my style – about Europe's serious problems. I am the president of a European institution whose duty is to save this project, which is unique in the history of our continent. My place is here, to save this

We must not turn these electoral scores into a majority. It is worrisome that they have such a high number of voters. But if we bow to those who make the most noise, and if the silent majority doesn't wake up, then you're right, they will get their way and govern. So my strategy is, first, to say, you are not the majority, and secondly, let's mobilise the majority against

Yes. Britain for its part must understand it's a G7 country because it's Europe's second economy, and it's the second economy because it's fully part of this single market. So breaking up from that means reducing Britain's significance, its influence and its economic

First of all, I owe you a compliment because I have rarely heard a non-German speaker pronounce Koch so well. Because it's difficult! So… I am elected until January 2017. Speculating about something that will start in autumn of that year….feedback

But it's not Europe's habit to be xenophobic, racist and

I don't know. I can't answer. It's a question I find unfair because I think my message, my feelings are well

What I did last week is that I stopped the plan for visa-free travel that the Commission put to the Parliament, because Turkey had in no way met the 72 criteria demanded in exchange. Among them is a reform of anti-terror legislation, a reform of data protection, and just as this man mentions, if Turkey continues on this path and says it won't reform anti-terror laws, then we won't begin these discussions on visa-free

I think the eurozone must react right away. We have in the euro zone 19 member states, a single currency, but we have 19 different economic policies, labour policies, tax policies. We need to put some order into the euro zone, so whether Britain leaves or stays, I think the euro zone must cooperate more closely on

It's indeed possible; opinion polls show both camps are neck and neck. While I hope it won't happen, it's not out of the question. But a Brexit would be a disaster both for the European Union and for

Listen, as a journalist you know this… a week is a long time in politics. Who can predict anything? I belong here. I've worked my entire political life in European

No, we've negotiated a package on which the British people will now be voting, so when you hear some people say 'let's vote No to get a better deal,' that's just not going to happen. We already have a deal, it's now up to the British people to say yes or

I visited several refugee camps in Turkey, and frankly I wish that in some of our own EU member states refugees could be treated as they are in

We are in a dramatic situation: The Balkan route is closed, in Austria borders are closed, in Macedonia too, most member states do not receive

It's only in one, two or three countries where it is an issue. I think it is cynical of those who refuse to take part in relocation then create problems for other countries. Then they criticise Europe for being incapable of soliving this problem. This has never happened in European

Very clearly, the EU has never been in such a dramatic situation as this

Nevertheless, it is quite understandable that the prime minister asked the European Parliament to cooperate as intensive (sic) as possible and that was the assurance that I gave to the prime minister that we will do the utmost to find the fair

I therefore call on the King (of Saudi Arabia) to discontinue the execution of the punishment, to release Mr Badawi, to let him return to his wife and to enable him to collect the award here during December's plenary

The interpretation is so far-reaching that we think that some of the measures are touching not directly fight against terrorism but for example the freedom of expression and of

We will not allow ourselves to be poisoned by the venom of these criminals. On the contrary, we will close the door to all those who stir fear and hatred of others. If we suspect every Syrian refugee, then we confuse victims with

I am here to express my solidarity, and the solidarity of the deputies of the European Parliament with the nation which has gathered here with its own representatives in Versailles. I found the president's speech was firm and decisive. He announced strong measures and and a clear ,and there was also a clear message to his partners and allies in

I am deeply saddened by Helmut Schmidt's death. He was an outstanding chancellor, his death is a loss for Germany and

Some of them, who want to leave first, perhaps the UK Independence Party members, who can't wait until they have the right to leave, I presume they will leave immediately, and not go back to the European

The Mediterranean becomes a mass grave, gruesome scenes play out at borders, there is mutual blame – and those in greatest need, seeking our protection, are left without

Because I believe that the Greek people will be during the week in even a more difficult situation I think we should tomorrow at the latest on Tuesday in the eurozone summit discuss about a humanitarian aid programme for Greece. Ordinary citizens, pensioners, sick people or children in the kindergarden should not pay a price for the dramatic situation in which the country and the government brought the country. No!feedback

I had a very open exchange with the (Turkish) Prime Minister who disagreed with my point of view. I think this is not a surprise. I insisted that for the European Parliament and the European Union, freedom of media is a key element of our European

The European Parliament needs to contribute with a clear and unequivocal position. What we should have is a strong text by the European Parliament and what we should avoid is that Parliament adopts a resolution which is neither here or there, or, even worse, is not able to adopt a

I wanted to become President of the European Parliament to open the doors and the windows of the EU so people can look inside, see what goes on, so that they understand it, see who does what. That is the only way we can regain the trust we have

Sometimes I feel ashamed, when i see how the question of refugees is being discussed in our countries, when just 30,000 or 40,000 refugees are arriving in a country of 82 million while here you have 120,000 refugees in a town of 100,000 inhabitants, and when i see how they are being taken care of, I have to take my hat off to

There is an enormous amount of money which is paid by the European parliament and we have to clarify if they work really for their parliamentarian assistant jobs – or in reality as assistants and advisers for the headquarters of the French National

It is not the case that Greece as a country was badly treated. There was a lot of solidarity with Greece. But what happened not was solidarity in the country, that the ordinary citizens, young people, pensioners, employees paid the bill and billions could be brought out by rich people of the country in tax heavens. That's the

My appeal to all of us is not to answer with sanctions, not to answer with anger, let's answer with a rational approach. And the rational approach is not migration, it is more cooperation of the security organs, more police cooperation, more secret service cooperation, more juridical

We will never give up the values of freedom of the press and of expression, tolerance and mutual

The de-facto impunity for rape in armed conflicts must be ended. When military commanders use and impose rape, then it is a war crime. These war crimes must be punished as war crimes!feedback

I think this is a big step forward for the stabilisation of Ukraine and at the same time a strong sign of the solidarity of the representatives of the European nations with the people of

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ratification of this treaty, of which the wording has not changed since the first days of the peaceful protests in Maidan, is a moment of glory for

This is a mixed decision we keep the door open but we say clearly, if the chance is not used then the next stage of sanctions will be

I want to be a part of the package of different posts. And where I at the end can bring in the influence of social democracy that is a question of the next

One thing is clear – the EPP is losing sixty seats in the parliament and another thing is clear as well, without an agreement with the Social Democratic group in the parliament no majority is

The results of the European election indicate that amongst the 'spitzenkandidaten' (the lead candidates) Mr Juncker, as head of the largest party the EPP, has the best chance of finding a majority here in the

I want the European Union to make certain that our legislation ensures good living standards to include ordinary people as well. That is why we need common rules. What we do not need is an excess of

In those countries where the unemployment rate is highest, small and medium enterprises, have no access to credit. Banks are getting money from the ECB with 0.25% interest and they are not investing in the real economy. They are once more

I'm looking for people who vote for me. I believe Europe needs more equality, more opportunities, especially for young people. We are living in a time where the future prospects of a whole generation of Europeans are in the grip of a crisis of others' making – by financial speculators who pay no taxes when they reap billions in profits, and yet when they lose billions then the taxpayers pay for their mistakes. That's what I want to change. Think about it, and if you find a moment on the 25th of May, go and vote! But not for Barroso!feedback

For sure! In the end, the team wins, not one person. We need to stick together. If a player has a problem, others step in. Everyone's equal: goalkeeper, outside forward,

I am a child of a family that lived through the horrors of borders. They were part of our personal experience. Parts of my family did service in three different armies. Today's close transnational cooperation of people and countries is a real gift. It's a gift for all Europeans, and I've always felt it as a very personal gift to me,

Yes! Wealth isn't shared fairly on the European continent. In Athens, people are picking through rubbish to survive, while Greek billionaires are buying the most expensive property in London and Berlin. Wealth has to be shared. That's why we need a fair system of taxation in Europe. That's one of our most important

Racism has no place in football or society. Join me in rejecting discrimination #WeAreAllMonkeys

European borders recognised under international law have already been redrawn in response to outside pressure. For the first time in Europe since the end of the Cold War, a State has used force to annex part of another State. Russia has broken international law. That is unacceptable. We must treat the Crimea crisis as a wake-up call, one which prompts us to rethink our European Neighbourhood Policy and our relations with

All the European banks, as we've been repeatedly reassured by the European Central Bank, are now much better capitalised than before. Now, we have clear bail-in rules – [with investors contributing ahead of governments] – and I think that what we are building up here is the right contribution to further stabilising financial

That was already said in the past, we are in favour of a banking union, we need it as soon as possible… Concerning the proposals on the table, we have to

Obviously, he made a deal with the Russian Federation to get money because he needs money and to get cheap gas, because he needs cheap

The speech she gave today in the house shows that democracy is always at risk – nothing can be taken for granted! Therefore the appeal to us, is not only to look at democracy in her country, but all over in the world! This is a very important message!feedback

We call it burden sharing. Those that have really the chance to receive people, who have sufficient money to support the local authorities, who are responsible the for helping refugees and providing with the necessary money – those countries should do

It would be a very serious blow against trust and certainly if this proves true I will be raising an energetic objection against it. I understand the need for preventive measures against terrorism, this is necessary and requires the activity of security and secret services, but I don't think that EU institutions are planning terrorist

The Croatian people took a path many years ago from oppression to freedom. The restoration of its national sovereignty, and then its way into the European Union, was a consequence of recovering this

First of all I was shocked: years and years the European parliament and also national parliaments asked for more consequent fight against tax evasion and nothing happened and then came the off-shore leak and immediately everything was upset. This is a bad

The figures the Council adopted are the figures of 2005, 8 years ago, and they should be prolonged to 2020. It easy to understand that in 2020 nobody will fullfill the duties of the EU with the amount of

We need a stable government in one of the most important member states of the European Union. Italy is a G8 country, it is the fourth largest economy within the European Union, one of the pillars of the eurozone, so what happens in Italy affects all of

I hope there is an agreement, because it allows us to plan more reliably. But the compromise must be, if it is found, acceptable for us as a parliament. I do have the impression that positions among member states are far apart and – what I hear -compromise lines are still very far from what we want in the

I understand fully people who doubt about the EU. We are not in the best shape. But the idea of Europe that states and nations across borders create common institutions to manage the challenges of the 21st century as they did in the 20th century, the idea is

Silvio Berlusconi was Italy's prime minister for a very long time and the result of that is very well known. His government was one of the causes of the crisis in which Italy and Europe is in

I was happy to hear that Vice President Biden and President Obama are committed to accelerate also on the US side the necessary steps to go forward and to start with the European Union to negotiate about a Free Trade

I think we should be proud that we can support and encourage people living under such awful circumstances, oppressed by such an awful regime, are rewarded by the Sakharov

(We are) deeply touched and honoured that the EU has won the Nobel Peace

We've agreed we need budget discipline – that's good! It's also a question of fairness between generations: I don't want my kids and their kids to finance my lifestyle! It's not acceptable that in some EU countries there is 50 percent youth unemployment!feedback

I want the debate on ACTA to be open and transparent. Citizens' opinions and concerns have to be listened to when taking decisions on issues affecting their daily lives. Decisions taken behind closed doors do not contribute to regaining people's trust in the EU. The European Parliament takes seriously citizens' participation in the debate. The almost 2.5 million signatures in the petition we received on ACTA is a very welcome sign of involvement and

We also need to set goals and investment strategies, because otherwise we won't create growth and

The biggest obstacle for her are those Foreign Affairs Ministers like Guido Westerwelle in Germany or William Hague in London or Alan Juppe in Paris or whoever in which capital believing first of all my country then Europe and she must turn it the other way

In a democracy, Prime Minister, the media control the power. With this law, it's the other way around it's the power that controls the

The Council is split and I take a note about this proposal but my experience is that it is a proposal and not the result. Let us negotiate, during the next two years, a reasonable long-term European

We keep the agriculture budget, but we now have a diplomatic service with still the same budget. So where are the cuts going to fall research, development, education, infrastructure?feedback

There is enough money but more and more it's ending up with only a few people, and a lot of people have less and less of it. That is what pushes people to go out and demonstrate, this lopsidedness, this

More and more the European Council is becoming a sort of European government driven by states, or a Franco-German

Everyone knows it's a face-saving measure to let Angela Merkel adopt a plan that's been on the table for four weeks, and which she has rejected for four weeks. And now she says 'yes' to it and is celebrated as victorious. It's a bit

I find it's not a battle between the political groups, but rather that the EPP doesn't want to comprehend that they are the strongest group in Parliament but they don't have a

Italy as far as I know, is the only democratic nation where the top media player is also the prime

I abstained, as that was the recommendation my group had issued

It was not a success at all. And it wasn't a political cash advance. If it had been, it would be poisoned. Mr Barroso has not got a convincing majority, because he just received 12 or 13 votes more than legally required under the Lisbon Treaty. And he got that majority solely because he got about 50 votes from eurosceptics such as Kaczinski, Klaus and the British Tories. Now, this is a majority unworthy of a staunchly pro-European statesman. So, I think that a very problematic procedure has been launched

For me, a Holocaust denier can not be the doyen by age of a multinational assembly. I hope measures will be taken to avoid Le Pen presiding at the next parliament. The best solution would be that the French don't vote for

It is a defeat of the capitalists who for years said: 'We don't need any rules, the market can regulate itself.' They have been

We need security measures, but I find body scanners absolutely unacceptable. These are machines that allow for you to be seen totally naked. This is an offence against human dignity. Using this technology does not make us

I hope Sarkozy won't steer policy the French UMP way. If he doesn't, we can work together. If we have a president serving EU interests, okay. But if the EU is placed at the service of Sarkozy, he'll have a fight on his

This man, responsible for the Internal Market in your commission, tells the people, I haven't read the Lisbon Treaty. It's not really necessary!' How can you build confidence with that sort of behaviour?!feedback

It's completely unacceptable and we don't see how old fascists, neo-nazis, racists, anti-semites and xenophobes can represent our European

It's a victory for all of us, a victory for the French and a victory for European

If he's going to go on like that, he's in for some unpleasant experiences. My advice to him is 'let's be a little more

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