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I think it is in this low growth world, or relatively low growth world, where there is very little inflation, where there is very little pricing power and there is a great focus on
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Oct 31 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Martin Sorrell is associated, including Trump, U.S., and issue. Most recently, Martin Sorrell has been quoted saying: “The biggest pressure is coming on the packaged goods companies in particular, which are around 30 percent of our revenue, and they're under colossal pressure.” in the article Ad giant WPP faces stagnant sales this year.
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Aug 23 2017 - Facebook

Our spending on Snap for example which last year was $100 million and our spending this year is projected at $200 million pales in to relative insignificance to the investment that is made in to Google…or in Facebook. That doesn't mean, I have to say, that Snap does not present an alternative in the long

Aug 23 2017

The enthusiasm has

Aug 23 2017

In volume terms these companies are flat or falling. When volumes fall in packaged-goods companies that's a big wake-up call: It means you have less consumers and that's the beginning of serious

Aug 04 2017 - Facebook

I think (Snap is) potentially more competitive as the third

Aug 03 2017

I make no apologies for the success of that business … Over that period of time I've not sold any shares. If you look at the history, it's an improving

Aug 01 2017 - Amazon

What happens if I say to Alexa, I like Cheerios,' and Alexa says, I've got Kellogg's Corn Flakes, which are 10 percent off'?feedback

Aug 01 2017 - Amazon

Amazon's penetration in most areas is frightening to

Jul 27 2017

If you track consumer staples margins over the last four to five years, they have gone up very substantially, but volumes have gone

Jul 27 2017 - China

We in the West tended to think China copied technology, or even stole technology. If that was the case, that's no longer the case. Clearly, China is becoming a major, if not one of the two major forces in the world – not only economically and politically, but technologically

Jul 27 2017

Growth is there, but it's in limited sectors of the economy despite what the stock market is

Jul 14 2017

If President Trump can implement his agenda of infrastructure spending, of less regulation and lower tax. If he can, that's a boost for the U.S. economy at a time it probably needs

Jul 12 2017 - Facebook

Snap obviously has been copied – plagiarized you could say – by Facebook, and very successfully

Jul 12 2017 - Facebook

If you went to the app developers' conference on the West Coast, at Facebook, the people who I spoke to came away from that saying that Facebook was very successfully countering

Jun 25 2017 - Fake news

The duopoly continues. There's been all these challenges – consumer brand safety, what I call political brand safety with terrorist-type stuff, fake news, fraud, transparency. But I don't think that anything has happened as yet that we've seen of great significance in terms of altering the patterns of

Jun 23 2017 - Cannes Festival

Cannes has to change. If we would be starting the concept again today, what would we do differently?feedback

Jun 19 2017 - Amazon

Amazon is going to be an increasingly important force and one we have to better understand and link with effectively for our

Jun 18 2017

Clearly [ITV] is going to need somebody who has a fundamental understanding of traditional and new, over the top [internet] services, so it is a balance. They probably need a global understanding as well as ITV is now a much more international business. It is not an easy position to fill from the point of view that the capabilities you need are very broad. It is a very demanding role. A pretty all embracing job

Jun 12 2017 - Single market

Now it seems that we could have no deal because of the short time fuse and lack of decisive government decision making, or a soft Brexit, the latter with more movement and membership of the single

Jun 07 2017

If you look at the history, it's an improving trend. Opinions have

Apr 28 2017 - World Economic Forum

Residents of the Davos bubble (of which I am one) misjudged the public mood. What all this tells us is that companies lack the will or confidence to invest in their own growth and development, and prefer instead the seemingly risk-free approach of returning funds to shareholders or retaining ever-larger cash

Apr 28 2017 - World Economic Forum

Not for the first time, residents of the Davos bubble had misjudged the public mood, failing at the previous meeting to predict the result of either the US election or the Brexit

Apr 28 2017

I'm not a Johnny-come-lately who picked a company up and turned it round [for a big payday]. If it was one five-year plan and we buggered off, fine [to criticise my pay]. Over those 31 years … I have taken a significant degree of risk. [WPP] is where my wealth is. It is long effort over a long period of

Apr 27 2017 - Snapchat

The fundamental point is the acceptance by Google and Facebook that they are media companies and not technology companies and that they have the same responsibility as you do and for your content on CNBC on those media such as Google and Facebook or indeed Snapchat or Yahoo … so we are seeing some concerns in that area. This is an opportunity for traditional media to suggest that brand safety in traditional media is greater than it is in new

Apr 27 2017 - Facebook

So investment in digital continues … but you're right, there are these issues like brand safety, like measurability, we've had Facebook admitting on three or four occasions recently that the statistics that they give for their audiences were inaccurate. And of course, if any traditional medium, just like CNBC did that, they probably would be under extreme pressure if not out of business. So there are some very big issues, Google and Facebook are 75 percent of the digital marketplace … so they are very important and it is important that the data it shares in a more comprehensive

Apr 18 2017 - Labour Party

It obviously comes as a surprise given what Mrs May has said about not calling an early election. But when you think of the difficulty she faces in negotiating with the EU and the apparent divisions and weakness in the Labour Party you can see the logic. A snap election increases uncertainty for businesses but only until June 8 if the polls are to be believed. She has clearly calculated that, with the polls as they are, it is worth sacrificing seven weeks of negotiations with the EU to strengthen her

Apr 06 2017 - Facebook

What our clients want and what our agencies want is more competition of the space, anything that gives more competition to the duopoly of Facebook and Google. Getting more than two solutions is

Apr 06 2017 - Facebook

You're negating or withdrawing from arguably one of the most powerful

Apr 02 2017 - Facebook

We have always said Google, Facebook and others are media companies and have the same responsibilities as any other media company ... They cannot masquerade as technology companies, particularly when they place

Mar 31 2017

Effectively we have got 18 months (to secure a deal), it's not 2 years… so it is extremely difficult to believe the mother of all negotiations is going to get done in 18

Mar 31 2017

If you're trying to run a business in this environment, what do you do? You get on with

Mar 31 2017 - Youtube

They are media companies, they are not technology companies, they cannot masquerade as technology companies and they are responsible, just like you and everybody else, for the content that goes out on their channel and they have to take

Mar 31 2017 - Youtube

Boycotting what is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful medium, doesn't make sense. With duopolistic control or influence comes responsibility, and last time I checked Google's revenues and margins and Facebook's revenues and margins, they were certainly, I look at them with some degree of envy, it's true ... With authority or position comes a responsibility, and they have got to step up and take

Mar 20 2017 - Facebook

They can't sit there and say we are digital engineers and are not responsible. They are responsible and get on and accept it and police it properly. We have always said Google, Facebook and others are media companies and have the same responsibilities as any other media company. They cannot masquerade as technology companies, particularly when they place

Mar 20 2017 - Facebook

The big issue for Google and Facebook is whether they are going to have human editing at this point ... of course they have the profitability. They have the margins to enable them to do it. And this is going to be the big issue – how far are they prepared to go?feedback

Mar 20 2017 - Facebook

I think the most constructive way of doing it is getting Google and Facebook to understand the problem, which I think they do, and to get them to step up to control it just like any other media right now would in a traditional

Mar 20 2017

They've always maintained they were sort of digital engineers standing there with their digital spanners, trying to tighten the nuts on their digital pipes and not being responsible for the content that was going through the pipes. They can't just say look we're a technology company, we have nothing to do with the content that is appearing on our digital

Mar 20 2017

I think focused strategies around very strict product groups are the way to go, not the diversified conglomerate strategy, which seems to be driven more by trying to diversify assets outside of China and obviously invest abroad. So exhaust all the opportunities in China first, then you have to start looking at whether you go for the bigger markets, obviously like the U.S. or Western Europe, or you start to pick up some of the smaller markets that are contiguous to China, in the context of Asia Pacific, particularly given the Belt and Road (strategy).feedback

Mar 20 2017 - Huawei

A lot of Chinese companies now are expanding abroad. Huawei is a very strong example of that, Lenovo is another. These are all companies that are building businesses abroad and you see two different strategies – one, a very diversified (strategy) like a Fosun or a Wanda, which probably is lacking a bit of

Mar 20 2017

In fact, this year for the first time, in our survey of the 100 top brands here in China, I think the fifth time we've done it, ... we've seen Chinese brands eclipse some of the foreign

Mar 20 2017

I thought it would be good to have a go. I'd made a little bit of money, and borrowed 250,000 pounds [around $310,000 in today's exchange rate]. Forty in those days used to be a pretty critical age. Because you think of yourself starting work when you're about 20, you come out of college, and finishing when you're 60. Now, of course, here I am at 72 still

Mar 20 2017

In those days there was a fair bit of invective, and it's water off a duck's back. What I had to go through was nothing near what my parents had to go through, or my grandparents had to go

Mar 06 2017

You get time on those trips to think about priorities of what you're doing and implement

Mar 06 2017 - Christmas

But it's increasing become more complex. Persistence, determination and speed are really important. You have to be increasingly efficient in what you do. Do more for less ... that's the way of the world at the moment. Things don't come up Monday through Friday. They come up on Saturday or on Christmas Day, or whatever it happens to be. Things move so quickly that being disconnected for eight to ten hours on a plane is not helpful. Getting time to think is really important, which is not necessarily quiet time in the sense of disengaging from the

Mar 03 2017 - Amazon

In answer to the question, my favorite question, What worries you when you get to bed at night and you wake up in the morning,' it's not a 3-month-old child. It's Amazon, which is a child still, but not 3

Mar 03 2017 - Amazon

Amazon's penetration, to most, there is frightening, if not terrifying, to

Mar 03 2017 - Snapchat

If you look at the competitive reaction, if you look at Facebook's reaction in terms of copying or imitating a lot of the features that Snapchat has, that's indicative of the issues that Facebook faces in relation to Snap and its growth. So you have a search war developing between Amazon and Google and you have a social media war, if I can put it that way, or market share war between Facebook and Snap. We'll see how far they go, that pales into relative insignificance to

Mar 03 2017 - Snapchat

Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising. They own about 75 percent of the market. And they get about 100 percent of incremental spend at the moment. What our clients want and what our agencies and indeed our competitors' agencies want is more competition in the market

Mar 03 2017

The strongest innovators and strongest brands generate the strongest total shareholder returns. Perhaps surprisingly, corporate structures that seem to offend customary good corporate governance may deliver better long-term results. The prospects in the UK are more mixed as the post-Brexit vote scenarios will play out over the next two years and uncertainties about the possible outcomes

Mar 03 2017 - Greece

The four leading western continental European economies – Germany, France, Italy and Spain – let alone the Netherlands and Greece, also all face political uncertainty, although Germany and Spain are strengthening economically. In these circumstances, clients face challenging top-line growth opportunities and

Mar 01 2017 - Amazon

The biggest key thing that I think Evan and his colleagues have got to demonstrate is return on investment. The number of clients say to me because of disruption … we have to make sure that the return on our media investment is

Mar 01 2017 - Snapchat

Amazon's tentacles are spreading rapidly into all areas. I think it's a defining moment in that it could well be the third force. Snap … is definitely a potential third force. The reason that Google has been successful … is that the results are very clear. Facebook is a little bit more woolly. I have always referred to Facebook as a brand mechanism as a way of building brands, rather than necessarily being about effective sales generation in the short

Mar 01 2017

I would say in the short-to-medium term, he will probably be successful, he has to implement his policies on tax, on regulation, on spending … but the atmosphere is remarkably different … than what we have seen in the last eight years under the Obama administration for good or

Mar 01 2017

And the fact that America is $18 trillion of GDP … it is the biggest engine and if the biggest engine is growing faster, that ultimately is certainly good for America … but it's not necessarily bad news for the rest of the

Feb 03 2017 - Snapchat

I can see Snap revenue is about $400

Feb 02 2017 - Snapchat

I would say Snapchat is the one thing that people look at and say, Maybe that's a third force that can counter the

Jan 19 2017 - World Economic Forum

The issue on Trump is what you win on the U.S. swings, you may lose on the international

Jan 17 2017 - Credit Suisse

If the repatriation of profits is used yet again to invest in dividends and buybacks, what's the point? It's really got to be much more fundamental, long-term

Jan 17 2017 - Snapchat

It does become a threatening alternative to Facebook and I think that's the big opportunity for them. We know Facebook have tried to buy Snapchat a couple of times, we know that they've made product changes as a result of Snapchat's products. I think Facebook is concerned about the potential

Jan 17 2017 - Fake news

I think with the measurement issues, with the fake news issues, and the fraud issues that the internet faces, clients want to try and

Jan 17 2017 - World Economic Forum

You're in a world of uncertainty, low growth, very little pricing power, because there's very little inflation … and that eventually will bring a problem prior to the next presidential

Jan 17 2017 - World Economic Forum

We all talk to one another in this bubble here in Davos, echo chamber in London, and it's true of the East Coast, West Coast liberals. In terms of their businesses, in terms of their regulation,in terms of intervention, I think most industries favored a more Republican route … so it's a question about why were the pollsters wrong. Because nobody really told them the

Dec 23 2016 - Fox

Number two would be Murdoch, around $2.25

Oct 31 2016

Of course (political uncertainty) matters … Although I have to say we haven't seen what some of our competitors have been talking about, an impact of the U.S. presidential election on (the third quarter) in North America which continues to be quite

Oct 31 2016

Given what's happening in the environment, the slow growth, lack of inflation - with the exception of the UK with the devaluation of sterling - the focus on costs and the general level of uncertainty around the world, I think it's a good

Oct 31 2016

The bump from it is small in the context of the overall operations. The bigger issue is what happens long

Sep 15 2016

It's not just [giving advertisers] first look, it's trying to innovate and initiate

Sep 15 2016 - Facebook

It's something we'd love to do more with Google and Facebook to be honest with you, but they seem to be [harder to work with]. I think less so with Google, they seem to be proactive recently maybe because some of the regulatory issues they've had to deal with. But, Facebook certainly because of their success have become a little more difficult to deal

Jul 14 2016

The conundrum or dilemma is that what we want in business is certainty, because uncertainty is the enemy of growth, so we want

Jun 28 2016

On the upturn, it usually follows as people only increase spending when they are sure of recovery. No signs of cutting yet, although the U.K. slowed after the Brexit referendum was first

Apr 28 2016

Generally, the environment is an uncertain one and in that context I think the first quarter was extremely good. If you're a legacy business, you're challenged by disruptors, you have zero-based cost budgeters, you've got activist investors,it's a difficult and uncertain climate and things like Brexit - we have to see what happens in

Mar 04 2016

I feel actually a little bit more confident (now). But (Republican presidential hopeful Donald) Trump has a long, long way to go and Florida is critical not just because of its size and importance but because that is the heartland for (rival Republican nominee Marco)

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