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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Massimo D'Alema is associated, including Europe and exit. Most recently, Massimo D'Alema has been quoted saying: “I don't think that the future of the government should depend on these court verdicts – and the other verdicts that perhaps will come.” in the article Italy: six-year jail term demanded at Berlusconi sex trial. An other article where Massimo D'Alema has been quoted is D'Alema: Merkel represents a 'selfish Europe'.

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We didn't exit from Europe, but we didn't 'exit,' from the Constitution either.

I don't think that the future of the government should depend on these court verdicts – and the other verdicts that perhaps will come.

Yes. I agree with you and in addition I think we need immigrants. If we want to keep a balance between the youth and our ageing population, we will need immigrants in the coming years. The European Commission itself said that we need roughly 30 million immigrants over the next 15 years. So I think we should have a European policy of immigration and right now we do not have that but if we're talking about Italy, look at Malta? They have never had one. When there is a boat, the only thing they do is to point the way to Italy.

Yes of course, of course, Italy is part of the problem but two things must be emphasised, first, Italy is a rich country, and the wealth of Italians is much higher than the debt. A lot higher than the debt. This means that we have resources inside the country. Secondly, it was shown in the past with the centre-left Prodi and Ciampi governments that it is possible to reduce public spending. We have reduced public spending five points lower than the right-wing government, without touching basic social rights.

No, I think we should realise that we have a Europe-wide problem, it is not just Italy. This is what has been happening recently throughout the European markets.

Well I have to say that Italy has taken a very important step forward since the replacement of the Berlusconi government. This, for Italy and for the eurozone, was very good news, because Italy was not responsible for the crisis, the government was.

I think, and I said it even then, that the immigration policy conducted by the Berlusconi government was really a black time in our history. As was the agreement between Italy and the Gadaffi government to return the illegal migrants. It is possible to return illegal immigrants but the problem is that before returning them, you should check if they are refugees who have the right to stay.

Yes of course. I know that markets do not like elections, because sometimes it seems that democracy is an unbearable weight for the financial markets. But I think it's not the markets which decide people's destinies. Yes, I think we need change and I think we can change because the three major European countries, France, Italy, and Germany, together represent 200 million EU citizens. That's out of the 330 million in the eurozone. So these are really important countries.

This is not true, it is not true because I think things are changing. In Slovakia, a small country, the left won. In Slovenia the left won but yes, Europe has been dominated by the right. We can see the results… We need a European strategy for growth, and that means European investment, Eurobonds….

The problem was the huge division of the labour market between workers and between the young people who have security and the ones who are in a more precarious situation – with no rights and no protection. So, the reform has two sides, one means there's more flexible work for protected workers but on the other side, there's now more protection for young people who had nothing. I don't think the problem of the division of the labour market has been resolved but the reform has allowed it to take a step forward.

We are not negotiating with the Taliban. There are humanitarian channels following this matter and I believe that, to achieve our aim, they must be allowed to act in the greatest discretion.

The mission in Afghanistan involves the entire international community. I notice, that not a single country sees the need for a withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan.

The opposition asked for a personality with experience of the political set up. Georgio Napolitano is a life senator, he was speaker of the lower house, all we're waiting for now is that the centre right shows maturity and coherence and votes for him and that's it.

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