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Oh Beppe, what a fine present we are offering you by only talking about ourselves.
Feb 20 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Matteo Renzi is associated, including European Union and Italy. Most recently, Matteo Renzi has been quoted saying: “Oh Beppe, what a fine present we are offering you by only talking about ourselves.” in the article Italy's Renzi defies foes, opens way for party leadership battle.
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There is no reason to talk of a euro crisis and there is certainly no reason to conjure one up.

The 'No's' have won in an extraordinary clear-cut way. I lost and the post that gets eliminated is mine.

It is not for us, it is not for a political party, it is for them.

To the financial markets we say that we have always received the message that structural reforms are the prime asset of Italy's future. I think that's something everybody has always said, everywhere. And we think that structural reforms is what the country needs.

At the moment, the management of this situation has been flawless, especially with citizens taking part.

The market is reacting to the better political environment and, bar the Italian referendum which will probably be another source of concern, there is a sigh of relief that the year's turbulent and somewhat surprising politics are behind us.

This government was born to make constitutional reforms, as you remember. We've made them and it's up to the citizens to decide if they are good or not. But our mission was to give Italy a reboot, it is stronger than before but still not as much as we would like, and the approval of the constitutional reforms which, as you know, is now in the hands of the people sovereign.

I'm not willing to take part in old-style political games. Either we change or I have no role to play.

I can't be someone who negotiates a deal with the other parties to create a little government or one with a limited goal (to change the electoral system).

We give 20 billion to Europe and the EU gives us back 12, but if Hungary or Slovakia preach to us about migrants and don't give us a hand and when want our money, we will say 'there is no way, absolutel.

December 4 is their last chance to get back into the game. That is what this is all about.

The referendum pitches the past against the future, cynicism against hope, hope and ideals against nostalgia and yesterday.

We cannot have tents for some months in the mountains, under the snow. There are enough hotels for everyone. But many of our compatriots don't want to leave their lands, not even for some weeks.

Feeling the earth collapse beneath your feet is not a metaphorical expression but is what happened this morning, and half of Italy felt this.

We will rebuild everything – the houses, the churches, the shops. We are dealing (with) marvelous territories, territories of beauty.

We will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. Everything that needs to be done to rebuild these areas will be done.

Italy is wounded but will not be bowed. It's impossible to imagine living in a tent during the winter. Our real goal is not even to set up a tent city, we will see in the coming days how we need to proceed.

Italy cannot take another year like the one we have just had.

We should do everything possible for a peace deal in Syria but it's difficult to imagine that this should be linked to further sanctions on Russia.

Michelle, your tomatoes are great. But after the last weeks, let me be very frank, your speeches are better than your tomatoes.

I have a feeling, and I think that rightly so, our American friends are a little more interested in November 8 than in the Italian vote on constitutional reform, and so are we, might I add.

I want to thank the United States of America for the extraordinary support for the battle that Italy is having in our country, within Europe, to affirm a paradigm of growth and not only of austerity at all levels.

His satire, his research, his work on set design, his multi-faceted artistic activity remain the legacy of a great Italian in the world.

His satire, research, scenography and artistic activity will leave the inheritance of a great Italian to the world.

Our responsibility to keep the party united cannot reach the point where we are holding the country back.

The constitutional reform is not a plaything. It represents a point of departure for the country. We are ready to have further thoughts about it, but we are not ready to block the country.

If things go on like this, instead of the spirit of Bratislava we'll be talking about the ghost of Europe.

I'm not going to stay silent for the sake of a quiet life ... if someone wants to keep Italy quiet they have picked the wrong place, the wrong method and the wrong subject.

I don't know what Merkel is referring to when she talks about the 'spirit of Bratislava.

At Bratislava we had a nice cruise on the Danube, but I hoped for answers to the crisis caused by Brexit (Britain's exit from the EU), not just to go on a boat trip.

We are doing our bit on migrants and we are ready to do so alone if necessary.

I do not have to play in a script to show that we are united.

I'm not satisfied with the (summit) conclusions on growth or on immigration.

We are at a point where Europe can't just continue reeling off rules, technicalities, fiscal (issues) and austerity. The Europe of tomorrow must above all be based on core values because this is what has made us great, the social Europe, the Europe of ideals, the Europe of beauty.

We aspire to be an initiative of dialogue which seeks to unite Europe more, and not to divide it.

The conditions are in place for the Monte Paschi capital increase to take place this year.

This is helped by the fact that we are putting in place a legal framework in dealing with NPLs. The ESM implies an economy with problems and in danger. This is absolutely not the case in the Italian economy, we don't need the ESM, we will not ask for the ESM. And as far as the resources are concerned, this is not a problem, because these resources will come from the private sector.

We are not talking about that kind of money and we are not talking about a bailout. Bailout is ruled out in the European context. So we are working within the rules, within the bail-in system, which implies strong participation by the shareholders and stakeholders in recapitalizing the banks.

I don't know of any of my friends who had kids after they saw an advertisement.

The idea is to reduce the size of the capital hike to around 3 billion euros.

This is not about setting challenges and making promises. We need the pace of a marathon runner.

The final plan must be a serious plan, not just hot air. It must be something everyone can relate to. A building project which will be serious and systematic. The fact that we have not succeeded before does not mean that we should not try to do it now with the help of everyone.

We're among the best in the world in managing emergencies.

We want those communities to have the chance of a future and not just memories.

We are the best in the world when it comes to managing emergencies, but that is not enough.

For the Italians it is a moment of showing the strongest emotions. We Italians are very good at arguing and being critical but when faced with pain, Italy shows its best side. I believe we must all be proud of our firefighters, the army officers and the civil protection agents.

No one will be left alone, no family, no community, no neighbourhood. We must get down to work .. to restore hope to this area which has been so badly hit.

For many populists, Europe is to blame for everything that goes wrong.

Many people thought that after Brexit, that Europe was finished. It's not like that. We respect the choice of Britain's citizens, but we want to write a page for the future.

Many thought that after Brexit Europe was over. Not so. We respect the choice of the British people, but we want to write a page for the future. And that's why internal security, external security, the fight for a common Defense, cooperation between intelligence services, better integration of national Defense industries, the project for an European Community for security are our top priorities.

They will be coming to discuss how to relaunch Europe from the bottom up, there's a big need. Relaunching Europe is a totally open game but it needs to be played.

It seems strange, and in many ways it is, that from this tiny island the biggest political victory of the 20th century was borne: 70 years of peace between peoples who fought constantly and cyclically.

My view is that Italian banks are good. There are some problems, yes. The first is Monte dei Paschi, we know.

If Europe continues to only discuss (economic) technocrats, the role of technicians, Europe is finished. So the question is … how everyone could help their respective countries to consider Europe as a great place for the future for democracy and ideals.

I am totally sure if we choose a different Europe in which there is not only austerity, but investment … I think with every effort we can change this direction (of countries considering leaving the EU).

I am sure we (will) win. This referendum is about the future of the country and I am sure the Italian people, if (they) read the question in the ballot in the electoral place, will vote for change.

I think it is obvious for me and for a lot of us to prefer Hillary Clinton as commander-in-chief, because with her, there is a woman able to know every dossier, able to have a history and a future with all the partners.

Italy has played by the fiscal austerity rules for too long. Although its problems are structural in nature, after running an underlying primary fiscal surplus for some 20 years it is time to break free from its self-imposed deflationary fiscal chains.

The government today is in Fermo, alongside father Vinicio and the local institutions in memory of Emmanuel. Against hatred, racism and violence.

More growth and more investment, less austerity and less bureaucracy, this is the line we have proposed for two years, at the beginning in isolation. Allow me to say that Brexit can be a great opportunity for Europe.

It is not possible to lose time – as we said – we need to respect the rules and the will of the sovereign people and we need to think of a strategy for the next months.

What has happened in the United Kingdom could be the greatest opportunity for Europe, if we stop playing defensively and try to give our continent the possibility of a new start.

Today is a day of celebration in which Italy has taken a step forwards.

The greatest achievement in the history of English soccer was led by an Italian. Fantastic Mr Ranieri.

Austria's move was "shamelessly against European rules, as well as being against history, against logic and against the future.

This is not a political referendum, but concerns 11,000 workers, their future and Italy's energy supply chain.

The government is here to do things that were not done before. We are here to unblock projects.

People did not believe we would ever be able to do this. The political world has shown that it is capable of reforming itself.

Recalling the ambassador for talks means that Italy confirms its commitment with itself and the Regeni family: We will stop only before the truth, the real truth. Italian prosecutors said this week's meetings had been "disappointing.

2016 is the year when Italy must sort out its banking problems once and for all.

At the same time we say with great clarity and very strongly, that press freedom is an amazing value for France, home of the Declaration of Human Rights, for Italy and for all those men and women who believe in the founding values of the European Union.

This decree aims to resolve… definitively the problems of our country's banking system.

I hope that in a few days we can end the debating game being played in the senate, then go to parliament and approve the bill quickly.

For me Italy is totally fighting for avoid bail-in because also soft bail-in could be a disaster for the credibility and for the confidence.

Terrorists want to destroy our daily lives. We are duty bound to respond with even more determination to defend our values.

Together with the other countries that have been affected, Bangladesh, Japan, and all the countries in the international community which have experienced moments like the one we're going through today, we will continue our struggle because only together, united, can we state an idea of civilisation, which is different from what we have unfortunately seen tonight in Bangladesh.

We must reach an agreement on Syria. It's therefore essential that we each engage in a cooperative effort.

The end of sanctions is a historic step not only for Iran but for the whole region. We are committed to making sure the efforts of the international community are accompanied by mutual trust and by the immediate relaunch of economic links.

It seems to me that the climate is changing in Europe, and we have to keep working on this. For too long Europe has been perceived only as a place of austerity, a place without hope, without growth.

None of these measures will resolve all the problems … but all these measures are additional pieces of the mosaic aimed at consolidating the banking system.

I am much more worried about other banks in other countries which are stronger in theory than Italy.

We will do everything needed to resolve definitively the problem of non-performing loans within the framework of EU rules.

If there had been no solidarity over a small number like 40,000, this would have been an insult from Europe.

Let me be clear, I do not think that signing the Dublin agreement was a good idea, especially for Italy, but I'm not interested in creating a controversy within my country against the political party that was then in the government.

We want Europe to be different from a club of technical specialists who know a lot about geopolitics but don't react in moments of pain.

There is room to collaborate, even with the difficulties we're all aware of lying in the background, such a European sanctions and Russian counter-sanctions.

I strongly believe that there are conditions to find an agreement between the Greek authorities and the European institutions. We believe that each of us in our countries should make reforms.

I would like to thank Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic and committed Europhile, who will in fact leave his post very soon.

The Italian government, together with CONI (The Italian Olympic Committee), is ready to do its part for a project that isn't based on great infrastructures or big dreams but rather great people. We will be at the vanguard for all the spending controls.

Our country too often seems hesitant. It's unacceptable not to try … or to renounce playing the game.

But I would underline the real desire to find solutions and for these reasons I think we can be positive.

I think we made a step ahead for the climate, for the constructive discussion. Obviously there a lot of differences.

Mare Nostrum will not be abandoned until the EU comes up with something just as good or better.

If someone in Italy thinks that you're the future, they're wrong. You are the present. Stay in Italy, don't go abroad and try the impossible. Make the most of this beautiful country and have a can-do attitude. Best of luck to all of you.

This extraordinary engineering success of so many people cannot erase the memory of what's happened or bring back the ship. It seemed all hope was lost, especially considering the potential damage to the environment.

Whoever thinks the democracy gap in Europe can be filled just by appointing Juncker or somebody else to head the Commission… is living on Mars!

It's laughable, those who say talking about growth means violating the Treaty. The Treaty breakers are those who talk only about the Stability Pact. Unless we reduce unemployment, unless we can create growth again, we won't have any stability.

After 1,000 days, we'll show a country which has been able to achieve the kinds of reforms achieved by other countries, like Germany after 2003. We'll reform not because someone from the outside is asking us to, but because we know we have to.

In the next 1000 days the Italian government can defy the European Parliament, in a positive and a proactive way, in order to improve the country's conditions. In order to allow Italy not to have an agenda dictated from elsewhere. So we could say that we are improving reforms not because others asked for them but just because we are aware that we need them.

There were 365,000 fewer people employed in that 12 month period. It's as if we had lost 1,000 jobs every day. This is clearly a problem. We're seeing signs of recovery, sure, but it's not enough.

Let's start by eliminating the excess of politics and sending a signal to the families who are struggling everyday to survive. This is an operation that I would describe as historical.

The Europe that we want, as we've often said, is a Europe where Italy doesn't receive the line it needs to follow and instructions on what it must do. Instead, we what a Europe where Italy makes a fundamental contribution because there can be no Europe without Italy.

Italy is getting tired of waiting for us, and I propose to you – we propose, as a government – to bring Italy up through a package of reforms that considers the upcoming Italian presidency of the EU as the main opportunity. And before that term, we will tackle the challenges linked to labour policies, taxes, public administration and justice.

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