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Matthew Gardner has been quoted in 5 different articles. Most recently, Matthew Gardner has been quoted saying, “It's ludicrous for them to say they're paying everything they owe when the IRS, the tax agency of record, says very clearly that they're not.” in an article called How a GOP tax plan would help Caterpillar after a raid by federal agents. This is only one of 10 quotes from Matthew Gardner. To see more examples Matthew Gardner’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Matthew Gardner's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Matthew Gardner said about home recently and in the past.

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It's ludicrous for them to say they're paying everything they owe when the IRS, the tax agency of record, says very clearly that they're not.

Caterpillar appears to have elevated international tax avoidance to an art form. From that perspective, this plan is exactly backwards. It would leave the barn door wide open for companies like Caterpillar to continue shifting their profits on paper offshore.

You can make the basic observation that companies like Exxon Mobil that are routinely able to reduce their tax bill will likely benefit much less than companies in the retail sector, which traditionally pay a lot closer to 35 percent. Congress has enacted special tax breaks for a number of different industries, but retailers are generally unaffected and there aren't a lot of breaks designed for them.

The companies that tend to do the best tend to be companies that make a lot of capital investments, like utilities or manufacturers because the accelerated depreciation rules have been so generous over the last couple of decades. They give big rewards to anyone investing in factories or machinery.

It's certainly true that an even-handed revenue-neutral reform would leave some companies substantially worse off, especially those that have relied most heavily on the tax breaks being taken away. But in the real world, Congress might answer the easy question of how far to cut the tax rate and avoid the hard question of how to pay for it.

We are arbitrarily asserting that an aggregate foreign tax rate south of 10 percent means that a large chunk of these profits must be in tax havens.

Apple is one of the biggest and most profitable and has a bigger stash of offshore cash than almost anybody. But Apple is not alone.

Investors can ask sensible questions about this and the non-disclosure. If you're building a business around tax avoidance you don't really have a business plan. If it appears to investors that companies are putting money in places basically for tax reasons that should be a matter of concern.

To its credit, the European Union understands that when member nations act as tax havens, as Ireland has, there are casualties far beyond the borders of Ireland. It's not a good economic development strategy for Ireland in the long run, and it also subverts the tax system of every other member nation and nations around world.

When home flipping numbers go up, it is usually an indication that the housing market is in trouble. These sales artificially inflate home prices, making housing even less affordable for buyers and increasing the risk of a bubble.

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