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If some clubs are interested in some players it is very clear you need to knock on the door of Daniel Levy. If any player is going to leave the club it is always the club's decision. All the players today have contracts for the next two or three years, minimum, and we're not
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NEW Apr 24 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mauricio Pochettino is associated, including White Hart Lane and Chelsea. Most recently, Mauricio Pochettino has been quoted saying: “It is only me who makes the decision and I think the plan was good. The first goal we conceded there was no tactical problem to do with Sonny's position. The second goal was unlucky because for me it was not a penalty. How many times did you see Moses arrive in the final third? One and that ended with the penalty. That was unlucky. They found time to score four and they had only one corner. We had 11. If you see the stats, it was a completely unfair result. But that is football.” in the article Antonio Conte says Chelsea are still building despite closing in on Double.
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It was very good to hear that comment from Ranieri because it means a lot. It means a lot. We learned a lot from last season. There was a very bad period at the end when we spent a lot of energy fighting against Leicester but also against West Bromwich, against Chelsea, against the media, against the

There is big pressure to win when you are a big club. But for me the best example in football in many years was Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson – and what he created with young talent from the academy or from England. It created the core of a team that won everything. That is a good example for me. From day one, when we arrived at Southampton, we always said to you, the fans and the coaches that the most important thing was to show belief and faith in the young talent in England. One of our challenges in the last four years was to show the English people that the talent exists

I think he should win – he deserves it. I am very pleased for all those

I am so happy for him because, yes, I always knew the relationship from day one was tough. Was friendly, lovely, but tough too because it's like when you have your son, you love him, but sometimes you have to be

He's special. He's a bit different to all the players that play now at his age. He's so experienced. His energy, his character, his quality. I think he is a unique player. He's different to another, it's so difficult to compare to another. He's a great. First of all a great kid, I think he's a lovely, lovely person. And then he is a great player. And then, he is so young he can improve a lot, he can learn a lot, his potential is massive. But every day he's improving, and every day he gets more mature. He's improving in his skills, but in his character as

It's true, yes my relationship is good with him. He is a really, really lovely person and that makes us very happy because he's enjoying his football. I remember after a game many people criticised me, killed me, killed him and time has shown we are right to support him. To give love, because he is so

They [the players] talk for us on the pitch and we are very pleased and very proud of that performance. Watford started with good energy, massive motivation to play against us, and to be patient was one of the

We look at us, we need to see us. It's important that we compete against us. It is true that we feel free because we are in the second position. The gap is four but they have one game more to play. We have to try to win games and be ready if Chelsea fail. I'm very happy with the performance. We need to keep pushing. We're in a good position. We have great momentum. Belief is here. I think the team deserve full credit because the energy and the way that we played was fantastic – 4-0 but I think we deserved more

We played really well. We played with a very good energy, very clear in the way that we tried to beat

After 15 minutes we controlled and dominated the game and the three points are fully

I think we are more strong with Kane and ready to fight again. I think this is very important. You use a lot of players in the squad and all the players are very important in the

It is difficult enough to affect your own team, even when you are with them every day. Now it is up to them to win the league. We are in a position where we need to do our job, win games and put pressure on them. But it's true that if after the last eight games of the season they haven't won the league, it will be tough for them to accept. I don't believe in mind games. The 'mind game' is to provide my team with belief and character, which we showed at Swansea [in a 3-1 victory].feedback

We started the game well and created chances in the first few minutes. We maybe feel that the game is going to be

We hope Hugo will be well again. Victor wasn't 100% to be in the team or on the bench, but we hope to have him back on the

If we are focused only on the next game and nothing after, and if we are positive, I think we can get the three points but first of all we need to play. We need to be better than Swansea and it's sure we will need to fight a lot against

He twisted his ankle but we need to see what happened in his ankle on the

That's a good lesson for us all. Belief is the most important thing in football. Not quality, running or being strong but belief, faith and fight. Nothing is impossible in football and that is our idea, our philosophy. We need to keep going in that direction and it is true the Premier League is tough to play in, and to win every game and compete. It's so competitive. But can it [catch Chelsea] happen? Yes, of course, it can happen and in our mind we must be positive to try to dream and give our

We hope there is no big issue. But it is true it will be difficult for him to play again this

I think the momentum is good for us. We feel good, we trust in ourselves, in the way we play. We are a real contender now for the top four and that is very good news for us. I think today if we assess the season I think it's fantastic. We are there, second in the table, and now in the last period we must focus and concentrate and try to do our best and take the fight to

It's a big, big gap. Seven points is a massive difference. There's still a lot of work to do. And it's true that Chelsea, two years ago they won the Premier League and I think 80% of their players have experienced the pressure. They can win and they can lose but it's not about pressure for them, or

It's a problem in his ankle. Now, we need to wait for results. We hope it won't be a big issue but we'll see. It's sad, always. Harry is very young and an important player for us and it's always bad news when a player gets an

I must give all the credit to my staff and the sports science team, all the medical staff, because they have created a new Mousa Dembele who is strong and can play regularly. If you are honest, you would agree with me. We provide individual training plans to every player and Mousa started to work very hard. We are very happy with

I always tell him: 'Mousa, when I write my book, you will be one of my genius players, who I have been lucky to meet. One was Maradona. The others were Ronaldinho, Okocha and De La Pena. We have always told Mousa that if we had taken him at 18 or 19, he would have become one of the best players in the world. I would love to have taken him on at 18. He didn't play too much in his first season (Dembele made only 10 league starts in the 2014-15 campaign) as he always had physical

Now I think it's very difficult situation, very tough for him. He needs our love, our support, and to make sure that all is going well. I hope all is going well on Saturday and then he starts to think about his recovery as soon as

I have tried to remind my players that football is not only when you have the ball. Football is also when you do not have the ball too. To fight, to press, to challenge with your opponent. Not wait and be

I did it today again. I challenged with Cameron and hurt my hand. He crushed everyone in the box. You know I like to fight with the players to show them I am stronger than them, mentally and physically. Sometimes physically I lose the challenge because they are physically stronger, but I am stronger here (points to head). The Premier League is a very hard league. You can play all the nice football and tiki-taka, but in the Premier League sometimes you must fight to win. When you play Burnley you must play well with the ball, but when you don't have it you must be ready to

We need to be aggressive and proactive and to try to challenge the opponent. That is how we are every single training session playing football, but fighting

I always say 'Mousa, in my book, you will be one of my genius players that I have been lucky to meet'. One was Maradona, Ronaldinho, Okocha and De La Pena. He was a genius too and Mousa Dembele. We always tell him that 'if we had taken you at eighteen or nineteen years old, you would have become one of the best players in the world'. I would have loved to have taken him on at

That season, he played like a full back, like a centre back but never as a midfielder. Then in the summer, we were looking for a midfielder and we had plenty of options (to buy one), but I decided to play Eric in midfield. I created a system that he felt comfortable in. He played like a midfielder without the ball, but with the ball he was a third centre back. You can see in possession he dropped in between the centre backs or between the full back and the centre back, and always we play with

People say now Chelsea changed the system, but no we played always the three in possession. Out of possession, Eric moved in front and without the ball he tried to press and play like a midfielder. Then we signed Wanyama and played both, but we had some injuries like Toby (Alderweireld) and Jan (Vertonghen), and Eric was the perfect player to play as a centre back. That is a good thing for the player, the possibility to play in different positions and do well in every

I am an Espanyol supporter and I don't speak too much. It's like if Daniel Levy sacked me in a few years, it would be impossible to manage Arsenal. In football it's difficult to keep values, to stay loyal with heart and emotion. But, for me, it's more important to be loyal. I am an Espanyol fan, I love Espanyol and now Tottenham. For me, it would be impossible one day to move to Arsenal. It would be

I'm an Espanyol supporter – I think then I don't need to speak too much. It is like one day if [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy sacks me in a few years, for me it would be impossible to manage Arsenal. In football it is difficult to keep values like loyalty but, to me, loyalty and honesty come before being a manager or a player. I am an Espanyol fan and I love Espanyol. Now I am at Tottenham it would be impossible for me to move to Arsenal one

I don't like to speak about rumours, but it was true that I saw Bartomeu by coincidence in a bar in Barcleona, last

[The rivalry with Arsenal] creates speculation for the media, but the aim for us is always to win the next game. The aim is the next game. It's difficult because there's 10 days without our players on the international break, but we hope all will come back in good condition. To get the three points, you always have to work hard. Southampton are a very good team with very good players and it was difficult, but in the end I think we deserved the

We can trust in the players that can replace him. We are fully confident in the squad and team, and we hope that we will win games and finish in a very good

It's easy to say we need better players on the bench behind Harry Kane, but it's complicated for offensive players who are behind Diego Costa, Harry Kane, Alexis Sanchez or Zlatan Ibrahimovic at big teams. He is motivated and confident. He is feeling a little bit of relief as his first goal from open play and that is important. I am happy in the way that he trained this week too. It is true that we will miss Harry, as he is one of the best strikers in the world. But what can we do

You see different players arrive this season, there's a lot of examples….when you have a main striker like Harry Kane, it's difficult for a second or third striker to take his

We will see. But it was good last season to finish badly and finish third. It was the best position in the history of the Premier League for Tottenham. I hope we finish badly and maybe win a trophy or finish second!feedback

It's easy to say we need better players on the bench behind Harry Kane, but it's complicated for offensive players who are behind Diego Costa, Harry Kane, Alexis Sanchez or Zlatan Ibrahimovic at big teams. He's very young and came from Holland, a different league, the adaptation is difficult but he's in the process to learn and improve. It's only his first season in

He twisted his ankle. Now we wait, assess and see what happened. It is the same ankle as he injured against Sunderland. We hope it's not a big issue but it looks similar [to the injury earlier in the season]. It will be difficult for him to play against

Harry was in the boot afterwards because in a situation like this, the doctor is cautious. Before a scan, the doctor tries to immobilise the joint, with a boot and crutches – to try to avoid any [further]

It's the same ankle as before in the Sunderland game. Now, it's a matter of waiting. We will assess it tomorrow and, after tomorrow, we will see what happens. It's difficult. It looks a similar situation to Sunderland. It was a similar action. It's sure it will be difficult for him to play against Southampton on Sunday but we need to wait now and see what

Harry is our main striker, one of the best in England, but we can't cry about it now. We have to be positive. We have enough players to try and replace him. It won't be an excuse if we don't win or achieve our aims because Harry is not in the

It's true that the gap is seven points and I would like to be closer than seven points, but I think if you keep going in that way, maybe we will achieve it in the end, if they (Chelsea) fail. It's up to us to keep our form and to be a little bit lucky if Chelsea fail. We need to be there, I told you before it's not up to us of course, but it's up to us to be ready if they fail. And I think this was very important for us to get three points and keep second place and try now to be focusing on the next game in the FA Cup. It's another competition and we want to go as far as

In the last few weeks she has not been coming to White Hart Lane so I said, better you stay at home because we keep winning. I was mad. When we finished the game, I saw my phone and my wife said, Oh, what did you do? You lost your head when Dele scored?' Never again', my wife

You can concede some goals – that is football. We lacked concentration at the end but we deserved the victory and played very well. We were fantastic in the first half, we dominated the chances of the game and played with a high tempo. It is true that maybe 3-2 looks like it was tough but I think we did much better than Everton. We showed good quality. Everton had played very well in the last few months, so we knew it was a good challenge for

The fantastic three points keep us in a very good position in the table, fighting for the top four, top six. Now it is one week clear to try and prepare for the FA Cup against Millwall here. We are in a good way and need to keep

It is another fantastic achievement for the group. We feel very proud about that. We make history with this group, they are young players and it is only the start of good things that are coming in the future. I am very pleased for the players. This is a fantastic club with our supporters and I am very happy and proud to have broken the record here. The atmosphere is great and we can feel that. We are in a very good position here. It was a great result and fantastic performance. I am disappointed with their second goal but without that we played very

I always try to be honest and fair. I am very happy with Vincent's reaction over the last few weeks and how he is training now. He realised the need to fight on the training ground and try to give me the trust and the confidence for after to give the possibility to play. I think he took a very good way now to try to fight for his place

I saw, because it's a big list - 100 names! It's like if I go, I saw a list of 50, not 100 names, to replace me. Like always, I tell you. I know the business very well. I was born not with a bull, but a ball in my arms. Ball, not bull. I understand very well the business and you do,

What I'm trying to explain is that I know very well the business, the football. Because when I was born, it's true – my mum and my dad put not a bull, a ball in my arms. It's a metaphorical example to say that I understand football, the business. I understand that my name will be on a

I can only say I am happy here. I understand the business, I understand my name is on some lists. It is normal in football

But I trust that he can play Sunday. If not, if he is a risk, he will not be in the

I saw it's a big list, 100 names. Like I always told you it's a business I know very well. I was born with a ball in my arms and I understand very well the business. I don't take it as flattering. For me Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs. We play very good football, [have an] exciting team and very good players. It's normal we catch the attention of other clubs and football people. We are part of that business and our names always appear on the lists. But at the end of the game when it got cold, it appeared more

I don't take this as being flattering. I just understand that we are at one of the biggest clubs in Europe – because, for me, Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs – and you can see that we play very good football, we have an exciting team and very good players. So it's normal that we've called the attention of the rest of the clubs, of football people around the world. We are one of the exciting teams to watch but I don't take it as flattering. Only that we are part of that business and our names always appear on the

It's a big list – 100 names. It's like if I go [from Tottenham] – I see a list of 50 names to replace me. Not 100! I always tell you, I know it [the football business] very well. I understand very well the business and you do,

No, what I'm trying to explain is that I know very well the business, the football. When I was born, my mum and my dad put not a bull but a ball in my arms. It's a metaphorical example to say that I understand football and the business. I understand that my name will be on a

I don't want to speak because if you speak too much or if you speak, it's possible that people can twist my words. I can only say that I am happy here [at Tottenham]. I understand the business and I can understand that my name is on some list – like if I go and there appears some list of managers who are at other clubs. It's normal in football

It is difficult to fight for the Premier League if you show that performance, that lack of desire to play for a win. If you start a game like we start then it is very

It's a problem with his ankle. He's in the hospital now and we need to wait for the results. We're still waiting on Harry Winks but Victor Wanyama got a big knock on his back and hopefully it's not a big issue for him. Harry Kane is good, he's doing things on the pitch and may be back in a few

I'm very proud because it was a really tough game for us. We showed great character and I'm very proud and pleased because the performance in the second half was very good. This win is massive for us - we have to be there if Chelsea fail and we are there. We are fighting for the Premier League. When you reduce the gap to seven points it's completely different to 10 points - we just have to be there if Chelsea fail and want to be there until the end of the

It's going to be tough for both teams but we play at White Hart Lane and need to be aggressive. We will be very confident and will try to show we are better then

Chelsea arrive in very good shape - us too after the last few games. It will be a very tough game and a great opportunity for us to try to stop them and try to reduce the gap. It's important, I think it's important for us and for the Premier League to try to win and try to stop them and reduce the

I am very disappointed with the result. It was a bad day in the office but we need to accept

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