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Vettel is fighting for the championship, so you don't need to take so much risk if you know that Hamilton starts fifth. If this would have been with Hamilton then it would have been a completely different story. From his [Vettel's] side, I don't understand that something like this
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Sep 20 2017 Singapore
This page is completely dedicated to what Max Verstappen has to say. All of Max Verstappen’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Max Verstappen came from an article called Who said what after the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix: “The rear wheels are wider than the front so I was locked in the sandwich with no way out, even when I braked. If I made a mistake myself I would be upset or angry but there was nothing I could do today. We all lost out in the end so we all experienced some pain rather than someone making a mistake and then being able to carry on. We have to take the positives from the weekend, we were quick in qualifying and the practice sessions with good potential going into the race, we can hold onto this and move on to the next race.”.
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Aug 27 2017

I'm born in Belgium and with so many Dutch fans here it's

Aug 23 2017

Max has probably been a bit flaky in terms of the build-up to the races through the weekend, he's been going off the road a lot on Friday and Saturday, which puts pressure on mechanics getting the car ready. I'd like to see him on the road a bit more, but he's pushing the

Aug 21 2017

But after two, three years without improving, that would be a different story. We are working hard to improve but after next year we will see what happens in the

Jul 30 2017 - United Airlines passenger removal

Everything started in Turn 1 because the start was quite good but then I got a bit squeezed wide and I lost a bit of speed, we were both fighting for position in Turn 2 so we went quite deep but I locked the front and from there I was just a passenger. I tried to avoid Daniel of course but unfortunately it was not possible... it is never my intention to hit anyone, but especially not your team-mate and especially with the relationship with Daniel because it is very good and we can have a laugh, so this is not

Jul 30 2017

I apologise to Daniel for that and the team because we could have scored good points here. I will talk to Daniel in private and sort it

Jul 30 2017

I don't know what we're going to do. You can make plans but things can change. I'm just going to feel my way into the

Jul 29 2017

With all the things in Baku I might have won. But I want to win on merit. I want to win because I am the fastest out there instead not by luck, then it means a lot more to

Jul 29 2017

We didn't have the pace to really be in the fight with them but I am not giving up my position very easily. That's why I was making a fight of it. I enjoyed it and the crowd enjoyed

Jul 29 2017

You have to be positive otherwise it doesn't work. You can't change the situation so you try to make the best of it and try every weekend to get the best

Jul 29 2017

Only one person has criticised me this year and you hear it from a driver who has been hitting another car behind the safety car. I don't take it seriously. He apologised but I think it is better to not say someone else is jumpy when you have completely lost your head behind the safety

Jul 21 2017

Yes, but I don't take that seriously. Especially not after all the things he did. If you look at the penalty points that he's got... The fight with Sebastian was good. It was hard but fair, I think. That little bit of contact maybe not, but for the rest everything was

Jul 21 2017

It was a positive day. I think actually in the race we looked a little bit better than in qualifying luckily. We just need to understand now why in qualifying we were struggling that much and in general the whole weekend. I am happy to finish and fourth is not too

Jul 18 2017

He just turned into me!feedback

Jul 16 2017

You never really know, I just started locking a lot the inside-front wheel, the left front. Just to be sure, we

Jul 14 2017

From Lewis' side, if he wants a holiday he needs to take a holiday. If it makes him faster, he should do that. But I think English fans would have liked to see him there. If I had done that in Holland, they would have shot

Jul 07 2017

Challenges? The yellow kerbs again -- luckily not too much damage. I think it's a lot of kerb for a Formula One car. The cars are not designed for it. At the beginning of the second practice, one connector was not connected to the brakes, so we had to take the floor off again, and from then on it was actually not too bad. At the end of the day, I did more or less the programme I wanted to

Jun 25 2017

We should be ahead [of Ferrari] without all things happening in qualifying so yeah it's looking a lot better, but of course when you're looking to Mercedes we know we have to improve but we know they have this power mode which they can use twice maybe. So we still have to work but I think the car in general when you look to sector two, where you have most of the corners, we were very competitive so I can be happy with

Jun 24 2017

It's not really nice to be in fifth. In Q3 on my final lap, where it all counts, I was two tenths faster but then had a problem with my gear sync, so on the straights I was losing a lot of lap time. That was very painful. We need to get on top of that because it shouldn't

Jun 14 2017

I'm a bit fed up with it. I keep recharging and coming back each weekend, but a lot of things keep happening which aren't nice. That's racing, in one way, but I'm definitely not enjoying it at the

May 30 2017

Yeah, but obviously I would be better if I could jump out. Guys, you really want me to crash, huh? Stop f------ around. I need to 100 per cent

May 21 2017

Preparation for Monaco is a little different, you definitely build up a little bit slower throughout the weekend and pace yourself. It's important to find the limit carefully. With the new cars I think the chicane around the Swimming Pool will be the most challenging corner this

May 21 2017

There is no such thing as a low risk lap in Monaco, it doesn't exist if you want to be fast because you have to be on the limit. Last year's crash was very unfortunate but it doesn't affect my confidence heading back

May 13 2017

Personally for me, the balance was really good, now we just need to keep on working to get even more downforce on the car. If you look at the last sector, I was third quickest of all the drivers so that shows we are on a good

May 13 2017

We have come from 1.5 to 0.6s already which is a massive step, we just need to keep on pushing from the car side and wait on what comes on the engine, we cannot control that. But, we are definitely more positive at the

May 13 2017

Absolutely, I think we went forward. I think so far this weekend before qualifying we were still finding a bit of a balance with the new upgrades. I think in qualifying we were pretty spot on, I think the car was pretty much by the best we've had all season. Yeah, very happy, it was a good qualifying. I think everywhere there was an improvement. I think the car was in a balance, from entry to mid- and mid- to exit of the corner, where we were sometimes struggling in one certain phase I think now we are all around a much more stable balance and you can push a lot more, I think it showed

May 13 2017

There is still more [performance] to come, but looking at Max's time he got the most out of it. I doubt he's saying there is half a second on the table, but from my side I still feel there is a chunk. [His time] is a pretty true indication, I heard Seb made a mistake, so maybe the potential pole lap is a bit further away than what Max is to

May 12 2017

I think [it's] a bit more positive, I think we made a good step forward, we are a little closer to Ferrari and Mercedes brought a very good update so I think they are still ahead, but it was a positive day. I think Mercedes are a bit ahead, they got a good step as well from their package. But we can be happy about

Apr 17 2017

I feel like I need to clarify my remarks that were made after this weekends qualifying session. Being a passionate racer, I was very disappointed with my last stint and gave an emotional reaction that was taken out of context. By no means did I mean to insult the Brazilian people who I greatly respect and are always very nice to me when I visit the

Apr 17 2017

By no means did I mean to insult the Brazilian people who I greatly respect and are always very nice to me when I visit the country. I would like to apologize to any Brazilians that feel offended and look forward to racing in your country

Apr 16 2017

It's not a very nice feeling if you hit the pedal and the pedal just goes very long and you cannot stop the car properly. But unfortunately that's part of racing as well. Yeah, we lost a lot of points, especially at the moment with the state the car is, we should have taken a lot of points, and a bit unfortunate. I think if the pit stop was right and the right call, we would have ended up second after that lap, so that's very good. But yeah, it was not meant to

Apr 16 2017

Well, he's a Brazilian so there's not much to discuss! It's definitely a lot better but there are just little things on the car still. Because it is a completely new car this year and we maybe had to understand it a bit more from the first few races compared to Mercedes and Ferrari. It seems to work a bit better

Apr 16 2017

We all know in qualifying Mercedes and Ferrari can turn up their engines a little bit more than us, unfortunately, but in the race we normally look a little bit more competitive than in

Apr 16 2017

I think it's a shame because we could respect each other a bit more and keep a bit of a gap instead of trying to squeeze in just ahead of the last corner. That's how it is and I cannot change it. It was a positive qualifying in general and it will be interesting tomorrow. I think we can be close to Ferrari, I think Mercedes will be a little bit too quick, but normally when it's hard on the tyres they tend to struggle a little bit more so you never

Apr 16 2017

On my last Q3 run, I was behind Lewis [Hamilton] and we were preparing our laps and just as I went into the final corner, Felipe just dived in front of me and stopped. There was a big gap behind us so I was like 'why did you do that?' So I stayed in first gear, first gear all around the corner to make a gap to him and that basically ruined my lap because you have cold tyres, you have a shi... very bad exit out of that last corner and then it's ruined Turn 1 because there is understeer and the tyres are too

Apr 16 2017 - Bahrain

We have made many small improvements and tried to optimise everything which seemed to work and we understand the car more and more with every run that we do. We are definitely closer, I think Mercedes is still too fast for us but the Ferrari doesn't look too far ahead. Our car seems to work much better on this track so hopefully we will get a clean start with no incidents and then see what we can do in the race. It was definitely possible to be a bit further forward but last time I started a bit further behind and ended on the podium so anything is

Apr 10 2017

If you want to swap [positions] it's alright!feedback

Apr 08 2017

I think it's something to do with the coil from the spark plug, and that limited my qualifying. There was no power, I couldn't use the power modes so tried to do a lap but you are down a lot on power so it makes no sense really. It will take some time. We have to be realistic, you cannot do it from one to another race. I also don't know how long it will take, we just have to wait and work hard. You feel it straight away [the first time in the car]. When it is difficult to set it up and difficult to put an easy lap time on the board then it's not

Apr 08 2017

Both. I think it's both that we need to really work on to understand, because I think it's difficult to understand the changes we do. Compared to last year, we knew exactly what would happen to the car if we changed something, and that's not the case this

Mar 31 2017

They are more fun, especially in qualifying when you have low fuel, they are more stable through high speed corners. The only thing is when you lose it, it's more difficult to catch it because of the wide tyres, it's difficult to get it back. That's the only thing. In general, when you keep it in the right [part of the] track it is actually a lot more

Mar 31 2017

It just depends track to track. I think, for example, in Barcelona it could be more because it's more about downforce. Maybe in Monza we will be a bit slower than last year -- it depends track to

Mar 26 2017

I was still a bit surprised that we were that close to Kimi. Pace was quite good compared to him. The whole race we were quite close to each other. Behind me there was not much pressure, so that was very nice. I think the car behaved quite a bit better in the race than in

Mar 26 2017

It's difficult to say how much. It looked a lot better in the race, I'm very happy about that. We still need to improve, and we will work hard to do that. So we'll see in the next few

Mar 25 2017

Tomorrow it is important for me to have a quick and clean start and let the guys in front battle it

Mar 25 2017

It's been a bit of a tough weekend in general, I haven't done as much running as I would have liked. The car is better balanced now but it is clear to see we still have to gain a bit. It's not just in power; we built a car that is efficient on the straights but it means we lose a bit of grip in cornering. I am not disappointed as I think this is about where we expected to be at race

Mar 24 2017

Hopefully I can get a good start on Sunday. Then we are ahead and then you can't overtake!feedback

Mar 24 2017

We were trying to find a better balance but at the moment we are just a bit too slow, so we need to improve. I had a bit of understeer so went off the track and damaged the floor. I think Mercedes is again pretty quick, so it will be difficult to beat them. Ferrari looks stronger than us as well, so we will see what we can do overnight. I think we are where I expected us to be. We try to make the best of

Mar 23 2017 - Mexico

It doesn't change much for me I think it's always better to let us race in general, that's what racing is

Mar 12 2017 - Renault

I am not too worried. That is what we use testing for to test all the bits and I am quite confident at Renault. They can solve the issues for Melbourne. It is nothing major what is happening, which is

Mar 12 2017 - Renault

We have to wait and see in Melbourne. The most important thing for us was to check the balance and we definitely improved but it can be better. It was a positive day, the performance is not too bad. We want to improve and we have to improve but it is OK for the moment. Even if we were a little bit faster than what we were today, we always want to

Nov 13 2016

What Max showed here today was really

Aug 19 2014

At four-year-old I was on a go-kart track and I saw somebody driving who was even younger than me. So I called my dad and said I wanted to have a go-kart but he said no, he wanted me to start at six but then after I kept pushing to have a go-kart and I finally started when I was four and a

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