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The whole point about the deterrent is that you have got to leave uncertainty in the mind of anybody who might be thinking of using weapons against this country. You will often find some military figures who will prefer to spend more money on conventional weapons than on nuclear ... but it is better to have the deterrent because you cannot be sure that ... nobody might use a weapon against us.feedback
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Apr 24 2017 NATO
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Michael Fallon is associated, including Carter and EU Army. Most recently, Michael Fallon has been quoted saying: “This is somebody who would certainly put the security of our country at risk. And if you want stronger and stable leadership then it has to be Theresa May and the Conservatives.” in the article Fallon brands Corbyn 'security risk' on Trident and drone strikes.
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The people who could stop it are not ourselves but in the end it is Russia who has the influence over the regime who could bring this war to a halt if it chose to do so, and I hope Russia will learn from what happened last night and use its influence against Assad to bring this slaughter to a halt.feedback

We fully support this strike, it was limited, it was appropriate, and it was designed to target the aircraft and the equipment that the United States believe were used in the chemical attack and to deter President [Bashar al-]Assad from carrying out future chemical attacks.feedback

The people of Gibraltar have made it clear they don't want to live under the sovereignty of Spain. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way.feedback

We're going to look after Gibraltar. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way because the sovereignty cannot be changed without the agreement of the people of Gibraltar. It is very important to link trade and security because what we are now looking for is a deep and special relationship that covers both economic and security cooperation. Those two things go together. It is very important that we go on committed to the security of the continent.feedback

The letter refers to our ambition to have a completely new partnership on the economic side but also on security side.feedback

We have made it clear that we are leaving the European Union, we are leaving the single market, we are leaving the customs union, and we will no longer be a part of the ambit of the ECJ. But it is also clear that we have to avoid a cliff edge – we need to give businesses the certainty that they need that there won't suddenly be a difference the day after we leave and day before. We will do everything we can to avoid a cliff edge so there will be for some sectors inevitably implementation periods.feedback

You are speculating about the course of the negotiations. We are not expecting to take advantage of the four great freedoms – our object is to regain control of migration.feedback

We are stepping up security because it remains our continent and this is a very uncertain time for Europe and right we should be playing our time on that. We'd all be worse off if there wasn't a deal – we are expecting to have a deal.feedback

Secretary Mattis and I have agreed that others must now raise their game, and those failing to meet the 2 percent commitment so far should at least agree to year on year real terms increases.feedback

But like any large organisation we, of course, continue to look for efficiencies and all the savings from efficiencies are put back into investment to the new ships, the new planes, the new armoured vehicles that we need.feedback

We have got 7,000 Royal Marines. The actual balance, the number of sailors and the number of marines, that's a matter for the First Sea Lord to keep under review. What I am saying to you is we have 7,000 Royal Marines and it is for the First Sea Lord, who runs the Royal Navy, to look all the time at the balance between marines and sailors, and I have not agreed any cut in the size of the Royal Marines. What we are looking at is the way in which our armed forces work, the different tasks that they have and we are constantly looking to see that they are fit for purpose in what we do.feedback

So if something is no longer needed, if it's redundant, we need to make sure that we can put the savings back into new equipment. That applies to buildings, it also applies to the way we work and the efficiencies we need. The defence budget is the fifth biggest in the world. It's £35bn, £35bn a year. Next week, the beginning of the financial year, it goes up to £36bn, it'll be £40bn by the end of this parliament, it's going up every year.feedback

Secretary Mattis and I have agreed that others must now raise their game and those failing to meet the 2% commitment so far should at least agree to year-on-year real-terms increases. And increased burden-sharing is not on its own enough. We've also agreed that Nato must modernise and streamline its military structures to ensure faster decision-making and take a 360-degree view of all the security threats that face us.feedback

Our defence relationship with the US is unprecedented in its depth and scope. As we leave the EU, our bilateral relationships matter more than ever, so we'll be enhancing our cooperation and investing more in our joint F-35 fast jet programme.feedback

Together, we will also agree further steps to modernise Nato and ensure greater burden sharing. That means more European members committing to annual increases in their defence spending in order to counter an aggressive Russia and tackle terrorism and cyber threats.feedback

Parliament can't be hermetically sealed. People come in and out all the time. We have visitors, quite rightly, we are the home of democracy. Our constituents see us.feedback

Obviously the security arrangements of the Commons will now be reviewed.feedback

We're also dealing with an enemy, a terrorist enemy, that is not making demands or taking people hostage, but simply wants to kill as many people as possible. This is a new element to international terrorism.feedback

London is getting back to work. London has seen this before and is taking it on the chin.feedback

They have been working right through the night, looking into his background, how he got hold of the vehicle, where the vehicle has been in the last day or two, and who may or may not have helped him.feedback

In the face of an increasingly assertive Russia, Nato is stepping up its commitment to collective defence. British troops will play a leading role in Estonia and support our US allies in Poland, as part of wider efforts to defend Nato. Our rising defence budget means we can support those deployments in the long-term and strengthen our commitment to European security.feedback

There is concern about Russian activity in the western Balkans. There is also concern, as you know, in Germany about potential Russian involvement in the German elections just as there has been in other European elections but, yes, the situation in the western Balkans remains extremely fragile. There is a growing body of evidence now that there has been a step change in Russian behaviour and Boris will leave them in no doubt as to our firmness on that.feedback

When some of the more ambitious plans were unveiled in Bratislava back in September, it fairly quickly became obvious that Britain was not alone in wanting to avoid duplication with Nato. There was strong support from the Balkan states, the Nordic states, from countries that I call sensible middle of the road countries like the Netherlands. So this is not just Britain.feedback

Most of these countries are also members of Nato, they don't want unnecessary headquarters being established and further generals and staff being appointed.feedback

You recall back in autumn there were proposals not just for an EU army but a new European headquarters. We have successfully resisted all of that this morning. There will be no new headquarters, no new general officer. The current director of the EU military staff will be director of the military planning and conduct capability.feedback

We are not leaving the European Union when we deliver the article 50 letter. We are not going to be leaving the European Union any time soon. After we leave, it will of course be up to the member states themselves to work out the pace at which they want to integrate further.feedback

We have seen a step-change in Russian military aggression, but also in propaganda, in misinformation and a succession of persistent attacks on Western democracies, interference in a whole series of elections including ... the United States.feedback

We should be under no illusions about the step-change in Russian behavior over the last couple of years, even after Crimea.feedback

All members of NATO contributing a fair share of the burden. So other countries need to step up now to meet the commitment to spend two percent that we all agreed back at the Wales summit two and a half years ago. The impatience of the American taxpayer is a reality.feedback

We are asking them to commit to an annual increase, which would at least demonstrate good faith. Nineteen members of the alliance don't reach 1.5 percent and five of those 19 don't reach 1 percent.feedback

I hope that isolation will be completed by the spring and then operations to liberate Raqqa itself can begin thereafter. Raqqa is a much smaller city than Mosul but will clearly be defended very vigorously by Daesh and that means the operation to liberate Raqqa has to be very carefully prepared, as the operation for Mosul was. Once Raqqa is liberated after Mosul, we will see the beginning of the end of this terrible caliphate.feedback

Today we see a country that in weaponizing misinformation has created what we might now see as the post-truth age. Part of that is the use of cyber-weaponry to disrupt critical infrastructure and disable democratic machinery. Russia is clearly testing NATO and the West. It is seeking to expand its sphere of influence, destabilize countries and weaken the alliance. Therefore it is in our interest and Europe's to keep NATO strong and to deter and dissuade Russia from this course.feedback

President Trump has spoken about the need for engagement with Russia – he's right. We need to understand Russia better. There is nothing inevitable about a retreat to the days of the Cold War.feedback

We've made it clear that there's no need for a second referendum.feedback

We will keep a close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia; a ship of shame whose mission has only extended the suffering of the Syrian people. We are man-marking these vessels every step of the way around the UK as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe.feedback

I have no doubt the next administration will step up to its traditional role.feedback

We're planning to buy 20 aircraft that will double our current fleet. We have 10 aircraft that still have some life in them, but we need to think ahead.feedback

There is a conversation going on now about the EU's desire to build a common security and defence policy, new architecture for that. If they want to do that fine ... We are not there to block or to impede further steps towards EU integration.feedback

You will also find us doing more with our key partners, especially the United States.feedback

The people have spoken. We have had the referendum and there aren't three Brexiteers in the cabinet, we are all Brexiteers now in the cabinet.feedback

Leaving the EU does not mean we are stepping back from our commitment to the security of our continent. We will lead in NATO, the cornerstone of our defense, putting troops onto its eastern border next year. But we will go on blocking an EU Army, which would simply undermine NATO.feedback

We are going to continue to oppose any idea of an EU army or EU army headquarters. We agree Europe needs to do more ... but simply duplicating or undermining NATO is the wrong way to do it.feedback

There are member states who would like to see…a single set of forces. That looks and sounds to me like a European army and we would oppose that.feedback

They are part of our plan for stronger and better defense, backed by a budget that will rise each year of this decade. That means more ships, more aircraft, more troops available at readiness, better equipment for special forces, more being spent on cyber - to deal with the increased threats to our country.feedback

Carter told us the troop numbers and the dispositions are being looked at again.feedback

Britain will lead one of the battalions. London will send up to 700 troops to the Baltics and Poland. That should send a very strong signal of our determination to defend the Baltic states and Poland in the face of continued Russian aggression.feedback

That's around 500 British personnel rotating on a continuous basis.feedback

Much of the litigation we face comes from the extension of the European Convention on Human Rights to the battlefield. That has been damaging our troops, undermining military operations, and costing the taxpayer millions that should be invested in defence itself.feedback

Well we can't be certain at the moment but it looks more likely than not that this was a bomb, placed aboard the airliner. ISIL claimed they did it, we have no corroboration of that, so it's impossible to be certain, but we have to take every precaution now given that there are so many British citizens out in Sharm el-Sheikh.feedback

And when we've done that then we'll come to parliament as the prime minister did yesterday and explain the circumstances.feedback

My visit here is to reaffirm UK support in Iraq and we will be taking measures to increase this support. We will assist in the training of Iraqi forces and bomb disposal teams.feedback

We need a reaction today, to go after the criminal gangs, and to disrupt the trafficking network that means gathering much more intelligence on how these networks are organized and do more to help the countries where the migrants come from.feedback

The Ukrainians are in desperate need of equipment and help and training of all kinds. They face a growing aggression in south and southeast but we are reviewing now what help we can provide.feedback

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