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Still haunted by last night's #BluePlanet2 - the imperative to do more to tackle plastic in our oceans is clear. We @DefraGovUK will work urgently to identify further action.feedback
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NEW Nov 21 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Michael Gove is associated, including European Union and Britain. Most recently, Michael Gove has been quoted saying: “I don't know. I take exactly her husband's assurances in that regard. Her family are the people who should know.” in the article Jailed Briton's husband appeals to UK ministers not to 'muddy' situation.
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Oct 24 2017

This Conservative peer has done more to help working-class children than any Labour politician since Attlee and Bevan.feedback

Oct 06 2017

The decline in the elephant population fueled by poaching for ivory shames our generation. The need for radical and robust action to protect one of the world's most iconic and treasured species is beyond dispute.feedback

Oct 06 2017 - London

Theresa does have the qualities to be Prime Minister, she's been an excellent prime minister, I hope she carries on as our Prime Minister for years to come.feedback

Oct 06 2017

No one is burying their heads in the sand. What we're doing is concentrating on delivering and governing effectively. The critical thing is – the PM has been doing a fantastic job. She showed an amazing degree of resilience and courage this week of a piece with the fantastic leadership she's shown throughout the time she has been prime minister.feedback

Oct 02 2017 - Brexit

Outside the Common Agricultural Policy, we can stop subsidising the rich on the basis of how much land they own and instead spend money on enhancing the environment, supporting innovation, improving productivity, training a new generation of entrepreneurial young farmers and reviving rural communities.feedback

Oct 02 2017 - Coca-Cola

We must protect our oceans and marine life from plastic waste if we are to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it. We want to hear people's ideas on how we could make [a DRS] work in England.feedback

Oct 01 2017

I think any attempt to find any other motivation other than just a commitment to making an optimistic case for Britain outside the European Union is barking up the wrong tree.feedback

Sep 30 2017

We are a nation of animal lovers and so we must ensure that those who commit the most shocking cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments. These plans will give courts the tools they have requested to deal with the most abhorrent acts.feedback

Sep 21 2017 - Pesticides

Certainly, it is the case that anyone who has seen the [recent] scientific evidence must inevitably contemplate the need for further restrictions on their use. Informed by rigorous scientific analysis, we can develop global gold-standard policies on pesticides and chemicals.feedback

Sep 18 2017

In the debate on EU contributions it's important people look at what Boris actually wrote in his Telegraph article – not headlines. Debate should be forward looking on how to make most of life outside EU – not refighting referendum.feedback

Sep 14 2017

We want to have a free trade deal, but, of course, we need to have those protections, and if we can't achieve protections in those areas then any deal will necessarily have a slightly narrower scope. Yes. Absolutely not. In the conversations that I have had with Cabinet colleagues so far there is a deep appreciation that it is not just the case that agriculture matters because food and drink is our biggest manufacturing sector, it goes far beyond that.feedback

Sep 14 2017

There are specific opportunities for agriculture and fisheries outside the European Union, greater than perhaps any other sector ... for a potentially rapid growth.feedback

Aug 11 2017

We have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world and the actions I am setting out today will reinforce our status as a global leader. As we prepare to leave the EU, these measures provide a further demonstration to consumers around the world that our food is produced to the very highest standards.feedback

Jul 26 2017

It's critically important that we provide the encouragement from government to help the car industry do the right thing. What we're saying to local authorities is come up with an imaginative solution to these proposals. I don't believe that it is necessary… but we will work with local authorities in order to determine what the best approach is.feedback

Jul 26 2017

I've made it perfectly clear, and indeed this is something on which all members of the government are agreed, that we are not going to dilute our high animal welfare standards or our high environmental standards in pursuit of any trade deal.feedback

Jul 26 2017

The trade secretary quite rightly pointed out that of course this issue is important but we mustn't concentrate just on this one issue when we look at the huge potential that a trade deal can bring.feedback

Jul 26 2017

Today we are confirming that that means there should be no new diesel or petrol vehicles by 2040.feedback

Jul 26 2017 - Brexit

There is no reason for that (transition) process to be anything other than smooth and orderly, and it's in the interests of Britain and the European Union to ensure that we transition to a new situation, that we have an implementation phase. Yes. Ultimately the important point is we're leaving.... But provided we know that we're going to get to that destination, then I want to ensure that we take as pragmatic an approach as possible.feedback

Jul 26 2017 - Climate change

We can't carry on with diesel and petrol cars, not just because of the health problems that they cause, but also because the emissions that they cause would mean that we would accelerate climate change.feedback

Jul 24 2017

Of course it's important we explore new trading opportunities, with the United States and other nations across the world, but it must not be, and the cabinet is agreed on this, at the risk of dropping any environmental standards whatsoever.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Climate change

It is because environmental degradation is such a threat to future prosperity and security that I deeply regret President Trump's approach towards the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. I sincerely hope the recent indications that the president may be minded to think again do signal a change of heart.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Climate change

International co-operation to deal with climate change is critical if we're to safeguard our planet's future and the world's second biggest generator of carbon emissions can't simply walk out of the room when the heat is on. It's our planet too and America needs to know we can only resolve this problem together.feedback

Jul 21 2017

But there is more we can do to protect our oceans, so we will explore new methods of reducing the amount of plastic - in particular plastic bottles - entering our seas, improve incentives for reducing waste and litter, and review the penalties available to deal with polluters - all part of a renewed strategy on waste and resources that looks ahead to opportunities outside the EU.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Brexit

As we leave the European Union, we will have an implementation period which will ensure we continue to have not just access to labour but the economic stability and certainty that business requests. That is something around which the government and the cabinet is united.feedback

Jul 21 2017

Last year the government launched a consultation on banning microbeads in personal care products, which have such a devastating effect on marine life. We are responding to that consultation today and we will introduce legislation to implement that ban later this year.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Brexit

I think that when it comes to an implementation period, it should be driven by a pragmatic judgment, a shared pragmatic judgment, about what we need in the best interests of our economy and guaranteeing a smooth exit from the European Union, in line with the result that the British people voted for just over a year ago. Pragmatism is the watchword. The judgment we need to make is what is in the interests of our economy consistent with recognising the instruction the British people gave us last June.feedback

Jul 21 2017

In October 2015, the government introduced the 5p carrier bag charge. Figures released today show that policy's enormous success – nine billion fewer carrier bags distributed since the charge was introduced, a fall of 83 per cent. More than £95million raised from the charge has been donated to environmental, educational and other good causes.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Brexit

I am an environmentalist first because I care about the fate of fellow animals, I draw inspiration from nature and I believe we need beauty in our lives as much as we need food and shelter.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Brexit

I want to ensure we go on generously supporting farmers for many more years to come. But that support can only be argued for against other competing public goods if the environmental benefits of that spending are clear.feedback

Jul 13 2017 - London

London Cure smoked salmon has been cherished by food-lovers in the capital for generations and the traditional skills used to produce it today are testament to the rich culinary heritage we have in this country. It will now rightly sit alongside Cornish sardines, Conwy mussels and Whitstable oysters as examples of the world-class produce that uphold our reputation as a great food nation.feedback

Jul 09 2017

EU citizens already lawfully resident in the United Kingdom must retain their right of residence.feedback

Jul 04 2017

My view has always been when it comes to these issues I am a localist and I have always respected the views of people who live and work in the countryside.feedback

Jul 04 2017

The operation of the law has always respected rural traditions and rural employment practices and so from my point of view the really important thing to do is to make sure that as we go forward we do so in a way that is sensitive to and in accordance with the wishes of people who live and work in the countryside.feedback

Jul 03 2017 - Labour Party

I despair of them. How can you criticise the Labour Party for borrowing too much if you're going to do the same?feedback

Jul 03 2017

This is an important moment as we take back control of our fishing policy. It is a historic first step towards building a new domestic fishing policy as we leave the European Union – one which leads to a more competitive, profitable and sustainable industry for the whole of the UK.feedback

Jul 02 2017

Fishing in the immediate area around our waters, 6 to 12 miles, yes, we will be saying that we're taking back control, and we will in due course…. We will have control. We can decide the terms of access, and that means that we can extend control of our waters up to 200 miles, or the median line between Britain and France, or Britain and Ireland.feedback

Jul 02 2017 - London

This is a historic first step towards building a new domestic fishing policy as we leave the European Union – one which leads to a more competitive, profitable and sustainable industry for the whole of the UK.feedback

Jul 02 2017

We will have control, we can decide the terms of access.feedback

Jul 02 2017 - Northern Ireland

It's wrong if people who don't go to university find that they have to pay more in taxation to support those who do. I believe fundamentally that the purpose of government policy is to support everyone equally and if you don't benefit from a university education, you shouldn't have to pay additionally to support those who do.feedback

Jul 02 2017

I think we should have a conversation about it, but it's important again to look at Damian's remarks and what he actually said. Damian wasn't talking about getting rid of it. What Damian was saying, what I believe, is that if we have to fund higher education, and if people who get university degrees go on to earn well, which is good, they should pay something back and that's what the current system does.feedback

Jul 02 2017

You sometimes have to suppress your own views, I sometimes might suppress mine in order to ensure that we can operate successfully as a collective team.feedback

Jul 02 2017

These pay review bodies have been set up in order to ensure that we can have authoritative advice on what's required in order to ensure that the public services on which we rely are effectively staffed and the people within them are effectively supported.feedback

Jul 02 2017

When we leave the European Union we will become an independent political state and that means that we can then extend control of our waters up to 200 miles or the median line between Britain and France, and Britain and Ireland. One critical thing about the common fisheries policy is that it has been an environmental disaster. And one of the reasons we want to change it is that we want to ensure that we can have sustainable fish stocks for the future … I think it's important that we recognise that leaving the European Union is going to help the environment.feedback

Jul 02 2017

It comes, as all other taxpayers' money comes, from you, and I, and other hardworking people.feedback

Jun 23 2017 - Scottish referendum

We now have an opportunity for a more constructive approach, and judging from the conversations that I had yesterday I think we are moving into a new phase. I was really encouraged by the approach that both of them took.feedback

Jun 22 2017

We need to maintain, and where possible enhance, environmental and animal welfare standards. We have a strong position and good track record in both of those areas and I do not for a moment want to see either of them diluted or eroded.feedback

Jun 13 2017

I think the more people who get out and enjoy our countryside the better.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Single market

And we also need to reflect on what the election result told us about the way people want to see the economy managed in the future. I think there is an important balance to be struck, and we need to get on with the job of reducing the deficit so that we do not saddle the next generation with a burden of debt.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

We also need to ensure that the concerns of people who voted remain – many of whom now actually want us to press ahead with leaving the European union as quickly and in as orderly fashion as possible – we need to make sure that their concerns are part of our conversation.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

I don't think that I should specify, and I don't want to specify, the means by which we should involve everyone in a conversation.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Climate change

And I think the Paris Accord which my friend Amber Rudd had a huge role in helping to shape is a significant step forward.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Trump Presidency

The only way in which you can deal with this challenge, the only way in which we can enhance the environment to pass on to our children in a better state is by working across borders.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

For as long as she wants to be Prime Minister.feedback

Jun 13 2017

We also need to take account of legitimate public concerns about ensuring that we properly fund public services.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Fox

Tom sees Rupert Murdoch's hand behind everything. I think Tom believes that Rupert Murdoch picks the England cricket XI and the rugby first XV as well as decide who is on Britain's Got Talent. This is par for the course for Tom when it comes to political mischief-making.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

Boris and I spoke at the weekend and we had a great friendly conversation. He was kind enough to welcome me back to the cabinet with a very generous tweet. And we were chatting yesterday in the margins of cabinet.feedback

Jun 13 2017 - Brexit

I talk to politicians from every party in order to make sure that we get the right approach. During the referendum campaign I worked with Labour politicians like Gisela Stuart and in this [last] parliament I've been on the Brexit select committee with Hilary Benn and a variety of others, so of course I talk to people from different parties, that's what governing in the national interest is all about.feedback

Jun 11 2017 - British elections 2017

I'm flattered Theresa May has asked me to rejoin her team. I was quite surprised I have to say. I was down in Surrey enjoying the afternoon with a friend when suddenly the phone rang. There was an invitation to go to No. 10. I knew today was reshuffle day but genuinely didn't expect to get this role.feedback

Jun 06 2017 - London

In the defining struggle of our times he cannot bring himself to support the actions necessary to safeguard the country he aspires to lead. Every vote cast for Labour is a vote for lowering our guard.feedback

Apr 21 2017

People in this country have had enough of experts.feedback

Mar 14 2017

The proposal as outlined by Jake Berry is absolutely right and Boris's encouragement for it is itself a very good sign.feedback

Jul 07 2016

Whoever the next prime minister of this country will be, it will be a female prime minister and a female prime minister who has formidable skills.feedback

Jul 05 2016

I've managed to bring people together across the Conservative Party behind a hopeful and optimistic message of change, and I hope that I'll be able to take that message to the country.feedback

Jul 01 2016

The best person to lead Britain out of the European Union is someone who argued to get Britain out of the European Union. This country voted for change, and I am going to deliver it.feedback

Jul 01 2016

He should be the next prime minister because Britain needs to be led by someone who genuinely believes in leaving the European Union.feedback

Jun 30 2016

Count me out. Boris is an amazing and an impressive person, but I've realized in the last few days that Boris isn't capable of building that team and providing that unity.feedback

Jun 23 2016

Ultimately people will have a chance tomorrow to take back control of our democracy and I think that is a very very powerful argument that's resonating with people here in Portsmouth.feedback

Jun 21 2016

By voting to leave we can not only take back control of hundreds of millions of pounds that we send to the European Union, we will also be detaching ourselves from the sinking ship that is the European Union economy.feedback

Jun 21 2016

They've pursued projects like the single currency and the borderless Schengen zone which have weakened our continent's resilience. The euro has created economic weakness.feedback

Jun 19 2016

I can't foretell the future but I don't believe that the act of leaving the European Union would make our economic position worse, I think it would make it better.feedback

Jan 07 2016

This referendum was about democratic accountability, the principle that politicians must answer, as directly as possible to the people who elected them.feedback

Jan 07 2016

Boris is an amazing and an impressive person, but, I've realised, in the last few days, that Boris isn't capable of building that team and providing that unity and so I came reluctantly, but firmly, to the conclusion that as someone who argued from the beginning that we should leave the European Union, that I had to stand for the leadership of the Conservative Party.feedback

Jan 06 2016

We will end our support for the EU's disastrous policies that have encouraged the people smugglers. We will welcome new citizens who wish to contribute to our society, as so many immigrants have done. And we will be able to remove those who abuse our hospitality.feedback

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