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We need to provide answers to all those whom the British decision to leave the EU is putting in immediate difficulty, and for which this decision to leave the EU creates legal uncertainty. Sometimes for their own daily or family life. European or British citizens who live on one side and the other on the Channel and who must continue to be able to live as before.feedback
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May 22 2017 Brexit
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Michel Barnier is associated, including EU and U.K.. Most recently, Michel Barnier has been quoted saying: “We will need to make sufficient progress on this first phase if we are to move to phase two as quickly as we can at the end of this year and the beginning of next as we negotiate the future relationship between the EU and the UK.” in the article EU's Barnier expects first Brexit talks in week starting June 19.
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I want to reassure the Irish people in this negotiation that Ireland's interest will be the Union's interest. We are in this negotiation together and a united EU will be here for you.feedback

We have the duty to speak the truth. Customs controls are part of EU management – they protect the single market, they protect our food safety and our standards … But, as I've already said, nothing should put peace at risk. If we put things in the right order, if we negotiate with mutual respect without any kind of aggression … if we are open to finding a solution, there is no reason why a strong Europe cannot maintain a strong relationship with the UK.feedback

The European Council has decided that preserving the rights of EU citizens and their families will be a priority. The level of protection afforded under EU law must not be watered down. Brexit should not alter the nature of people's daily lives. The EU requires crystal clear guarantees that rights will be effectively enforced. The European Court of Justice will play its role.feedback

There was never any question about asking the UK to give us a blank cheque; that would not be serious. All we are asking for is for the accounts to be cleared, for the honoring of commitments into which the UK has entered ... But you cannot count on me to give you any figures because they are still evolving. I hope it will be in the autumn, October or November, I don't know. I hope I will be able to say clearly and objectively that there is sufficient progress.feedback

We are prepared for all options. But the option I am working on is getting an agreement.feedback

Basically, we have to close the account, and it is no more and no less. No punishment. There is no Brexit bill.feedback

A new government following the elections which Theresa May called early ... will have a certain longevity and stability for five years, which is not the case for the current Government. These elections will not change anything as regards the position and determination of the European Union ... Without any aggresivity or naivety, we will defend the interests of the 27 member states of the European Union and the single market. That is my role.feedback

I cannot accept the term 'blank cheque'. All we are asking for is for accounts to be cleared, for the honouring of commitments which the UK has entered into. But you cannot count on me to give you any figures, because they will develop. There will be consequences...there are human consequences, there are social consequences, there are economic consequences, there are technical consequences, financial, legal consequences. You are unwinding 43 years or so of a relationship. We need sound solutions, we need legal precision and this will take time.feedback

You have to learn to put one foot in front of the other, because sometimes you are on a steep and rocky path. You also have to look at what accidents might befall you - falling rocks. You have to be very careful to keep your breath, you have to have stamina because it could be a lengthy path. And you have to keep looking at the summit, the outcome. That's what I learnt when mountain-walking.feedback

All the commitments entered into as a member of the union. This is not a punishment, nor is it an exit tax of some kind. The union and the United Kingdom have mutual commitments. They have committed to financing projects and programmes together. We decided these programmes together. We benefit from them together, and we finance them together. This all has to be totted up. We have entered into rigorous and objective work which should be incontestable and which will have to take account of the commitments.feedback

Some have created the illusion that Brexit would have no material impact on our lives or that negotiations can be concluded quickly and painlessly. This is not the case. We need sound solutions, we need legal precision and this will take time. The UK must put a great deal of energy and effort into these three issues over the next weeks and months and that will increase the chances of making a deal.feedback

I don't wish to give any figures today. I can't because I don't know what the figures are.feedback

Leaving the union doesn't have a price, which has to be paid.feedback

We learn to put one foot in front of the other, because the path can be steep, the path can be rocky and tiring and long, but we should always keep our eye on the summit. That's what I've learned hiking in the mountains. These elections change nothing. We will defend the interests of the 27 (remaining) member states and the single market. We are prepared for all options. But the option I am working on is getting an agreement. We have to settle the account, not more not less.feedback

Whenever European Union law is involved we will have depend on the court of justice … otherwise the rights of citizens are just an illusion.feedback

These elections will not change anything as regarding the position and the determination of the European Union. Without any aggressiveness or naivety we will defend the interests of the 27 and the single market.feedback

Unity is essential, for our Union but also for our British partners: at the end of the day if the Union is disunited, there simply will not be an agreement.feedback

We are united, we have a clear line and we are ready.feedback

Theresa May's letter seeks a rapid agreement, but quite clearly the devil is going to be in the detail. The six months work I've done so far points to that.feedback

To succeed, we need on the contrary to devote the first phase of negotiations exclusively to reaching agreement on the principle of the exit.feedback

Theresa May's letter seeks a rapid agreement but, honourable members, the devil is quite clearly going to be in the detail and the six months of work done so far points to that. A single financial settlement, as a result of UK commitments to the EU, and the EU commitments to the UK, there your resolution is very clear. We do not seek to punish the UK but simply ask the UK to deliver on its commitments and undertakings as a member of the EU. The UK letter makes clear that the UK government will push for parallel negotiations on the withdrawal and the future relations.feedback

In fact, Mr Farage, all we are doing is settling the accounts no more, no less.feedback

To put it differently, the sooner we agree on the principles of an orderly withdrawal, the sooner we can prepare our future relations, a free and fair trade agreement, a level playing field, but also in security and defence.feedback

Judicially speaking Gibraltar will exit the Union at the same time as the United Kingdom, that is all I can say.feedback

Today is the first day in a very long and difficult road. The EU will look to establish a fair agreement for the long term future of union members.feedback

Brexit made EU citizens worry about their future in EU27 and UK. The EU will be firm on their rights.feedback

This free-trade agreement cannot be equivalent to what exists today. And we should all prepare ourselves for that situation. It clearly will have to be something which is not better than when they were inside the club. The red lines we have drawn, I think we will clearly stick to them.feedback

The 27 member states, and the European Commission, will work tirelessly to preserve the rights of European citizens across out continent. We are ready to discuss this issue from day one. If we cannot resolve these three significant uncertainties at an early stage, we run the risk of failure. Putting things in the right order maximises the chances of reaching an agreement. This means agreeing on the orderly withdrawal of the UK before negotiating any future trade deal. The sooner we agree on those principles, the more time we have to discuss our future partnership.feedback

While the 27 member states will find it easier to adjust - as they will still benefit from the Single Market, the customs union and more than 60 trade deals with their international partners - we believe it is in the best interests of both sides to reach a deal on the UK's orderly withdrawal from the EU. We must protect the rights of the 4.5m citizens who have found themselves faced with an uncertain future in the place they call home.feedback

The attacks in London last week tragically remind us of our common interest in the fight against terrorism.feedback

It goes without saying that a no-deal scenario, while a distinct possibility, would have severe consequences for our people and our economies. It would undoubtedly leave the UK worse off. Severe disruption to air transport and long queues at the Channel Port of Dover are just some of the many examples of the negative consequences of failing to reach a deal. Others include the disruption of supply chains, including the suspension of the delivery of nuclear material to the UK.feedback

We need to tell the truth and we will tell the truth to our citizens about what Brexit means.feedback

When a country leaves the union, there is no punishment. There is no price to pay to leave, but we must settle the accounts. No more, no less. We will not ask the British to pay a single euro for something they have not agreed to as a member.feedback

Security cannot be weighed off against economic and commercial interests.feedback

My strategy was to work with the British and the City ... and not to pass laws against them or without them. So although we're now in a different context, a deal on Brexit is possible.feedback

When asked on equivalence I said: EU would need special vigilance on financial stability risk, not special deal to access the City.feedback

Frankly, I do not know what a hard or a soft Brexit are ... I can say what a Brexit is: ... We want a clear agreement; we want to reach this agreement in the limited time available; we want it to take account of our point of view.feedback

Time is short. Should the UK notify the European Council by the end of March 2017 ... it is safe to say negotiations could start a few weeks later and an Article 50 agreement reached by October 2018.feedback

As long as we do not know what the intentions and the demands are, what the United Kingdom is prepared to ask for and accept for this future partnership; it is difficult to talk about a transitional period. A transitional period means that it facilitates the way, it prepares the way for the future relationship.feedback

The agreement itself should be reached in October 2018 to allow time, 5 or 6 months, Council, European parliament and British parliament to ratify.feedback

Being a member of EU comes with rights and benefits. Third countries can never have the same rights and benefits since they are not subject to the same obligations.feedback

I campaigned for a 'yes' vote and I still think today that I made the right choice.feedback

It is clear that the period of actual negotiations will be shorter than two years.feedback

All in all, there will be less than 18 months to negotiate.feedback

It is for the British to say what kind of relationship they want and for the 27 EU states to define the future they want to build with them. You can't do everything in 15 to 18 months of negotiations.feedback

Time will be short. We are ready; keep calm and negotiate.feedback

There is a two-year time frame on that process. We have been clear that we are not seeking to extend that process. In terms of how long the actual negotiations take place, clearly that is a matter that will resolve itself as a result of the negotiations.feedback

This morning courtesy visit from @daviddavismp at his request. No negotiation without notification. My work is now focused on EU27.feedback

Leaving sooner rather than later may make sense.feedback

I'm absolutely convinced that this reform of the banking union is a revolution for the European banking sector and it's probably the most significant reform for us, Europeans, since the creation of the euro.feedback

We are introducing revolutionary changes to Europe's financial sector, so that tax payers no longer foot the bill when banks make mistakes or face crises, ending the era of massive bailout.feedback

It means there must be transparency and good supervision and that the risks taken by those in this sector – in this parallel banking sector – are subject to precautions. That there is more of a guarantee when there are risks.feedback

This irresponsible behaviour that allows bonuses to be paid out without a limit, means certain bankers were paid more then more risks they took. That's enough, that's enough. It's over.feedback

As far as I know there's no food safety problem. So we're not talking about a health scandal, right now. But it is a scandal. And those responsible for mis-selling or fraud must face the full force of the law.feedback

When? After the text is approved we hope things will be in place before the end of the year and that the European Central Bank will have the power to directly supervise any banks that it believes are at risk.feedback

Judges should have the means to punish them without any leniency. The worst offenders should go to prison.feedback

Of course, not everything is equal in the single market, but the path we have laid down is to harmonise to come together more, to have standards, common rules, and not to prevent competition, competition is part of life, what I am working for is competition which is fair and equitable. The single market is the main opportunity for growth.feedback

This treaty budget is a joint ownership agreement. It was not decided by technocrats or bureaucrats here in Brussels. It was discussed by governments, by heads of state.feedback

If a public body or country believes there isn't a level playing field, in which a European business is being prevented from working in a country, in that case, the decision makers could turn round and say: we want to block a company from that country from working in Europe. But it would have to be approved by the Commission. So, this will be on a case-by-case basis, and will only apply to contracts above five million euros.feedback

This reinforces my conviction that Europe must have rigorous, strict and solid regulation for credit rating agencies, but not only for them.feedback

A tax on financial transactions is economically bearable for the services, it will bring in a lot of money, and politically, it's the right thing to do.feedback

There is going to be supervision now … European supervision. Lots is going to change.feedback

Before, there wasn't any regulation, any supervision.feedback

Crises have to be prevented, we have to try to anticipate them. I think that prevention costs less than reparation, and that banks should have to pay for the banks, and today we're creating the supervision framework.feedback

We don't want to wait for a new Madoff case in Europe before we improve protection for European investors.feedback

What we have in front of us are six big issues that underline the exigencies of transparency, responsibility, monitoring, and prevention to which we have committed at the European Council, to our citizens, and to the G20 at least three times. We have to deliver.feedback

Why should our citizens foot the bill?feedback

The financial institutions should contribute to a resolution fund. It's about making contingency plans. It is also an ethical issue.feedback

We are going to reform, we are going to reform. No market, no financial player, no financial product, no territory will be able to escape anymore relevant regulation and effective oversight.feedback

If we can fully use and maybe improve the tools for intervention that we have – storage, presentation, support for exports. We can re-examine the milk quotas so that producers will understand better that it's not only the law of the market that counts.feedback

The industrialists must make an effort to have fair contracts with the producers. They should offer them in advance a fair price.feedback

I believe there has not been a Council meeting since I have been Minister of Agriculture at which I have not alerted my colleagues about the volatility and fragility of the milk market, and the necessity to preserve the tools which govern production. That is why, together with Germany, in the 'health check' I have fought to create two gatherings – in 2010 and 2012 – to take stock of the piloting of milk production, and we would like the Commission to make the first of these happen very early in 2010.feedback

We sought and finally reached this delicate balance, it was difficult but very significant as it was achieved in a climate of cooperation. We have equilibrium between the responsible and sustainable management of fragile fisheries resources and the activities of the fishermen.feedback

We can't reform any policy without the industry, or by opposing it, so we have to do it with them, by taking the time to listen to them as well as the environmentalists and scientists.feedback

I contest the way it was taken. The figures are the ones we gave them, but they have interpreted them and made projections. They've run simulations that do not match ours. There is a problem. If the figures I have are off, I would say so. I'd own up to it.feedback

Rather than pursuing the somewhat archaic all-night haggling… I'll give you cod in return for bluefish… I need herring… Give me sole… based on common policy proposals from the Commission, let us work serenely – over two meetings of the fisheries council. Let us try to set these quotas every three years instead of every year.feedback

I'm quite confident in the ability of the people to understand that this text is important, that it is essential to improve the way Europe functions, to make Europe more socially fair and more democratic.feedback

In this terrible memorial centre it's here that we recognise those millions who were lost in the brutal darkness of those darkest nights. Now their sacrifice lives on but their example demands from us that we never forget.feedback

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