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Mike Bell has most recently been quoted in an article called Political pessimism likely to dominate markets in 2017. Mike Bell said, “If you look at Germany for example, it's extremely unlikely that any anti-euro party gets control in Germany. Likewise in the Netherlands.”. Mike Bell has been quoted a grand total of 11 times in 7 articles.

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The market's pricing in a greater risk of political negative outcomes than is actually likely.

If you look at Germany for example, it's extremely unlikely that any anti-euro party gets control in Germany. Likewise in the Netherlands.

You look at the U.S. economy, you've got consumer confidence that hasn't been at this level and rising since 1996. You've got the initial jobless claims which are the lowest they've been since 1971 and you've got both the ISM new orders components for manufacturing and non-manufacturing over 60, so the U.S. economy is heating up really quite nicely.

You could see the dollar continue higher next year, maybe mid-single digit for the DXY index .DXY, but we would be surprised if it was another 10 percent.

Sterling's weakness has been very good for large-cap UK equities and we expect that relationship to hold. So we could have that slightly bizarre environment whereby bad news for the UK economy is good news for UK equity market.

My eyes are focused on the 24th of January when the constitutional court in Italy will vote on whether the electoral law change that took place in 2015 is going to be held up.

I think the Italian political risk is the one risk out there that once that is passed, then I think markets can focus on really quite a good fundamental outlook of improving economic strength in the U.S. I think China will continue to grow at a relatively healthy rate, even though you may see a slight slowdown from the rate you've seen this year.

Nevertheless, the main story will be that global growth picks up next year and if the politics in Europe doesn't flare up, then that should be a positive environment for risk assets.

The trades you're seeing in the market at the moment will go further in the event of a Trump victory. You'd expect more downside to U.S. equities, the dollar and Treasury yields.

Hospitals should check to see which type of heater-coolers are in use, ensure that they're maintained according to the latest manufacturer instructions, and alert affected patients and the clinicians who care for them.

We expect domestically focused stocks that source most of their revenues from the U.K. to continue to underperform firms which source more of their revenues from outside the UK. Headline equity indices are likely to be choppy as events unfold given the uncertainty.

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