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Mike Huckabee has been quoted 7 times. The two most recent articles where Mike Huckabee has been quoted are Obama cleans up in Democrat Party votes and Huckabee's southern state wins keep him in presidential race. Most recently, Mike Huckabee was quoted as having said, “People have asked if I am going to quit. I have come here to make it clear that I am not.”.

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I first knew him as a political opponent and I must confess he beat me like a drum. Our political differences aside, he was a dedicated public servant who always reminded his audiences that 'public service is a noble calling.

People have asked if I am going to quit. I have come here to make it clear that I am not.

Tonight we are making sure that America understands that sometimes one small, smooth stone is even more effective than a whole lot of armor.

It looks like I won Iowa, John McCain won New Hampshire, Mitt Romney won Michigan. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to win South Carolina.

Their choice was for a change, but that choice for a change doesn't end just saying 'let's changes things'. Changes can be for the better or can be for the worse. Our challenge is to bring this country back toghether, to make Americans once again more proud to be Americans than just to be Democrats or Republicans, to be more concerned about going up instead of just going to the left or to the rignt.

Tonight the people of Iowa made a choice and their choice was clear.

People are coming up to me and saying I've never been to a caucus before, but I am going for the first time in my life, because I want you to be the next President of the United States.

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