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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Mike Pence is associated, including Donald Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton, and president-elect. Most recently, Mike Pence has been quoted saying: “I want to live to see the day that we put the sanctity of life back at the center of American law, and we send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history, where it belongs.” in the article Vice President Pence is receiving a ‘Working for Women’ award. Here’s a dive into his record on women.

I want to live to see the day that we put the sanctity of life back at the center of American law, and we send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history, where it belongs.

Obamacare will be replaced with something that actually works – bringing freedom and individual responsibility back to American health care.

The story of the Irish in America is the story of America itself.

He was right about America. He was right to summon the courage, as generations did before and since, to come here and follow their dreams and make the contributions that they did.

All that I am, all that I will ever be, and all the service that I will ever render is owing to my Irish heritage. I will summon what is the best of it as I serve the people of this country with the faith, the determination, the cheerfulness, the humility and the humor that is characteristic of the great people of the Emerald Isle.

It's our job to get it out of here and get it to the Senate.

Obamacare has failed the people of Kentucky.

For us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare once and for all, we need every Republican in Congress.

And, let me be clear as I said today, as the legislative process goes forward, the president and I believe that the American Health Care Act is the framework for reform.

I actually heard that Bret Baier proposed a drinking game for every time I said those two words tonight, so Brett I hope you got a designated driver.

They were racing out because they didn't want to miss some must-see TV. The dynamic message of a rising star. The future of the Democratic Party. Kentucky's own former governor, Steve Beshear.

Sean, I really want to apologize that you didn't get served dinner tonight. … When the waiter asked you what you wanted for your entrée you shouldn't have said, Sit down, I never called on you.

I gotta tell you, every time I look at that portrait of Hamilton, I feel like there's a lecture coming on.

We haven't seen that many shocked Hollywood liberals since Nov. 8th.

[Clinton] is the most dishonest candidate for President of the United States since Richard Nixon. FBI has reopened the investigation into HRC's private email server. It's a serious matter. Now, we commend the FBI in this case for following the facts because in America, no one is above the law.

We're working in collaboration with Speaker Ryan, with [Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky], with members of the House and Senate and American people are going to see – President Trump said this week and Congress is responding.

Look, we're going to repeal and replace Obamacare, we're going to do it at the same time. We're going to replace Obamacare with the kinds of solutions that will lower the cost of health insurance for every American. We expect in a matter of days that you're going to begin to see a very brisk pace of legislative activity. And we're going to ensure that we don't leave anyone behind and that we give the states the resources and the flexibility to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

We look forward to ending Obamacare but ushering in at the same time a health-care system that will serve the needs of the American people in the long term.

There's no comparison whatsoever between Hillary Clinton's practice of having a private servers, mishandling classified information, destroying emails when they were requested by the Congress and by officials. We have fully complied with all of Indiana's laws. We had outside counsel review all of my private email records to identify any emails that ever referenced or mentioned state business-related activities. As Indiana laws required we transferred all of those to the state of Indiana subject to the public access laws.

Our country's tax system these days penalises success. It makes it far too hard for hardworking people and small businesses to achieve the American Dream.

You are the strength in the American economy, and you're going to lead an American comeback. I'll guarantee there isn't anyone here who can make sense of America's tax code, including me. There's an old joke that says the tax code is about 10 times the size of the Bible but with none of the good news.

Government emails involving his state and personal accounts are being archived by the state consistent with Indiana law, and are being managed according to Indiana's Access to Public Records Act.

No one is going to fall through the cracks.

We don't want anyone to fall through the cracks.

The president's made it clear, he wants to make a priority of national security, rebuilding our military, but he wants to do it in a fiscally responsible way.

This was all him. President Donald Trump stepped up and told the American people where he wants to go. To see reception he got gave me great confidence that the agenda articulated last night is the right agenda for America.

To see him get the reception that he got, not only in the chamber last night … but also all over the country, as of this morning, gives me great confidence that the agenda that the president articulated last night is the right agenda for America, it's resonating with the American people. I could't be more optimistic about the opportunity to move forward our agenda.

What the American people saw last night is the president that I serve with every day, broad shoulders, big heart, reaching out, focusing on the future.

You deserve far more credit than you get, and know that beginning today, this administration is committed to making sure that our historically black colleges and universities get the credit and the attention they deserve.

We condemn this vile act of vandalism and those who perpetrate it in the strongest possible terms.

President Trump and I look forward to working together with you and the European Union to deepen our political and economic partnership.

We must stand strong in defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations in Europe. In the wake of Russian efforts to re-draw international borders by force, we will support efforts in Poland and the Baltic states through NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence initiative. The president of the United States and the American people expect our allies to keep their word and to do more in our common defense. And the president expects real progress by the end of 2017. If you don't yet have a plan – get one.

I was disappointed to learn that the facts that have been conveyed to me by General Flynn were inaccurate.

The president and I both strongly support a free and independent press but you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts.

The truth is many others, including some of our largest allies, still lack a clear and credible path to meet this minimum goal. I don't know what the answer is to 'or else,' but I know that the patience of the American people will not endure forever. In the interest of peace and in the interest of innocent human lives, we hope and pray that this cease-fire takes hold.

It is my privilege on behalf of President Trump to express the strong commitment of the United States to continued cooperation and partnership with the European Union. Whatever our differences, our two continents share the same heritage, the same values and above all the same purpose, to promote peace and prosperity through freedom, democracy and the rule of law, and to those objectives we will remain committed.

This is President Trump's promise. We will stand with Europe, today and every day, because we are bound together by the same noble ideals – freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law.

Today, tomorrow and every day hence, be confident that the United States is now and will always be your greatest ally. President Trump and the American people are fully devoted to our transatlantic union.

Know this: The United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground which as you know President Trump believes can be found. Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more.

When even one ally fails to do their part, it undermines all of our ability to come to each other's aid.

If I was just brutal right now with Russia – just brutal – people would say, Oh, that's wonderful,' . But I know you well enough, then you would say, Oh, he was too tough, he shouldn't have done that..

The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by 'intelligence' like candy. Very un-American!

I can tell you, my vote for Betsy DeVos was the easiest vote I ever cast.

People in uniform tend to like me. The numbers were staggering.

I believe that the ideals that America has stood for throughout our history represent the highest ideals of humankind.

American ideals are superior to countries all across the world. But, again, what the president is determined to do, as someone who has spent a lifetime looking for deals, is to see if we can have a new relationship with Russia and other countries that advances the interests of America first and the peace and security of the world.

Well, my hair's the same color as it was back then. But, you know, I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot about ... the prerogative presidents have to be able to respond to their critics.

It's quite clear the president has the ability to decide who has access to this country.

The president of the United States has every right to criticize the other two branches of government. It was not done hastily. There may have been some leaders on Capitol Hill that were not informed with usual niceties of Washington D.C.. but look, we live in a very dangerous world. The reality is there the people around the globe who have inspired violence here in the homeland.

No, not in the least. Look, President Trump has been willing to be critical of our country's actions in the past. But what you're hearing there is a determination by the president of the United States to not let semantics or the arguments of the past get in the way of exploring the ability to work together with Russia and with President Putin in the days ahead. He has expressed himself in the campaign, an election that he won, that he was determined to go forward and see whether or not we might be able to start anew in a relationship with Russia.

If we were able to work with Russia to hunt down and destroy ISIS and confront radical Islamic terrorism, that would be a good thing. ''What you have in President Trump is someone who is not going to look in the rearview mirror so much as looking out the windshield.

We'll accomplish the stay and will win the case on the merits. The president can criticize anybody he wants. We don't appoint judges to our district courts to conduct foreign policy or to make decisions about the national security.

Rest assured, we will work with the Senate leadership to ensure that Judge Gorsuch gets an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor – one way or the other. This seat does not belong to any party or any ideology or any interest group. This seat on the Supreme Court belongs to the American people, and the American people deserve a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.

The nominee for the secretary of education is one of the worst nominees that has ever been brought before this body for a cabinet position. Sometimes loyalty to a new president demands a bit too much.

Today, three generations hence, because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation life is winning again in America.

Now, the fun begins.

We are all ready to go to work. In fact, we can't wait to get to work for the American people to make it great again.

I'm not sure that the national media here in America completely understands the president-elect. I can assure you that the world will.

He's going to stand tall on the world stage. Donald Trump will be a president who puts American first but we will work every day with nations around the world to advance the peace and prosperity of our allies and our friends across the world.

It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation.

Donald Trump has every right to defend himself.

We certainly respect the right of Congress to provide oversight and make inquiries where they see appropriate. The American people have spoken.

The interest of the team is to make sure that we accommodate the broadest number of people who are interested and media from around the country and around the world.

While I have great respect for John Lewis and for his contributions, particularly to the civil rights movement, I was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election as president and say he's not attending the inauguration. I hope he reconsiders both positions.

We're working with legislative leaders at this very moment to begin to craft legislation that will repeal the most corrosive elements of Obamacare – the individual mandate, the taxes, the penalties – but at the same time, moving separate legislation that will allow us to introduce the kind of reforms in American health care that'll lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government.

The president-elect has made it very clear that we are going to take aggressive action in the early days of our administration to combat cyber attacks and protect the American people from this type of intrusion in the future.

The first order of business is to keep our promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the kind of healthcare reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government.

Given some of the intelligence failures of recent years, the president-elect's made it clear to the American people that he's skeptical of conclusions from the bureaucracy, and I think the American people hear him loud and clear.

The architecture of the replacement of Obamacare will come together, as it should, through the legislative process in the weeks and months ahead.

The first order of business is to repeal and replace Obamacare. Americans "voted decisively for a better future for health care in this country, and we are determined to give them that.

Look, we're talking about peoples' lives, we're talking about families.

The first order of business is to repeal and replace Obamacare, and that was our message today and that was our message on Capitol Hill. It will be important that we be careful that...we do that in a way that doesn't work a hardship on American families that have gained insurance through this program. That it doesn't work a hardship on this economy.

The American people have sent new leadership here because Obamacare has failed. And it has been rejected by the American people.

The president-elect has a very clear message to Capitol Hill. And that is, it's time to get to work. And it's time to keep our word to the American people.

It's time to keep our word to the American people. The world will see that with our president-elect taking office that America will be standing tall in the world again, engaging the world again, and standing firmly for America's interests.

We have a unique relationship with that country that's been defined over the decades since we've reopened relations with the People's Republic of China but I think he think he felt it would be rude not to take the call.

(The) president-elect was fully aware of the one-China policy. He's also very aware that the United States has sold billions of dollars in arms to Taiwan.

The work is ahead of us not behind us and I want to challenge you to be ready to do that.

We truly do believe that our president-elect has secured a mandate for leadership.

Whatever the appropriate paperwork was to assist him in that regard, Jake, I'm sure was taking place.

We are so grateful and honored to have Gen. Flynn as our nominee for national security adviser. He brings an extraordinary wealth of experience.

I mean, it's striking to me that President Obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba and be hailed as a hero. And President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from the democratically-elected president of Taiwan and it becomes something of a thing in the media.

We've been winnowing the list, but it might grow a little bit.

I think I would just say to our counterparts in China that this was a moment of courtesy. The president-elect talked to President Xi two weeks ago in the same manner. It was not a discussion about policy.

This was a courtesy call. The democratically elected president of Taiwan called to congratulate the president-elect.

I think the person who will make the decision about our next secretary of state is the president-elect. And he'll factor the totality of Gen. Petraeus' career in making that decision.

The president-elect will make those decisions on a day-by-day basis.

I think what the president-elect expressed in conversations with leaders from both countries was a desire for continued U.S. engagement, building the relationship with both of those countries.

I think the only thing that will surprise them is that Washington, D.C., is going to get an awful lot done in a short period of time.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to the people of Tennessee who are struggling with the extraordinary wildfires.

I'll leave it to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it.

The campaign has made it very clear that a clear outcome, obviously, both sides will accept. But I think both campaigns have also been very clear that in the event of disputed results, they reserve all rights and remedies.

Paul Ryan is one of the great conservative leaders in America and Wisconsin should be proud.

That's not what we need in our country, folks. We need someone who is ready to go to work.

He's not a state employee and so he's entitled to have other clients and I'm grateful to have his support and assistance for the state of Indiana.

We're going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets.

Health-care providers are going to be more responsible when they answer to their patients needs in a competitive marketplace.

The Trump health-care plan will help make health care more affordable. We'll get rid of the individual mandate because government shouldn't be telling people how to spend money.

We can make America great again, we can make health care in America great again, but it's going to take all of us to do it.

Obamacare is killing jobs, and it's destroying small-business growth across the United States.

We can't trust Hillary Clinton with our health care any more than we can trust her with classified information.

I'm also proud that since 2010, Republicans in Congress have been united and continued to work each and everyday to replace Obamacare with a free-market healthcare solution that will work for the American people.

The F.B.I. director is keeping his word to the Congress that if new pertinent information came forward that justified the reopening of the case, that he would alert the Congress. He has done that.

I'm very glad to hear Hillary Clinton calling for putting all of this out on the table. Why doesn't she ask her senior aide to release all these emails?

It seems like the first responders were there before the plane stopped rolling.

There was about 10 seconds of uncertainty. We landed. You could tell they were getting on the brakes pretty strongly. We slid. When the mud came up on the windows, we knew we were off the runway.

Many in the national media are buying into the argument from the other side that the issue here is where they came from, not what's in the emails.

Trump wants to do, in part what we've done in Indiana but most especially what Ronald Reagan did back in the 1980s ... is cut taxes across the board.

I obviously want to see more on the air and with our communications, digitally and on television. That's where we're focusing on our final push. He'll make that decision, but I'll tell you what, the strength of this campaign is not dollars and cents, it's really the American people. I really think it's the message. I think it's the agenda.

This week, I saw all the headlines: 'The race is over. It's over and done.' That's just not what I see out there.

Certainly there's going to be very strong consequences if any state actor is involved.

Just for a few seconds, you could feel us bouncing off. And with mud splattered up on the windows, we figured we were off the runway.

We're just going to leave no stone unturned in this election.

Paul Ryan is my friend – we've been friends for more than 15 years. I hold him in very high regard, and frankly, I'm grateful for his leadership in the House of Representatives.

Have a spring in your step because, you know what, this election is not in the hands of the pundits and the pollsters and the cable TV show talking heads. This election is in the hands of the American people.

We're going to continue to call on people all across this country to respectfully participate in the electoral process to ensure that we can all be confident in the vote. And if the vote is fair, I'm confident that we'll accept it.

The president just ordered more troops on the ground. We are back at war in Iraq.

We will absolutely accept the results of the election. Look, the American people will speak in an election that will culminate on November the eighth, but the American people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. That's where the sense of a rigged election goes here.

Elections get rough. I expect they're going to stay just as rough as they are right now going into Nov. 8. The stakes are so high in this election.

I think there's no question that the evidence continues to point in that direction. There should be severe consequences to Russia or any sovereign nation that is compromising the privacy or the security of the United States of America.

We'll respect the outcome of this election. Donald Trump said in the first debate that we'll respect the will of the American people in this election. The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of American history.

It's easy to lose sight of what this election is really about. It's about big things – things that impact every American.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would lift the embargo completely and normalize relations with Cuba for nothing in return.

We will support a continuation of the embargo until we see real political freedom in that nation once and for all.

It's coming in, frankly, probably in a matter of hours.

Before the day is out there will be more evidence publicly that shows and calls into question these latest allegations.

The campaign is working on bringing that information out.

People of faith cannot choose to stand "idly by in this great national debate.

He is a fighter. He is a winner, and we will make America great again when we make Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States of America.

It's absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket. It's the greatest honor of my life.

It takes a big man to know when he's wrong and to admit," it.

From where I sat, Donald Trump's vision to make America great won the debate.

With Donald Trump as president, we'll have a president of the United States who respects all the American people.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have "many admirable qualities young people can look up to.

A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable … the unborn.

He's not a polished politician like you and Hillary Clinton.

The provocations by Russia need to be met by American strength.

He went through a very difficult time, but he used the tax the way it's supposed to be used.

That's because they're paying attention.

The Democrats should "stop seizing on these moments of tragedy.

The weak and feckless foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has awaked an aggression in Russia that first appeared in Russia a few years ago. All the while, all we do is fold our arms and say we're not having talks anymore.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want more of the same.

First, let me say, I appreciated the 'you're hired, you're fired' thing, senator. You use that a whole lot, and I think your running mate used a lot of pre-done lines.

Thank you to Norwood University for their wonderful hospitality.

John, you've thrown a lot of definitions my way - one of them is career politician. I think people do deserve to know you spent 16 years at the statehouse -- that's four more years than I've spent in public service. And I honor your service -- I honor any man or woman willing to serve.

I don't think there's anything that ails education in Indiana that can't be fixed if we give parents more choices and teachers more freedom to teach.

Well rather than rebutting, let me agree a bit with what Speaker [John] Gregg said earlier. I worked my way through law school, too -- we were actually in law school together around that time. I remember John. And I think he makes a valid point.

I think it's fairly obvious to people that we express ourselves differently.

Our experiences are different. But I think we come from the same place.

Donald Trump raised the bar for his running mate.

Donald Trump was using the tweet yesterday really to mock an effort by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to really distract attention from what the American people are going to be focused on tomorrow night, which is on the issues, on the choice that we face.

Gennifer Flowers will not be attending the debate tomorrow night. Donald Trump was using the tweet yesterday really to mock an effort by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to really distract attention from what the American people are going to be focused tomorrow night, which is on the issues, on the choice that we face.

Donald Trump and I both believe that there's been far too much of this talk of institutional bias or racism in law enforcement.

It is remarkable to me to see the level of outrage about a metaphor used by (Donald Trump Jr.) when Hillary Clinton's calling for a 550 percent increase in the Syrian refugee program.

But all that's going to end on the 20th of January.

We are not in a narrative fight -- we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism, and we need a president who knows it.

You know, I am not even sure that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know we are at war.

Things are a little different here in Indiana than they are in New York City. People talk a little – little different than they do sometimes about things.

His comment was that if she didn't have all that security, she'd change her attitude about the right to keep and bear arms. And I'll bet that's probably true.

But I'm also not going to validate the language Hillary Clinton used to describe the American people. She was talking about people across this country who are coming out in record numbers to stand by Donald Trump in record numbers.

Donald Trump has denounced David Duke repeatedly. We don't want his support and we don't want the support of people who think like him.

Hillary, they are not a basket of anything. They are Americans and they deserve your respect.

I understand the anxiety that people feel, and we've seen instances of voter fraud in this country over the last ten to twenty years.

We're going to enforce the laws of this country. We're going to make sure that we essentially end illegal immigration once and for all.

The one thing Donald Trump knows is how to do a deal. Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns. I'll release mine in the next week.

The United States of America is the most powerful economy on the face of the Earth. Access to our economy is enormously valuable to Mexico and every other country in the world.

All of the revelations regarding Clinton's use of private email truly does disqualify her from serving as President of the United States.

You see someone who is engaging the American people, listening to the American people. He is hearing from all sides.

There will be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship unless people leave the country.

I look forward to campaigning with him every day and running through the tape to a great victory this fall.

He speaks his heart and he speaks his mind. And I truly do believe this good man is going to be a great president of the United States.

I believe we're completing those forms right now, as is appropriate under federal law, and we'll be filing that. But I promise you, when my forms are filed and when my tax returns are released, it's going to be a quick read.

As a husband and father, I was offended by the words and actions described by Donald Trump in the eleven-year-old video released yesterday. I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. I am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people. We pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation tomorrow night.

He's a dreamer. He's a builder. He's a driver. And he is a man who speaks his mind.

I think Donald Trump and I see eye to eye on all those issues. Donald Trump and I both said that Captain Khan is an American hero and his family, like every Gold Star family, should be cherished, and by every American. With regard to other issues, I just–I've seen my role as simply amplifying the points that Donald Trump is making.

I spoke to Donald Trump this morning about my support for Paul Ryan, our longtime friendship. He strongly encouraged me to endorse Paul Ryan in next Tuesday's primary. I'm pleased to do it.

You know, in NASCAR, they say rubbing is racing.

Both parties and the United States government will ensure there are serious consequences" to any hacking.

We cannot have four more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends.

The funny thing is, the party in power seems helpless to figure out our nominee. The media has the same problem. They all keep telling each other that the usual methods will work against him.

They keep thinking they've done him in, only to wake up the next morning and find that Donald Trump is still standing and running stronger than ever before. The man just doesn't quit. He is tough. He perseveres. He's gone about as far as you can go in business, yet he has never turned his back on the working men and women who make this country go.

You have nominated a man for president who never quits, never backs down, a fighter, a winner. Until now he's done it all by himself, against all odds. But this week with this united party, he's got backup!

His heart is with everyday Americans and he will fight every day to strengthen this nation and bring America back.

I have a sense of this man. I have a sense of his heart. I have a sense of his hands-on style and leadership. And for all the world he reminds me of Ronald Reagan". Republicans must unite to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the White House.

I must tell you, there are those in the public debate who have said that we must act now. The last time I heard that, I was on a used-car lot.

We're going to go pick up a pizza, and go home, and watch a movie.

The American people are tired. We're tired of being told that this is as good as it gets. We're tired of having politicians in both parties in Washington, D.C., telling us we'll get to those problems tomorrow.

The sanctity of human life is the central axiom of Western civilization.

What was apparent to me then was there was some unwritten agreement that we had arrived at, an unstated truce between pro-abortion and pro-life legislators. When we introduced this, it was a completely different element in the equation.

You¹d have to talk to their campaign about who they¹re looking at or who they¹re not looking at. I¹ll cut to the chase. I haven¹t spoken to Donald Trump since before the Indiana primary and I certainly have never spoken to him about that topic.

I'm not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.

The man has shown the courage of his convictions.

Having spent time with our nominee, I have never been around someone more devoted to the armed forces of this country, more devoted to the families of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marine and coast guard, and no-one more devoted to the veterans in this country.

How we as conservatives respond to these challenges could determine whether America retains her place in the world as a beacon of freedom, or whether we slip into the abyss that has swallowed much of Europe in an avalanche of Socialism.

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