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Mohammed ElBaradei has been quoted 24 times. The one recent article where Mohammed ElBaradei has been quoted is Son of a bin man can’t be a judge, says Egypt’s justice minister. Most recently, Mohammed ElBaradei was quoted as having said, “When a country loses the sense of social justice, there is no hope.”.

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When a country loses the sense of social justice, there is no hope.

The beneficiaries of what happened today are those call for violence, terrorism and the most extreme groups.

We came out of this meeting with some optimism even though we have a lot of challenges ahead, and each one of us believes that the fate of Egypt is on the verge of doom, and that each one has to deploy all his power to build trust among the different groups in Egypt.

The time has come to start a comprehensive political process to achieve the goals of the revolution, the goals of the revolution that we the people of Egypt and its majority had started to achieve – to live freely in our country, independently and with dignity.

I wish we didn't have to go to the street to impress on the regime the need to change. We tried signatures. We tried boycotting the elections. Nothing worked; every demand fell on deaf ears and the young took the credit for going onto the streets and making things happen.

I think he has to declare that he is not going to run again (for president). People broke the culture of fear and once you break the culture of fear, there is no going back.

As I have pointed out many times, however, addressing the concerns of the international community about Iran's future intentions is primarily a matter of confidence building which can only be achieved through dialogue. I therefore urge Iran to be as forthcoming as possible in responding soon to my recent proposal based on the initiative of the United States, Russia and France.

I very much hope that people see the big picture, see that this agreement could open the way for a complete normalisation of relations between Iran and the international community.

I am dismayed by the allegations of some member states, which have been fed to the media, that information has been withheld from the Board. These allegations are politically motivated and totally baseless.

Everybody also would like to see a balance between Iran's right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and assurances to the international community that that programme is exclusively for peaceful purposes. How we can strike that balance, that's the art of creative diplomacy, which I hope everybody is engaging in as we speak.

It is not about any imminent threat. Whether the board's outcome will be to report to the Security Council or not, everybody agrees that the only way to move forward is to go through diplomacy, through negotiations, where there's still a window of opportunity for all concerned parties to find a way forward.

My understanding is that they want to go for mechanical testing of some centrifuges that does not involve nuclear materials.

The board will request Iran to reconsider its decision to unravel part of the suspension. This is clearly an issue which is being negotiated.

I call on all parties to continue the negotiating process. I do not believe that any of these issues can be resolved outside the negotiating process. Confidence building is a long-term process and requires a dialogue.

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