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Many ruins from ancient Egypt are still buried underground. One of the most successful civilisations known to humankind utilise symbols and secrets that remain a
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Mar 17 2017 Egypt
Mohammed Shaikhibrahim has been quoted 161 times. The two most recent articles where Mohammed Shaikhibrahim has been quoted are Merkel offers Egypt help in stemming migration to Europe and Cairo attack: 25 dead, dozens wounded in Coptic cathedral bombing. Most recently, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim was quoted as having said, “Egyptians here read this visit as an European and German recognition of Egypt's role in supporting regional stability and as also as support by Germany for recent economic procedures, plus Egyptian efforts in fighting terrorism inside and outside the country, which is in both sides' common interest.”.
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May 17 2016 - Yemen

People have come to this historic village because of their poverty, they were trying find secure homes for their families, but now they're threatened with the same destiny and so depart to escape the airstrikes that destroyed some of the village's houses leaving some of its inhabitants homeless again!feedback

May 11 2016 - Yemen

The displaced people here are paying the high price and bearing the consequences of this war and political conflict, especially the children, and this camp here is just one of dozens all over Yemen suffering quite literally from disastrous

Apr 04 2016 - Islam

ISIL's extremist interpretation of Islam strips it of its humane and compassionate dimensions, which are the very essence of monotheistic religions. That has triggered a counter-offensive by clerics to win back lost youths and to protect others from Daesh's

Mar 30 2016 - Daesh

Today we succeeded in reaching one of the Iraqi army's front lines to witness part of their tough war against Daesh. Military sources told us the operation will develop in the coming days especially from the technological and tactical side, and the number of soldiers (is expected to increase) as

Mar 30 2016 - Iraq

Sultan Abdullah is considered one of the main military barracks from which to attack and this is the reason why so many of the Peshmerga elite forces are stationed here. It is also a sensitive transit point between Kirkuk, Erbil and Mosul

Mar 29 2016

For more than two years these people have lived under the rule of ISIL like prisoners and now they have ended up here displaced and homeless. They are looking for a safe haven to which they can bring the rest of their families who are still

Mar 08 2016 - Egypt

With these examples which still remain very few and rare in Arab society, Arab women are proving once again their ability to break the restrictions which have been imposed on them But their dreams do not stop at this point, as the gap between reality and ambition to achieve substantial equality is still

Feb 25 2016 - Unemployment

Egypt's government is trying to find ways to rescue the economy, but so far it doesn't appear to be enough or particularly effective. Economists now fear the government could allow the Egyptian pound to float, which they think would be economic suicide, especially in a country already experiencing low growth and high

Feb 08 2016 - Egypt

Italian investigators in Egypt have been investigating alongside their Egyptian counterparts for several days now but the reasons behind the death remain unknown and mysterious. This increases pressure on the Egyptian government to discover who carried out the crime of torture and

Feb 08 2016 - IMF

Egyptians are awaiting the outcome of their government's negotiations with the IMF, hoping they will work and can revive an economy that's becoming increasingly troubled day by day, but many people fear the IMF could impose tough preconditions, adding insult to

Jan 10 2016 - Saudi Arabia

It's not the first time relations between Tehran and Riyadh have been strained. But the worry this time is that sectarian alliances may add fuel to the fire of war and conflicts which already exist in some Arab

Jan 09 2016 - North Korea

Choosing Egypt to hold this press conferences which is considered rare for North Korean officials, may carry political messages reflect Pyongyang's desire to play a stronger role in the Middle East these

Jan 04 2016 - Iraq

The Iraqi Army is continuing its operation in order to reach the city of

Dec 24 2015 - Iraq

Iraq is preoccupied with a war against the so-called Islamic State on several different fronts; there are also significant sectarian divisions within the country that affect the government and the Iraqi people. For this reason, Iraq is hoping to use diplomatic means to resolve the current

Nov 09 2015 - Egypt

The impact on Egyptian tourism, which had already been struggling, is serious, and this major income earner for Egypt's economy is being overtaken by this crisis. But meanwhile, several tourists we talked to here have described some countries' decision to evacuate the place as '

Nov 08 2015 - Egypt

An airlift has been put in place at the airport in Sharm el-Sheik for the evacuation of foreign tourists and will continue for a few days. Besides that, people working in the tourism industry appear nervous, especially after the evacuation of Russian tourists which make up the bulk of those who travel to

Nov 07 2015 - Sinai Peninsula

The absence of the representatives of other international commissions caused confusion and raised many questions from people here. This keeps the door open to more speculation and controversy about what caused the Russian plane to

Nov 05 2015 - Egypt

The developments of Egypt's position after the British and US statements will be visible here on the ground by tightened security at Egyptian airports, but Egyptian authorities confirm that this tightening is no indication that terrorism caused the crash. The end judgment will be left to the results of the

Nov 02 2015 - Libya

First of all, how do you describe the situation in Libya these days and what's your position with your armed groups?feedback

Oct 31 2015 - Air France

According to the information available, the main hypothesis is that the crash was caused by a technical failure on the plane. But the answer will be found in the examination of the black

Oct 09 2015

We don't know if its is the third Intifada or just a wave of escalating violence between the Palestinians and Israelis. Here on the ground, it appears that the path to peace between the two sides is a long

Oct 08 2015

The hope that Palestinians sustain for a better tomorrow, after decades of suffering, is unfailing; they say they simply don't have any other choice but to be

Oct 07 2015 - Muslim brotherhood

The division between Palestinians and the divergence of political programmes among all the factions is still a fundamental hurdle for them in their conflict with Israel. That actually serves as a brake on outright confrontation with

Oct 06 2015

Our message to the Israelis is that we still exist in this land, and we will stay here, fighting them even with just one stone, as Arafat taught us, we were born in this land to

Aug 20 2015 - Egypt

This terrorist attack comes a few days after the Egyptian president's endorsement of the new anti-terrorism law that gives security forces more powers to counter terrorist activities and attacks that still hit

Aug 17 2015 - Egypt

Supporters consider this law to be a necessary measure specifically during this period to fight terrorist activities and to maintain the security of the country, while its critics are expressing their fear that media freedoms will be restricted and human rights

Aug 02 2015 - Egypt

The warming in Egypt-US relations comes in part due to the their common enemy: rampant terrorism in the Middle East. But that does not invalidate other outstanding issues between the two nations, such as concerns over human

Jul 30 2015

When the whole project will be completed, the area surrounding the canal will be transformed into an industrial and commercial hub, providing logistic services and touristic facilities. Foreign investment suffered enormously as Egypt was gripped by violence after the uprising in 2011. Now the government hopes this project will help to revive the country's declining

Jun 27 2015 - Tunisia

This area is known as a jewel of the Tunisian coast. It's a favourite with tourists. But now the visitors have gone. All that is left here are traces of blood, left by the

Jun 10 2015 - Egypt

Today's summit is an important step towards exploiting economic capacity and using the African continent's natural resources which the leaders say they hope will benefit all African

Jun 02 2015 - Egypt

If ousted President Mohamed Mursi is executed he will become the first president to receive this sentence in Egypt's history. But the question remains: how will the current regime deal with the international and local repercussions?feedback

Jun 01 2015

From Tahrir Square, where I'm standing, millions of Egyptians demanded freedom, justice and dignity. These wishes will need years and enormous effort before they come

May 30 2015 - Egypt

Today's decision keeps the case pending, while the events of the tragic massacre stay rooted in the memory of Egyptians, and the families of the victims as well as the defendants who have been waiting for a resolution for a long

May 26 2015 - Egypt

The tribal influence in Libya still holds sway and has been rooted in state institutions for years giving rise to the belief that they are the key to any solution to the current crisis in

May 24 2015 - Extremism

The creation of this force is imperative to fight extremism and terrorism which is spreading in the Arab world, but the question of how to put these steps into practice is still facing a lot of difficulties, notably the deep political differences between Arab

May 11 2015 - Egypt

Dance troupes crossed borders bringing with them a message of peace, joy and escapism for those living in the turbulent

Apr 25 2015 - Egypt

With the return of these relics, Egypt has recovered a missing part of its great history, but there is much more to do to recover hundreds and possibly thousands of stolen relics and fight against smuggling which continues to this

Apr 21 2015 - Muslim brotherhood

Today's decision resolves a lot of speculation about the likelihood of a death sentence for the former president, a punishment imposed on other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. But this possibility still exists regarding other charges still to be decided in the coming

Mar 13 2015 - Egypt

Egypt is pinning great hopes on this conference. A lot of people here describe it as a 'economic revolution' due to the huge numbers of proposed economic projects as well the number of the countries represented

Feb 05 2015

Solidarity for the family of the pilot is coming not only from inside Jordan, but also the Arab world and the wider international community. He has become a hero and a symbol for his country in the current war against ISIL. People here say the crime will lead to a quicker demise of this terrorist

Jan 14 2015 - Islam

Charlie Hebdo magazine lost a lot of solidarity among Muslims here after re-publishing the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, amid calls from religious institutions to show restraint and a spirit of

Jan 01 2015 - Qatar

Today's decision sends an optimistic signal and raises the possibility of a positive outcome after the retrial of the three journalists. But it also means starting the case from scratch once

Nov 15 2014 - Gaza strip

On this tenth anniversary, Palestinians are counting on international justice to establish their state and hope to achieve the sort of reconciliation that would enable them to mark this occasion in the Gaza

Nov 07 2014 - Refugees

Although they are not participants in political conflicts, they lived peacefully and safely in their homes, only to end up as refugees – in several countries – in the worst campaign of ethnic cleansing and displacement the Middle East has

Nov 02 2014 - Kurds

The ISIL attacks against Kobani have helped unify Kurds, as people here in Irbil say they belong to the same nation even though they live in different

Oct 29 2014 - Egypt

Despite the end of the Second World War the mines remain and the fatalities continue. These munitions are proving an obstacle to the development of large tracts of Egyptian

Oct 12 2014 - Egypt

The international efforts being made at the conference are clear, as well as the political dimensions to not only provide funds to the Gaza Strip, but to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state

Oct 06 2014 - Egypt

They left their countries after losing hope for a normal life, and they set their sights for the promised beaches of Europe. But the wind often blows their ships, their wishes, off course, so they end up drowned or missing, or tightly tied up, like their

Sep 26 2014 - Egypt

Every country has its unique stories and experiences. The majority of the art on show here reflects the daily problems of Egyptians in the hope of attracting readers and making them interact with the

Sep 26 2014 - Gaza strip

Despite the agreement, the question remains over its implementation and a timetable. Security, border controls and weapons in the Gaza Strip are the most important challenges

Jul 22 2014 - Egypt

Huge diplomatic efforts are taking place in Cairo, but they're matched by many significant obstacles blocking a cease-fire agreement. The main challenges are the intransigence of both sides and the different influences of regional powers on the Gaza

Jul 15 2014 - Egypt

Arab and international efforts are growing to stop the war in Gaza, but the decision of reaching a ceasefire remains linked to the goals and the results that both the warring sides seek to

Jul 07 2014 - West Bank

The protesters here are insisting on continuing the protest, resisting the Israeli attacks on the West Bank and calling on Palestinian security forces to remove restrictions and allow them to reach the Israeli

Jul 05 2014 - Muslim brotherhood

While Palestinians are denying the allegations they had anything to do with the incident what actually happened still raises a lot of

Jul 03 2014 - Egypt

Political expert Bashir Abdel Fattah, on the anniversary of last year's 3 July ouster of Mohammed Mursi, taking a look at the realities and challenges in Egypt, how do you explain what happened on this day last year?feedback

Jun 29 2014 - Ramadan

Egyptians are considering Ramadan as the beginning of a new phase, to put aside their differences and promote the values of tolerance and love on a social level, hoping that a better tomorrow takes them out of the economic and political

Jun 25 2014 - Muslim brotherhood

How do you describe the progress which was made in achieving the Palestinian reconciliation especially as years passed without reaching any real agreement?feedback

Jun 17 2014 - Egypt

Having a swearing in ceremony at an early time is considered by some analysts to be an indication of the seriousness of the government and its commitment to working hard and making use of time. They see it as making up for what Egyptians have lost over the past few

Jun 14 2014 - Egypt

There needs to be a national strategy to address the social ill of sexual violence in

Jun 08 2014 - Egypt

Al-Sisi in his first speech, has promised his people prosperity and development, on the condition they work hard and have patience. He also stressed the need to combat acts of violence to achieve stability, which he said was the basis of the modern

May 29 2014 - Egypt

His supporters began celebrating his victory last night. Hamdeen Sabahi's campaign team has blamed his defeat on what it describes as an 'unequal electoral

May 26 2014 - Egypt

In this election the main challenge will be voter turnout. This will reflect the level satisfaction of the Egyptian people and their desire to change with some political forces demanding a boycott of the

May 23 2014 - Muslim brotherhood

Are you ready to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, in the event you win the presidency?feedback

May 10 2014 - Egypt

There are many challenges facing the next president of Egypt. The most significant are, firstly, facing up to the impact of two overthrown regimes, which is a political issue that's proving hard to settle. On the other hand, how to satisfy a population whose first concern is achieving security and economic

Apr 29 2014 - Al-Qaeda

Baghdad's streets are almost empty of people, and traffic is very light. Most shops closed their doors today, with the vote approaching. The curfew will be enforced this

Apr 21 2014 - Egypt

Successive governments have ignored the suffering of Egypt's poor, and their calls for clean water and

Apr 09 2014 - Sanctions

The Palestinian side brought the ball back into the Arab arena in a bid to get more political cover and finance in light of the horizon for these negotiations being clouded and also because of the warnings from the Israeli side that it would impose sanctions on the Palestinian

Mar 27 2014 - Egypt

While al-Sisi has now emerged from the army to declare his candidacy in the presidential election, the most important question remains: can he fulfil the aspirations of a population which has paid dearly amid all the political turmoil of the past three

Mar 23 2014 - Egypt

Defence lawyers condemned the length of time the defendants were detained before going to trial. They said this went against articles of Egyptian law and violated individual

Jan 17 2014 - Egypt

The vote on the new constitution has led some Muslim Brotherhood supporters to choose a path of confrontation. And there are expectations of an escalation of violence in the coming

Jan 14 2014 - Egypt

The main question the Egyptian people have is – 'Will the fundamental human rights articles included in the new draft constitution be implemented or ignored?' If they are ignored, that constitution is dead in the

Jan 11 2014 - Egypt

Talking about Ariel Sharon with many Egyptians on the street shows that they have the same attitudes and opinions as the rest of the Arab world. All this talk about Sharon reminds them of what he did to their brothers in previous

Jan 11 2014 - Israeli relations

We discuss Palestinian-Israeli relations and the most important political and security obstacles when Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister in this interview with senior Palestinian official Nabil Shaath. How would you describe negotiations during Sharon's time?feedback

Dec 27 2013 - Israel

After three years of zero progress, Palestinian-Israeli negotiations have begun again, hoping to reach a resolution that may lead the Palestinians to achieve their hope of establishing their own independent state, alongside the state of Israel. To shed more light on the challenges faced by both parties in the negotiations, we welcome Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat. About four months of relaunched negotiations have passed; have any tangible results been achieved?feedback

Dec 11 2013

More than two years after the uprising, the message contained in these colourful and diverse paintings is clear: the revolution is not

Dec 04 2013 - Egypt

The new protest law puts the ministry in direct confrontation once again with the revolutionary movements, both liberal and secular. Most of these are starting to withdraw support from the current government. This could boost the Islamists' chances of gaining more

Nov 16 2013 - Egypt

A new chapter for Mubarak's trial and his biggest associates has started. What sets it apart is the possible end of the former president's house arrest with the lifting of the state of

Nov 14 2013 - Egypt

What is the significance of this visit to Egypt, involving both military and diplomatic officials from Moscow, at this particular time?feedback

Nov 14 2013 - Egypt

This historic visit paves the way for the start of a new phase creating a political equation that may restore part of the lost balance here in the Middle

Oct 09 2013 - Egypt

The methods of expression are changing and taking new forms. But the basic demand remains the same. They want the legitimacy that they say has been snatched from

Oct 05 2013 - Palestine

So, now the United Stated is talking about human rights?! Where are human rights in Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt?feedback

Oct 05 2013 - Egypt

The CSF have been severely criticised, especially after the Rabaa and Al-Nahda dispersion, accused of using excessive force, and of incompetence in how they dispersed people. How would you respond to such claims?feedback

Oct 05 2013 - Egypt

Who murdered the people in Rabaa? Is it possible that all these bodies that were present inside the Eiman mosque and in the square itself were murdered the day of the dispersal action? What about the blocks of ice that were present inside the mosque? What were they doing there? Why didn't they send the bodies for forensic testing?feedback

Sep 26 2013 - Egypt

The question remains – how can Egypt achieve real national reconciliation after the decision to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from the political scene? It's been a major political force for

Aug 26 2013 - Egypt

Tourist areas of Egypt are seeing a noticeable decline in the number of foreign tourists because of the political and security situation. Egyptians are trying to make up for this through domestic tourism. They hope that when calmness returns to the streets of Egypt, these resorts will be, once again, attractive to

Aug 15 2013 - Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are responding, moving closer to violence and attacks against government buildings, looking to destroy them. While at the same time the Egyptian security forces are stepping up their efforts to capture the people involved in these acts of

Aug 14 2013 - Egypt

The Muslim brotherhood supporters are here and continue to defend themselves on the Rabaa al-Adawiya square where the clashes last for several hours and as you can see the bullets are coming from everywhere on this

Aug 14 2013 - Egypt

That's right, political analysts here in Cairo and security experts say that the Egyptian army is taking those measures in the capital, to calm things down, to restore security and to end the gatherings and flying demonstrations. That's in reaction to the actions of the Islamists in Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and Al Nahda

Aug 14 2013 - Egypt

Frankly Riad, when we crossed the front lines at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, we saw how determined the Muslim Brotherhood members were. When we asked them, they confirmed they intend to go on till the end, and that they are ready to die if they have to. They don't want to leave under any circumstances, and they've threatened to strike back even more strongly against the forces of order here in Cairo. So, we're looking at things getting more intense and not more peaceful in the hours that are

Aug 14 2013 - Muslim brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood members who were dispersed by the forces of order from Al Nahda Square made their way to Rabaa al-Adawiya Square to reinforce their colleagues here. But their way was

Aug 14 2013 - Muslim brotherhood

The Egyptian forces order are mopping up, clearing the area. We're still hearing firing from both sides, between Muslim Brotherhood members and the forces of order. Real bullets are being used. Witnesses are saying that the first shots came from the square itself, so from the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the forces of order were obliged to retaliate. The result is a high number of dead and

Aug 14 2013

Yes, yes, the latest we've heard from here on the ground – that was before I got here – is that the deaths of both Islamist leaders Al Chater's and Beltagui's daughters have been

Aug 06 2013 - Egypt

It is becoming a threat to peace in the

Aug 01 2013

Determined to survive and confront is the message from the protesters here in Rabeaa Al adawya square. While the Interior MInistry prepares to break up the sit-in by legal means, there are signs a bloody confrontation is coming. A prospect Egyptians

Jul 27 2013 - Egypt

The period of 48 hours, which the army gave to negotiate on national reconciliation, has not ended. The deterioration of the security situation is clear through the bloody clashes we've seen at Rabaa al-Adawiya. The atmosphere here indicates fear that even worse could still be to

Jul 27 2013 - Egypt

These are defining moments that Egypt is experiencing now, especially after the crowds responded to the call from the Egyptian army, which took a gamble to get the green light to resolve political differences and security tensions at the same

Jul 20 2013 - Egypt

The distance between the protesters in Rabaa al-Adawiya square and the demonstrators outside the palace is one street. It does not exceed a few metres, but the political dispute makes the gap between the two sides much

Jul 08 2013 - Egypt

There have been many calls for calm before the violence escalates, especially after the events outside the Republican Guard – considered to be the biggest threat to the nation's security so

Jul 08 2013 - Egypt

Egypt is deeply divided …While some have turned out to celebrate the return of what they see as political legitimacy, others elsewhere are demonstrating against the contrary seeing its as political illegitimacy, and between the two sides Egypt remains open to further political conflict until demands of the people are

Jul 06 2013 - Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood crowds arrived here, in the heart of the capital, where the distance that separated them and the demonstrators in Tahrir Square is a matter of metres. That's what caused the

Jul 04 2013 - Muslim brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood say they are going to stay on the political scene. We can tell that after visiting them at the Rabia Adawia mosque yesterday. They say they'll stay till the end and they consider the Military Council's decision

Jul 04 2013 - Muslim brotherhood

I'm going to ask that question of our interview guest, political analyst Saad Hajras, after we take a look at [a report on the dynamic of the Muslim Brotherhood in relation to the army].feedback

Jul 04 2013 - Egypt

Joining us now is Saad Hajras who is a political analyst. How do you see the situation now in Egypt?feedback

Jul 04 2013 - Egypt

The Military Council has reassured the people that it's not going to take power in Egypt, that it doesn't have those sorts of ambitions. The Council said it only wants to avoid bloodbaths and to calm things down. The President of the Constitutional Court was sworn in as interim head of state, hoping he can form a government in the shortest possible

Jul 04 2013 - Egypt

The Egyptian people have welcomed enthusiastically the decision of the Military Council to pass the presidency over temporarily to the head of the Constitutional Court yesterday evening. It's a joyful atmosphere here in the streets of Cairo, and in every city in Egypt, after what people here are calling 'the corrective

Jul 04 2013

What is your reading today of the Military Council's declaration?feedback

Jul 04 2013 - Egypt

The Islamist parties gathered in the Egyptian capital plan to pursue a sit-in protest. They believe that the real revolution has only just begun and they'll resist until the very last

Jul 03 2013 - Egypt

Both sides have shown their strength with marches over the last few days, now comes the violence and Egyptians see it as the beginning of the

Jul 02 2013 - Egypt

So the rapidly developing indicators all point to the fact the current system is starting to show cracks under the pressure of the anti.-government street protests but despite this the current regime is holding

Jul 02 2013 - Egypt

Protect legitimacy and act with restraint is the message of the demonstrators here but they also emphasise that all possibilities remain on on the table depending on what happens on the

Jul 01 2013 - Egypt

The demonstrations which the opposition promised millions would show their support are now a reality with Egyptians of all ages taking part. All of them are now waiting to see how the president will respond to such a huge turn

Jun 28 2013 - Egypt

Egypt is experiencing a strong polarisation of opinion which manifests itself in demonstrations of force by the two camps who have taken to the streets, each side wanting their side of the story heard. All of this is happening against a backdrop of fear that the protests could turn

Jun 26 2013 - Egypt

A atmosphere of tense anticipation and caution prevails on the streets, as the countdown begins to demonstrations aimed at bringing down the system. There's tight security in place around vital government

Jun 04 2013 - Egypt

International concern is growing after this trial. The country's parliament is currently discussing a draft law which will regulate civil society – a step which some humanitarian groups see as intrusive. Their freedom to operate will now be restricted by the courts and possibly by other laws looking into the funding of independent

May 31 2013 - Egypt

The restless conflict between some of the 10 countries in the Nile basin has ignited once again. There are many possibilities as to what happens now and every state may resort to protecting its national interests – particularly Egypt, which considers the Nile to be a vital artery, and also a source of strength and weakness at the same

May 21 2013 - Sinai Peninsula

Targeting the Egyptian army raises many questions about who benefits from trying to force the military to engage in Egypt's complex political situation at this time – especially in the border area, which is particularly sensitive in terms of

May 06 2013 - Egypt

Sham Ennisim comes as a breather for Egyptians this year, to escape the atmosphere of political differences and security tension. It's about enjoying the atmosphere and popular dishes that characterise this

Apr 30 2013 - West Bank

Israeli settlers have expressed anger in many areas of the West Bank. This is accompanied by the heavy tightening of security at the barriers and checkpoints which separate Palestinian cities and Israeli settlements to prevent any possible friction between the two

Apr 29 2013

Local efforts accompanied by an international campaign are ongoing to free the Palestinian prisoners in line with international agreements and in the first instance the Geneva accords; and this is aimed at relaunching the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis – since the prisoners issue is considered as unresolved between the two

Apr 05 2013 - Egypt

The resumption of Egyptian-Iranian relations after years of hostility has provoked radical Islamist groups in Egypt, who blame Iran for unwelcome interference in Sunni nations, and the bloodshed in Syria and

Apr 01 2013 - Egypt

The threats of the Egyptian president to arrest those he called rioters and to prosecute journalists undermining the security and stability of the country have begun to be felt on the ground by bringing the first journalist to court. But the demonstrators consider this an infringement on freedom of the press, a freedom they have dared to dream of in Egypt since the

Mar 29 2013 - Egypt

Restoring confidence in the Egyptian national currency it closely dependent upon political stability, security, and the government's package of reform measures. They include such things a market surveillance and import controls all so that the Egyptian pound can eventually

Mar 21 2013 - Egypt

There have been many repeated promises from the US administration which have not succeeded in moving the peace process forward they

Mar 09 2013 - Egypt

Angry demonstrations and burning of government buildings is the scene that Cairo woke up to today, after the court's decision on the football fans from Port Said, the decision satisfied some, but did not prevent the anger of

Mar 08 2013

With police stations in several cities under frequent attack and with an almost total absence of security on Egyptian streets, police officers are breaking their silence demanding more power to protect themselves first, so that they can then protect the

Mar 04 2013 - Egypt

The people who live in cemeteries are branded 'the dead who live above ground'. They're ignorant of political conflicts and don't think about what's going on in their country. In these cemeteries' narrow streets, the only conflict is how to stay

Mar 03 2013

During his visit, Kerry will try to facilitate a political settlement between the Egyptian government and opposition parties to end, at least the opposition's election boycott and maintain balanced relations between the US administration and Egypt's various political

Mar 02 2013 - Egypt

Allowing or not allowing these officers to grow beards might seem at first to be a question of appearance. But it is in fact a struggle between two political approaches trying to impose their

Feb 28 2013 - Egypt

The boycott decision increases the political tension in Egypt, and allows the ruling party to control most of the seats in this parliament, which is supposed to represent the entire political

Feb 19 2013

The ancient Egyptians considered women a source of tender goodness and fertility. They are symbols in their legends. Today, Egypt's women hope for equality, freedom and respect, and that they will not be preyed on by

Jan 27 2013

A sense of anger invaded the city after the Egyptian court's verdict was announced. Locals feel that the men facing execution are scapegoats for political disputes which they had nothing to do

Jan 25 2013

The El-Borsa Café has been described as a shelter, a liberated zone, a rebel den, a danger… This is where the revolutionaries met and planned blockades, and were arrested, including Ahmed Doma, one of the Egyptian revolution's most prominent political

Jan 25 2013

Tahrir Square is where the revolution for freedom and social justice began, where the first cheer went up. Two years later, the rebels of Tahrir Square maintain the same demand: that revolution continue until the people's right to self-determination is

Jan 18 2013 - Islam

Social changes began to appear in Egyptian society after Islamists came to power including the establishment of this kind of cafe committed to the laws of Islam. Perhaps it's the beginning of other changes which will appear in the days

Dec 15 2012

With 'yes' or 'no' Egyptians move today into a new phase in the history of their young revolution, to vote on the new draft constitution which has already led to a split in the state apparatus, demonstrations, and clashes. Egyptians hope this will end as soon as the result is

Dec 12 2012 - Egypt

These demonstrations show the power of both sides of the political controversy in Egypt. Parties trying to prove the legitimacy of their own programmes and their vision for the future of Egypt, but the decisive word remains with the ballot

Dec 07 2012 - Egypt

Protesters here refused to watch President Mohamed Mursi's speech on TV, rejecting his call for dialogue, leaving us in no doubt that the crisis is set to

Dec 02 2012 - Egypt

As a sign of just how serious the current political confrontation is in Egypt, this is the first time since it was established in the early seventies that the Egyptian Constitutional Court has been unable to meet to deal with several of vital issues like resolving the Shura Council and the Constitutional

Dec 02 2012 - Egypt

The response of Mursi's supporters came today. Descending on Cairo they called for several things, their most important demand being the application of Islamic law in Egypt. They were also here to warn opposition protesters of their growing

Nov 27 2012

After the revolution , its not easy for the president to make any declaration without the approval of the Egyptian people, as this protest shows. The people are calling for the new decree to be cancelled and demanding the president respect the result of the revolution as they feel his latest move has revived politics of the past, but with different

Nov 23 2012 - Egypt

The protest transformed into running battle between police and demonstrators on Mohammed Mahmud Street. At least ten people have been injured and rushed to hospital. Police are firing tear gas rounds in an attempt to disperse the

Nov 16 2012

Can you confirm that the Knessett has come under attack?feedback

Nov 16 2012 - Muslim brotherhood

Hamas says Israel can expect some big surprises if the IDF attacks on the

Nov 16 2012

You announced your military operation to target the heads of Palestinian military wings, but what we see is that most of the victims are civilians, women and children. What do you say to that?feedback

Nov 16 2012 - Gaza strip

Joining us from Jerusalem is the spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force, Avichay Adraee. Israel has launched a major military operation against Gaza, why now?feedback

Nov 16 2012 - Gaza strip

Do you expect Israel to launch a ground offensive inside Gaza?feedback

Nov 16 2012 - Israel

On the other hand Israel, has the most powerful military machine in the Middle

Aug 21 2012 - Israel

Is Israel planning to attack Iran soon?feedback

Mar 15 2012 - Palestine

You are here to participate in the World Water Congress, what are the most pressing problems with regard to the provision of water in Palestine?feedback

Apr 21 2011 - West Bank

President Abbas, the US has failed to bring about an end to Israel's settlement-building policy in the West Bank. The Americans have brandished their veto when questions over censure of Israel came up in the UN Security Council. Do you still count on the US to advance the peace process?feedback

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