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What the ECB wants to do is prepare the market for the fact that tapering may not happen that soon as it is expecting. They are right to do so because we do not know what the aftermath of Brexit will
NEW Mar 29 2017 Brexit
Naeem Aslam has been quoted 59 times. The one recent article where Naeem Aslam has been quoted is Stocks trade mostly lower amid Fed speak deluge; energy and financials lag. Most recently, Naeem Aslam was quoted as having said, “The country is divided and this is the biggest task that currently rests in her hands. Theresa May is going to start touring the UK in an attempt to bring the country together and create more support for Article 50.”.
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The upcoming president is determined to create more jobs for Americans and also inflate the wage growth number. This surely will help the US retail sales number in the coming months, if he delivers what he has

The Italian banking crisis tells us that national governments are willing to fill all the holes which the system has at any

There is finally some good news for European banking sector. However, the holes in this sector are still far from being filled, as [Monte dei Paschi] has also asked for a rescue fund which the Italian government may have to provide as

Traders are on the sideline even though their Christmas wish is that the Dow should touch the level of

Everyone is looking at the 20K level which is very important because there could be some profit taking at that level. This is a major resistance and psychological mark and traders will not hesitate to take some profit off the table to celebrate another bull

The People Bank of China has been trying to defend its currency, and their pain can be seen when you look the country's foreign reserve number. The dollar index has been soaring crazily, and the country had no other option (than) to sell its reserve to defend its

This is certainly the best present traders could have for Christmas. The cartel has shown a united front and this is what matters the most. There have been so many doubts over the year if they have the ability to deliver anything and today they

The dollar rally has taken to another level on the back of the US durable good data which was really stunning and mind blowing. The economy is strong and the data is telling you that clearly. The question is how much attention the Fed is going to pay in relation to their future path of interest rate hike. Under the current situation, we expect the Fed to remain very hawkish during the first quarter of

U.S.-centric IPOs may still come out, but international investors will not have any interest in U.S. IPOs should a trade war emerge, particularly between the U.S. and

The December interest rate hike is very much a done deal now and what matter the most for us is to listen to the Fed statement carefully (in December) as this will provide enough clues for future interest rate hike

Markets are showing that investors continue to believe the fiscal policy plans by Mr Trump and they want to pile their bets in equities. Mr Trump has delivered many water down versions of his controversial views over the weekend. This has restored further confidence that the person in charge of the biggest economy of the world, has started to think more

Given that both the House and the Senate belong to the Republicans, the odds are a lot better for a possibility of further fiscal stimulating policies in the coming

Donald Trump's victory will not only bring the knee jerk reaction for the market, but we are also concerned about the geopolitical

This has made matters a lot easier for Hillary Clinton and it will help her to ease off some of the uncertainty and (is) good news for investors who have an appetite for risk in this

It is difficult to compare Mario Draghi with Janet Yellen, Carney or Kuroda because he is in charge of a lot of countries. He has to face the music from Germany, France with respect to his policies – the two countries which have made the most

Firstly, it is the interest rate environment which is a lot more favorable for the U.S. banks. The Fed is about to increase the interest rate for one more time this year and this is going to be positive news for them. But if you look in Europe, we do not think that interest rates are going to move higher anytime

The number came better than expected. But manufacturing and industrial sector have performed badly and this is what we want to

It is certainly too early to call that Brexit effects are over or they will not have an impact on the UK's

This is not a great message when you are talking about supply cut and your credibility is already being

This stamps that the deflation period may have come to an end. Rising prices for both consumer and producers was something that the PBOC was trying to trigger for a while because it shows that the economy is

The number tells you two simple things: we are fighting for demand and the situation is equally worse, whether we look at international demand or domestic number. If we get another number which confirms that economic recovery is under threat over in China, we could have a serious

Concerns of a hard Brexit continue to fester, causing more inflation pain for the Bank of England and for consumers. The selling pressure has easing off somewhat as Theresa May takes the foot off the gas in terms of a hard

Investors have lost their confidence further after the recent dispute over supply from OPEC, this is impacting the US markets. Negative headlines will continue to push the price of oil and energy sector will have footprints of

Investors were shackled, with the corporate health condition in the U.S. and the Fed is thinking of increasing the interest

The sterling weakness is also presenting a threat for the Fed, as the dollar is becoming stronger and stronger. This makes the Fed increasing the interest rates a little bit

The sell-off which we are seeing for gold is mainly due to the reason that some Fed members have created noise again that November meeting could be live when it comes to the interest rate. Although it sounds extremely bizarre because we also have the US election in that particular month, and I do not see the Fed combining the two risky events

The economy seems to be unable to sustain without central bank

This could become a serious problem for the Fed and they can soon start paddling

Fed's William has added more color to the U.S. rate hike odds. You can say that it is pretty much a trend that after a weak or fragile data, we do get somewhat hawkish comments from various different Fed members, and they try to fade the effects of the data on the

A few more Fed members may add more ingredients to this recipe in the coming days, and only one more bullish economic reading could make the current dollar dip look like a buy

When you see the ISM non-manufacturing number dropping like this, it shakes the floor on which traders are building the hopes that the Fed could increase the interest

Traders are not going to be that much happy that easy money is leaving town, so we may see a sell-off for the equity market and for gold as

There are two angles here. Firstly, it is the failure of the QE policy over in Japan, and expectations are that perhaps focus will be more on fiscal stimulating policies rather than monetary policies. Finally, the fading interest rate hike expectations are taking the steam out of the

If you look at the retail sales number ex auto, the number is even weaker. We always think that the retail sales data is the true reflection of the consumer spending and the number produced today tells us that consumption is very slow. The number will also an impact on the start of the Third

Gold traders reduced their positions and took some profit off the table as the odds of the US increasing the interest rate have become stronger. However, it is still very vague that when that take will place as the upcoming U.S. elections do have massive elements of

The volatility continued to shadow the equity market and consumer confidence. The Turkish Lira is drowning for now and remains under constant

Most investors are in the mood to take some profits off the table and this could impact the volume in the market as we march towards the final hours of the referendum

The economic data is firming up in the US and this is making the dollar stronger. Traders are of the mind-set that the Fed will increase the interest rate in

Investors' confidence is in jeopardy after the Bank of Japan's decision, and further fuel has been added by U.S. corporate

Investors are once again focused towards the scanty economic data over in China and the anxiety is if the People's Bank of China has the right tools to help the

What matters for equity investors right now is the assurance from the U.S. Federal Reserve department that they are paying attention to the economic conditions, which are not only taking place domestically, but they also need to react to offshore volatility. If we get this comfort from the Fed, we could see a rally in the equity market around the

Gold has eased off from its $1,100 mark as the president of the ECB spurred some appetite for riskier

The ongoing weakness in Chinese growth could (help send) the metal above the $1,100

Investors in Europe are shrugging off some of the angst around the Chinese market sell-off and showing some resilience today despite the up and down swings in

Crude and Brent oil had a very rocky and wild start for this year, similar to the equity market, and the confidence in the commodity space is still far away from forming any kind of solid foundation. There is a strong possibility that we break below the 30 dollar mark and the price could be trading between $25 and $

European markets are not getting any room to breath once again. This is despite the fact that the People Bank of China is trying its all weapons to calm the market

Unless geopolitical events affect the direct supply of oil, such as by impeding a major pipeline, port or waterway, oil prices shouldn't be affected. Iran has all the interest in the world right now to actually move the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia into the domestic arena in Saudi Arabia. If that happens ... we could still see a huge implication for the oil

The bias could be skewed towards the downside and most of the bets may also be anchored towards this

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