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Nancy Pelosi has been quoted 200 times. The one recent article where Nancy Pelosi has been quoted is Trump withdraws bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Most recently, Nancy Pelosi was quoted as having said, “This is pretty exciting for us, yesterday our anniversary, today a victory for the Affordable Care Act more importantly, for the American people. Tomorrow is the fifty first anniversary of Rev Martin Luther King Jnr saying in a speech…that of all of the forms of inequality, inequality in healthcare is probably the most inhumane.”.
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President Trump has shown that he does not value the future of our children and working families.

Throwing billions at defense while ransacking America's investments in jobs, education, clean energy and lifesaving medical research will leave our nation weakened. The President's budget blueprint fails to recognize America's strength depends on more than military spending; it depends on the power of our diplomacy, the health of our economy and the vitality of our communities.

We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.

They "must decide whether white supremacy is welcome in the GOP ranks.

Of course you can have savings if you cut off millions of people from access to health care. Explain that to your constituents.

I hope they would pull the bill. It's really the only decent thing to do. How can they look their constituents in the eye when they say to them '24 million of you will no longer have coverage.

This is a remarkable figure. It speaks so eloquently to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker calls 'an act of mercy'. I don't know if he thinks it's an act of mercy to all the people who will lose coverage, to people who lose jobs, to the hospitals that they have to close down, especially in rural areas.

If I rule the world, one thing we would do to make the future better, would be the education of girls. Not just here in America, across the world. Because one woman succeed, world succeed. Thank you all very much for coming.

He doesn't even have the faintest idea of what he's talking about.

The American people and members have the right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in committee or by the full House. We're not talking about something that is manageable.

I wasn't at the dinner. I'm just finding out about this, but the fact is I'm still in a sort of a state of 'What is going on here?

It's called a wrap-up smear. You make up something. Then you have the press write about it. And then you say, everybody is writing about this charge. It's a tool of an authoritarian.

I wasn't at the dinner. I'm just finding out about this. You all are criticizing Cedric for something he said in the course of the evening, and he maybe should be criticized for that; I just don't know the particulars. But do I, every day, marvel at the fact that somebody who said the gross and crude things that President Trump said, he wouldn't even be allowed in a frat house, and he's in the White House. I think everybody was making crude comments. And I just – I just don't know. I wasn't at that dinner.

The Deflector-in-Chief is at it again. An investigation by an independent commission is the only answer.

They are splitting hair here. The recusal tells us that there is something wrong. If these meetings were so innocuous, why did he deny he had them.

The other part of it is the possibility of perjury, which is punishable by law for anybody else. Certainly we should have that be standard for the highest-ranking law enforcement person in our country.

So this recusal is an admission that something went on but it's not sufficient. There are two things. One is the recusal as a surrogate of then candidate Trump's campaign and having communication with the Russian government knowing they were hacking our system. That's what the recusal is about, however narrow it is.

Attorney General Sessions' narrow recusal and his sorry attempt to explain away his perjury are totally inadequate.

They're hiding their bill in the basement. The Republicans are too terrified of their constituents to make their plan to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Jeff Sessions lied under oath during his confirmation hearing before the Senate.

After lying under oath to Congress about his own communications with the Russians, the Attorney General must resign. Sessions is not fit to serve as the top law enforcement officer of our country.

Sessions is not fit to serve as the top law enforcement officer of our country and must resign. There must be an independent, bipartisan, outside commission to investigate the Trump political, personal and financial connections to the Russians.

When we believe the time is right we will put forth our positive agenda, but not while people are still enamored by what could be viewed as a snake-oil salesman by some and a messenger of hope by others.

The president's speech was utterly disconnected from the cruel reality of his conduct.

Trump "speaks like a populist, but he is selling working people down the river to Wall Street.

Our House Democratic caucus will be very dignified tonight.

The president's Muslim and refugee ban dishonors our values, violates our constitution and undermines our nation's fight against terror. He has launched a cruel deportation dragnet that will tear families apart, and has hauled law-abiding immigrants out of church shelters, courtrooms and schools.

The statement by Chairman Nunes today really raises questions about stonewalling in my view.

The attorney general must recuse himself. You have seen a flurry of activities that are completely inappropriate, encouraging lawmakers, encouraging intelligence officials to say that something is one way or another. Let's have the investigation and find out the truth.

The Republican bill raises families' costs, weakens coverage and pushes millions of Americans off of health coverage of any kind.

The rule of law depends on the FBI's complete independence, free from political pressure from the targets of its investigations.

If they need Democratic votes, because some of their people will vote for nothing, as you well know, then we'll have to talk. But I fear that if they don't need Democratic votes, the product would be something very horrible for the American people.

They are stonewalling this. The speaker is saying it's up to the Intelligence Committee – the chairman of the Intelligence Committee is saying don't look at me, I'm not doing any of this. the American people deserve better.

Do you know what a scapegoat is? That means in a community when people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat and they heap all of the ills onto the goat and they run the goat out of town. So, the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have blame that should be shared in all of this.

I have a tweet, I'm going to make, I'm telling my staff right now – It's not scapegoat, its stonewall, and that's exactly what the Republicans in Congress are doing.

The American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia's financial, personal and political grip on President Trump and what that means for our national security.

Did you see those photos of President Obama enjoying flight surfing? I think President Obama is the only person who is happy Obama isn't president.

For the sake of our values and the security of America, Democrats will continue to press for President Trump's dangerous and unconstitutional ban to be withdrawn.

I want to know what the Russians have on Donald Trump. I think we have to have an investigation by the F.B.I. into his financial, personal and political connections to Russia.

Less than two weeks after walking into the White House, President Trump lifts sanctions on the Russian Security Service. Vladimir Putin's thugs meddle with an American election, and President Trump gives them a thank you present.

After the relentless contempt for women that candidate Trump displayed throughout his campaign, it is no surprise that President Trump intends to place someone hostile to women's rights on the Supreme Court. In the Hobby Lobby case, Judge Neil Gorsuch revealed his eagerness to single out women's health for discrimination and enable employers to meddle in their workers' most intimate health decisions.

What the president has done is not in the interest of security. It is reckless. It is reckless and rash. To protect our Constitution and our people, we must be strong and smart.

Let us remember that many have tried to silence @repjohnlewis over the years. All have failed.

There is a great deal of evidence to say that this is a high - an issue of high interest to the American people. The strength, the integrity of our own democracy. And that for that reason, the FBI should let us know whether they're making - doing that investigation or not. They're usually inscrutable, as you saw in the public testimony in the Senate.

Instead of honoring his committee's responsibility to hold the administration accountable, Chairman Chaffetz has appointed himself President-elect Trump's chief strongman and enforcer.

For six years, they have had a chance to propose an alternative. We've seen nothing, but what we have seen is their cut and run. They want to cut benefits and run.

I think people don't want the day to pass without registering concerns. In some cases, members are concerned about voter suppression, in some cases they are concerned about Russian influence on our election. There are a number of concerns. But it's not going to have an impact at the end of the day.

That's why people have some level of dismay today on the vote ... about the Electoral College. How much is known about the foreign disruption of our election?

I will be there and I will support those who object. It's not going to have an impact at the end of the day. People don't want the day to pass without registering concern.

We're going to fight as hard as ever to protect the ACA (Affordable Care Act), said Representative Steny Hoyer, the House of Representatives' second-ranking Democrat.

We cannot have an OMB director who sees inflicting pain on working families as leverage for his radical agenda.

While Speaker Ryan sharpens his knives for Medicare, Chairman Johnson's bill is an alarming sign that Republicans are greedily eying devastating cuts to Americans' Social Security benefits as well.

America will not be made great by dragging parents away from their children, by squandering billions of dollars on a wall that does little to secure the border, or by rejecting freedom of religion and echoing the darkest chapters of persecution.

American families need a Labor Department that stands up for workers' wages, retirement security and safety, not one focused on reducing their pay. Andy Puzder has a long record of fighting against the wages of working families.

The head of the EPA cannot be a stenographer for the lobbyists of polluters and Big Oil.

We hope that General Kelly is willing to stand up for facts, families and the Constitution. America will not be made great by dragging parents away from their children, by squandering billions of dollars on a wall that does little to secure the border, or by rejecting freedom of religion and echoing the darkest chapters of persecution.

Brushing aside the law that enshrines civilian control of the military – without discussion, in a massive must-pass funding bill – would set a terrible precedent.

There is no evidence that Dr. Carson brings the necessary credentials to hold a position with such immense responsibilities and impact on families and communities across America.

We know how to win elections. We've done it in the past, we will do it again.

I have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one, to lead the House Democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward.

Congress carefully designed the CFPB to elevate the interests of consumers above those of a well-heeled industry and provided for a single director removable for cause to ensure accountability and effectiveness. Under the Constitution, Congress has considerable latitude to shape the structure of independent agencies.

After decades under Fidel's doctrine of oppression and antagonism, there is hope that a new path for Cuba is opening.

To be a strong voice for hard-working families and to uphold the values we cherish as Americans, House Democrats must be unified, strategic and unwavering. These qualities took us to victory in 2006 and I believe they will do so again. We must start now!

There must be no sugar-coating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the Trump administration.

After winning the presidency but losing the popular vote, President-elect Trump must try to bring Americans together - not continue to fan the flames of division and bigotry.

We can work together to quickly pass a robust infrastructure jobs bill.

I would say that when the director of the FBI, Mr. Comey, released that letter two Fridays ago, he became the leading Republican political operative in the country.

But we can see very clearly that, and I think most people would've agreed, the success, the opportunity to win the House was predicated on a big victory for Mrs. Clinton. When her numbers narrowed, so did that prospect.

The FBI's swift and thorough review should finally close the door on this Republican sideshow.

The heroes who served our country in uniform deserve every bonus and benefit they received in good faith. We all must work together to swiftly address this situation and monitor any additional issues that come up in California and other states.

These brave Californians were willing to give everything to serve our country, and they earned every penny and benefit given to them.

I think it will be a single-digit difference. They'll be ahead by some. We'll be ahead by some, but it is definitely within reach.

You make your own wave, and that's what we're doing.

I've worked with these families for a very long time, and I think they should have their day in court.

By Zika, I mean for a year. I don't mean for three months. Zika should be emergency spending. It should not be off-set (requiring cuts in other government programs), because it is an emergency.

They turned off the cameras. We went to Periscope. They tried to shut down the discussion, and what resulted was a discussion heard 'round the world.

Without you and without the technology of Periscope [the sit-in] would just be a debate in the Halls of Congress unrecorded because they turned off the microphones. But we raised our voices. They turned off the cameras and we went to Periscope.

Moments of silence aren't a substitute for the actions needed on gun violence.

Just because they cut and run in the dark of night, just because they have left doesn't mean we are taking no for an answer.

We truly believe that if there was a vote, we would win the vote.

Once again we are fighting an uphill fight to bring legislation to the floor. We truly believe that if there was a vote, we would win the vote.

The latest plank of House Republicans' Wrong Way agenda is nothing more than a wish list for polluters, unscrupulous financial advisers and Wall Street. It will do nothing to create jobs in our country.

In this campaign, we have seen her vision, her knowledge, her ability, indeed her stamina, to get the job done for the American people.

After long bipartisan negotiations, we believe we have achieved a restructuring process that can work.

We have a bipartisan agreement [on the bill]….that does contain a restructuring that can work.

The new SFMOMA is a manifestation of our city's deep respect for creativity.

People are always saying that members of Congress from opposite parties should spend more time after work like we used to do. It would be fun to spend more time with Ted Cruz. Don't you think? ... Somewhere where he feels right at home. A Justin Bieber concert, a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, a maple syrup tasting.

Katrina was a natural disaster. How it was handled was a man-made disaster.

Another reason to support this bill – even though there are plenty of reasons not to – is that it stops cuts in social security, Medicare and Medicaid. This is the most important assignment given to the Democratic leadership going to the table, to make sure there are no cuts in benefits, in Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security – that was achieved.

This bill is going nowhere. It is a total waste of time. And every day we spend on this waste of time is another day we are not talking about the highest priority of the American people which is job creation.

I have always been for a truth commission because I think this is very important. The question that was there was should there be immunity or not. I think it should be decided on a case by case basis.

It may take more than 15 billion dollars to get to March 31 but come March 31 it is our hope there will be a viable automotive industry in our country with transparency and accountability to the tax payer.

There's certain standards that we want to see. We want to see a commitment to the future. We want to see a restructuring of their approach, that they have a new business model, a new business plan. There has to be compensation reform.

Working in a bi-partisan way we sent a message to Wall Street. The party is over, the era of golden parachutes for high-flying Wall Street operators is over. No longer will the US taxpayer bail out the recklessness of Wall Street. And that's the news that this legislation brings.

We've made great progress, we have to commit it to paper so that we can formally agree, but I want to congratulate all the negotiators for the great work that they have done.

Anybody that Barack would choose would be the one that I support. So I think there's great excitement surrounding the Biden announcement. People are rallying around him. They know his values, they know his effectiveness, they know his patriotism.

I myself, as Speaker of the House, would like to call upon the Senate to take up our legislation and to pass it quickly. It is essential to the relief of some of the hardship that America's families are feeling. Many Americans in the middle class are living paycheck to paycheck.

I think that America is not as safe as it could be and this legilsation will take us forward to a great extent to make America safer.

The president also is absolutely determined to keep this country safe and to do what is best for Americans. That is his job.

If the president chooses to escalate the war in his budget request, we want to see a distinction between what is there and to support the troops who are there now. If the president wants to add to this mission, he is going to have to justify it.

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