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My fear is that – not immediately, but over time – we just lose that edge, we just lose that ingenuity which has always put us at the cutting edge of the creative industries. It's the cumulative effect of thousands and thousands of small
Mar 28 2017 Brexit
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Nick Clegg is associated, including Liberal Democrats and Alex Salmond. Most recently, Nick Clegg has been quoted saying: “Times have moved on. Expanding selection isn't part of the answer to tackling social mobility.” in the article Cross-party alliance takes on Theresa May over grammar schools.
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If you are anti-drugs, you should be pro-reform. That is my

Eurosceptics need to be quite careful about what they wish for. Because if they succeed in pushing this country – and they won't succeed as long as I'm in government – to push this country towards the 'Exit' sign, let's be clear, the people who will be damaged is British families, British businesses, British jobs, British communities and I will not let that

It won't be a public inquiry, it won't be established under the Inquiries Act, but it will serve as a way in which victims and communities can have their voice

I think, of course, there are big question marks about how News Corporation is being run. Why is it that people higher up the food chain have not taken accountability for what is emerging as an industrial-scale scandal in the way in which its newspapers were being

Rupert Murdoch is now in town, in London, seeking to sort things out, and I would simply say to him, Look how people feel about this, look at how the country has reacted with revulsion to the revelations. So, do the decent and sensible thing and reconsider. Think again about your bid for

I think it is a real shame that there are strikes today because there are talks actually ongoing between the government and trade

In politics, as in life, you sometimes get these big ups and downs and we have taken a real knock last night and we will need to learn the lessons from what we heard on the

Well obviously I hope on an important day like this that lots of people will take the opportunity to get stuck in and join in the referendum on our voting system to make our politics a bit better and a bit

I think it would be wrong to try and draw neat comparisons between the situation in Bahrain – the tensions between the Sunni and the Shia communities there – and the decades of brutal abuse of the human rights and freedoms of people in Libya by an authoritarian regime under Colonel

The UN was very clear, the international community was very clear. It wants to see an end, an absolute end to these needless, senseless and brutal attacks on the Libyan people. And until the international community is satisfied that that is happening, the UN resolution will still be

It's very difficult to be honest to tell exactly what is happening on the ground. There is some evidence right now he is continuing to brutalise some citizens in the west of Libya even though he is declaring a ceasefire in the east so we need, sort of, to see it to believe

We are not, let's be absolutely clear, we are not going to a war. This is no Iraq, there's going to be no invasion of Libya. The UN resolution very clearly rules out, absolutely rules out any ground invasion (of Libya). But clearly if Gaddafi's own ground troops are menacing and attacking and brutalising innocent Libyan citizens then we would take military action from the air in order to seek to stop them doing that. That is squarely within the terms of the

Well not really, in a sense it's fairly obvious. The UN resolution speaks for itself. It mandates the international community to take action, all necessary measures to protect those Libyan citizens who are being attacked and brutalised by the Gaddafi

What I expect, and hope he will believe, is that it is now for the police to investigate whether these new charges and allegations have anything to

When these questions have been addressed, I very much hope that there will be an opportunity for him to rejoin

This is a very new thing we are doing. We are breaking the rules of the old politics, we are doing something new, nothing like this has happened on this scale for many, many years in Britain. So of course people have anxieties, that's right when you try and do something bold and

How on earth does it help anyone in Bristol, or anyone else in the country for that matter, David Cameron, to join together in the European Union with a bunch of nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exists, homophobes? That doesn't help Britain. Of course we need to change the European Union, but you change clubs of which you are a member by getting stuck in, not standing on the sidelines and complaining about

Firstly, fair tax reform; secondly, a new approach in education to provide the fair start that all children deserve in school; thirdly, a new approach to the economy so we can build a new economy from the rubble of the old; and fourthly, fundamental political reform of our political

Britain voted for change yesterday but it also voted for a new politics, it did not vote for party political bickering, grandstanding and pointscoring our countries problems are too serious, they are too urgent for that, so we must all rise to this occasion, we must show leadership, we must sort things out as quickly as possible for the good of the

It seems, this morning, that it is the Conservative party that has more votes and more seats, though not an absolute majority, and that is why I think it is now for the Conservative party to prove that it is capable of seeking to govern in the national interest. At the same time, this election campaign has made it abundantly clear that our electoral system is broken. It simply doesn't reflect the hopes and aspirations of the British

It's obviously been a disappointing night for the Liberal Democrats. We simply haven't achieved what we hoped. I'm nevertheless proud of the way we conducted the campaign. I think we conducted a positive campaign, full of hope, full of optimism, which I think did engage a lot of people in the election campaign, even if they didn't then go on to vote for the Liberal

We have to clear up the House of Lords so the House of Lords is accountable to you, not just to itself. We have to clean up party funding and we have to introduce a new approach to politics so every single one of your votes counts, so that politicians listen to you, not just

There are now indications that Labour might come third in terms of the number of people voting for the different parties. What I'm saying is that it seems to me just preposterous the idea that if a party comes third in terms of the number of votes, it's still somehow has the right to carry on squatting in Number 10 and continue to lay claim to having the prime

The real choice is between the old politics of Labour and the Conservatives and something different, something new, and that's what we offer. We've got to do something new this

When all the speculation is said and done,I keep coming back to some simple truths: I am not the king-maker. The 45 million voters of Britain are the king-makers. You are the

It's destroyed completely the trust between MPs and the public. And I think all MPs and especially new MPs in a new parliament and especially younger MPs from a new generation understand that the old ways simply can't carry

We are putting our cards on the table now. The heart of our manifesto will be short, direct and to the point. We have stripped away everything that is not essential because the country cannot afford it. We have isolated only two areas where we will make immediate, significant additional spending pledges: in education and in

The events of the last two days show that this government has completely forfeited its right to govern. Anyone watching these events would just be asking what has happened to the authority of the government, what has happened to the authority of the prime minister,'' said conservative leader David

Whether Gordon Brown stays, whether Gordon Brown goes, whether someone replaces him. Its all irrelevant, because the Labour government has run out of road. It's

There are big things at stake today. Democracy must carry on, it's important that we send good MPs to Brussels who can do good things for British

It's good that the prime minister is now talking the talk of reform. The problem is that he's had 12 years to sort out British politics, so people simply don't believe that Gordon Brown is the man for change, and both David Cameron and Gordon Brown as leaders of the old established parties talk the talk of reform but they seem to wish to kick it into the long

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