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While France is acting, Germany is just thinking about
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Sep 26 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Nicolas Sarkozy is associated, including France and Francois Fillon. Most recently, Nicolas Sarkozy has been quoted saying: “(Brigitte Macron) is great! She told me she had voted for me all her life!” in the article Brigitte Macron denies being a fan of Nicolas Sarkozy after conservative ex-French president claims 'she voted for me all her life'. An other article where Nicolas Sarkozy has been quoted is Yes, Macron’s “civilizational” Africa statement is problematic but it’s also very French.
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Nicolas Sarkozy quotes

Nov 20 2016 - French election 2017

I hold Alain Juppe in high esteem, but I feel closer to Francois Fillon's political choices. I will therefore vote for him in the second round of the

Nov 18 2016 - Turkey

Turkey does not belong in the European

Nov 13 2016 - Immigration

There is an anger among the people. They are living in a reality which is no longer recognized by many

Nov 08 2016

If a little guy's family does not eat pork and the menu at the (school) canteen is a slice of ham and chips, well, he skips the ham and eats a double helping of chips. In a republic, it's the same rule and the same menu for

Oct 20 2016

I've never seen such an erosion of authority in this

Oct 16 2016 - Unemployment

I believe France has many other important issues to deal with such as security, terrorism and unemployment, rather than recreate conditions for another hysterical

Oct 13 2016 - Russia

The duty of France and Europe is that Russia, France and Europe talk. I have disagreements with Putin, but how do you find a solution if you don't talk?feedback

Aug 29 2016

The jungle should not be in Calais or anywhere else, because this is a republic and those with no rights to be here should return to their

Aug 29 2016

I'm demanding the opening of a centre in Britain to deal with asylum seekers in Britain so that Britain can do the work that concerns

Aug 24 2016

We don't imprison women behind

Aug 23 2016

I decided to be a candidate in the presidential election of 2017… I felt I had the strength to fight this battle at such a tormented time in

Aug 23 2016

We need to understand that we are at war. Our enemies have no taboos, no boundaries, no principles . So I 'm going to use strong words. It will be us or them. And it is a question of

Aug 22 2016

I felt I had the strength to lead this battle at a troubled time in our

Aug 22 2016

It wasn't that long ago that when we talked about immigration, identity and removing citizenship we were called

Jul 27 2016 - French election 2017

All this violence and barbarism has paralyzed the French left since January 2015. It has lost its bearings and is clinging to a mindset that is out of touch with

Feb 16 2016

It will no doubt be hard to believe, but I swear it is the strict truth: I knew nothing about this company until the scandal

Jan 27 2016

French nationality shall be withdrawn from any person of foreign origin, who has deliberately undermined the life of a police officer or a military

Dec 13 2015

The mobilization in favour of our candidates in the second round shouldn't make us forget the warnings that were sent to all political leaders, including us, during the first round of these regional

Dec 07 2015

The Socialists took a decision that I respect, it's their choice and they did it without us asking them anything. They were very clear about their decision. And us, we chose to keep our

Dec 06 2015

It's a new sign of the deep yearning of the French to see things change in our country. We need to hear and understand the deep despair of the

Nov 16 2015 - Daesh

We need everyone's help to exterminate Daesh (Islamic State), notably the Russians. There cannot be two coalitions in

Aug 20 2015

We now need to pass to a new phase, the definitive and complete closing of the Sangatte center. This closure will happen on December

Jun 01 2015

We had to turn the page, because the UMP had been through some difficult years, so this gives new momentum, but on the same principles, rallying

Nov 17 2014

I want a marriage for homosexual couples and a [different] marriage for straight couples, which takes into account the differences, because it is not the same

Jul 02 2014

I'm deeply shocked at what's happened. I'm not asking for a privilege, if I've done something wrong I accept the consequences. I'm not a man who runs away from his responsibilities. I'd just like to appeal to everyone watching, imagine, is it normal I should be bugged and my most intimate conversations listened to since last September?feedback

Mar 27 2013

There was no use moaning about the rain as the sun always ends up

Dec 12 2012 - Qatar

… With others I wanted this choice to be made. Why? Because we needed to wait until the 21st century for a Muslim country to organise an event of this importance for the first

May 04 2012

What do you want for your country ….for your children? What values do you want in French society for the five years ahead?feedback

May 04 2012

The border demonstrates that not all values are equal, that inside them and outside them are not the same, that between us and others there is a difference!feedback

May 04 2012 - Portugal

Does anybody in France want to end up like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Iceland?feedback

May 03 2012

The eurobond, that means what? That Germany and France will fund the debts of others? I'm not having that. Because I believe we will not reduce our outgoings, our deficits and debts and they are not going to be secured by Europe as Europe is being secured by its two strongest countries, that of Germany and

May 01 2012

We want big projects for the large country that is France. We don't want jealousy, we don't want egalitarianism, we don't want bitterness, we don't want hatred, we don't want class war. We don't want

Apr 29 2012

It's is not a question of the Right winning – that's stupid. It's not a question of the Left winning – that's ridiculous. It's a question of making sure France wins… and France is all the voters, however they cast their

Apr 23 2012

The National Front voters need to be respected, they made a choice, they expressed themselves. It's a vote of suffering. A vote of crisis. Why insult them because of it?feedback

Apr 23 2012 - French election 2017

I cannot understand why Mr Hollande is avoiding these debates. I do not understand it, when he had three easy debates against his Socialist comrades. Now it's time to debate in front of the French

Mar 22 2012

From now on, any person who regularly looks at internet sites which glorify terrorism or which call for hatred and violence, will be criminally punished. Any person going abroad for the purposes of indoctrination in terrorist ideology will be criminally punished. The spread and glorification of extremist ideologies will be penalised in law with all the means already used in the fight against

Mar 21 2012

I have came to bow my head before the coffins of the murdered soldiers. I have come to offer the nation's support and tribute to their families, their loved ones and their brothers in

Mar 21 2012

We must be united. We must give in neither to discrimination nor revenge. Faced with such an event, France cannot be great but in national unity. We owe it to the victims killed in cold blood. We owe it to our

Mar 20 2012

It is very important to think about these children who have died and their families. And it's very important to think about the world as it is, all

Mar 19 2012

This murder doesn't just hurt the Jewish community, the entire national community is distressed and is by your side. We are struck by the similarity of the modus operandi of today's tragedy and that which occurred last

Mar 15 2012

Life has taught me that when you think you can never lose something you hold dear, then that's the day you

Mar 13 2012 - Libya

If he had funded it then I haven't been very

Mar 07 2012 - French election 2017

They will ask if during the crisis, did I protect them? With the events that have crashed down with an unheard of violence on the world, on Europe and on France…. have I done my job well, or have I done it badly? And would Mr Francois Hollande have done any better?feedback

Mar 02 2012

I would like to pay tribute to the courage of Edith Bouvier and also the chivalrous spirit of William Daniels, who despite not suffering the same injuries, didn't abandon her, when he had the chance to get

Feb 24 2012

Those who carried out the assassination will have to pay for

Feb 23 2012

Enough is enough, it's time for the regime to

Jan 29 2012

The measures that were taken by France, the measures taken by Europe and the regulation measures taken by the G20, allowed things to stabilise. The financial crisis is calming down, Europe is no longer on the edge of an abyss. All our efforts must now be dedicated to the resolution of the economic

Jan 27 2012 - Taliban

The operation started ten years by Jospin and Chirac naturally has a fixed term. And this term isn't fixed by the Taliban. It's fixed by the conviction we all have, President Karzai included, that a country of 30-million inhabitants must be able to assure its own security and can not accept foreign military bases on its

Jan 19 2012

It's not what credit agencies say that counts, the agencies don't make policy. What matters is that we have too much debt, too big a deficit, too much spending. And the right thing to do is reduce spending, the debt and the

Jan 14 2012

In the real economy such uncertainties will affect investment and business credit. And at the same time, it downgrades France in relation to our biggest neighbour,

Jan 10 2012

We hope that decisions on the inter-governmental treaty to stabilise the euro will be taken over the next few days and that it will be signed on March

Dec 22 2011

If a great country like Turkey were to recognise dark pages in its history, and therefore the genocide of the Armenians, France, like Armenia, would see that as a very good step

Dec 09 2011

As you knew we would have preferred a reform of EU treaties among 27 states. It was not possible because of the position of our British friends. Therefore it will be an inter-governemental treaty among 17, open to all those who may want to join

Dec 08 2011

Without an accord between France and Germany a deal within Europe would be impossible. The conclusions to draw from this are simple, more solidarity within the eurozone and more discipline and governance in the eurozone. One problem remains however, when must a decision be made? Immediately, my dear friends, because if we don't agree on Friday there'll be no second

Dec 01 2011

The passage of this cycle is an adjustment that all developed countries will soon be confronted

Nov 24 2011

France and Germany, in the coming days will propose changes to EU treaties to improve the governance in the eurozone and to aid more integration and convergence of our economic

Nov 03 2011 - Cannes Festival

The euro implies duties as well as rights, of course, for all those taking part. All members of the eurozone must stick together, there must be solidarity towards all the other members. But a minimum number of rules have to be followed; we cannot accept the explosion of the euro, as that would mean the explosion of Europe

Nov 02 2011 - IMF

Europeans and the IMF can not consider the sixth tranche of the aid program until Greece has adopted the whole package (agreed on) October 27 and until the uncertainty of the outcome of the referendum has been

Nov 02 2011 - Cannes Festival

France and Germany have taken the initiative of bringing together, before the start of the G20 summit, all the European institutions as well as the IMF, to examine with the Greek Prime Minister the conditions under which the commitments made can be

Oct 27 2011

These are extremely important decisions taken by 17 countries. The complexity of the matters under discussion, the need to get everyone to agree meant it was a long night. I think the result will be welcomed by the whole

Oct 23 2011 - Portugal

Between now and Wednesday we must find a solution, a structural, ambitious and definitive solution. There is no other

Oct 21 2011 - Libya

One should never rejoice in the death of a man, whatever he has done. But the threat posed by Gaddafi and the group of mercenaries who were with him was a real threat to the future of Libya. Now you have to turn the page, and progress with forgiveness and

Oct 14 2011

Concerning the prisoner swap deal, it's a good thing because I strongly believe that every Palestinian prisoner should enjoy

Sep 30 2011

The failure of Greece would be a failure of the whole of Europe. There is no other credible alternative. Yes, there is a moral obligation of solidarity. But there is also an obligation for economic solidarity. It is not possible to leave Greece

Sep 15 2011 - Libya

Friends of Benghazi, we ask you now one thing… We believe in Libya united, not Libya divided. Vive Bengazhi! Vive la Libye!feedback

Sep 02 2011 - Libya

Money taken by Gaddafi and his entourage has to go back to the Libyan people, so we have all agreed to unblock the money that Libya had yesterday to finance Libya

Aug 24 2011 - Libya

On the first of September we are inviting all of our allies to a conference in Paris, but we want to go further, to show that the period of the Contact Group and of the Military Coalition is coming to an end, and that we are moving into a new era of a free Libya and we will move with

Jul 14 2011

The withdrawal of forces will begin this year and will continue until 2013. We're facing extremely brutal terrorist acts there. Those who carry them out will have to answer for their

Jun 22 2011

Regulation is not a dirty word. A market without rules is not a market. What we have been able to do for the financial markets we have a duty to do for agricultural markets as

Jun 18 2011

France's and Germany's commitment to defend the euro's stability is

Jun 16 2011

I am calling on everyone to demonstrate their spirit of responsibility and compromise, on which Europe was

Jun 14 2011

I'm saying who can accept this, during a time when we don't have enough to feed the planet, speculators trade 46 times more than the actual volume of the world wheat

May 27 2011 - French election 2017

Alain Juppe and me, in time will go to Benghazi but we hope that when the time comes we can make a working visit to meet all those who want to build Libya's democratic future. We spoke with David Cameron and feel it should be a French and British

May 27 2011 - Libya

The situation is unacceptable and the government's behaviour is shocking. The terms of the final declaration of the G8 are clear about the condemnation of the Syrian power against peaceful

May 26 2011 - Bosnian genocide

If we had not intervened Benghazi would have been razed to the ground by the murderous madness of a man who had promised unprecedented repression. As Europeans we had not forgotten Srebrenica where 8,000 people died despite assurances from the international community that they would be

May 24 2011

The world you represent is not a parallel universe where legal and moral rules and more generally all the basic rules that govern society in democratic countries do not

May 03 2011 - Mafia

France will not let this crime go unpunished. This is a struggle for all of us, for lawful states against criminal organisations, who are nothing more than a mafia disguised as underground

Apr 26 2011

We aren't supporting him because he's Italian. We're supporting him because he's an excellent

Apr 26 2011 - Forward Italy

We want Schengen to live, but for Schengen to live it must be

Mar 25 2011 - Libya

It will inevitably be political and diplomatic, too, even if the military option has become unavoidable because of Mr Gaddafi's inability to listen to reasonable

Feb 10 2011

Those who covered up or allowed this error to happen will be

Feb 09 2011

Everywhere in the world, I want the oppressed, martyred women, children imprisoned or condemned to work, to know that there is a country in the world that will be generous with all the persecuted: that's

Feb 04 2011

We want to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe and its economy. We want Europe's economies to converge and so we have stepped up our discussions over the last few weeks. We have agreed on a structural plan to respond to the challenges Europe is

Dec 17 2010

Doubtless we need to go further. That work will fill the first weeks of the new year, to put in place economic governance of the euro zone and convergence of economic

Dec 03 2010

Call a spade a

Nov 24 2010 - Forward Italy

See you tomorrow, my paedophile friends!feedback

Oct 19 2010

The reform is essential. France is committed to it and France will go ahead with it just as our German partners did a few years

Sep 27 2010

We regret that the unanimous calls to prolong Israel's moratorium on settlement building were not heeded. I deplore

Sep 22 2010

Innovative finance, taxing financial transactions, these are things we can make a decision on NOW. Why wait?feedback

Sep 17 2010 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Madame Merkel told me of her wish to clear out encampments in the coming

Sep 17 2010 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Mrs Merkel has shown me her wish to proceed in the coming weeks with the evacuation of camps… and I must say I have been very touched once more by the complete, total and entire support of Angela

Sep 16 2010

All the heads of state and government were shocked by the outrageous statements by Viviane Reding, the Vice-President of the

Sep 16 2010 - European Commission

I know Mr. Barroso well, and I appreciate him. What's more, I backed him as European Commission President, and I appreciated that he disassociated himself from the expressions used by his vice-president. I am the head of the French state. I cannot let my country be

Jul 26 2010 - Al-Qaeda

I condemn this barbarous and odious act against this innocent man. This crime will not go

Jul 23 2010

Whatever happens, the state will guarantee the security and the continuity of the French banking and finance

Jul 12 2010

I told him I would like him to devote himself exclusively to this important pension reform and that my advice would be more that he give up the treasurer

Jul 06 2010

I would love it so much if the country could excite itself over the big problems, rather than jumping on the first horror story, a slander, which has only one goal, to smear with no basis in

Jun 18 2010

By giving General de Gaulle the right to speak, England paid France the finest tribute that it has ever received because that meant that, in the eyes of the English, France could only be seen in terms of the highest concept of

Jun 14 2010

The markets, speculators, which are of course not the same thing, can react within a split second…our procedures must be more efficient and more pragmatic. This entails economic government for the EU-27 and, when required, eurozone meetings to discuss the problems with the

May 31 2010

Africa's failure would be Europe's

Apr 09 2010

In that sense, France and its enterprises are going to help Italy and their workers to master this

Mar 31 2010 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Iran cannot continue its mad dash. I told President Obama that, with Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel, we will make efforts to make sure the whole of Europe is engaged in the process of

Mar 18 2010 - ETA

ETA must understand that the mobilisation of police and gendarmerie forces of the French Republic against this terrorist organisation will be total and

Mar 08 2010

I would like to see an independent body under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency establish an international analysis model on an incontestable scientific and technical basis, and I ask the director of the IAEA Yukiya Amano to classify reactors offered for sale on the market according to their safety and not

Feb 25 2010

Because of what happened here the international community, including France, is obliged to reflect on its

Feb 17 2010 - Haiti

Our presence here has not only left good memories, the wounds of colonisation and moreover the further conditions on the separation left traces that are still alive in the memories of Haitians. International aid must be massive, sustainable, but only the people of Haiti can define their national reconstruction

Jan 27 2010 - World Economic Forum

If we don't change banking rules, if we don't change accounting rules….it is not only a technical matter, it is not only a matter for experts…..where do we want capitalism to go?feedback

Jan 25 2010

We cannot accept that in our country woman are prisoners trapped behind a grill, cut off from society, deprived of an identity. This is not a principle of the French

Dec 17 2009

Time is working against us. Let's stop the posturing. Let's get back into the negotiation. Ladies and gentlemen, not a single one of us will emerge if he is not up to the measure of his historic responsibilities in Copenhagen. The question is now, right now, we have to start negotiating immediately. France and Europe are

Dec 14 2009

We've constantly ignored investment. It is a fault. The private sector can't do everything. France must acquire the means to have the best universities in the world, because with the best universities in the world we can start to win the competitivity

Nov 27 2009 - Greenpeace

I propose that 20% of the donations be used to protect the forests, to prevent deforestation. So we shall use 20% of the immediate public credits to put an end to land

Nov 20 2009

I think it's a very wise decision to have chosen as the first, stable president of the Council a man who comes from one of the founding countries of the European Union, from an important country but not one of the most important countries, so that no one will feel excluded from the

Nov 11 2009

The friendship between Germany and France is a treasure. We owe it to our ancestors who suffered so much to do everything to preserve this treasure and let it flourish. We also owe it to the people of Europe. We owe it to all the people of the world. When Germany and France propose something together, act together, Germany and France acomplish great

Sep 24 2009

After 2 years of investigation two independent judges felt that perpetrators should be brought before a criminal

Sep 21 2009

I want to know who put me in, why they put me in, and how they put me

Aug 27 2009

I hope the meeting between the American president's envoy and the Israeli prime minister will lead to- and everyone knows my friendship towards Israel but I'll say what I think- will lead to the complete freeze of settlement

Aug 26 2009

This loan is intended to finance strategic priorities for the future, not to address everyday demands, even if they are legitimate, which should be dealt with in the national annual

Aug 25 2009

Things can't stay they same as they were. I have made that commitment to the French people, I won't go back on that. It is a moral question and it's something that is crucial to ensure financial

Jun 20 2009

This is grotesque … We have to respect the grief of the families. Who would ever believe such a tale?feedback

Apr 30 2009

Paris will become a real city when we drop the concept of sink estates, of deprived urban areas, when where you live, your address, can no longer be a matter of social discrimination. Greater Paris will be big, grand, beautiful and fair for

Apr 06 2009

It's for the EU member states to decide. I've always been opposed to this entry and I still am. And I think I can say that the vast majority of member states shares the French position. Turkey is a very great country, an ally of Europe and an ally of the US. It must remain a privileged partner. My position hasn't changed, and it won't

Apr 01 2009

I will save the

Apr 01 2009

We have to get results. There's no choice. The crisis is too serious to allow us to have a summit for

Mar 20 2009

They got rid of the parliament. There was no election. Yes it was a

Mar 13 2009 - OECD

Renouncing banking secrecy does not mean renouncing secrets of private life, but saying where money comes from and where it goes, doesn't seem excessive to

Mar 12 2009

We want results in London. So, does everyone share our enthusiasm and desire? We hope so. But if that is not the case, we have decided that Germany and France will speak with one voice which will be heard with equal

Feb 24 2009 - Clean energy

If Italy wants to confirm its choice to return to nuclear energy France, through its ecology minister and Prime Minister, is offering a limitless partnership. And concerning nuclear, we want to develop a clean energy source with our dear Italian

Jan 02 2009

I want us to consider the idea of punishing these arsonists by withholding driving licences from them, car licences or motorbike licences, until they pay full compensation to the victims of their

Dec 22 2008

I am sincere when I say that we need Brazil in the world's governance. President Lula knows that this view is not shared by all European countries, so I am speaking not as President of the European Council, but as the President of France. We need Brazil to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and also to help safeguard the planet's environmental

Dec 16 2008 - American politics

It would have been the height of stupidity if, at the moment of a new American president setting ambitious environmental targets for the world's leading power, Europe had decided to go back on its own targets. It would have been

Dec 16 2008

Europe cannot be built against the will of member states, that's obvious. You can be as European as you like but you can't work against nations. I've tried to get Europe moving, but Europe has changed

Dec 12 2008 - Portugal

A country like Poland, with 38 million people, 95 percent reliant on coal… if we didn't give the country a chance to spread the effort out over time, Poles would face a two-to-three-hundred percent rise in electricity prices. That's not possible. That's not socially

Dec 12 2008 - Portugal

The process is relaunched. The Irish will be consulted once again. We have all decided that if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all the member states, each one will have a

Dec 04 2008 - Renault

Investment is the solution to the crisis. That is the best way support business, to save jobs today and to create jobs in the future, because France has lagged behind in investing in its

Nov 24 2008

We're agreed on coordination, we agree no the for other measures. France is going to work on it, and Germany will reflect on it. Acting on a general lowering of VAT… France shares the view of Germany that it could work in certain countries – I am thinking of our friends in the UK – What concerns us is falling prices. Should we lower VAT when prices are falling?feedback

Nov 16 2008

We all agreed on the urgent need for co-ordinated and concentrated action to re-start the world

Nov 16 2008 - Protectionism

We have a clear strategy: a relaunch, financial regulation, refusal of protectionism, reform of the global system. The financial ministers have instructions, and there will be a follow-up summit at the end of March or beginning of

Nov 14 2008

I remain convinced that the Russian Federation and Europe have every interest in working together ôn a common economic space. This would permit the creation of interdependency, which would rule out all forms of confrontation, because that would hamper common

Nov 11 2008

On this 11th of November 2008, now that the hate is gone, that the spirit of revenge has died down, and that none of those who fought are seeking to dominate the others, the time has come to honour all the dead without

Nov 08 2008

Everyone agrees on the absolute necessity of coordinating economic policies in Europe. Coordination does not mean that everyone has to do the same thing because we are not all in the same situation, but what it means is that we should be moving in the same

Nov 07 2008

We don't want to pass from an absence of regulation to too much regulation but we want to change the rules of the financial game. That is the basis on which Europe will go to Washington, with the will to defend a common position, that of transparency and of

Oct 28 2008

France gets more tourists than any country in the world. Is it normal, when we're the number one global tourist destination, that everything is shut on a Sunday?feedback

Oct 25 2008

All of them spoke of their willingness to make the Washington summit conclusive, with decisions being made. Everyone has understood that it is impossible to gather only for talks, so decisions will be

Oct 24 2008

Europe wants Asia to support our effort so together we can tell the world on November 15th that the causes of the crisis, which have no precedent, will not be

Oct 23 2008

If we'd allowed the banks to go bankrupt – as the Americans did, unfortunately, with Lehman Brothers – the bankruptcy of the banks, effects workers, pensioners, savers. They're the people who pay the price. It would be the small and medium size businesses that wouldn't have been able to get

Oct 21 2008

You're not talking like a French Socialist!feedback

Oct 21 2008

Europe must be the standard bearer for the idea of reforming world

Oct 21 2008

Europe brought about peace. Europe has brought about withdrawal of these occupying troops. And Europe has brought about international dialogue. It seems to me it that it is a long time since Europe has played such a role in a conflict of this

Oct 19 2008

I look forward to hosting this meeting in the near future. Both developed and developing nations will be represented. And together we will work to strengthen and modernise our nations financial systems so we can help ensure that this crisis doesn´t happen

Oct 19 2008

We live in the 21st century but we continue to abide by 20th century rules. Hedge funds cannot continue to operate as they have done in the past, nor can tax havens or financial institutions that are under no supervisory control. This is no longer acceptable, it is no longer

Oct 18 2008

I think that it is very important that Canada and Europe have the same convictions, the same values, and those will be taken into a summit which will build a new base for capitalism, which will reorganise the world's financial

Oct 16 2008

The French Presidency fought not to have the ambitious objectives and calendar dropped. Believe me, that wasn't

Oct 16 2008

What we don't want is that tomorrow the same causes create the same effects. We are unanimous when we say that this complete overhaul must be global. This means that no financial institution can escape regulation and monitoring: transparency for all financial players, without exception; a pay system that needs to be shaken up, to avoid blind risk-taking; and holding managers and administrators accountable for their

Oct 13 2008

The state will supply loan guarantees to banks which need refinancing. The total guarantee is set at 320 billion euros. This figure is the maximum. Without doubt it will never be reached. This evening we see a united Europe has done more than the United States in the amount committed, and I think the plan we are presenting is totally transparent. The French people will know exactly what we're going to

Oct 12 2008

Europe will speak with one voice, for Europeans but also for the whole world, as the crisis is a global

Oct 10 2008

I share fully the point of view expressed by Spain that we must have a co-ordinated European response, but beyond that we must have a co-ordinated world

Oct 08 2008

In Europe and elsewhere, the questions and worries about Russia's real goals, especially in relation to its neighbours, and the methods it thinks are legitimate to reach those goals, have provoked this crisis in confidence. And if this malaise between Russia and Europe continues to take root, there'll be serious

Oct 04 2008

Faced with a global crisis, Europe exists and is presenting a response. What is very inmportant is that we have answers to the emergency, which is what we're doing. And that we take common action to demand a summit be organised to ensure that tomorrow the same causes do not have the same effects. It requires a real

Sep 29 2008

We wanted to show the Indian prime minister just how strategic the relationship between Europe and India is. It's commercially strategic, so we've decided to fast-track the negotiation of a bilateral India-EU free exchange

Sep 04 2008

There is no doubt that France will have a major role in the direct negotiation

Sep 03 2008

France supports with all its force the indirect peace discussions between the Syrians and the Israelis with the Turks acting as intermediaries. It is very important that we move closer to a day when Syria and Israel talk to each other directly, to build the peace that everybody

Sep 02 2008

We will demand that Russia scrupulously applies the peace plan. Europe will be fully involved with the reconstruction of Georgia, including the delivery of humanitarian aid, and we will take the initiative to launch an international conference on

Aug 28 2008 - NATO

No one wants to go back to a cold war. NATO is not an opponent of Russia, but a partner. With regards to the European Union it has the will to build, with Russia, an intricate and positive relationship. But today it is up to Russia to make a fundamental

Jul 26 2008

I admire the capacity of the American democracy, capable of proposing a new leader, with new energy, with a new force and a new

Jul 14 2008

There was no diplomatic incident or anything of that kind. Frankly I don't know who said that but they must have had some sort of hidden

Jul 11 2008

The presence of all these European and Mediterranean heads in Paris, in the name of Europe and the Mediterranean is something moving… It's the best news for peace in the Middle

Jul 10 2008

All the member states have given their agreement. Not one was against. So far, 13 will be represented at the opening

Jul 02 2008 - Portugal

Each of us has our own problems, but I would like to say that it is a matter of morality and of honesty. What each of us signed in the name of our countries in order to make Europe move forward, we have to assume the responsibilities of the signatures we put

Jul 01 2008 - Portugal

It wasn't Prime Minister Tusk who negotiated and signed, it was the President

Jun 26 2008

Our proposal, to be approved by parliament, is that from the 1st of January 2009, screens will be free of advertising from 8pm until

Jun 24 2008

I think there can be no peace without a total and immediate halt to settlement

Jun 20 2008

The Irish affair doesn't simplify the task, but it's there. I'm trying to make a more convincing argument to our partners to act concretely. At the same time we aim to limit the institutional problem regarding the Irish

Jun 16 2008 - Portugal

If there's one country that can understand the Czech Republic, it's France – which said 'No' (to the EU draft constitution) in 2005. Let's not be hasty. Let's not dramatise. Let's try to find the best path to bring back unity to the European

Jun 09 2008

If there is an Irish rejection, it wouldn't be a problem for the French presidency alone. I would be a problem for Europe. It is for the Irish to decide, but whatever happens, the reaction would be

Jun 07 2008 - Lebanon

There's been too much suffering in Lebanon, too much unhappiness, too many deaths. The time has come to turn to the future; a future of dialogue where every Lebanese person can find his or her place. The Lebanese government, led by Fouad Siniora, must now take care of the

May 27 2008

I will ask our European partners: if the price of oil continues to rise, shouldn't we suspend the VAT tax part of oil prices?feedback

May 01 2008

I imagine that, coming from where you come from, dear Angela, you measure with modesty the road you have travelled. And yet it is yours, this path of hope for all

Apr 30 2008 - Tunisia

In Asia, neighbouring countries have harnessed their complementary strengths. The drama of the Mediterranean is that it is on just the opposite path: opposing and excluding one

Jan 29 2008

You can't wash your hands of

Jan 25 2008

I don't think you can link the internal problem at Societe Generale – which as far as I can see is a massive internal fraud – with what's happened in the international financial system, sparked by the sub-prime credit crisis in

Jan 21 2008

An opportunity to put quotas behind

Jan 12 2008 - Democratic Party

As you know, I am a politician of the centre-left. I believe in progressive politics. In the USA, I would be a Democrat. In the UK, I am Labour. In France, I would

Jan 10 2008 - ETA

We don't let them have their way, either in France or anywhere. And Spain has paid a heavy enough toll – the heaviest of all Europe. So whoever is governing Spain can count on France's

Jan 08 2008 - Taliban

It is serious between us, but we won't let the media fix the date. You'll probably only find out about it when it's already

Jan 08 2008

I find it extraordinary that you have waited until the second

Jan 08 2008

There's a good chance you'll hear about it when its already

Dec 06 2007

Mister Marulanda, I am solemnly asking you to release Ingrid Betancourt, and not to risk having her disappearance on your

Nov 30 2007

For many years our immigration problem has not been addressed properly. Ghettos have been created where people have not been able to integrate. This is the reason for the trouble, and my government, with controlled immigration, is doing all it can to address this, as well as taking a hard line with the

Nov 30 2007

I am trying to provide the fuel for economic growth in

Nov 14 2007

I was elected to make reforms. The majority of the French people have approved these reforms. I told them I would do it before the elections, and that is why I am seeing them through. Nothing will deter me from my

Nov 11 2007

Today, in remembering, we will celebrate the future. A future of peace, a future of brotherhood between nations, a future of understanding and of solidarity between people. This future has a name –

Nov 08 2007 - Climate change

Those who love America with its wide-open spaces, its national parks and its protected environment are eager for the country to stand alongside Europe in the fight against global warming which is threatening to destroy our

Oct 09 2007

I am one of those who believe that friendship between the United States and France is just as important today as it has been over the past two

Sep 21 2007

The debt is one trillion two hundred billion euros. Public sector salaries and pensions eat up forty-five percent of the budget. If we replace every civil servant who retires, we can't cut debt. We propose that half of all the money saved from not replacing one civil servant in two is used to raise salaries. Productivity will rise, and disposable income will improve. Fewer civil servants, but better paid. That's a modern public

Sep 21 2007

France lives beyond its

Sep 21 2007

I will respect their terms and conditions, but they have to understand that there cannot be two different types of French citizen: those who retire after forty years work and those who retire after thirty seven and a

Sep 19 2007

We need to go much further and relax some of the rules governing the 35-hour working week, which are among the most complex in the

Sep 18 2007

I want to do remove employer's right to force some people to take early retirement before they're 65. We cannot say to some that they must work longer while at the same time put others out to pasture if they're a certain age. However, I want to increase taxes for those who wish to take early retirement because the system is clearly being

Aug 27 2007

Iran with a nuclear weapon is not acceptable to me. I want to underline France's total determination on the current plan linked to increasing sanctions, but also being open to talks if Iran chooses to respect its obligations. This initiative is the only one that can allow us to escape an alternative that I can only call catastrophic: an Iranian bomb or the bombing of

Aug 23 2007

Everything I promised to change, I will, everything I pledged to reform, I

Aug 21 2007

Prisoners of this type, at the end of their sentence, will be examined by a panel of doctors and if they recognise that the subjects are dangerous, they will not be released. They will go to a closed hospital, where they will be

Aug 21 2007

Once they have served their time, offenders of this kind will be examined by a group of doctors. If the doctors say they are still dangerous, they won't be allowed to go free but will be locked up in

Aug 20 2007

What I want is tough legislation. That's what they promised, and if they don't do that, I will keep on fighting for

Jul 23 2007 - Libya

I would like to make it clear that Europe, and France, only worked in a humanitarian and political capacity, and it was left at that. Tomorrow, along with my foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, I will go to Libya to help it reintegrate into the international

Jul 10 2007

It is important to set guidelines which we can stick to. I will do everything in my power to meet the targets for 2010, but if we don't manage it before 2012, then I will be the first person to put my hands up and say

Jun 22 2007

It was important that there are no winners or losers – and Europe went back to

Jun 22 2007

I'm very pleased that Europe has shown that it's capable of taking tough decisions, even with 27

May 23 2007

We've made the world's number two currency: we have to have an economic government; The euro zone needs a true economic

May 23 2007

There can't simply be a new constitution, because the French and others said no to

May 23 2007

I don't think Turkey has a place in the EU. I haven't changed my

May 16 2007

My thoughts are first with the French people. This is a great population, with a great history, who have risen up to say that they believe in

May 15 2007

In the coming days I will make important decisions for our country. I will do it by rallying people, in fairness, and

May 15 2007

We have over the years developed close ties of friendship and affection. This sad moment of saying goodbye is mixed with great joy that our ideas have

May 09 2007

If I had been sworn-in as president of the republic, I would have stayed at work. The constitution gives me these few days, and I want to enjoy them in peace. I know that the French people can reason – and can tell the difference between criticism and

May 07 2007

It's a very good result for France. This person who's been elected is the one who best reflects the will of the people, for a better economic future for this

May 07 2007

I want to say, I will be the President who fights injustice. I will give everyone opportunities, but in my view, you cannot have rights without

May 03 2007

I was glad to do it. It went well. I think that it was interesting; there was a respectful

Apr 24 2007

Why so much hatred against me?feedback

Apr 20 2007

This campaign has been a trial of truth, because meeting the French, month after month, forces you to your

Mar 19 2007

I don't believe in youth policy but in policy that allows young people to build a future up to their hopes and dreams. I don't want to help you stay young. I want to help you become adults who realize the dreams of their

Mar 14 2007

Bring your individual heritage and join us, but remember that the concept of national identity involves certain principles. Some things are not up for negotiation. For example, equal rights between men and women, the separation of church and state. That does not seem too surprising to

Mar 10 2007

How can we integrate people if we don't tell them who we are, what France is about, what our values are? It is our duty to tell

Mar 06 2007 - Airbus

We need to re-examine the pact negotiated by the last Socialist government, as this is what has led Airbus into this current

Jan 14 2007

We can only win if I have the support of everyone and I ask you to show him respect. Sectarianism is for others, not for

Jan 14 2007

I want to be the president of a France that says to Europeans, we want Europe because our old nations carry no weight in a globalized world. But I want to be president of a France that says instead of resuscitating the European constitution, the urgent need is for a simplified treaty that can be adopted not by parliamentary vote buy by

Jan 14 2007

I've got no right to disappoint you. I've not got the right to hesitate, because I've no right to fail. I must win, I must win for

Nov 29 2006

His answer was

Oct 27 2006

I've decided to mobilise all mobile forces at our disposition in the security services, to protect those who use public

Sep 03 2006

Young people of France, everything is possible if you will

May 02 2006

We turn away people for whom we have work available, and we accept some unfortunate people for whom we have neither a home nor a job, and who end up in squats that in August in the French capital catch fire. That's the reality, and that reality isn't glorious for

Apr 01 2006

The president responded to that wish by speaking solemnly to the nation, demanding that the part of the law relating to the CPE not be applied until there's a new legal text that modifies it. I salute this decision, which is a wise

Apr 01 2006

After the statement of President Chirac, we've decided to start talks, as profound as possible, so a new text can be presented. We all agree on this

Mar 17 2006

I asked the police to be very tough with the thugs and delinquents, and protect the young people, that means the

Nov 16 2005

The suburbs are not another France, the suburbs are not France on

Nov 07 2005

I remain convinced that the problems we have in the suburbs have been going on for 30 to 40

Nov 03 2005

The day that people understand that burning their neighbours' cars is serious, that it is unacceptable and has to be punished, I guarantee there will be fewer cars on

Oct 07 2005 - Tunisia

If we want to control matters in the Mediterranean, we can only do so with the cooperation of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and

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