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For me it would be a matter of days but I can't ignore the difficulties and therefore what I say is the sooner the better for the Cypriot people.
Jan 13 2017
The latest quote from Nicos Anastasiades is: “First of all we didn't come with high expectations. What we wanted was for dialogue to begin. And this has been achieved; firstly, regarding the territorial changes, with the submission of the maps, even if we disagree. But it's the first time something like this has happened and, with regard to the guarantees, it's the first time that Turkey has participated in a dialogue on the abolition of guarantees, withdrawal of the troops of occupation. So, we can speak of dialogue.”. It comes from the Greek Cypriot President: dialogue with Turks in itself is an achievement article. You’ll find on this page 19 articles with Nicos Anastasiades quoted on topics such as Cypriot, Turkey and side. Nicos Anastasiades has been quoted 36 times in 19 articles.
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I hope today will be the beginning of a bright future for all Cypriots and for our country.

At this stage, the basic positions of both sides are being presented, so it is not possible to expect progress. The fact that we have entered into dialogue again is progress.

It appears there are serious prospects for a substantive joint statement which would satisfy the basic principles governing a Cyprus settlement, and lead to a resumption of negotiations.

There are many things that our friends in the IMF don't take into account. For example, during the discussions which were aimed at avoiding the bailout, even in the banking resolution, they did not take natural resources into consideration. I believe that the keys to disproving the IMF's bad forecasts will lie in the cooperation over natural gas that we are pursuing with Israel, the strengthening of relations and co-exploitation in some sectors.

Of course, there were also mistakes made in providing liquidity for one of the two banks. The Popular Bank which went bankrupt and merged with the Bank of Cyprus absorbed 9.5 billion euros of European Central Bank Emergency Liquidity Assistance. That is how much the state of Cyprus needs. If you take this into account, you realise there are grounds for blame.

This 'famous' document was made public at my request. I have to say that it is nothing but a description of what was done from 2008 until 2012. It covers so-called 'convergence and divergence'. But it is not in any way a basis on which we are going to pursue the negotiations, nor we are bound by any convergence which was successfully accomplished in the past.

Nobody can define our sovereign rights and connect them to our national solution. We do want a solution. We want liberation, we want reunification with peaceful co-existence. We seek prosperity for everyone. But you cannot achieve that through the pressure of blackmail. I don't speak for NATO's Anders Fogh Rasmussen, but if you want to get the benefits of exploiting natural gas resources, you shouldn't have to agree to an unacceptable solution.

I trust the Cypriots; they are very well educated. In Cyprus we may combine high education indicators and the strength of will. The strong entrepreneurial ability of the Cypriot makes me confident and optimistic that Cyprus's problems will be solved soon.

The problem was bad management by the bankers. The banking sector in relation to GDP was not many times larger. Luxembourg's banking sector is the biggest part of the state's economy. That was not the problem. Unfortunately, sometimes we get big-headed and we mismanage our capacity. A very healthy banking system was led to the edge of collapse, endangering us with default on our national commitments.

The terms were such that we really feel we were used as a test model. It seems that this encouraged many EU officials and many governments to see this as a good solution for the future, unless we reach something better through a banking union.

That is correct. But that doesn't mean we will delete the points on which we agree – which do give us a foundation. The foundation is a bi-communal, two-zone federation with political equality. Of course, that doesn't mean there is either numerical or quantitative equality when we look at participation in the exploitation and development of the sources of income.

Cyprus has already decided to create a facility to liquefy gas. This is very important; it could help Israel, allowing it to export through this facility, rather than through the Suez Canal, in another direction. The route to Europe is open, and the Exclusive Economic Zones of Cyprus and Israel are so close in distance. This also could help the strategic alliance that we seek.

I have the impression that we respond to all the indicators under international anti-money laundering rules much better than some of the big countries which obliged us to go through this extended rough time. Cyprus doesn't seem to be among the countries which are known for money laundering.

Because over the last few days, I've been facing judgement, I ask you to make it a priority to investigate any accusations that have been made against me, directly or indirectly.

We're not expecting anything from Greece. I mean, it's not a duty of Greece, they owe nothing to us. So, we have to fight ourselves. And to build up the new era.

Cyprus was one step away from financial collapse, our choices were not easy and the environment was not ideal but after tough negotiations, with persistence and also a sense of responsibility, we have reached a result that ensures this country's future.

We will negotiate for the conclusion of a loan agreement as soon as possible, but I want to be absolutely clear. Any reference to a haircut on public debt or deposits will not be tolerated and shows a lack of solidarity. Such an issue isn't even up for discussion.

My first priority is to reinstate Cyprus' credibility. I am determined to work together with my EU partners and at the same time fulfil to the utmost our responsibilities. I am committed to all the necessary measures to steer the country out of the economic crisis.

We need to make the state more efficient – not necessarily by firing public sector employees, but we must follow the principle of a balanced budget. As for the Civil Service, we will set up a quota: for every four who retire, hire a new one.

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