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The latest quote from Novak Djokovic is: “No wonder they say that in sport the biggest and most painful defeats come from injuries, and not from opponents.”. It comes from the Djokovic withdraws from Miami Open with elbow injury article. You’ll find on this page 21 articles with Novak Djokovic quoted on topics such as Open and Denis. Novak Djokovic has been quoted 39 times in 21 articles.

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I am lucky that throughout my career I didn't have many injuries, but I guess that all that I've been through physically in the past so many years did leave a mark on my body.

No wonder they say that in sport the biggest and most painful defeats come from injuries, and not from opponents.

My doctor has strongly advised against play because my elbow injury, that I keep carrying on for months, got worse in the past week. I will do everything in my power to recover and do all the necessary therapy to be able to return on court as soon as possible. Sadly, I won't be able to defend my title in Miami this week.

It feels good, I knew what I had to do today, it was always going to be tough, he is a great champion.

It's just another match for me I have to get ready for tomorrow. I am serving really well, that is creating chances for me to put pressure on their service games. My mentality is improving and I am trying really hard to fight for every point and just compete.

Of course, it's disappointing. But the end of the day I have to accept it.

In the first couple games of the fourth set, that's where it turned around. That's where I had to use my chances, step it up. I didn't. He started playing better from that point on. He just started swinging through and getting more confidence. Then it was really a gamble.

I was believing and hoping I could do it, but it wasn't that day. That's all I can say. Not much to add.

I'm not used to losing in the Australian Open second round. I've always played so well. Throughout last 10 years, I've won six titles here. This court has been so nice to me. I enjoyed it very much.

All the credit to Denis for playing amazing. He deserves to win. He was the better player in the clutch moments.

I'm not used to losing Australian Open second round. I've done so well here.

Obviously, I was not pleased with my performance overall, but I have to congratulate my opponent. Whenever he needed – he came up with a big serve, big play.

I'm very pleased with the first round, considering I had one of the toughest first-round draws, definitely considering his form. He's a quality player. He's a big match, big-time player.

From one perspective it was good that I got to have the very tough first-round match, because it made me prepare better and kind of approach the tournament with the right intensity, right from the first point.

I knew that winning the second set would be crucial because I definitely didn't want to give him wings.

He has won against most of the top players. He's not overwhelmed by the occasion. I hope I will not get to the stage where I have to defend match points.

I really would like to take one tournament at a time and try to win as many matches as possible. Then, as I said, as a consequence to that, if I become number one, I'll be thrilled.

I couldn't ask for a better start of the season. I still haven't had any nightmares, so I can't call it a nightmare draw. I just see it as a huge challenge. I hope I'll be able to deliver.

I never had an invincibility, although I thank you for the compliment.

Everyone else is here, not to defend, but to chase a title, try to win it. And I put myself in that position.

As a player all you can wish for is that everything is in your hands.

I accept that I'm one of the players that takes the most time.

It was just a nasty cut that I had when I didn't manage to return the serve, the first serve. Just kind of caught the surface, then I cut myself. It was bleeding. I just wanted to stop the bleeding.

I'm here in London to crown this year with the best possible result.

Looking at his qualities and commitment to the sport there is a good chance he can play at this level for a long time.

He's definitely a player who deserves that. Undoubtedly, much respect for what he has done. We have known each other since very, very early days. We were, I think, 11 years old when we first played against each other. And to see how he has raised his level in the last 12 months is quite extraordinary.

You're trying to reach that balance between being concentrated but at the same time being kind of calm and relaxed and enjoying the moment. I was always trying to keep that optimal state of mind. Instead of the occasional tantrum that I used to have, I (switched) that vibration and transformed it in a tune.

I'm doing everything in my power ... to make sure that I'm as close to 100 percent as possible. He hurt his wrist in Rio a few days before the start of the Olympic tournament, where he lost in the first round.

It was some other things that I was going through privately.

In decisive moments, he just came up with some extraordinary tennis.

It's a very special moment, the biggest of my career.

I dedicate this award to two people who have inspired me not only tonight but throughout their lives and careers in so many different ways and I want to thank them for the legacy, I want to thank them for their wisdom and for blessing us with their wonderful words which we are all going to follow – at least I am, Mr Niki Lauda and Mr Johan Cruyff. Thank you so much.

It's been an incredible season. Next to 2011, probably the best season of my life. But I'm enjoying this year more than any previous one because I'm a husband and I'm a father and that makes it even more sweeter.

I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with Boris. He is a true legend, someone who has great tennis knowledge and his experience will help me win new trophies from the grand slams and other tournaments.

Becker is a great person, too, and I am sure he will fit in our team in the best possible way.

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