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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Olivier Blanchard is associated, including IMF, Greece, and member. Most recently, Olivier Blanchard has been quoted saying: “These sanctions could probably further decrease the growth rate of Russia.” in the article Faltering Russian economy to take further hits from surprise interest rate rise. An other article where Olivier Blanchard has been quoted is IMF raises global growth forecast, warns of low inflation and weak, uneven recovery.

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The IMF is an institution which has 188 members, most of them being poorer than Greece and all of them not having had the kind of breaks that some people would like us to give to Greece. So given this, I think it's absolutely essential to respect our rules.

These sanctions could probably further decrease the growth rate of Russia.

The lower the inflation rate, and … the larger the deflation rate, the more dangerous it is for the euro recovery.

If there was a problem lifting the debt ceiling, it could well be that what is now a recovery would turn into a recession or even worse.

The recovery from the crisis continues. I think that's a fact and an important one. But too slowly. And advanced economies are not out of the woods.Public debt, and in some cases, private debt, remain very high. And fiscal sustainability is not a given.Unemployment remains very high and will remain high for a very long time. So these challenges remain and I think they will be the major challenges we face in the years to come.

We continue to predict negative growth in the eurozone in 2013. This reflects not only negative growth in Spain and Italy, but also lower growth in the core [countries of the region]. We think that the growth will turn positive in 2014 but it will remain very low.

We have moved from a two-speed recovery to a three-speed recovery. Emerging market and developing economies are still going strong, but in advanced economies there appears to be a growing bifurcation between the United States and the euro area.

In advanced economies, growth is now too low to make a substantial dent in unemployment and in major emerging markets, growth which had been strong earlier has also decreased.

Even without another European crisis, most advanced economies still face major brakes on growth. And the risk of another crisis is still very much present and could well affect both advanced and emerging economies.

The world recovery, which was weak in the first place, is in danger of stalling. The epicentre of the danger is Europe, but the rest of the world is increasingly affected.

Surely, now, it is not time to take away the fiscal stimulus or to start increasing interest rates. The economy is very weak, private demand is very weak. If you think about consumers, they are not in the mood to spend. If you look at firms, they are not in the mood to invest. So, if you were to take away the stimulus, you'd basically stop the recovery.

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