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They're getting some benefit from the higher flat price.

Show the need for those cuts - the oil needs to move.

President Obama from the start of his election worked towards a detente with Iran and we can't be sure that President Trump will continue in the same direction.

It's all about what's going on in Algiers really ... the prospect or no prospect of a supply deal. There is no new fundamental development that is more important than Algiers.

(An output freeze) would only secure an even higher push of Saudi crude oil and would be a case where the proposed cure is worse than the disease.

The timeframe to reach any agreement to freeze is not necessarily in September. It will need to include Iran and that will be more likely to be at the end of the first quarter of next year.

The market is reacting to all those headlines but I think if there is a 'Doha Two', it's probably going to be at the end of March or April 2017 and until then, there will continue to be discussions and negotiations, which will make a lot of headlines.

OPEC does not really want to freeze production. But it dreams of freezing prices at current levels.

The market is getting tired of those headlines. Fundamentally, there is not a lot to support oil because the stocks are still at very high levels.

There is currently a race to print any freeze headlines but we have not yet seen strong substance behind them.

This week has been pretty much a technical market. I don't think there has been any strong reversal in the fundamentals.

Right now, there is not much to be optimistic about. We have to wait a little bit longer for the rebalancing.

(Saudi oil minister Ali) Al-Naimi will have lost credibility with Russia and will have as well upset other OPEC and Gulf countries.

Considering there is very strong pressure on the equity markets, it shows there is some support coming into oil due to geopolitical issues.

The market in general is trying to assess the risks on Iraq. There was a big market reaction and then the IEA (International Energy Agency) said it did not see a risk to supplies so the volatility is reflecting this.

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