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That's a major problem unless the UK agrees systematically to follow the continental
Mar 19 2017 Brexit
Whatever deal we succeed in making, and I am pitching for the best deal, the most open, the most simple, the most efficient and the most pragmatic, the greatest deal we can have, is going to be complex and costly. In trade terms, there is no way switching from the internal market to any other arrangement, including the best, won't be costly. Anything that has a cost for the UK has a cost for the continent because of the deep integration of our production systems.” said Pascal Lamy on this article: Brexit costly in trade terms whatever deal reached with EU: former WTO head. This page contains 17 articles quoting Pascal Lamy. Main topics on which Pascal Lamy is quoted are Silicon Valley and WTO. In addition you’ll find 34 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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It is deadlocked because the world has changed very

I think this is perfectly doable. The engine for that remains trade expansion. There needs to be conditions which pertain to the quality of domestic policies, of social systems, of education system, of capacity to innovate, to promote entrepreneurship. The countries that have been doing best in globalisation, are the ones who have improved their social

Transatlantic negotiations are just beginning, but again the beginning of a negotiation is not the end of a negotiation. I know of plenty of trade agreements, the negotiations of which have started and so far have never

The history of human economy development, economic progress – hence social progress, hence poverty reduction – has always worked by substituting less competitive activity with a more competitive activity. What matters at the end of the day is whether this overall is job creating, and the answer to that is

I have no doubt that he is the most qualified to do

I will start thinking what I will do next – while recognising that I am 66 years old, which is not exactly the same problem when you are 36 years old – I'll start thinking about this after midnight on the 31st of August which is the moment when I will formally

If you look at the sum of these virtual trade agreements, these encompass roughly 80 percent of world trade. And the question is whether this will happen in a convergent way or not. If it does not happen, then it will not

I would follow you on this one. It's not so much that they are a problem. It's that in today's world, and in tomorrow's world of trade expansion, regulatory discrepancies have become, or may become, obstacles to trade, which is why convergence is the main

It is not the old issue about protectionism. At the moment half of your exports are imported which is the global economic integration model we live in now. Shooting on your imports has one result which is deteriorating the competitiveness of your exports. So, this sort of protectionism does not work. What we have today is standards, regulations, norms, that are established not to protect the producer but to protect the consumer. What will be at stake is whether Europeans and Americans can share a similar concept of precaution on GMOs, on poultry dechlorination water, on data privacy….feedback

I think it is a big political mistake, it is a serious misunderstanding. The European Union Treaty recognises cultural diversity as a possible obstacle to market opening, because the view is that culture products are not just like

Today, Russia joins the World Trade system with an export structure, which is still heavily concentrated on fuels and minerals, that represent more than two-thirds of Russian exports. This should be an important contribution to the future diversification of Russian

We again found ourselves with conflicting economic developments, portending either a continued crisis or slightly better times

I personally believe that if Greece was to leave the eurozone, the problems of Greece wouldn't be easier to solve. I don't believe breaking up the eurozone is a proper solution. On the contrary. I believe that strengthening euro discipline at EU level is the right way

You're absolutely correct. These rating agencies are sort of human organisations and human organisations sometimes make mistakes. So the question is whether these should be only market driven or whether there could or should be a sort of public system that would be better at avoiding possible conflicts of interest. I personally find it would make sense, but it would be costly. And of course, the big question is, are European taxpayers ready to fund such an organisation?feedback

That's the fundamental issue. There has to be a sort of fiscal rigour agenda, but there also has to be an agenda about investing in the future, about making the European economy more productive, more competitive, which has to do with a number of structural reforms in education, innovation, research, deepening the internal market in areas like services, and again, this can only be done at EU

I'm not expecting a clear-cut solution soon. The reason for that is that it's a very complex transformation moving from the sort of pre-crisis European arrangements to something which is a more political union, where more of national policies in fiscal, budget, economic issues, will have to be dealt with at EU level, so that there is a proper balance between solidarity and

This is not the time for go-it-alone measures. This is the time to strengthen and preserve the global trading system so that it keeps performing this vital function in the

We have some recovery after the bad year we had on 2009, but it is still fragile and very depending on the part of the world that is growing, namely emerging

I think it is no use beating around the bush. This meeting has collapsed. Members have simply not been able to bridge their differences. What happened today will certainly not strengthen the multilateral trading system. It will not improve the system which has provided members with an insurance policy against protectionism over the last sixty

Vietnam is the 150th member of the organisation. Being a member of this club brings enormous advantages in terms of making sure that trade opening, which can contribute to welfare creation and poverty reduction, is done on a level playing

There's a negotiation going on. There are so many countries around the WTO table that the law of the numbers will prevail on

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