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Patrick Moorhead has been quoted 47 times. The one recent article where Patrick Moorhead has been quoted is Amazon cloud storage failure causes widespread disruption. Most recently, Patrick Moorhead was quoted as having said, “What's really surprising to me is that there's no fallback – usually there is some sort of backup plan to move data over, and it will be made available within a few minutes.”.

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What's really surprising to me is that there's no fallback – usually there is some sort of backup plan to move data over, and it will be made available within a few minutes.

First, Samsung expended many resources to find the root cause of the Note7 issues and change their processes to assure it won't happen again. Secondly, the expectation is that Apple will really extend themselves to make the next iPhone dramatically different, so Samsung benefits from the extra time.

While there was nothing positive about the news, there was one reprieve for Samsung – Lee is not the global face of the brand. Mr. Lee, globally, isn't aligned with the global brand and consumers, and he's not really involved in the day-to-day activities.

VR is in its infancy and you can segment it today into mobile, PC, and console. I don't necessarily see this as evidence that consumers aren't interested in PC VR. I see this as Best Buy not necessarily being the best place to show off PC VR in its current state.

Snapchat's biggest challenge is to convince investors how they can be that 'next big thing' over and over and over. High flyers come out and them seem to be acquired, like Instagram, or flat-line like Twitter.

Last year, a vendor may have had one smart refrigerator or smart dishwasher. Now, you are going to see all of the high-end lines become smarter. They'll send you a notification when you left your refrigerator open or when your dryer is done and the lint filter is full.

Fitbit wasn't always huge. Same thing for Oculus.

Yahoo's high CEO turnover is due to a few things, primarily a lack of perceived success in new markets, which means they get fired and replaced by the board.

It's not nearly as important as the iphone and iPad, but the end-to-end user experience is so important.

It's even more important in China for Samsung to repair its credibility, because there are so many Chinese alternatives like Huawei, Oppo and Lenovo. Samsung needs to quickly tell Chinese consumers what happened, when it happened, why it happened and why they should trust the company.

It's not like they don't have high-quality products to sell. Short term, I expect primarily LG and Motorola to benefit, as Note 7 customers chose Android in the first place. Apple could benefit a bit, but I see other Android vendors benefiting more.

Samsung will need to do what doesn't come naturally, and that's to be fully transparent. Samsung is a very protective company in that they want to protect their company secrets from prying eyes.

It's about correcting the problem, putting a toe in the water before they jump back in the ocean.

I look at the recalls and safety issues with major auto manufacturers that have killed people. What we have learned in the auto industry is this is not a death blow by a long shot. Once they definitively see what happens, these things blow over in a few months.

I'm expecting to see more evidence and progress of what they announced at Google I/O.

There are no perfect technologies at first, but compared to most Bluetooth headsets, AirPods are a step ahead.

Google has fallen behind both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in enterprise cloud computing, and this move is intended to strengthen that position.

What's meaningful to me are the first month of sales with full supply.

I think Apple has a real winner here.

It's about getting consumers thinking more about that ecosystem of Apple products â and how they all play nicely together.

[The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus] was a major upgrade, not a minor one with every major subsystem improved.

Some people are die-hard. There are people who got really angry when the floppy drive was removed and I think there will be people who just won't be happy with this.

I believe Apple did enough to keep the base happy with upgrades and arguably did enough to attract some Android users.

Strategically they are in a good place ... in cloud management.

Companies are retooling now in attempt to take advantage of this next generation of opportunities. History shows that some make the transition and others don't make it.

Nvidia had a great quarter and appear to be hitting on all cylinders.

Margins went down, they sold a lot more iPhones SE than they had expected to, and Apple needs to be very careful of that.

China was a major letdown. Samsung and Huawei are much more competitive now than a year ago and the Chinese economy is not doing well at all.

We are a year into Dorsey coming back and there is really no end in sight of when it is going to start picking up to where investors are going to be happy.

…The next wave could be ten times the size of that (the last) market.

Most of the current Watch owners are early adopters and the next wave could be 10 times the size of that market.

Fundamentally the issue with Bluetooth headsets and headphones is that they're just unreliable. They're hard to connect to and you have to remember to charge them.

It kills two or three birds with one stone.

Aside from the camera, the new Google Pixels are pretty undifferentiated compared to Samsung and iPhone seventh generation phones.

Apple is going to be put in a position, in a defensive position of how they show growth, and this is an area that Apple has not had to do for the last few years.

The situation right now around the world is that we are supply-constrained. The demand has been very, very strong.

And confound the doubters, especially in China.

Apple has been gaining significant market share in pretty much every region, and I'm not seeing a global slowdown.

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