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The latest quote from Paul Ciana is: “If we see five-year yields lift through that over the next couple of days, this pattern is likely over.”. It comes from the Classic pattern points to bond rally article. You’ll find on this page 3 articles with Paul Ciana quoted on topics such as September and June. Paul Ciana has been quoted 8 times in 3 articles.

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Most of [the patterns] were at the top of the right shoulder or starting to roll over a little bit, suggesting that there could be a bit of a decline here in U.S. yields.

If we see five-year yields lift through that over the next couple of days, this pattern is likely over.

There's the tide, the ripple and the waves in the markets. ? Right now, what we're looking at in these daily charts suggests that at some point in Q1, that U.S. Treasury yields will fall and correct some of that massive move that we saw in Q4 of last year.

Technical analysis often shines as the fundamentals become more transparent. Surprise outcomes in 2016, especially the ... U.S. election, have led to a paradigm shift in financial markets. We admit, markets have moved far and fast for tactical concern, but we think these new technical trends will continue as investors adjust their portfolios throughout 2017.

The next trade for crude oil would be to let it get down to the mid-30s and let some of that risk offset sentiment. Let some of the headlines run and then take a stab at actually buying crude oil.

We could see the beta between crude and global markets increase again. Oil has reached the target from the technical top, and seasonals point to weakness in September to October.

From that point, we would need to see crude rally up to test the neckline and break through $52. That could launch crude oil much higher into 2017.

Crude oil is already down so much from the June [$51 per barrel] highs.

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