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For every macro budget superhero movie the stakes are incredibly high and with that comes an enormous pressure to exceed all expectations and for DC, this has never been more true. In the wake of the much-needed home run that was 'Wonder Woman,' the momentum was with the brand and great expectations placed on the very broad shoulders of 'Justice League' to keep that train
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Nov 19 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Paul Dergarabedian is associated, including December, Suicide Squad, and film. Most recently, Paul Dergarabedian has been quoted saying: “With the rightfully heightened expectations for a movie of this magnitude comes a greater scrutiny of both the quality of the movie as determined by critics and of course the profitability of the film, but the ultimate arbiter are moviegoers who seem to have found the concept and the event nature of the film enough to get them out to the movie theater even if the overall North American opening weekend number may be less than many expected.” in the article 'Justice League' opens with gloomy $96 million in North America.
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Sep 10 2017

The marketing campaign brilliantly evoked a sense of teenage wonderment, fear, and ultimately bravery in the face of the true evil as perfectly embodied by Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. That, along with the great ensemble cast of young actors and a movie that delivered on the promise of that marketing, made the film an astonishing

Sep 09 2017

It is never too late to bring a billion dollars to any party, given Apple's music-business domination. It would be very wise to take their foray into the filmed content business very, very seriously. They are the next force to be reckoned with … to throw their hat in a very crowded

Sep 05 2017

The good news is we have 'It' this week, and then movies such as 'The Lego Ninjago Movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle' and 'Blade Runner 2049' to come. We are going to make up a lot of ground in the next three

Aug 28 2017

It's a black eye for Hollywood but not a knock-out punch. Make no mistake about it, there was little foot traffic in theatres this weekend. But the storyline will change in two weeks when It

Aug 26 2017

I refuse to jump on the bandwagon that the movie theatre experience is heading for extinction. I would say the industry has to evolve in order to remain viable and that there are many early warning signs that will allow for a course correction, rather than bracing for the impact of an inevitable

Aug 20 2017

It was a battle of the action ensemble cast movies. Audiences looked at these two action movies in the marketplace and made a

Aug 14 2017

This is a great weekend to be a really scary doll and Warner Bros., but for everyone else, it's just plain scary. It proves the horror genre is alive and

Aug 04 2017

The Emoji Movie was review-proof because what parent would tell their kids that they can't go to a movie because of a low aggregate

Aug 04 2017

The combination of social-media sentiment (positive or negative) and aggregate scores (low or high) is having a huge effect on adult centric movies and their box office prospects. This may have a chilling effect going forward, but perhaps this will encourage the creation of higher quality content to avoid future negative

Jul 31 2017

Kids don't care about reviews, and there is a severe lack of family films in the

Jul 30 2017

We have been in a major struggle to compare favorably with last year's summer season week after week and with yet another 'down' weekend on the books, the summer deficit just added another percentage point in the wrong

Jul 24 2017

The film is a 'must see' event in its 70MM/Imax playdates and that only added to the World War II drama's mystique. The film should have tremendous legs in the coming weeks as it continues to generate strong buzz with

Jul 23 2017

Girls Trip' was a perfectly counter-programmed box office surprise. It broke the R-rated comedy curse that has afflicted this summer with 'Baywatch, Snatched, Rough Night' and 'The

Jul 23 2017

It became a must-see

Jul 23 2017

Despite the weekend being down close to 10 percent, the currency that was most valuable is the currency of goodwill. Nobody can say that Hollywood threw the same old stuff at the wall this

Jul 16 2017

We're down – but versus a summer of 2016 that was not exactly impressive in terms of the number of sequels that failed. Last summer was the summer of

Jul 09 2017

Nobody knows Marvel better than

Jul 09 2017

Despite the strength of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' yet another 'down' weekend puts us dead even with last year's box office pace as we remain down 8% for the summer. The silver lining is the expected continued strength of Spidey, plus 'War For The Planet of The Apes, Dunkirk,' and 'Atomic Blonde' all in rapid succession that could fuel a much-needed late summer renaissance at the

Jul 08 2017 - Disney

We need a box office super hero. We need him now, and he's

Jul 08 2017 - Disney

I think this movie can do for early July what 'Wonder Woman' did for early June, which is get us back on

Jul 08 2017 - Disney

The sixth movie in the super-hero series is expected to bring in $85 to $110 million this opening

Jul 02 2017

Spider-Man certainly is one of those crown jewels of the superhero world, and that's why they keep rebooting it and going back to it and trying to reinvent it and re-imagine it for today's

Jul 02 2017

We're talking 15 years or so since the first 'Spider-Man' [film], and so to have three different Spider-Men in that amount of time is somewhat

Jul 02 2017

A weak May followed by a June that failed to become the savior of the summer now puts July in the hot seat to deliver the goods and get us out of the summer season

Jul 02 2017 - Women

Spider-Man: Homecoming' will swing in action later this week and, like 'Wonder Woman' before it, could turn things around. But we need more than one box office superhero, we need multiple films

Jul 02 2017

The best box office stories are further down the chart. They are all benefiting from feeling like the kind of content people are responding to on the small screen. Perhaps this is the summer where Hollywood finally starts emulating the small screen model of creating compelling original content in order to generate goodwill with audiences who have more options than ever

Jun 22 2017 - Star Wars

Ultimately, the powers that be at Lucasfilm felt strongly enough to take this unprecedented step late in the game to set the Han Solo Project on a new path with the installation of the rock steady Ron Howard as the new director of this incredibly important

Jun 22 2017

Clearly the costs of re-shoots, re-scheduling and public perception of the project are taking a back seat to the creative vision that the company wants to portray in this anthology project and with so much on the line it was obviously a gamble they were willing to

Jun 18 2017 - Women

That kind of tells you the state of the

Jun 18 2017 - Women

That kind of tells you the state of the industry. It's been a challenging summer. I always say it comes down to product. Are the movies grabbing people? Before 'Wonder Woman' we were about 9 percent behind last summer. We're now at about even, but the industry would like to see better than

Jun 18 2017

All Eyez on Me' and '47 Meters Down' are the kind of movies people are looking for. It bodes well for 'Baby Driver' and 'Atomic

Jun 18 2017

Sometimes the bigger and better box office stories are not at No.

Jun 04 2017 - Women

Wonder Woman' is the DC Comics movie that everyone has been waiting for and it did not disappoint. The way Patty Jenkins has directed this, there's just so much depth to it. You feel that somebody really loves this character and understands her dynamic, her point of

Jun 04 2017 - Women

This saves the day, at least for now, for the summer box office. Heading into this weekend, the summer movie season was down about 9 percent, and that deficit has been cut by about half in this one

May 28 2017 - Women

The way Patty Jenkins has directed this, there's just so much depth to it. You feel that somebody really loves this character and understands her dynamic, her point of

May 26 2017

U.S. audiences have been subjected to so many sequels over the decades that it is hard to maintain the excitement. Action is the international language and that's what audiences really respond to. If you look at the numbers, international has to be at the forefront. Appealing to global audiences is the driving

May 21 2017

You couldn't get two outer-space operas that are more different in terms of point-of-view and execution. Alien' is sort of the dark side. It's the R-rated yin to 'Guardians' PG-13-rated, fun

May 19 2017

I don't think there's anybody out there who can play this character so perfectly and so

May 14 2017

The newcomers definitely had a tough time ... For most general audiences, Guardians' remains the go-to movie. It has incredible staying

May 07 2017

I think this is going to be one of the biggest summers ever. Obviously last summer was a bummer. We had numerous sequels — well over a dozen — that didn't live up to the promise of their immediate predecessor. Summer 2017 gets us back on track. There's a lot out

May 07 2017 - Disney

It's all about strategy when it comes to Marvel and with 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2,' the notion of moving what was an August release for the first film to the key summer kick off spot in May clearly paid huge dividends for Disney. For this 'Guardians' to post the sixth best bow for the month is incredibly impressive given the Cinderella story of the title's ascension from being a little known question mark of a movie, to a global

Apr 30 2017

There was a huge question mark next to the title of this movie for a lot of people, analysts and critics included. And then once again Marvel worked their magic. It's hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, and it was that whole newness of it, the unknown quantity that played into the charm of

Apr 30 2017

In what is a slow and would otherwise be unremarkable weekend, this is a really interesting lineup of films. This is the final weekend before the summer season kicks off and the blockbusters hit theaters. But this weekend is marked by an incredible amount of multicultural content. It reflects the world that we're living

Apr 23 2017

It didn't really jump out as anything that would be a surprising box-office hit. But it wasn't really about the box office. It was a tough weekend in general for the newcomers. It's a quiet period. This is the interlude between the spring movie season and what promises to be the biggest summer movie season

Apr 16 2017

It is a franchise that has adapted and changed over the years and is as relevant in 2017 as it was in 2001. The 'Furious' franchise perfectly represents what that global audience is all about. They're poised perfectly for installments 9 and 10 to do very well. It's still firing on all

Apr 09 2017

There are a lot of box-office heavyweights looming on the

Apr 09 2017

There are other revenue streams for films like

Apr 09 2017

It's looming large on the horizon. It's going to be a monstrous

Mar 29 2017

Generally, horror films draw younger moviegoers. But It was able to bridge the horror movie generation

Mar 26 2017 - Disney

With 'Beauty and the Beast' there have been decades of goodwill and the Disney brand and so many more elements going into it than just the intellectual property. Disney makes it look easy. Others have had more

Mar 26 2017 - Homosexuality

I don't think it impacted Disney's bottom line one

Mar 26 2017

March has become a rockstar of a month and in particular 2017 enjoyed a perfect storm of new hits and strong February releases that showed amazing staying power like 'Get Out' and 'The Lego Batman Movie,' . The cumulative allure of an impressive slate of films conjured up a flat out great month in theaters, generating impressive momentum as the industry charges into what promises to be a furious April and a smashing summer movie season that kicks off in May with 'Guardians of the Galaxy

Mar 20 2017 - Disney

As quote-unquote controversies go, this was a real tempest in a teapot. This obviously had zero impact on the movie. In fact, those who raise awareness of a movie for whatever reason are generally only helping that movie do better business. I don't think that was going to dissuade anyone except the most narrow-minded from seeing this

Mar 17 2017 - Disney

This to me is a billion-dollar movie

Mar 12 2017

They had a solid weekend. But they're going to be looking for a half-billion worldwide to make it a certifiable

Mar 12 2017

It's a March of beasts for

Mar 05 2017

That's a true Oscar halo effect in full view. Usually the biggest bounce comes from the nominations. But this film hadn't made a ton of money. A24 smartly expanded into more theaters, and it really worked for

Feb 27 2017

Over time, people realize that heroes can come in any size, shape, color and

Feb 27 2017 - Oscars 2017

It will make them a must-subscribe destination for film

Feb 26 2017

Social media is going to keep this movie front and

Feb 25 2017

To be able to crank up the volume to 11 is a great way to get audiences really excited about these movies, particularly for characters like Wolverine and Deadpool who have a hard edge to them. These are really intense characters that I think, in order to be fully fleshed out, almost require the R-rated

Feb 19 2017

Just like every movie irrespective of country of origin, reviews matter. Audiences only care about the movie. They don't necessary care where it came

Feb 16 2017

It's an interesting test case for how a film that originates in China, utilizes big name American stars and has a big budget, will play in North America. You have to show a viability of these types of films that go from East to West rather West to

Feb 16 2017

The world is changing. It's all about who has the resources and vision and point of view to get a movie like this

Feb 12 2017

People really love its unapologetic violence. The tried and true brands are what people really gravitated to this weekend. The top three movies this weekend all based on brands that people know and love. Each film drew their own audience without harming the other films. This was a perfectly programmed

Feb 05 2017

We're not exactly off to a rousing start, but I still think this year will be a record breaker. It's just a late

Jan 29 2017 - Oscars 2017

They definitely got a nice boost. They're riding that perfect wave of Oscar attention with the perfect release pattern. It had an impact, we just don't know what the impact is. To have close to $20 million is a pretty good showing. I really feel like we just don't know what the impact was. I think it's a fine result for the

Jan 29 2017

Typically movies like this open big and then have a huge drop. This was such a smart movie. It's well acted and it's just a cut above a typical movie in this genre that you're seeing that in its hold. It's a pure reflection of the positive sentiment on social

Jan 22 2017

You would think that those events would suck the air out of the room, but that didn't happen. The movie theater experience with the right content is irresistible no matter what is going on in the outside world, and in fact may even benefit from so much going on in the outside world. To have your wits scared out you is one of the greatest

Jan 15 2017

There's almost an unprecedented number of films out there. It's got to be somewhat daunting and overwhelming for

Jan 15 2017

It really is the tale of the holdovers. We've yet to, at this point, have a breakout newcomer from 2017. When you have so many platforming releases, aside from the top-performing ones, Hidden Figures' and 'La La Land,' the others have had a tough time getting traction or getting noticed within this sea of

Jan 08 2017

It's a great weekend for space

Jan 01 2017

Forgetful fish, super-heroes, household pets and space travelers led the charge in a year that was marked by an incredibly diverse selection of films from every genre and of every size and scope from all the

Jan 01 2017

The superhero side of things I think is going to be kind of off the

Jan 01 2017

That's the key to success for most of these films going

Jan 01 2017

Now 'Guardians of the Galaxy' suddenly becomes a premier title that gets to be in that No. 1 slot for Marvel, which is that opening weekend of the summer

Jan 01 2017

They're still trying to find that voice, that rhythm, and I think 2017 may be the year that delivers what people are rooting for, which is, in a given year, a couple of phenomenal DC

Dec 28 2016 - Star Wars

The fact that we are talking about this shows how woven into the DNA of 'Star Wars' Carrie Fisher is. This is no small

Dec 28 2016 - Star Wars

You have the creative talent behind the 'Star Wars' movies that will deal with this in a very respectful and appropriate way. Somehow you will have to address it and be respectful to Carrie Fisher's family, the fans and 'Star Wars,' in that

Dec 19 2016 - Disney

['Rogue One'] is the kind of movie that makes going to the theater an essential part of your diet. This is the kind of movie that reminds people that this is the best way to see a

Dec 19 2016 - Disney

Disney has a legacy of quality that keeps you coming back. Episode VIII is going to be freaking

Dec 19 2016 - Disney

Disney creates a vision and sticks with it. They treat every film, prequel, spin-off, etc., as if they are in the top tier. There are no second-tier movies

Dec 18 2016

This is one of the most intense marketplaces for movies I've ever seen. You have a 'Star Wars' movie out there looming like the Death Star over everything, and a really great crop of Oscar contenders that keeps

Dec 18 2016

We're in uncharted territory for December. It's going to be really hard for any movie to catch up to this movie. ... This is only the second time a movie has opened this big in

Dec 11 2016 - Christmas

It was pretty much business as usual this

Dec 11 2016

This is a movie that is tailor made for that platform release ... (it) is a real breath of fresh air, and I think it's going to take off for many

Dec 04 2016 - Thanksgiving

This was the drama-free weekend. It's the calm after the storm and the calm before the

Nov 27 2016 - Thanksgiving

I'd rather see a group of great movies maybe not breaking a record than a group of terrible movies breaking records left and right. This is better for the long term. This creates

Nov 20 2016

I think there are almost too many options right

Nov 13 2016

In the first weekend after the election, I think it's clear that people find being able to go to the movie theater is the perfect antidote to the election coverage. There's almost nowhere else that you can unplug the way you can when you go to the movie

Nov 06 2016

It's a real return to form for Mel Gibson who has obviously had his ups and downs in his personal life, but it is a true meritocracy in this business. If you make a really great movie, people will judge you based on that

Nov 06 2016

This is the formula that Hollywood should try to recreate every

Oct 30 2016

This could be the start of a renaissance at the box office, which has been very slow since the end of summer, and this'll really I think get us

Oct 30 2016

Inferno' joins the long list of sequels that didn't measure up to their predecessors this year and in particular this summer when only three of the 14 sequels released outperformed their immediate predecessors at the box

Oct 30 2016

We need a box office hero. We need a great movie to get us out of the box office

Oct 23 2016

Tyler Perry is a movie star. Tyler Perry is a mogul. The Madea character has provided box office dividends for years. It's a perfect combination, Madea and Halloween right before

Oct 23 2016

That's an Oscar movie to look out for. It's going to be on everyone's Oscar radar

Oct 23 2016

There's a lot going on, but this is a good

Oct 23 2016

This should be the start of a turnaround. After hitting rock bottom, now we begin climbing

Oct 16 2016

In the wake of the summer season, the fall always seems a little slow. This year is sort of typical in that way. We haven't had an October breakout hit like we had with 'Gravity' and 'The

Oct 16 2016

I'm thinking we're going to have a renaissance at the box office in a week or two and things could turn

Oct 09 2016

It's hard to know, but considering the initial promise of the movie and all the positive talk about the film and its Oscar prospects, you would have figured that it would do more business. Now it's in the marketplace where the audience can decide how they feel about the

Oct 08 2016

We're just waiting for a breakout hit. We need something to get us out of this box office

Sep 25 2016

They are the model of consistency and they are the model of quality. These are guys who can draw a huge audience in any type of movie that they're in. It's not like they're pigeonholed into one kind of franchise. Denzel Washington can be part of a genre, the Western, that doesn't exactly have teenagers scrambling to the movie

Sep 18 2016

This is what we typically see in September. The summer movies have ended and this is the

Sep 11 2016

Both statistics are uncommonly strong. It's a perfect kick off movie for the Fall movie season of 2016. Sully' brings one of the world's most beloved stars and one of its great directors together in a true life drama that delivers the kind of gravitas and depth that defines the so-called 'Oscar season' that usually takes some time to ramp up, but this year gets right to

Aug 29 2016

These are the films of bean counters' dreams. They are profit machines and even when they're poorly reviewed, people line up for

Aug 22 2016

This has been a monumental August. Normally, summers end with whimper and not a

Aug 15 2016

August is the time when the studios take off the gloves. It's not a time to play it

Aug 07 2016

If you're going to create a franchise it better be good – marketing can buy you a good opening weekend, but a good movie buys you long term

Aug 07 2016

If you have a Batman versus Superman, that's a really irresistible concept. Suicide Squad with Will Smith and Margot Robbie…[is] one of the most talked about movies on social

Aug 07 2016

You can't put reviews in the bank. You can put money in the bank. The long-term success of any movie is predicated on positive sentiment from the fans. For any movie, that's the most important

Aug 05 2016

Generally, films that are the product of a lot of marketing and pre-release excitement tend to drop off significantly in the second

Aug 05 2016

In the superhero genre and the comic book world, people are heavily invested emotionally and [the bad reviews are] like your grandma walking into your party and pulling the plug on your music before the party really gets

Jul 31 2016

It proves that this is a franchise that's still viable and that it can continue if they want to keep making them. Jason Bourne' is the perfect title for this film, because that's who everyone wanted to see

Jul 31 2016

We're starting to chip away at the summer deficit. Maybe with 'Suicide Squad' opening, we'll see the end to all this

Jul 24 2016

This is a solid enough debut to tell them there's still enough interest in 'Star Trek' to keep this franchise

Jul 24 2016

That's pretty amazing. But it's obviously due to the timing with the Republican National Convention last week and the Democratic National Convention this

Jul 24 2016

The tragic passing of Anton Yelchin made it bittersweet for

Jul 17 2016

There was all this hoopla and all this chatter about the movie and now it's opened and it did just fine. I don't think there's a referendum on whether or not an all-female cast in a movie has an impact. If people like the concept and the cast, they're going to go see the

Jul 10 2016

Somebody at Illumination is popping the champagne and pouring out the Kibble. The love that people have for their fish, their bird, their dogs, or their hamsters is demonstrated by their insatiable appetite for a movie like

Jul 10 2016

Illumination has been building a consistency of vision, and now they have become what every studio covets – a draw. They're building that brand reputation with every

Jul 10 2016

Family films have generated so much money this year. That's an audience who is always looking for content in a world filled with options for

Jul 10 2016

The hope is that the momentum created by 'The Secret Life of Pets' will carry over to 'Ghostbusters, Jason Bourne' and 'Suicide Squad'. We're running out of track. It's almost the end of summer, and there's a lot of ground to make up, but one movie can make all the

Jul 03 2016 - Disney

There's a lot of product out there. That leads to a lot of fragmentation and cannibalization, and a lot of spreading the

Jul 03 2016 - Disney

Considering the roller-coaster year we've been having, this was a solid Fourth of July. In terms of the cumulative numbers, it was a really good showing, though individual films may have had their

Jun 26 2016

We talk about sequel-itis, which may or may not be an actual affliction, but certainly of these many sequels released this summer and this year, the winners have been the rarity. There's definitely been a pushback from audiences for many of the sequels, including 'Independence

Jun 20 2016 - Disney

That's the number right now. But it can even go

Jun 20 2016 - Disney

There may be no more consistent brand at the box office than Pixar. the company has managed to retain incredible fan loyalty in its 20-year

Jun 20 2016 - Disney

Pixar movies appeal to everyone. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy

Jun 19 2016 - Disney

It's amazing when you look at the longevity of this brand, the viability of it, and the unfettered enthusiasm pretty much everyone has for

Jun 19 2016 - Disney

That's still a really good result. We needed a box office hero and we got one with this little

Jun 12 2016

Finding Dory' is going to further solidify the idea that it's not really sequel-itis, it's just more you have to be able to deliver the goods no matter what the movie is, whether it's a sequel, original or a reboot. You just need a good

Apr 10 2016

It's incredibly close. It's one of the closest results between first- and second-place films I've ever seen. Anything can happen. We'll know for sure

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