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I like Speaker Ryan. He worked very, very hard. A lot of different groups. He's got a lot of factions. And there's been a long history of liking and disliking, even within the Republican Party, long before I got here. I'm not going to speak badly about anybody within the party.
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Paul Ryan has been quoted 373 times. The one recent article where Paul Ryan has been quoted is Trump disappointed House conservatives blocked healthcare bill. Most recently, Paul Ryan was quoted as having said, “I like Speaker Ryan. He worked very, very hard. A lot of different groups. He's got a lot of factions. And there's been a long history of liking and disliking, even within the Republican Party, long before I got here. I'm not going to speak badly about anybody within the party.”.
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We have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and it's failing families. And tomorrow we're proceeding.

We're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.

I'm not going to sugar-coat it, this is a disappointing day. We are going to be living with Obamacare for the forseeable future. The president gave his all in this effort, he's really been fantastic.

For seven and a half years we have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law, because it's hurting American families. And tomorrow we're proceeding.

For seven and a half years we have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and it's failing families, and tomorrow we're proceeding.

There are only so many things you can do in that bill because of Senate floor rules, reconciliation. You can't put everything you want in that legislation, because if you did it would be filibustered, and you couldn't even bring it up for a vote in the Senate.

Instead of imposing arrogant and paternalistic mandates, it would increase choice and competition, creating a vibrant market where every American will have access to quality, affordable coverage.

I am saying I have seen nothing of that. I have seen nothing come of that. And then TIME magazine, which treats me horribly, but obviously I sell, I assume this is going to be a cover too, have I set the record? I guess, right? Covers, nobody's had more covers.

Our whole thing is we don't want to load up our bill in such a way that it doesn't even get considered in the Senate. Then we've lost our one chance with this one tool we have.

The bottom line is, we made a promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, and we are going to keep our word.

Look, our whole thing is we don't want to load up our bill in such a way that it doesn't even get considered in the Senate. Then we've lost our one chance with this one tool we have, reconciliation. It doesn't last long. But if the Senate can add things to the bill, then we're all for that.

Our whole thing is we don't want to load up our bill in such a way that it doesn't even get considered in the Senate and it's killed in the Senate, and then we lost our one chance with this one tool we have.

If you get 85 percent of what you want, that's pretty darn good. We don't want to put something in this bill that the Senate is telling us is fatal.

The president just came here and knocked the ball out of the park. He knocked the cover off the ball.

I disagree with that, because we have a lot of Freedom Caucus members who are supporting this bill. This is our chance, and this is our moment, it's a big moment. And I think our members are beginning to appreciate just what kind of rendezvous with destiny we have right here.

President Trump was here to do what he does best and that is to close the deal.

With the president's leadership and support for this historic legislation, we are now one step closer to keeping our promise to the American people and ending the Obamacare nightmare.

With this amendment we accelerate tax relief, give states additional options to spend health care dollars how they choose, strengthen what were already substantial pro-life protections and ensure there are necessary resources to help older Americans and the disabled.

We do believe we need to add some additional assistance to people in those older cohorts.

So Medicaid, sending it back to the states, capping its growth rate, we've been dreaming of this since I've been around – since you and I were drinking at a keg. ... I've been thinking about this stuff for a long time. We're on the cusp of doing something we've long believed in.

I would say, this is the very, very beginning of the budget process. We are encouraged that we're seeing an increase in defense because we think our military has been hollowed out. But I will say that NIH is something that's particularly popular in Congress. ... So, that is something that I think in Congress you'll see probably some changes.

We believe we should have even more assistance. And that's one of the things we're looking at for that person in their 50s and 60s because they experience higher health care costs. We think that we should be offering even more assistance than what the bill currently does.

We are making fine-tuning improvements to the bill to reflect people's concerns, to reflect people's improvements. The president is bringing people to his table, and I'm very impressed with how the president is helping us close this bill, and making the improvements that we've been making, getting the votes. . . . We are right where we want to be.

Freedom is the ability to buy what you want to fit what you need.

To what our forefathers have started and our children will continue, may the light always shine upon them. Sláinte.

I would say that there is no intrigue, palace intrigue, divisions between the principals. We have a president.

My job is to move bills through the House. I am not the Senate majority leader.

Clearly, the main parts of this bill are going to stay exactly as they are.

The intelligence committees in their continuing, widening ongoing investigation of all things Russia, got to the bottom – at least so far with respect to our intelligence community – that no such wiretap existed.

We feel like we're making great strides and great progress on getting a bill that can pass.

There is no intrigue, palace intrigue, divisions between the principals ... there really is no schism whatsoever. I'm excited at the fact that we have a president who likes closing deals. We've got a president who thinks bold, thinks big, wants to act, and wants to get us to the finish line. And he's being very constructive in doing that.

Now that we have our score we can make some necessary improvements and refinements to the bill. We are on the same page as the White House. I think there are those who would love to wedge us for one reason or another, but that's just not the case.

If we're not going to take care of the people, I'm not signing anything. I'm not going to be doing it, just so you understand.

This president is getting deeply involved. He is helping bridge gaps in our conference. He is a constructive force to help us get to a resolution so that we get consensus on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The major components are staying intact because this is something we wrote with President Trump. This is something we wrote with the Senate committees.

Put this against the backdrop that Obamacare is collapsing. This, compared to the status quo, is far better.

Our plan is not about forcing people to buy expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage.

It ends funding to Planned Parenthood and sends money to community centers.

I'm pretty encouraged by it, it actually exceeded my expectations. If we're not going to force someone to buy something they don't want to buy they're not going to buy it, and that's kind of obvious.

What we're trying to achieve here is bringing down the cost of care, bringing down the cost of insurance not through government mandates and monopolies but by having more choice and competition. We're not going to make an American do what they don't want to do.

The idea of Obamacare is … that the people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick. It's not working, and that's why it's in a death spiral.

What I would say is there is a great deal of evidence that this is the beginning of the negotiation. We will have 218 votes. This is the beginning of legislative process, we have got a few weeks we will have to wait. We will have to wait when this thing comes along, I can guarantee you that.

I am perfectly confident that when it's all said and done, we're going to unify, because we all, every Republican, ran on repealing and replacing, and we're going to keep our promises.

This is the bill we ran on in 2016. We've been running on repealing and replacing Obamacare since 2010. The law is collapsing, and you can't just repeal it. You have to replace it with a system that actually works.

If he himself is a subject of an investigation, of course he should (recuse himself.) But if he's not I don't see any purpose or reason for doing this.

I am sitting here listening to this testimony. I just don't believe it. That's your problem: Nobody believes you.

I don't think the administration is opposed to long term entitlement reform. The administration is opposed to changing benefits for people at or near retirement. From all my conversations with the president he says, I don't want to change benefits for people at or near retirement and we agree with that.

They did an exhaustive IC-community wide investigation, and brought us all the findings, even the oppo-research thing that they had in there that you guys all talked about. I'm not going to get into those things. Do I think that it affected the outcome? Not in the least. I think that's an open question.

No one has ever showed us any evidence that any collusion had occurred between an American involved with the political system and the Russians. [Jim] Clapper and [John] Brennan did a government-wide investigation from November through December. They did a scrub of everything – presented it all to us. And that investigation told us what we already knew: The Russians were trying to meddle with our election. We all know that. There's nothing new with that.

The Price Plan was considered the conservative gold standard at the time last year. Many conservatives co-sponsored that plan. That plan looks a lot like what we're working on right now.

I feel at the end of the day, when we get everything done and right, we're going to be unified on this.

We're doing this step by step. This is how the legislative process is supposed to be designed. We're not hatching some bill in a backroom and plopping it on the American people's front door.

I see him as more of a chairman, as a president, much like many successful presidents have been, where he gets people around him who are detailed people who can execute those plans. That is not what we're doing. We really believe we are in a rescue mission here to step in and prevent this collapse from occurring.

We must repeal and replace Obamacare and that is top of our list this spring. We will replace it with a law that's better, that's more durable, that lowers costs, improves access to more affordable plans.

The proper place, in my opinion, is the intelligence committees. They're the ones that have access to methods of intelligence gathering.

When you see with your own eyes the many challenges facing our law enforcement professionals along the border, it gives you even greater respect for the work that they do day-in and day-out. But more tools and more support are needed for them to do their jobs effectively. Congress is committed to securing the border and enforcing our laws, and together with the Trump administration, we will get this done.

I'm here to tell you, in Congress, it's not happening. But if you're worried about, you know, some deportation force coming, knocking on your door this year, don't worry about that.

What I do worry about, though, is if classified information is being leaked. That is criminal.

Obamacare is not simply stuck in some kind of status quo. It is getting worse by the day, and it will keep getting worse unless we act.

After the House returns following the Presidents Day break, we intend to introduce legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

We've had a timeline for doing this, and we haven't changed our timeline at all. We're actually on schedule. We have to do Obamacare first. … Spring and summer is tax reform, winter and spring is Obamacare.

You cannot have a national security adviser misleading the vice president and others.

He's restoring the proper balance. And in our opinion he is undoing a lot of damage that was done by the last president, who exceeded his power.

Repeal and replace. If you're going to repair the American health care system, and fix its problems, you have to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better: Patient-centered health care. Somewhere along the line there was confusion that we were going to take the Obamacare architecture and, you know, tinker at the margins and repair it. You can't. It is a collapsing law. We've always had different kinds of Republicans throughout our party. It's a big tent party.

A lot of that toothpaste is already out of the tube. I think we also need to ratchet up sanctions. I think what this administration is doing, which I agree with, is saying, We have a new administration, and we're going to hold you, Iran, to account. This last administration did not do that.

The "swift and decisive response proves that our new administration is serious about holding the Iranian regime accountable for its illicit behavior.

The best way to repair a health care system is to repeal and replace Obamacare.

It's just the way the budget works that we won't be able to get the ability to write our tax reform bill until our spring budget passes, and then we write that through the summer. We feel the need to rescue this system here and that's why we're going with health care first, that's the first budget. And then in the spring we're doing the second budget, that's where tax reform comes.

The Department of Interior's own reports show that mines are safe and the surrounding environment is well-protected.

The president has a responsibility to the security of this country. What is happening is something that we support, which is, we need to pause. And we need to make sure the vetting standards are up to snuff so that we can guarantee the safety and security of our country. That is what this does.

Congressional staffers help the administration all of the time.

Clearly none of us want to see people with green cards get implicated in this. The rhetoric surrounding this could be used as a recruiting tool and I think that's dangerous.

Our number one responsibility is to protect the homeland. President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country.

We've been working with the administration on a daily basis to map out and plan a very bold and aggressive agenda to make good on our campaign promises… to repeal and replace and repair our broken health-care system.

This is not something the Trump administration is planning on, working on.

We anticipate a supplemental (budget) coming from the administration. The point is we're going to finance the Secure Fence Act.

This is about keeping Americans safe. I applaud President Trump for keeping his promise to make this a national priority. It's quite the opposite. President Obama used his pen and phone to exceed his powers in our perspective. Everything Obama did by executive order, this president can undo.

Our goal is to get this done by the end of summer, which is for Congress quite fast.

I'm just so excited we finally have a chance to do this because we have the House and the Senate and a president who is with us. If you can clean up the cesspool of the tax code and give us a pro-growth tax code, that is how you grow the economy, that is how you take power and money out of Washington and give it back to the people.

There are a lot of different ways of getting Mexico to contribute to doing this.

My understanding is this was written by somebody who worked on the transition before. ... This is not something the Trump administration is planning on, working on.

Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don't always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.

Chelsea Manning's treachery put American lives at risk and exposed some of our nation's most sensitive secrets.

We're working on it all together, it's not his or ours, it's together we're working on it.

Changing the way we tax imports and exports is a big part of that, and we're very confident we'll get it done.

This provides Congress with the legislative tools we need to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is a critical first step toward delivering relief to Americans who are struggling under this law. (…) Our goal is a truly patient centered-system which means more options to choose from, lower cost, and greater control over your coverage.

By taking this first step toward repealing Obamacare, we are closer to giving Americans relief from the problems this law has caused. This resolution gives us the tools we need for a step-by-step approach to fix these problems and put Americans back in control of their health care.

So, without getting into all of the legislative mumbo jumbo, we want to do this at the same time and in some cases in the same bill.

We have to step in before things get worse. This is nothing short of a rescue mission.

The law is collapsing. The insurers are pulling out. People can't afford it. The deductibles are so high it doesn't even feel you have insurance in the first place.

We have a responsibility to step in and provide relief from this failing law. And we have to do it all at the same time so that everybody sees what we're trying to do.

I think as he gets to know our intelligence community better, I think he'll learn to appreciate all the great work they do. He is obviously very frustrated at what's happening because it isn't fair and it's all unsubstantiated so his frustration is completely understandable.

Those are the things that we all believe in. We're completely in sync, planning on a daily basis with the administration for how to roll all this out. And that's what we're doing.

This week, Congress is on track to put in place the tools necessary to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is the first of several steps that we will be taking to deliver relief to millions of Americans who are struggling under this law. We want to make sure that we move these things concurrently, at the same time, repeal and replace.

We need to show that there's a better way forward. We need to show that even though this law is collapsing, we can bridge ourselves to a much, much better system. The pillars that we stand upon with replacing Obamacare – more choices, more options, lower prices, and more control over your own health care.

One of the things that we're focusing on is getting people back to work, is economic growth. You can't ever balance the budget if you don't get this economy growing.

It is our goal to bring it all together concurrently. We're going to use every tool at our disposal.

You cannot fix a fundamentally broken law; you've got to replace it.

Well, they don't always get everything right. We've seen that clearly. But I do have faith that our men and women in our intelligence community are doing an incredible job, sacrificing for our country. But there's always room for improvement.

I have a hard time comprehending that, because the primary job of the commander in chief is to keep the country safe. And you need to get from your intelligence community, your defense community – especially when we have troops in harm's way – what's going on.

Our government abandoned our ally Israel when she needed us the most.

The Planned Parenthood legislation would be in our (repeal) bill.

I think the guy is a sycophant for Russia…He leaks, he steals data and compromises national security.

We want every American to have access to quality affordable health coverage.

We're starting today on our work to deliver relief to Americans struggling under Obamacare. We need to reverse the damage that has been done. Then once we repeal this law, we need to make sure there is a stable transition to a truly patient-centered system.

We have a plan to replace it. We have plenty of ideas to replace it and you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we're talking about replacing it with – how do we get better choices with lower prices by not having a costly government take over our health care, which is causing all of these problems in the first place.

This is the first step toward relief for Americans struggling under Obamacare.

The people have given us unified government, and it wasn't because they were feeling generous, it's because they wanted results. How could we live with ourselves if we let them down?

We've got our work cut out for us. As your speaker, I intend to keep this place running at full speed.

To reverse the damage done by this administration, and rebuild our alliance with Israel.

All members of Congress are required to earn the public's trust every single day, and this House will hold members accountable to the people.

We all know the so-called House Ethics Committee is worthless for anything other than a whitewash – sweeping corruption under the rug. That's why the independent Office of Congressional Ethics has been so important. The OCE works to stop corruption and that's why Speaker Ryan is cutting its authority. Speaker Ryan is giving a green light to congressional corruption.

While today's action by the administration is overdue, it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia.

Any intervention by Russia is especially problematic because under President (Vladimir) Putin, Russia has been an aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.

We are really excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running in 2017.

We can get at what he's talking about through smart tax reform. What his concern is, is legitimate – American companies are moving overseas, are shifting headquarters and factories overseas.

He was a very unconventional candidate. He's going to be an unconventional president.

Obamacare rewrote Medicare, rewrote Medicaid, so if you're going to repeal and replace Obamacare, you have to address those issues as well. Those things are part of our plan to replace Obamacare.

As far as what our plans are with reforming and preserving (Medicare), that's just something we haven't discussed yet with the administration and we'll do it as the year goes on.

This is going to be a game-changer. It will fundamentally transform the way that we treat and cure diseases in this country.

Now that Fidel Castro is dead, the cruelty and oppression of his regime should die with him.

We're all focused on beating Democrats on Nov. 8. All the rest of this stuff will sort itself out. I'm very confident where I stand with our members.

My focus personally right now is saving our House majority. I'm going to Indiana, Michigan, New York and Virginia today to fight for House Republicans.

In the America they want, the driving force is the state. It is a place where government is taken away from the people, and we are ruled by our betters, by a cold and unfeeling bureaucracy that replaces original thinking.

If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry.

The Paris climate deal would be disastrous for the American economy.

Trump "gave a unique Donald Trump response to the status quo... I think he passed a number of thresholds.

That is not acting in our interests and that is an adversarial stance and he is acting like an adversary.

Vladamir Putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests. Vladamir Putin is violating the sovereignty of neighboring countries. It's certainly appears he is conducting in-state sponsored attacks on what appears to be our political system.

Putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests. Vladimir Putin is violating the sovereignty of neighboring countries.

Drawing from a wide variety of practical experiences and policy prowess, the members have what it takes to serve Puerto Rico and help get the territory on a path to fiscal health.

I don't think it means he's doomed in November. I think it means right here in Wisconsin, people know me very, very well.

They share my desire for political leadership that is inclusive, not divisive. It's simple to prey on people's fears. That stuff sells, but it doesn't stick.It doesn't last. Most of all, it doesn't work.

It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope they clear this up very quickly. You never joke about something like that.

I'm humbled and honored that Wisconsinites in the 1st Congressional District support my efforts to keep fighting on their behalf". He and his wife, Janna, were grateful and thankful for the support.

We're in the global economy whether we like it or not. The question is who is going to write the rules on the global economy – [we can't] retreat, not play the games, not get involved and let other countries write the rules.

We are not the Democrats with superdelegates, we are a grassroots bottom-up party, and he got 14 million votes and others did not. And so he won the thing fair and square, it's a democratic process that one would like to think that we'd respect. And I feel as part of my responsibility of this job, all other things notwithstanding, that I have a duty and an obligation to honor this process.

I'm just going to rise above this stuff and I'm not going to get involved in some sort of petty back and forth.

I see no purpose in doing this tit for tat, petty back and forth with Donald Trump.

They have to fix this agreement and renegotiate some pieces of it if they have any hope or chance of passing it. He was doubtful this could happen.

Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump's endorsement. And we are confident in a victory next week, regardless.

They are offering a third Obama term brought to you by another Clinton -- and you're supposed to be excited about that?

It's the last chapter of an old story: Progressives deliver everything except progress. Yet we know better than most. We know better than to think that Republicans can win only on the failures of Democrats. It still comes down to the contest of ideas. Which is really good news, ladies and gentlemen, because when it's about ideas, the advantage goes to us.

Next time there's a State of the Union address, I don't know where (Vice President) Joe Biden and (President) Barack Obama will be. But you'll find me right there on the rostrum with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.

This year's surprises and dramatic turns could end in the finest possible way. When America elects….

I can think of no better choice for our vice-presidential candidate. We need someone who is steady and secure in his principles, someone who can cut through the noise and make a compelling case for conservatism. Mike Pence is that man.

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Mike Pence's. We're very good friends. I have very high regard for him. I hope that he picks a good movement conservative. Clearly, Mike is one of those.

I think she is actually a liberal progressive. I don't think she's faking it. I think she is a liberal progressive. And I think she's sitting atop a party that's now run by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. ...Our party has moved right, their party has moved really left. I think the common ground, say that you had in the early '90s when I was here as a staffer is nothing like the common ground you have right now.

We've got big progress on big issues we all want to get done and we want to get our agenda out there and promoted before Cleveland so we are also out there talking about it.

We need to take a moment here. For reflection, for thought, for prayer, for justice, for action. Let's also let some healing occur, too.

It's been a long month for America. We have seen terrible, senseless things. Every member of this body, every Republican and every Democrat, wants to see less gun violence.

You think I'm going to comment on every tweet? I didn't even see the thing when I commented on it, so I'm just not going to get into that tweet talk.

We get taken out of context all the time, and I think his point was to put it into context so that people understood the context on which he was speaking about getting tough on terror.

I really believe he's got to clean up the way his new media works.

That is something we should begin discussions with Great Britain to ease concerns so that we do have a smooth trade relationship with Great Britain because they are our indispensable ally.

We want to make it simpler, flatter, fairer. Bring the number of tax brackets down from seven to three. Lower rates for everybody. Bring the top rate down to 33 percent. Close those special-interest loopholes. Consolidate those deductions and credits.

I respect the decision made by the people of the United Kingdom. The UK is an indispensable ally of the United States, and that special relationship is unaffected by this vote.

If this is not a political stunt, then why are they trying to raise money off of this? The reason I call this a stunt is because they know this isn't going anywhere.

It is a responsible plan that assures the administration will continue to have the needed resources to protect the public.

We are not going to let stunts like this stop us from carrying out the people's business. Why do I call this a stunt? Because it is one. Let's all be honest here.

They are not trying to get this done through regular order. They're staging protests; they're trying to get on TV; they are sending fundraising solicitations.

They know that we will not bring a bill that takes away a person's constitutionally guaranteed rights without…..due process.

We're not going to take away a citizen's constitutional rights without due process.

We're not going to repeal Obamacare when the current president of the United States is a guy named Obama. What we are laying out today is a first-time-in-six-years consensus by the Republicans in the House on what we replace Obamacare with.

Obamacare is fundamentally flawed. We're saying, don't force people to buy insurance. Make insurance companies compete for our business.

The purpose of this agenda is to show a better way on the big issues of the day.

I mean, frankly, people have to contribute money, people have to endorse, people have to really come through. We haven't really started. We start pretty much after the convention, during and after.

I feel as a responsibility institutionally as the speaker of the House that I should not be leading some chasm in the middle of our party. Because you know what I know that'll do? That'll definitely knock us out of the White House.

I don't know the answer to that question either. ...You can't make this up sometimes.

We don't take away a citizen's rights without due process. If you have a quick idea in the heat of the moment that says let's take away a person's rights without due process, we're going to defend the Constitution.

The question is, is going after the Second Amendment how you stop terrorism? No. That's not how you stop terrorism.

I am not going to spend my time commenting about the ups and downs and the in-betweens of comments.

The bureaucracy is not listening to the American people, and as a result less jobs, less businesses, less prosperity, lower wages. We can improve the economy by making sure the regulators respect the people they're supposed to regulate. That is not what's happening.

I believe and hope that he's going to change and improve his campaign. We'll see.

We should not live above the law, and that is one of the cardinal sins that Secretary Clinton violated.

The Puerto Rican people are our fellow Americans. They pay our taxes, they fight in our wars. We cannot allow this to happen.

It's not too much to say that our enemies no longer fear us and too many of our allies no longer trust us. And I think this is a direct result of the president's foreign policy.

We cannot take options off the table, because doing so telegraphs weakness to our enemies and emboldens them.

I regret those comments he made. Claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. I think that should be absolutely disavowed. It's absolutely unacceptable.

Do I believe that Hillary Clinton is gonna be the answer to solving these problems? I do not. I believe that we have more common ground on the policy issue of the day and we have more likelihood of getting our policies enacted with him then we do with her.

This to me is about saving the country and preventing a third progressive, liberal term, which is what a Clinton presidency would do.

I just wanted to have a good comfort level that these policies, these principles and policies are something that we would be able to work with him on and it took some time just to have those conversations.

Susana Martinez is a great governor, she turned deficits into surpluses, she cut taxes.

There's no update and we've not told the Trump campaign to expect an endorsement.

This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines.

I represent a wing of a conservative party, you could say. He brings -- he's bringing a whole new wing to it. He's bringing new voters that we've never had for decades. That's a positive thing.

I want to make sure we really truly understand each other. I represent a wing of the conservative party, you could say. [Trump]'s bringing a whole new wing to it. He's bringing voters we've never had for decades. That's a positive thing. The point, though, is can we agree on the common core principles that unite all of us?

It was important that we discuss our differences that we have, but it was also important that we discussed the core principles that tie us all together.

There's no secret that Donald Trump and I have had our differences. We talked about those differences today. I do believe we are planting the seeds in getting ourselves unified.

What we are trying to do is to be as constructive as possible, to have a real unification.

We have to be a party that is – that is broad and inclusive, principled, applies those principles to the problems of the day, offering the country better solutions, and actually appeals to independents and disaffected Democrats. Donald Trump brought a lot of disaffected Democrats and independents into the party through these primaries. So I think the seeds are there.

We shouldn't just pretend our party is unified when we know it is not. We can't fake it, we can't pretend. We have to actually unify.

If we go forward pretending that we're unified, then we are going to be at half-strength this fall.

Discussions will center on "the kind of Republican principles and ideas that can win the support of the American people this November.

Freedom of religion is a fundamental constitutional principle; it is a founding principle of this country.

I hope to support our nominee, I hope to support his candidacy fully.

We will need a standard-bearer that can unify all Republicans, all conservatives, all wings of our party, and then go to the country with an appealing agenda. And we have work to do on this front, and I think our nominee has to lead in that effort.

I never believe our party is beyond the point of repair, of course we don't want to see divisions in our party, we are conservatives, we believe in the American idea.

My job is to help unify our party. I have a very good relationship with both of these men, and I'm going to keep it that way.

Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. have no business getting between you and your financial planner. But that's what the Obama administration's fiduciary rule does. It's Obamacare for financial planning.

The administration should definitively rule out any potential workaround that provides Iran – directly or indirectly – with access to the dollar or the U.S. financial system. We hope that's the message Secretary Kerry delivers to Foreign Minister Zarif on Friday.

Reince was received extremely favorably. I'm so pleased that such a meticulous attorney is the head of the RNC because he is making sure the rules are the rules, that we follow the rules.

We are getting our minds around that this very well could become a reality.

Ronald Reagan could not have accomplished everything that he did without his wife Nancy. She loved her husband, and she loved her country. This was her service. It was her way of giving back. And all of us are very grateful.

I just laughed out loud. Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction around here these days.

We are the pro-life movement that is here to stand up for the women. We are here to stand up for the unborn and we are here to stand up for the rule of law.

We are making legal preparations if the president tries to break the law. And what boggles my mind is that the president is contemplating directing the military to knowingly break the law.

Our law is really clear. These detainees cannot come to American soil.

With the passing of Justice Scalia and a 5-4 court being split 4-4, the balance of the Supreme Court, the interpretation of the Constitution, are we going to be a constitutional republic or are we going to be a living breathing document constitution, meaning a liberal progressive welfare state?

The president has absolutely every right to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, but Congress as an equal branch also has every right not to confirm someone.

The attitude in some quarters these days is, Don't just pray; do something about it. The thing is, when you are praying, you are doing something about it. You are revealing the presence of God.

I think he's taking the country away from what it was intended to be.

No matter what unilateral action President Barack Obama takes on gun control, his word does not trump the Second Amendment.

The president has never respected the right to safe and legal gun ownership that our nation has valued since its founding.

To pretend we're unified without actually unifying then we go in the fall at half strength. This election is too important to go into an election at half strength. That means we need a real unification of our party which you know look after a tough primary that's going to take some effort.

We know that ISIS is trying to come and attack us and other Western nations. It just is common sense that we pause, reevaluate and make sure that we have the proper standards in place to make sure something like what happened in Paris doesn't happen here.

It's going to take more than a week to repair and unify this party and so I think what we want to do is sit down together and talk about how we can unify the Republican Party.

He ( Obama) said: 'Well I haven't communicated enough'. Ladies and gentlemen, these past four years we have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What is missing is leadership in the White House!

I think we should right now put in our minds and our prayers the people who have been victims of Hurricane Isaac and those who still stand in the path of the storm.

Every generation of Americans leaves their children better off, that's the American legacy. Sadly, for the first time in our history we are on a path which will undo that legacy.

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