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Peer Steinbruck has been quoted 22 times. The two most recent articles where Peer Steinbruck has been quoted are Social Democrats have second worst result in German post-war era and Germany election: Merkel and Steinbruck reach out to undecided voters. Most recently, Peer Steinbruck was quoted as having said, “Because of these touching and enriching experiences that I have made during the campaign I owe much more to the SPD and I will be ready in the future to take responsibility.”.

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No little games, no strategic negotiation; the SPD must always take the measure of what it wants to attain for people – what they want from European policies and with our allies, their international ideas, the things we want to accomplish in Germany by linking what is socially fair with what is economically rational. This will the basis for everything, our unity of value.

Because of these touching and enriching experiences that I have made during the campaign I owe much more to the SPD and I will be ready in the future to take responsibility.

Some people spend time with thinking about the question of whether they should vote or if they should punish the parties. My key plea is: go out and vote on Sunday.

What I and my family have lived through in this campaign goes far beyond what is acceptable. I never would have expected blackmail would also be attempted.

There is only one way to deal with these things, go out in the open and turn to the police. It will play no part in my election fight.

There is not enough investment in the future and this country is only being administered and not politically shaped.

This government means standstill. Standstill is not exhausting, I admit. Standstill doesn't make you sweat. Some people like it this way. That may help explain why this government – at least Mrs Merkel, sometimes hovering above the cabinet more like a president – believes it could get away with lulling all of us to sleep.

These aren't only senseless statements and empty promises. We can't help thinking that the CDU-CSU themselves don't take their programme seriously. That's evident in the programme because they don't say how these crazy promises are going to be financed.

The first election campaign in which I participated was in 1969 and since then I have not seen a programme presented by a chancellor with so few ambitions.

The Greek social cuts are worth 330 billion euros. I'd be grateful if there was a bit more respect for the efforts there.

There is still a lot to do and I think that in our discussions today we agreed that a clear timetable must be set out at the meeting in Pittsburgh about what should be dealt with and by what date.

Given the new record borrowing and the decrease in tax revenues, it is highly reckless to promise tax cuts. And if I see it correctly, this debate will determine the election campaign.

About 300 million euros in the very short term, That played a big part in making this night longer.

The government hasn't decided on any preferred bidder yet. It's quite possible, though, that such a preferred bidder might emerge during our talks tonight. We have agreed within the government that we will study all offers fairly.

I would like to emphasize that the funds that we are allowed to use are sufficient. So, I don't need to ask the Bundestag for further funds in addition to the 500 billion euros already appropriated.

When you compare the situation of yesterday, for example, with the beginning of 2007, half a year before the financial turmoil started, I think we made great progress.

It makes no sense to pump more and more money in our economy whenever we have not restored the confidence on the financial markets.

As I have said myself, if we want to have an economic recovery, the main requirement will be getting back trust in the financial markets, and the prerequisite of returning trust to the financial markets will be that banks clear up, really clear up, their balance sheets.

We're not going to do anything to get this money from taxpayers in any other way. The economy in its current state couldn't cope with that.

The idea that injecting a lot of money, or everything we've got, will help a lot is'nt how we've been thinking. We've been asking how can we best target spending, how much leverage will this sum have on relaunching the economy in such a tough economic downturn?

Switzerland offers conditions that invite the German taxpayer to evade taxes. Therefore, in my view, Switzerland belongs on such a blacklist.

That doesn't mean the dollar will suddenly stop being the leading currency but it will be more and more complemented by the euro. The yen will play an important role, so will the Chinese Yuan, so I think the world will become more multi-polar.

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