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All of them, they are perfect. I am a big fan of Michael Carrick. He is one of the best holding midfielders I've ever seen in my life by far. He's the level of Xabi Alonso and Sergio
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Pep Guardiola is associated, including Europe and Barcelona. Most recently, Pep Guardiola has been quoted saying: “All of them, they are perfect. I am a big fan of Michael Carrick. He is one of the best holding midfielders I've ever seen in my life by far. He's the level of Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets.” in the article He can play in 10 positions - Guardiola marvels over United star Pogba.
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There are nine games left. We have to take as many points as possible and we will

I want to congratulate Jesus, who was excellent against one of the best players in the world in Sanchez. I played him because Bacary Sagna was injured and Pablo Zabaleta was not ready. Jesus always deserves the best because he is an excellent guy and I was so happy with

He was in New York. It was freezing. He told me that. Hopefully he can help us in the last games of the season and come back for us in the

The staff have embraced my team and all those who work for the club throughout our stay. That is a huge plus to help us in making the trip as seamless as possible and we are incredibly grateful for all their

The trip [to Abu Dhabi] gave us a chance to get away and do things a little differently. Being in Abu Dhabi gives us a chance to come to a beautiful country, with a different climate to the one we're used to – it freshens things up for all of us. The facilities out here in Abu Dhabi are outstanding. To have everything on one site in this way is invaluable and the hotel is of the very highest

I played football for 11 years and scored 11 goals. One goal a year. Can you imagine me giving advice about scoring goals? I leave the box work for the players. How they fight until the last moment, how they put absolutely everything that they had on the pitch. Sometimes you play important games but you are just focused on that and your mood is

John Stones has more personality than everybody here in this room. More balls than everybody. I love this kind of player. I am delighted to have him. He has been under pressure. The people criticise him. But it is not easy to play central defence with this manager. I don't want long balls and passes down the channel. I want him 40 metres back to build up the play. I can only imagine what it would have been like had Jesus and Aguero had both been on the pitch in the final few

We were sad and that is why I am so, so happy, it's one of the days I am proud the most being coach and being coach of those guys. More than ever I want to help the club, if I am able and if they want to stay with me, to put in the next years to be there with the next step

When you play with [Yaya] Toure, [David] Silva and De Bruyne alongside two 19-year-olds [Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling] and Aguero upfront - they all want to

We lived a tough two days after being out of the Champions League, our mood and what happened in Monaco. In the first half we were what we are, and in the second half again and again and again how many chances we missed, it was tough, and playing against a team like Liverpool who were all week preparing for the

He is a charismatic trainer. I admire him a lot. He is a top trainer. As a foreign trainer going to Germany, when he had a lot of success, how he took care of me. The first day when I lost the Supercup, how gentle he was, and when he won and I won. Of course the way we play is completely different, I am Catalan and he is German so the influence is completely different. He celebrates goals much better than me, he hugs his players better than me. It is always a pleasure to face the big trainers in the world and test myself against

It is one of happiest days of my career as a manager. I am so

My players put everything onto the pitch. More than ever I want to help the club - if they want to stay with me - and make the next step forward. I came here for three years and want to stay for three years and next year play better. Liverpool created more chances than Monaco but we also create a lot of chances and do not score goals. To achieve the big targets you have to be more clinical. It is not just today. I have thought a lot what more I can do to get my players to score goals. In my career I scored eleven goals - one goal a year – what can I say to Sergio (Aguero)?feedback

We lived a tough two days after going out the Champions League because of our mood after Monaco. It was tough playing a team like Liverpool who were preparing all the week for the game. After going out the Champions League the next game is always difficult. I am so proud of my players. We were sad (in midweek) so that is why I am so happy. You have to consider the situation we played this game. How we played against them, a top team - they have exceptional players - means a lot to me. That is why I am so

John Stones has more personality than everyone in this room – more balls – I am delighted to have him, even with the mistakes. I love him. It is not easy to play for this kind of manager which is why I admire my central

I think exceptional other managers in the world sometimes don't win titles in a

In terms of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, when you talk about these kind of teams, it's a big disaster when they don't win. I knew that. Here I didn't think that, but it is a big disaster when you don't win as well. It will take more time to put the team that I

He was a long time injured and sometimes he played but was injured again so I could risk him and not be so sure [he would last]. I would like more time to be

I met the big boss Sheikh Mansour [the City owner] in Abu Dhabi and I know the plan, it's a team that took the next step seven years ago and we are thinking about getting better. I want to be involved in that as much as possible and to help my team to make the next step and I have more power than ever in my life as a manager. For me, it's a big challenge and I want to deal with that, I want to see myself if I am able to do that. That is my

All the managers and sporting directors want to improve and get better. Even the team that wins the triple will still make changes, so a team that does not win the Champions League or gets to the final will make changes. I knew that. I met the big boss (owner) Sheikh Mansour in Abu Dhabi and I know the plan. We are thinking (of how) to get better. For players and managers, it depends on the results, but I want to be involved in that as much as possible, and to help my team to make the next step and I have more power than ever in my life as a

For me it's a big challenge and I want to deal with that. In the good moments and bad moments, especially in the bad moments, I am really impressed. I appreciate that a lot. I am so happy with the squad. Speculation is normal when you are out of a competition, it happens everywhere not just the Premier League and England. I have said many times I'm so happy working with the guys and how they try to do and their performances. We're going to improve a lot next season and a lot of these guys will be here next season. All these issues we'll talk about at the end of the

It is important we don't bring him in if he's not fully ready and not fully match

I would like to say yes. I trust my players, I am so comfortable. I will never forget how they take care of me and give me absolutely everything but I don't

Believe me, I am not thinking about me being seven times in a row in the semi-finals. I am here to help this club get into the next round and maybe another one. I am not here for private ambitions. I am here for one group of people [his players] to do better and better and better in competitions. I am satisfied with my personal success. What I wanted was a new club, to help them to be stable in Europe as many years as possible. When you see all our potential Champions League rivals they are top, top clubs. That is why I cannot answer saying we will win the Champions

If I have no silverware, I will not be here for a long time. Being a manager depends on

I have to handle that but what I can say is try to play better, better, better than the previous month. That's what I want to see for the next year - be

I know what my standard is in terms of the past and titles. I know what's on my shoulders and I have to handle that. I know we will be judged on the titles we win. I know that. No silverware - it will not be a good season. I knew that in August. But I always believe deep in my heart that results depend on the way you play. That's why I need to be convinced that we're playing better every

My period in Munich was judged like a disaster because we were not able to win the Champions League. I won three leagues in a row, we won two cups from three, we arrived every time in the semi-finals and finals, [but] it was a

I'm not thinking about titles. Of course all the managers in the big clubs want to fight for all the titles, but now it is thinking about tomorrow - what you can do to get to the

Joe Hart is a Manchester City player and we will decide at the end of the season. We will explain at the end of the season about all the players. The team is so difficult to make chances against because they are so stable, really well organised in those terms. [Alvaro] Negredo is so dangerous with long balls and Adama [Traore] is so fast on the

I think [Chelsea boss Antonio] Conte's cupboard is full, that's why they decided to give it to someone

It's very important but I think everyone in the team is involved now. It's not about fatigue, it's about mentality. Teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona always play a lot of games, because they're involved in all the trophies. You've got to be ready - that's our job. If you're the manager [and] if you've got to put the same team out on Saturday, then we have to do our job for the fans and the

I'd like to congratulate Barcelona, it's an amazing result they got tonight. It is incredible and I celebrate it especially for Luis Enrique. Also for this generation of players, who are doing so many good things. I am curious to see the game repeated, calmly, when I have time. It's not easy when the opponents are there. We created a lot of situations for the last pass and sometimes we missed it. When [David] Silva came in, we created a few more chances. When you analyse the chances we had, I don't really remember more than one Stoke

They defended deep and it was complicated to find the players between the lines. We were there in the last minutes. I don't have regrets about how they ran, how they

The priority is the next game. In two and a half days, we have another game. In three or four days, we travel to France to play Monaco and then we have another game against

Be careful not to criticise Barca and Luis [Enrique] too much - because they may end up proving you

It is true – how many chances he creates, how many he scores, creates penalties, [wins] fouls and being aggressive without the ball in the press and many, many things. He is so important. But still, it is the same case as with Leroy. Still it is a guy who has a lot of things to improve. I would like him not to believe or think it is already good. He can be better, believe me. Raz can be better. Still he makes mistakes in the simple, easy things. When improves that…

Since the beginning, when I arrived, I was delighted. Even when I was in Munich when I saw him [I was impressed].feedback

In football you have to start by making the simple things. After, the quality to dribble and score goals, that is the more difficult thing – he has this

I'm not involved in that, but I think they are working on that,

We are buying for the long term, that is why Leroy is here, Raz [Sterling] is here, Gabriel is here. All of them around 20 years old, and except in one or two cases where we need experience and maybe we play a player who is 28 or 29 years old because we are sure he is going to give us two or three or four important years, but the younger they are the

We were here with the owner, the chairman, and they told me again to create something from the

He was shouting when he was not happy with one pass. When this happens, you are in the game, we are in the game, after that you have two chances. You are aggressive in the penalty, your first touch is good, your first control is good. And when this happens Sergio is an unbelievable player. Not just in the box, in all the terms, that's why we were so happy and I know he was so

To take decisions like Claudio Bravo did in the last game was a masterpiece. How he took decisions, short and right, left and along and behind because we knew Huddersfield would be high pressing and press Aleix Garcia. For example they would press to Kevin De Bruyne to come, to Fernandinho to come, [so] the space was in behind them. How he put the ball there - it wasn't a long ball, it was a pass. How he took the decisions was right all the time, it was really perfect, definitely what I want from Claudio and of course Willy [Caballero].feedback

Maybe it's my opinion but when you have strikers two metres tall you can play long balls but our strikers are not strong enough in the long balls. We have [Sergio] Aguero, Kelechi [Iheanacho], Gabriel [Jesus], [Raheem] Sterling, [Jesus] Navas and Nolito, even Leroy [Sane] is not strong. If we play 100 long balls we are going to lose maybe 95 and when this happens the ball comes back more quickly and with more players to attack

Every day my feeling is better. Our build-up is better, we create more chances in the last two games and scored 10 goals. That is what I have to

To see the team, the team spirit, to play better and better, the players know they depend on their team-mates, not their own performance. If the goalkeepers make a good performance it's not for the keepers it's for the team, if we score goals it's not for the strikers it's for the team, and that is what is

When I hear so many times 'I always dream of winning the Golden Ball, the Ballon d'Or', these kind of things, that is ridiculous. It makes no sense. Win the titles, make the people happy. But it is not the way it was before. Normally the manager of the month is because they won, it's simple like that. Normally when the people have more money to spend on better players [they win accolades], so I said many times I won a lot of prizes because I trained good teams, if not good teams I wouldn't have so many prizes. That is nothing important for

Gabriel Jesus is the player of the month or not player of the month. I am sad because he is not able to help us, and of course the moment he played he helped us a lot, that is what I want to see as a manager, as a team - our success, our mistakes are our mistakes and the good things are our good

Like a Barcelona fan, like supporters, like he's… I am sorry, the club of my heart, so I am so sad because we are going to miss the perfect trainer for Barcelona for his personality, character, for his three years, two years and now three, he play, played, unbelievable football with unbelievable

We will see after the session tomorrow. He is much, much better. Maybe he will be back tomorrow. Monaco are physical and strong, the full backs play like wingers, the wingers play like attacking midfielders. They are killers in the box. Both holding midfielders are intelligent, physical, strong, and they arrive in the box as a complete team. They are the best team in Europe in terms of scoring goals. So it's a tough

The effect I don't know. I think you can seduce [new signings] not just about the salaries, the people want to play in the Premier League for many reasons, people can accept to come, but I don't know. I cannot answer that. Maybe in the summer if we are not in the Champions League you can ask me and I can say we wanted to buy two or three players but they didn't come because they want to be in Europe, then I will have the answer, but at this moment I don't

We didn't take some of our early chances but that's been happening all season. The important thing is we created a lot of chances, did score three goals and also kept a clean

Tomorrow we will see but I think he is injured. [I wanted] to put together Sergio and Gabriel in front. I didn't want to put Kevin [De Bruyne] as a holding midfielder, I prefer to put Kevin more in contact with our full-backs, especially on the right side with Jesus Navas and have two strikers in the

I think even the English people are still waiting to see what's going to happen with Brexit, with everything. From the moment all the processes will be launched, which will be in one or two years, they will see what happens. I don't know how it's going to end. But if they don't want to have people from abroad we will leave. If they don't want to have more people, they won't do that. And if they want to do that... They have to

I am so happy now, believe me I am so happy as I knew how difficult the game was going to be, and in this group with Barcelona if we did not get points tonight and against Celtic it would be tough to go through. We have five games left but it was so

Europe will watch how we walk out on the pitch. That is a big joy for me. It has never been worrying. We might win, we might

I know it's a tough night for us, for me and for the players and I am still very proud of my team, my players. The reason we did so badly in the first half is that we did not have possession. In my opinion football is played with the ball, then the other things come after that and we didn't play with the

They are the best counter attacking team in the world, they are athletes – football players, but mainly

When I see Rooney, Ferdinand, Vidic and Ryan Giggs, Wellbeck, Chicahrito… I know them very well, I know the qualities of these players. Maybe they played no good this season, I don't know why because I am not here (in England) but for one game or two games they can make the best performance of the season and they can beat

I feel good here but I believe my time at Barcelona is ending. I've already done three years, one more will be four years. And in four years a big club needs a lot of courage to keep the same coach. Everyone should know when it's the right time to go, as I always heard when I was a

In the end we adapt to everything … but it's clear that this was a problem for the

We played a fantastic match against 11 and against 10. We did not allow them to make more than three consecutive

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