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He practiced today, made it through it. He's a little sore but he made it through all of the work, so he looks like he's ready to
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Oct 20 2017
In this page, you will find a list of 94 quotes from Pete Carroll, from different articles. We analyzed 53 articles in which Pete Carroll has been quoted in topics like Earl and Dan. Pete Carroll’s most recent quote is: “We have to wait and see on that. That's really up to the docs and Cliff and all that kind of stuff, and I'm one-thousand percent supportive of whatever we need to do here to help him, and so that's why we're taking our time. The IR thing gives him six weeks at least to figure whatever else we can figure out. But he's not sure what's best for him right now and he's trying to find that out. We're giving him hopefully a good sense and a comfort that we're going to support it all the way throughout and figure out what's best and all that.”. To see more examples Pete Carroll’s views and opinions, check out the section below.
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Oct 02 2017

I think we're so fortunate that [while] Chris has to sit out for a while, that Thomas Rawls gets to step up. That's just good fortune and good planning and all of that. Thomas is really raring to

Oct 02 2017

There will be some tests and stuff like that. I don't have any timeline on that at all, but we're going to take care of him and make sure that we take our time and do this really well to look after

Oct 02 2017

It's a surgery that applies to a really serious high-ankle sprain. He does have a little fracture, but that's not the

Sep 29 2017

A lot of these guys have kind of grown up with us. We've been here a long time together. Those that are in the leadership positions, [I've] seen them come through a lot of stages of their young football life and so it's very rewarding. But most of all, I'm excited because they're going to get stuff done. They really are ready to do the good

Sep 25 2017

We stand for love and justice and civility. We stand for our players and their constitutional rights, just as we stand for equality for all

Sep 22 2017

He did really well today. He made it through the whole practice and did everything, practiced full, so he'll be all

Sep 20 2017

He's doing fine. He's ready to get after it and compete and battle back. He respects Thomas Rawls. He understands. That's not what he wants. I don't want him to accept it, I want him to be wanting to get back out there with everything he's got, and that's exactly the way he should be competing. I wish we could have had him up. We could have used

Sep 17 2017

He went back in and caught the game-winning touchdown pass with it. Good

Sep 15 2017

People forget now that it really took us a half to get going, on both sides. What people remember is the second half, the fourth quarter. And they should. I remember thinking, Man, I think this might be something pretty great we're all in the middle of right

Sep 07 2017

I'll definitely take as many they give me. I haven't played since October, but going through the first (three) preseason games and getting the feel back and getting hit and reassuring myself that my ankle is perfectly fine, I feel like I'm equipped for whatever I have to

Sep 06 2017

We are thankful he is safe and we take this opportunity to say we stand with him and anyone facing inequalities. May this incident inspire all of us to respond with compassion when inequalities are brought to light and have the courage to stand for change because we can do better – we can do better than

Sep 05 2017

I really felt I was part of Trojans nation at that point. That feeling has never left

Aug 19 2017

I'm fired up for Blair. ...They were giving him a hard time. They were razzing him a little bit and all that. He was just having a little fun with it. He's a really good competitor. I like his mentality, and I think we are very fortunate to have

Aug 18 2017

He didn't play but the first five games last year, so it's been a long time. He needs to play football and come back. He did a nice job last week. He had a very good week of work. So to get him to come back this week was ... I think it's a real sign that he's back and

Aug 17 2017

We've really done our work here and feel that we're in a good place with

Aug 17 2017

I'm not going to go into that, ok. There's a million questions you could ask me about that. We've done everything that you could do. All I can tell you is it's been a comprehensive look into it, and I feel great telling you that. There's too many aspects of it to go ahead and talk to you about it,

Aug 15 2017

I support the heck out of his concerns and issues and all that. When it comes to it, I love our country, and I think we should all stand for the opportunities when the flag is represented. But the fact that his heart is in a great place and he's going to do great work well after the time he's with us, it's easy for me to support him in his issues. But I think we should all be standing up when they play the national

Aug 03 2017

It's not OK, and it shouldn't be part of it. You can't do it in a game. You get ejected -- just what you saw happened. Somebody can get hurt, which you saw happen. So we've taken a big stance against it and are really disappointed that it happened on Day 4

Aug 03 2017

I'm disappointed we had a couple guys get after it today. There is no room for fighting in football. It is not part of this game, not supposed to be part of this game. And we frown upon that very heavily, so real disappointed that that happened today. We have to learn and get better and be

Jul 30 2017

We'll see. I don't know that. It's challenging. He had extraordinarily high hopes to be here and be with us, and he's not able to. So everything's above board and cleared -- what we're doing. But it's going to take a little while just because this is the first time there's been a statement to come out, and we're just honoring the family in how to handle this

Jul 30 2017

We'll wait and see. We'll see what's going on. It's been a little while since the accident happened, but we're still waiting to figure all that

Jul 28 2017

It was good to have him out here. At 'SC, our guys hold a Heisman Trophy winner in the highest regard. For them to get a chance to see him and visit with him was very special for

Jun 13 2017

We would very much like to work something out. We're working at it. And that's really all we'll say. But we are working at it with every intention of taking care of business. It takes awhile. Things take awhile. His frame of mind and our frame of mind are in a really good place. And we're going to work hard to get something done. We'll see if we

Jun 05 2017

I know I'm dedicated. I'm dedicated to making progress as we go. That doesn't mean everything's always going ahead exactly as you planned. Sometimes there's setbacks and challenges. As a matter of fact, if you don't count on that, you don't

Jun 05 2017

I guess things are a lot different than maybe you guys think. I don't know that. But in here and with us and the work that we're doing, I think that we're in a marvelous position. That doesn't mean that everybody's on the same page exactly right all the time. I'm not either. We've got to work at it. It's a challenge. It's about developing relationships and working with people and helping them to find their best. That's what we're working at right here. We're not doing it right all the time. But we're

Jun 05 2017

I don't know if you guys get it. We're in great shape. This locker room's in great

Jun 03 2017

Sometimes there are setbacks and challenges, and as a matter of fact, if you don't count on that, you don't understand. So we're in great shape. This locker room is in great shape, this group is fired up, they're working hard every day. Everybody is pulling for one another. Whatever you guys think might be otherwise, it isn'

Jun 03 2017

The guys we thought might be more slowed up at this time are out there and able to get some work that they're feeling some

Jun 03 2017

That's not my issue, I don't know. We brought him in here to check him out, and I think it was very productive for us to get to know him better. I had never really sat down and talked to the guy. The doors are always open to opportunities. We're just going to try to do the best we can for our guys whenever the opportunity presents itself and we'll

Jun 02 2017

I show favoritism towards every one of these guys. Every one of them. I'm trying to figure each guy out and help them out as best I can. And I think we're doing ok at doing that. Each person is different -- where as they have to fit into the team. They've got to maintain the team expectations and standards. And I've got to make sure I hold them to all of that. Individually, I treat those guys as well as I can to what they need and how it fits

Jun 02 2017

The first one's never going away for me. It's affecting me for the rest of my life. And the next one will affect me for the rest of my life. I'm OK with that. I've just got to keep going. I've got to manage my way so that I can keep moving forward. I don't say that it affected me in a negative way. It's a big experience. It's a lot you go through. It's a lot that you deal with. And you've got to put it in the right place so that the next step you take can be the best step that you're taking. And that's what we're working at

Jun 02 2017

We're living as a family in this situation. These guys have grown up with us as football players. And in that, we go through a lot of changes, and there are a lot of things that happen. There's a lot of challenges in all directions -- not just for one guy, but for all of our guys. I'm putting myself in trouble by saying this. It ain't never going away from

May 25 2017

He was keyed up, competing his ass

May 25 2017

The instant that play occurred, I knew what I was dealing with. I had to get back to business as soon as

May 15 2017

We're looking at everybody. We really are. We've been tracking everything that's going on, and we've got cap and roster issues and stuff like that that we're still trying to manage properly. But quite frankly, yes, we are looking at all those

May 15 2017

His attitude about it has been great. He's worked with the support system that we put in place and [has been] highly successful. He looks awesome. He looks great. He's huge. And he's going to keep playing huge. He did a fantastic job. He's done everything we've asked him to

May 04 2017

Yes. In one respect, it would be because it went after draft time. But people can always call you, and there were some people, there were some conversations. I don't think they're going to change. I don't think anybody's going to offer us anything that would make it worthwhile because there's no draft involved and all that kind of stuff. But that's always out there. There's always opportunities to

May 04 2017

He wants to really recapture the intensity that he's always brought, and he feels like he can do that. He adjusted some two or three years ago. I think it's time for us to continue to dig in to him and make sure that he's really at the height of his game,

May 04 2017

Everybody on our team is available to somebody that wants to come get them if they want to trade for them. We don't want to trade guys. We want to keep our guys. But we have to in an effort to always work to be better and help our team. We've got to listen and all that. So we went through that process. There was very open conversation about that. There was no animosity at

May 04 2017

But the likelihood is like zero percent, it seems like. Teams don't want to give up stuff. They don't want to trade at times like this, and it's really hard to navigate through a trade with experienced players during draft time. It just doesn't happen very often. That may worry you guys. It doesn't worry me at all. I love that thought. But also there's time to make good decisions and good choices in regards to supporting his teammates and his team and all that, and he's really on point. So I'm excited to see that element in our team this year coming

Apr 07 2017

Richard went through a lot last year. Most of it

Apr 07 2017

It's because of the corner play. Monte wasn't as big a corner guy as I am. So I always, at [USC], wanted to be Corner U. Because we had a way that we believed in teaching corners that could really play on the line of scrimmage and play really aggressively. We wanted to take advantage of

Apr 07 2017

So when you have that, then you can do other things with your front, and we've been able to stay in a heavy, loaded-up front mode for all of these years. So it's always given us a great chance to play the run. But I do think it's because of our understanding of how to coach the

Apr 06 2017

I know that he is somewhat entertaining the thought of it. I can't tell you how strong it is. You've got to talk to

Apr 05 2017

There have been some teams that have called, and so we've talked about it. But he's extremely important to our football team. I don't see anything happening at

Apr 03 2017

We drafted [Ifedi] as a right tackle that could play right guard. We've used that flexibility already. He's excited about the chance to play outside if that's what we want him to do. We'll figure it all out when we start to put the pieces

Apr 03 2017

He's going to get a great opportunity to be a starter. We drafted him to be a starting player, and we thought by the middle of the season through the second half of it, we could see that that potential was all there. The mentality was all there. It was just a matter of

Apr 03 2017

Luke is a guy who started at left tackle, was drafted at left tackle. I'm thinking of him as that, knowing he can play left guard. He had a really good experience this year moving in, and he liked it and felt comfortable doing that. So my first thought is we head into it with he's coming into it as a left tackle that can play left

Apr 03 2017

He's really well equipped, smart, fits the style. He's been in the same zone-running style. But particularly we rated him very highly in his pass protection, and we're really excited about

Apr 03 2017

I know we've gotten better. If George had to sit for a while, what could be better for him than sitting behind a guy who was a [No. 2] pick in the draft and knows how to play the position? If that happens, it would only enhance his future, and we have high expectations for him down the road -- high

Mar 14 2017

He looks to be making a great

Mar 14 2017

He's an exciting guy to add to the mix. Thomas brings us great energy and C.J. and Alex (Collins) add in, too, so I think it makes a really good position group for us. We'll find a good rotation here to help everybody

Jan 15 2017

I was really impressed with them all the way around. They've got a lot of

Jan 14 2017

They've got a lot of momentum. This is what they looked like the last four weeks, and they carried that into this game against

Jan 14 2017

It was a very classy way to end the game. I thought it was just another great statement on what a great dude he is and what a great coach he is and what a great job he is

Jan 14 2017

It's just really hard to think it's

Jan 13 2017

It's one of those games you store away, but it doesn't have anything to do with what's going on

Jan 11 2017

This is the kind of play we see from him in practice, so it's not unfamiliar. Some of the plays were circus-like, but he has done that. ... He's been waiting a long while to help this team and feel significant about that impact and he's done

Jan 06 2017

There's obviously been a bunch of different teams that have done different stuff going in and then turn on a real good show and get going in the playoffs. We'll see what

Dec 26 2016

They've got some issues with infections and stuff they have to fight right now, make sure he comes through clean because there was a little break in the skin. He's got a chance to have a great

Dec 25 2016

I don't know. I keep thinking we're going to do right, we're going to do

Dec 25 2016

He just did

Dec 16 2016

I think it's a huge significance in terms of consistency. It's something that we really do take great pride in because of the implications for the

Dec 11 2016

This is such a rare occurrence for our team. It's just something at this time we have to push behind us and get

Dec 05 2016

We're all going to miss the heck out of Earl because we love having that guy back there. But we don't get

Dec 05 2016

Earl's been a fixture here for a long time. He's missed two games in his life playing football in the last couple of weeks. We're going to miss him

Nov 14 2016

It's one of the great challenges that a team and a defense gets and we've had some bouts down there the last few weeks and our guys just came through and hung in there and fought for every

Nov 14 2016

We wanted to make it a two-possession

Nov 14 2016

When it got down to it, when you get a chance to win a game on the 1-yard line , there ain't nothing like it in

Nov 12 2016

Just like we looked at all the rest of the games, we pay a lot of attention to what's going on now and some of the names and the faces are the same, but quite a few of them aren't. We have to figure all that

Nov 08 2016

Otherwise, play the play out. Try and block the

Nov 03 2016

There are some other things that happened in that game that we learned from. Like I told you, I wanted to gain some information on how they discern the action between the receivers and (defensive backs) and what was going on there. It was a good

Oct 24 2016

That was really an amazing football

Oct 16 2016

Fortunately we did well early, had a really nice first half and then came back when we needed to in the fourth quarter to get the stops we needed to get it done and the one kick we needed to make. A really difficult game, but I'm fired

Jan 28 2014

Our plan was really clear. I don't mind telling you we installed a game plan last week, which was great for today. We went out today and brought it right back up, and guys knew what was going on, so we have this whole week to repeat it again. That's the San Francisco

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