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You have a market that's been making new highs ... and now investors are saying its time for some
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Oct 19 2017
Peter Cardillo has been quoted 134 times. The one recent article where Peter Cardillo has been quoted is Dow breaches 23, 000-mark for the first time. Most recently, Peter Cardillo was quoted as having said, “We're not seeing a market that's galloping along here. The market from a technical perspective is tired. What you're seeing is some hesitancy but not any major declines.”.
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Peter Cardillo quotes

Aug 30 2017 - North Korea

We suspect the North Korea problem, although not yet causing a rush to exit, will eventually take a negative toll on the

Aug 28 2017

With some of the major refineries closing down in Houston, we're seeing fireworks in gasoline prices, a move which is being reflected in refinery

Aug 28 2017

As we approach September, I think investors are going to be very cautious. I think the greatest threat to the market right now is the political

Aug 14 2017

What we're seeing is a bit of a relief rally. The reason for that is the rhetoric has toned down, for the

Aug 11 2017 - North Korea

If we saw any movement out of North Korea or if we saw any movements out of the United States… If there was evidence [Kim] is really mobilizing an attack or vice-versa, obviously that would be very negative. We could see a huge drop in the stock market – but we'd have to get to that point. We could go down 3 to 4 percent in one

Aug 08 2017

New record highs were registered last week as the flow of earnings continued positive with major corporations offering positive guidance going forward. Nevertheless, now that the winding down of the second-quarter season has begun, the remainder of August is likely to encounter increasingly sluggish volume, with the indices staying mostly range

Jul 31 2017

We keep seeing political and geopolitical tension creeping up and the market seems to be taking that in

Jul 25 2017 - McDonald's

Investors will have a lot to chew on today as earnings results include at least 12 major companies. We look for another mixed session as the FOMC meeting begins and the health care vote comes into

Jul 21 2017 - OPEC

It's been a strong week for

Jul 17 2017 - Oil

Oil is looking pretty good. Sentiment is turning positive. I think we're heading back to $50 in the

Jul 03 2017

There's new leadership emerging in the market. That should keep us from faltering during the summer

Jun 21 2017 - China

If we break below $40, all bets are off and the threat of inflation would be

Jun 06 2017

On the other hand, investors abroad are rushing into Gold as the political situation in Great Britain and U.S. raises the level of 'Fear

Jun 05 2017

The averages are making new highs but that's because of a handful of stocks. If you take those out, we'd probably be

Jun 05 2017

We are looking for a mixed to lower session as international and domestic political worries keep investors on the side

Jun 05 2017

On the macro front, the PMI and factory orders are likely to show positive readings with the employment trend index moving to 133.5 as the solid labor market trend

May 30 2017

We are expecting confidence to slip as the political turmoil in Washington weighs. Nonetheless, the confidence index is expected to stay within its upper range. We look for a mixed session as the macro news is

May 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

The news of the deal is positive, but there are two factors that are being overlooked. These clouds of uncertainty are not

May 22 2017 - OPEC

While the headlines of the Trump visit are overshadowing the geopolitical and domestic political concerns, oil prices are moving higher ... on OPEC expectations. We see a cautious trading session ahead as investors warm up to

May 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

The market is looking to stabilize as no new political news hit this morning headlines, suggesting that investors are willing to play out the political turmoil without pushing the panic

May 10 2017

The domestic political storm is a perfect excuse for the indices to take a badly needed

May 04 2017

It's about earnings. Some of the big energy companies have come out with strong numbers. That's a sign that things are beginning to

Apr 25 2017

It's just a psychological

Apr 21 2017 - French election 2017

Investors seem to be optimistic but there are factors dampening that optimism. The market is concerned over the French

Apr 10 2017 - Oil

Until we get into earnings season, I don't think we're going to do much of anything. I think we're just stuck in the middle of a

Apr 06 2017

The Trump Xi meeting is in focus and we don't expect any material changes, other than tough talk and a good talking point for tomorrow's newspaper

Apr 04 2017

Traders are keeping a close political watch on the various upcoming events and are not likely to increase risk ahead of what may turn out to be a critical Trump, Xi

Mar 30 2017 - Oil

We're in the last two days of the quarter and most of the end-of-quarter window dressing has probably taken place already. I think the market is going to stay range-bound until the new quarter

Mar 29 2017

The big talk of the day is Britain's official request to leave the EU, which we think, is likely to be a counter balance for the markets for many days to come. The markets are tranquil after yesterday's new burst of confidence rally forced shorts to

Mar 27 2017

I don't think this is the beginning of a full-blown correction, but it's definitely a reversal in market

Mar 27 2017

The markets around the globe are falling as a rethinking of the 'Trump Trade' begins to focus on reality. While we don't expect a full-blown correction to commence at this time, we do see rising negative sentiment replacing the 'Hope

Mar 24 2017

I would characterize it as a vote of confidence whether or not Trump's full pro-growth program will be able to be

Mar 21 2017

If that comes to fruition, that would be a huge plus. I think the rebalancing in the market is going to take place in the next few

Mar 16 2017

A less aggressive Fed was clearly the message the markets wanted to hear and indeed acted accordingly. The Fed's plan to stick to three rate hikes gave the green light for investors to focus on economic and corporate

Feb 27 2017

The market activity suggests another mixed session today as investors await the key events of the

Feb 17 2017 - Front National

If Le Pen wins, we're going to have a crisis within the

Feb 16 2017

I think the market has a problem here, and that is complacency. Investors are getting ahead of themselves with the prospects of Trump moving forward with tax

Feb 13 2017

There is some momentum buying here on the resurgence of the Trump

Feb 09 2017

Basically, the market is stuck in a tight trading range, and it's unlikely we'll see a catalyst to take us out of it. Political worries are the factor keeping the market in this range. Remove that, and the market would be up 3-to-4

Feb 06 2017

The market really had a superb day, so some profit-taking might be taking place. The market might have moved too high too fast

Feb 01 2017

That's typical of a market seeking direction but not looking at a steep

Feb 01 2017

We had some pretty solid data but we also had some pretty sour

Jan 19 2017

Investors' concerns on Trump delivering his campaign promises is probably the real 'Fear

Jan 10 2017

We're going to need to get good earnings growth to justify these high

Jan 10 2017

Investors are going to want to hear what he has to say, and whether he's changing his

Jan 10 2017

It's just a psychological barrier. It'll create some excitement but... it doesn't mean that much. The market is high. We need a good earnings season. If that doesn't happen, you could see a pullback sooner rather than

Jan 06 2017

The fact that we had growth in the labor market with stagnant wage increases was a big plus for corporate America, [but] that was not good for the

Jan 06 2017 - Federal Reserve

In all fairness, most of the credit goes to the Federal Reserve, not necessarily Obama… for keeping the economy in a positive direction by keeping lower interest

Jan 06 2017

People were still making the same amount of money they were making eight years

Jan 03 2017

The first couple of days of the year set the direction for the market. I don't see anything interfering here. I think enthusiasm is still

Dec 28 2016 - OPEC

In spite of a strong dollar, today might just be the day we touch Dow 20,000. I think that'll be based on the fact that oil prices could make a stab toward $

Dec 20 2016

We're looking at a higher opening today but the lack of any major economic news and the fact that market shrugged off Monday's events means stocks will drift in an upwards

Dec 12 2016 - OPEC

This market has gone up without taking a breather and will enter a cautious trading day as it awaits the

Dec 08 2016

The biggest thing here is he's cutting down the pace of QE. He's keeping his options open in case something goes wrong, a similar route taken by the United

Dec 07 2016

When we have run up so high, it's common that there is some sensitivity in the market, maybe due to softer oil prices or just the technical aspects of being at such high

Nov 30 2016

Oil is leading the way and we had some very good economic

Nov 25 2016

The Trump honeymoon continues. The focus now shifts to Black Friday and holiday

Nov 23 2016

We got some pretty strong durable goods orders. I think this is an indication of corporations stepping up, and that's an indication of higher economic

Nov 21 2016

I think oil, and commodities in general, are leading the way for

Nov 16 2016

This is a Trump rally. On Election Day, institutional investors got caught on the wrong side, and you've seen them make major portfolio switches. The industrials and financials have led the rally in the Dow, and that has been due to [the possibility of] higher-growth

Nov 15 2016 - OPEC

While there is no question that the market's fundamentals remain precarious, we see the latest decline as overdone and a reason to believe the market is forcing OPEC to strike a deal at the end of this

Nov 10 2016

What's happening here is the Fed is still expected to move this year and yields and the dollar are moving

Nov 08 2016

If this race turns out to be closer than what the polls are indicating right now, the chances of a contested election are high. That means the saga of this election does not end

Oct 31 2016 - Nike

This situation (Clinton email review) is going to keep the market in a very cautious trading atmosphere in this final election

Oct 21 2016

GE was not that good and the fact that they cut their forecast is not helping the market

Oct 17 2016 - Federal Reserve

I think we're headed for a bumpy session with earnings leading the

Oct 17 2016

It's also a jittery market ahead of the elections and of course the prospects of a rate hike in

Oct 14 2016

I think the market is interpreting this as a possibility that the Fed may not raise rates in December. I don't buy it, but I think that's how the market is interpreting

Oct 12 2016

I think yesterday's debacle was mostly due to yields moving to a new, higher trend. I think that spooked the market a little

Oct 03 2016

If we get a production cut, even if it's small, or even a production freeze, that's the best news we've gotten over the past two

Sep 26 2016

The polls have both candidates neck-to-neck. The debates might increase the lead of one over the other and that's what the market is fearful

Sep 21 2016

I think the real question over the next several weeks, as we get the next batch of data, will be whether December will be a rate hike of 50 basis

Sep 20 2016

If you look at the report as a whole, it doesn't point to any

Sep 13 2016

With the lack of macro news, the market is trapped in a sea of worry right

Sep 12 2016

It appears to me that his comments wee a little less hawkish than other Fed officials, but still pointing to a rate

Aug 24 2016 - Federal Reserve

The market over the past several weeks has been in a holding pattern, really not doing much of anything and the reason for that is everyone is waiting to hear what Yellen is going to

Aug 12 2016

The economic news was not all that bad. ... And you've got oil prices trading

Jul 18 2016

The markets are going to be driven by earnings reports while geopolitical problems take a backseat for now. The handful of results that we have got have been okay and earnings have mostly beaten expectations. It shows that corporations are still making money, and that's what

Jul 12 2016 - Japan

Japan sent a powerful message to the market. So, the rally

Jul 11 2016 - Japan

I think what we're seeing is the successful election for [Shinzo] Abe ... is fueling the rally here. Basically, it's a post-labor report rally helped by the elections in

Jun 23 2016

In terms of economic growth ahead, we're looking at a possible recession in Great Britain, stagnate growth in Europe and less growth in the States. The world is going to be in for a long period of low interest rates. If it gets too rough there's a possibility that the U.S. Fed may have to take us back down to zero interest

Jun 23 2016

The markets are the best judge of what is going to happen and they are saying that Britain will remain. The key is the strong jump in the

Jun 17 2016

This week's economic news was not all that bad but certainly it doesn't point to the economy exploding to the upside anytime

Jun 07 2016

There is a good possibility we may see the S&P make a new 52-week high as enthusiasm continues to

Jun 02 2016

Obviously there are several major events that the market is going to focus on and could cause a bumpy ride for stocks

May 23 2016

Focus remains on the Fed's next move and as you take a look at all the economic indicators we got last week, it certainly suggests that the economy is

May 16 2016

I think what oil will do today is support a steady to higher trading day. I think oil helps but it plays like a balancing act between the Feds and macro news. investors were watching recent data for indications on the timing of the next Fed rate

May 13 2016

The numbers came in much stronger than we expected and that will help alleviate the market's concerns over retail. The number also puts the rate hike back on the

May 04 2016

ADP shows the job market has cooled off. That could mean one of the significant pillars of the economy is beginning to

Apr 25 2016

I think investors are going to be on edge and the main action is going to be on the FOMC and Bank of Japan later in the

Apr 13 2016

I think all of these factors could cause a very volatile session today, with an upward

Apr 08 2016

That's basically flashing a green light for investors. the comments could be interpreted as indicating fair valuation in stocks and no potential recession in the U.S.

Apr 08 2016

I think the Fed (speakers) are basically just comforting to the

Apr 06 2016 - Federal Reserve

The central theme of the day will be the Fed and whether or not there's been an increase in the Fed members deviating from the Yellen team. I think the early part of the session we'll move up a little and follow the price of

Mar 24 2016 - Snapchat

The real reason for the market coming down in the last couple of days is the Fed rhetoric. Certainly the comments out of Bullard and some of the others indicates we're getting closer to a rate

Mar 11 2016

I think with oil and rethinking (ECB President) Mario Draghi's powerful message that he sent to the markets, because he did do more than we were expecting ... I think that rethinking of the actions is going to lead the market higher along with higher oil

Mar 09 2016

The buildup in inventories is not good news because wholesale inventories are plentiful at this time. That could raise suspicion in face of economic growth going

Feb 16 2016

We are looking at a rally at the open, helped by the recovery in oil

Feb 10 2016

I don't recall her ever saying that

Feb 10 2016 - Iran

There was talk that Iran was willing to work with the Saudis, and that calmed the

Feb 03 2016

The market is likely to take its cue today again from oil

Feb 01 2016

Obviously it's all about oil again, leading the market

Jan 28 2016

That's another indication the economy is continuing to slow and an indication the Fed is going to hold off in the first half of this

Jan 26 2016

I think it will be all about earnings and maybe this time earnings can trump oil if it's moving

Jan 20 2016

CPI fell even though the core rate remained (relatively) unchanged. I think if this continues the Fed may have to change course. There's no question the markets are oversold. You look at the earnings, they're basically coming in on

Jan 20 2016

I don't think that the rest of the market is headed for a bear market, but certainly there's a bear grip that could take us down another 3-4 percent in the S&P

Jan 20 2016

The focus remains on oil and the impact of low oil prices, which points to slowing growth and possibly, even stagnant to negative growth here in the United

Jan 14 2016

I think that an element of this is short covering and besides energy, some of the comments out of Fed speakers, especially Bullard, are saying (inflation could be pressured by low oil).feedback

Jan 13 2016

It's all about oil. (China) trade data negative but still better than expected. That's a relief for the market in

Jan 11 2016

The question is, will people overcome the fear factor?feedback

Jan 10 2016

It's going to be harder and harder to produce solid earnings, unless the global economy picks

Jan 08 2016

It's a very strong labour report that indicates, notwithstanding some weaker economic activity, the private sector continues to add workers, which is a good

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