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But instead, he committed a crime – because the state border must not be
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Sep 11 2017 Ukraine Crisis
Petro Poroshenko has been quoted 108 times. The one recent article where Petro Poroshenko has been quoted is U.S. Defense Secretary Pledges Support for Ukraine but Doesn’t Promise Arms. Most recently, Petro Poroshenko was quoted as having said, “Ukraine is ready to give a tough military response to the aggressor in its attempt to advance.”.
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Petro Poroshenko quotes

May 17 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine returns to the European family. Ukraine says a final farewell to the Soviet and Russian

Mar 23 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

Voronenkov was one of the main witnesses of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and, in particular, the role of Yanukovich regarding the deployment of Russian troops to

Feb 20 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

What is better for us – to have them working in mines or shooting at our soldiers?feedback

Feb 18 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

For me, this is another proof of Russian occupation as well as Russian violation of international

Feb 02 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

Europe should realise that it would be more secure, reliable and happier with

Jan 18 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

I have no doubt. This is Ukrainian territory, Ukrainian people. This was brutal violation of international

Jan 18 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

The same way as Russian propaganda is an element of Russian hybrid war, cyber (warfare) is an element of the Russian hybrid war, no matter if it's in Germany or United

Jan 18 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

That gives us a lot more optimism for the

Jan 18 2017 - NATO

NATO, mainly this is not a question of money, it is a question of security. Russian aggression demonstrated again there is no other security system but NATO which was effective to stop the

Jan 18 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

This is a direct obligation of the EU....We are waiting for the very few moments or weeks for finishing the paperwork for these things and

Dec 02 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

We do not support the European Commission's decisions regarding the Opal link and the construction of Nord Stream 2. We have decided to coordinate our actions in order not to allow these projects to take

Nov 29 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Let the whole world see today what Ukraine and the world can do when they unite, how we are able to protect the world from nuclear contamination and nuclear

Nov 24 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

European leaders under very severe attack on their principles, by populists, by nationalists, by eurosceptics and by

Nov 21 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Today, Ukraine and the EU are much closer to each other than three years ago. This means that the plans and requests of Euromaidan are coming

Nov 21 2016

It's not the rich we need to fight, but the criminals who take flats, cars, country homes, villas and planes at the same time as being public servants. And then explain, you little doves, where you got the money from. The people and society need to

Sep 16 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Our requirements are very simple. Russia has to provide a sustainable and comprehensive ceasefire in Donbass. We see during the last 24 hours, when we were promised the ceasefire that we had more than 30 shelling, including artillery and mortar shelling this

Aug 24 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Our main guarantor is the Ukrainian armed

Jul 21 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

It seems to me it was done with only one aim – to destabilize the situation in the country, possibly ahead of further

Jul 21 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Now the problem of freedom of speech and objective journalism is again becoming a serious

Jun 14 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

We will continue our efforts to free others such as Olexander Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov and those who are detained in the occupied territories or in the territory of the Russian Federation. They will return home. It is written in the Minsk

Jun 14 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

At last! Yuriy Soloshenko and Hennadiy Afanasyev are already on board a Ukrainian plane and are flying from Moscow to

Apr 19 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

A recent decision by a Ukrainian court to condemn two Russian servicemen opens some opportunities for operating an exchange mechanism. However, I would ask everyone to avoid any speculation in this regard, including the time of Savchenko's return or any other further

Apr 07 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Under any circumstances we continue to implement the association agreement with the European Union including the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement and Ukraine will continue our movement to the European

Mar 22 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine will never – I repeat, never – recognise either the kangaroo court, or the so-called sentencing. I have raised the issue of the liberation of Nadiya Savchenko and other Ukrainian hostages many times. President Putin has stated that after the so-called court ruling they will return Nadiya Savchenko to Ukraine. Now is the right time to fulfil that

Mar 10 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

If you are asking me whether a swap would be possible, I would like to say, as the president, from here for the first time, using his constitutional rights, I am ready to swap so Nadia Savchenko can return

Feb 03 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

We can see 8,000 Russian soldiers with Russian commanders in our country, new military sites directly along the border and constant military training. Russia is investing a lot in these war preparations. And we are not getting any explanations for

Jan 15 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

We'll immediately sign a new agreement and provide power to Crimea, but the contract must say that electricity will be supplied to Crimea as part of

Dec 07 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

We can't say there is a de-escalation of the conflict in

Nov 09 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

I'm very thankful for Mrs Vice-President [of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini], that she has provided a clear stance from the EU to give visa-free rights to Ukraine in the case of reforms implementation, which we have agreed with our European

Sep 28 2015

The external aggression has led to the emergence of the new form of poverty – sudden and unexpected poverty that affects one and a half million of the internally displaced persons. Each day of this war in Donbass costs us about five million US

Sep 11 2015

We're deeply concerned that representatives are not allowed to visit those areas where fighters should hold weapons, that should have been withdrawn. We know there are not weapons

Sep 01 2015

Unfortunately we are debating constitutional change during the election campaign. And in any country, unfortunately, politicians try to play this game, namely of gaining additional political capital for the election. This is not in the interests of the country. More than 70% of Ukrainian people support the changes to the constitution and

Aug 27 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

They are not only the biggest countries in the EU but they represent now the whole of the European Union. So there will be no

Aug 24 2015

The battle for Ukrainian independence goes on, and we can only win by combining efforts in defense and

Jul 17 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

This civilian aircraft and 298 people on board became a target of a ruthless terrorist attack, launched from a territory occupied by the Russian-backed militants in the east of Ukraine. A highly technological weapon, with which the aircraft was shot, could have come into hands of the terrorists only from

Jul 14 2015

It's a discreditation of the real Ukrainian patriots. No political force should have and will not have any kind of armed

May 28 2015 - Russia

This is the best evidence for the agression and the presence of russian

May 21 2015 - Red Cross

We have the full evidence of the presence of the Russian army, the regular troops. Today, as you probably know, the OSCE and the International Red Cross (ICRC) made an official statement that the soldiers which are now in our hospital receiving the proper treatment are real soldiers of the Russian

May 04 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

I believe I might be the first top official in Ukraine who treats declaring of assets, paying taxes, conflict of interest issues

Apr 20 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

My decision, as the commander-in-chief, to build a new quality army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is beginning to become a reality with the help of our American

Mar 04 2015 - Russia

I have sent a letter to President Putin with an appeal for immediate freedom for Nadiya Savchenko, including for medical

Feb 22 2015 - Kremlin

Our opponents, our enemies, have tried to destabilise the situation in the country. As you know there was an act of terrorism in Kharkiv, and our special security services were able to prevent an act of terrorism in

Feb 20 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

The year 2015 will be decisive in implementing fundamental changes, in building the new country and I am sure that Ukraine will live in peace, will develop and move towards

Feb 18 2015

Our troops withdrew in a planned and organised manner. Together with heavy weapons, tanks, armed personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, trucks. And we took new defensive lines

Feb 12 2015

All prisoners should be released in 19 days, why 19? Because 14 days are given for the withdrawal of heavy weapons and five days to complete the withdrawal and the final release of all

Feb 08 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

Over the course of the conflict, we have proven to be responsible, that we will not use defensive equipment to attack. The stronger our defence, the more conviction our diplomatic voice

Feb 07 2015

We need to have an election, political dialogue, closing the border, withdrawal all the foreign troops, immediate release of the hostages and all other things which are very significant and important component of the peace

Feb 04 2015

We can continue negotiations when we have a strong army, which is capable of defending the state, because nobody will respect a

Jan 13 2015

These deaths are on the conscience of the gangs of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics and those who support them. Because of this terrorist attack we have to strengthen restrictions on crossing the line behind which there are areas of Donetsk controlled by

Dec 27 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

As the president and as an ordinary citizen my heart is full of joy. As promised you'll be able to celebrate New Year with your families and military friends. That's what we've been waiting for so long. Thank you very much.Long live Ukraine. Long live the

Dec 12 2014

This is the first night when I don't have neither lost nor wounded Ukrainan soldiers when we don't have any lost or wounded civilians. This is only 24 hours everything is so fragile, but I pray that we continue with this

Dec 09 2014 - US, Russia relations

All of us forget the case of the MH17, where 300 innocent victims were hit by terrorists – which was equipped by Russia, give the weapons by Russia, trained by Russia, and most probably they have their officers from Russia – and hit the passenger

Nov 27 2014

Looking to the future, we can clearly see that establishing peace in Donbass won't prevent danger from the

Nov 22 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Having an enemy, who broke into our land, is something that makes us reconsider the events of 1932-33. It was, like today, a real war without warning against

Nov 21 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine marks the first anniversary of our Revolution of Dignity and the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Orange revolution. I think these two events have played a significant role in forming a new country. Now when Ukraine is at war for its independence, our country as never before needs wisdom and

Nov 04 2014

I do not exclude that the outcome of today's meeting of the Security Council will be the significant strengthening of control at checkpoints, in order to restrict movements of those who can pose a threat by sending reconnaissance and sabotage

Nov 04 2014

The election farce of November 2 jeopardises the peace process in general, the start of which was achieved with tremendous effort. It seriously worsens the situation in Donbass. The responsibility of which lies utterly and completely upon the perpetrators, organisers, and those who ordered those

Nov 04 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The pseudo-elections are a brutal violation of the Minsk Protocol of September 5. The Minsk Protocol provides for the holding of early local elections in the area of the Donbass solely under the laws of Ukraine. We provided them with the given opportunity. The farce of November 2 jeopardises the entire peace process – the beginning of which has been achieved through outstanding

Oct 13 2014

I had an opportunity to talk to regular soldiers during my trip to the anti-terrorist operation zone, and to commanders. The conversations convinced me in the correctness of my

Oct 12 2014

I hope there's going to be a big progress on 17 of October, next Friday in Milan. Amongst other questions we'll talk about the peace plan and the ceasefire

Sep 25 2014

The alternative, is to stand alone with

Sep 22 2014

I underline that it is impossible to win the war in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk using only military means. The more Ukrainian army battalions or brigades are brought up there, the more troops there are from the Russian

Sep 18 2014

They need more military equipment, please understand me correctly. Blankets, night vision goggles are also important but one cannot win the war with

Sep 18 2014

There is no way at no price and under no condition that we will ever put (up) with the Crimean occupation. I urge you America and the world to stand united in sending the signal to the aggressors of today and to the future that the policy and practice of annexation will never be

Sep 16 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The heavenly hundred (dead during the winter protests activists) and 872 brave Ukrainian soldiers have died not only for Ukraine. They gave up their lives for us to take a dignified place among the European

Sep 12 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine has never, ever had such a level of support in the world and in Europe. It would be simply impolite not to grant us membership

Sep 12 2014 - Crimea

We have a significant problem, they say that we lost Crimea. No, we have an invasion in Crimea, but Crimea will be back together with us…not by military

Sep 06 2014 - Kremlin

This ceasefire is based on the agreement which was reached during my phone conversations with Russian President Putin. That's why I think that this is very important that stability, the fact that this ceasefire should last, is now our common

Sep 05 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

In this protocol there are 12 practical steps to establish peace and stability in part of the Donetsk and Luhansk region of Ukraine. With the respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of

Sep 04 2014

If the Minsk meeting goes ahead I will tell the army general staff to order a bilateral ceasefire. I hope the implementation of the peace plan will begin

Aug 31 2014

The point of no return is full scale war, which already happened in the territory controlled by separatists and there – instead of separatists – there are regular Russian

Aug 28 2014

The place of the Ukrainian president is in

Aug 19 2014

Since mercenaries and terrorists are temporary people in Luhansk and Donetsk, they have nothing that may connect them to these cities. So the worse the situation is the better it is for them. I am fully convinced that the blame for the destruction lies solely on rebels and their foreign

Jul 21 2014

The enormous pressure we arrange today on those people who control those terrorists will bring the efforts. And I cross my fingers, I hope, within the next 24

Jul 19 2014

I want to reassure you that the Ukrainian government, on my orders, is doing everything possible to ensure that the investigation into the circumstances of the terrorists' attack will be conducted under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and will be as transparent as

Jul 05 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

But freeing Slovyansk from a heavily armed gang of monsters has great symbolic importance. This is the start of a turning point in the fight against the rebels for the territorial integrity of

Jul 03 2014

The Ukrainian army needs a new commander – a military man who knows how to fight and has experience on the ground. A general who knows what a war by proxy is and understands how to win

Jun 27 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Over the last months Ukraine paid the highest possible price to make her European dreams come true; it must be worth something; for instance, to finally consider a simple statement on the part of the EU: once Ukraine would be ready, it will be in. A statement that could cost the EU nothing but would mean the world to my

Jun 27 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

I will sign up to the association agreement with the pen which marked 'EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Vilnius, 29 of November'. It didn't happen then, but the pen is the same, demonstrating that historic events are unavoidable. The documents that we will sign today are not just political and economic. It is a symbol of faith and of unbreakable will. It is a tribute to people who gave their lives and health to make this moment

Jun 26 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

I am sure that today during my first visit to the Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe and tomorrow in Brussels, where we will finally sign the association agreement, we will get a new thrust for reforms and we will witness the 'Europeanisation' of Ukraine. I am sure that it will be an historical day for us, Ukrainians, and for the whole

Jun 26 2014

If [the] key element of the peace plan is accepted by the separatists, I think it will give us strong hopes. If it is rejected, tomorrow we will take a very important decision and I cannot comment on what type of decision we'll take

Jun 26 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The events in Ukraine are forming the new Europe, and this new Europe will either be united or split, stable or fragile. The future of Europe and its spirit will depend on whether the conflict in Ukraine is settled on the basis of international law, or on who is the

Jun 22 2014

All illegal armed groups have to understand that the ceasefire initiated by us does not mean that Ukrainian soldiers are not allowed to fight back. Any attempts by gunmen to attack will receive a strong

Jun 18 2014

I can say that the period of ceasefire will be rather short. We expect that illegal armed groups will then immediately disarm. Then order will be reached, including joint patrolling against, criminals and bandits who are destabilising situation in the

Jun 16 2014

And I hope, after this meeting, we can guarantee secure borders, including the frontier shared with the Russian

Jun 15 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

I gave our armed forces a priority. It is to bring under control the border of Ukraine through which terrorists are bringing weapons, reinforcements, equipment and

Jun 09 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine "must cease fire by the end of the

Jun 03 2014 - Crimea

I'm absolutely sure that Crimea will be free very soon. Crimean Tatars, together with Ukrainians, will restore democracy and freedom in the

May 25 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The number one issue is that Ukraine will never recognize the illegitimate referendum and will never recognize the occupation of Crimea. And the strategic choice for the development of our country has been made by the Ukrainian people. Today, on May 25, in the first round the people have made their choice. And that choice is European

May 25 2014 - Crimea

All the polls show that the election has been completed in one round and the country has a new

May 22 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

I'm sure what we are all fighting for is peace, calm and security, an economic upturn, absence of corruption and total international solidarity with Ukraine, which will enable us to not only restore order in the east, but also return Crimea

May 07 2014

It was born the new country. It was born the new people. In a very near future, we will ask our European partners to grant us EU membership perspectives, just because the Ukrainian people pass very difficult and very important exams for democracy and for European values. And the name of this exam was revolution; and the price we paid for these exams is very

May 07 2014

For those who do not understand neither Ukrainian nor Russian, no German, no English, we should find out the language they understand. For those people who [are] keeping the machine gun, for those people who [are] killing the people, for those people who are terrorists – we should find out the right language they understand and that would be the language of

Mar 31 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

We don't accept any scenario of federalisation. We don't accept and we fight against any separatist movement. We fight for the fact that Ukraine should be united: strong, powerful, economically sustained, and I think that we will have a first and very quick

Mar 30 2014

The priorities are to preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will also have to work on the country's

Mar 29 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

If you see Vitaliy, if you see me, our coalition is rather strong and this is just for the long period of time, cause we are talking not about the may election, not about the presidential one, we are talking about the 10 years that are the program for the entering of Ukraine in the

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