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Rami Abdulrahman has been quoted 25 times. The two most recent articles where Rami Abdulrahman has been quoted are Turkish army and Syrian rebels close in on Islamic State town and Aleppo cease-fire unravels, raising specter of bloody end. Most recently, Rami Abdulrahman was quoted as having said, “We don't know if Daesh (Islamic State) will be able to recover it, or if it is in a state of collapse.”.

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We don't know if Daesh (Islamic State) will be able to recover it, or if it is in a state of collapse.

In exchange for this large numbers of evacuees, they want something in return.

The sound of an explosion was heard in areas controlled by (rebel) factions ... it is believed to have been caused by a artillery shell fired by regime forces on the area.

This pushes us to fight to the last breath despite what we have to face.

I don't think the regime would withdraw forces from Aleppo to Palmyra and risk losing Aleppo. I think the regime's priority now is to finish the battle for Aleppo before the end of the month for sure. As for Palmyra, the whole international community would stand by it against IS.

The situation is very bad, and if it continues that way, the regime will retake ground it lost two years ago.

It was the heaviest air strikes for months inside Aleppo city.

The regime is ready ... to withdraw but will not move unless the opposition begins to withdraw.

Today there is no way at all to bring anything into Aleppo.

Latakia and Ghouta were quiet with only some lower-level violence between rival rebel groups outside Damascus.

In Damascus and its countryside ... for the first time in years, calm prevails.

If (the rebels) lose Kansaba everything in Latakia will go to the regime. If no immediate support comes for fighters in (north) Latakia then it could fall in days.

The town is very important for both sides. They have both fought fiercely. Now by taking it, the regime has cut off the rebels links between eastern and western Deraa.

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