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The new agenda of the U.S. government threatens to unleash an extreme and egotistical trade policy that will impact the competitiveness of our foreign trade; violate environmental agreements ... hunt down and deport migrants. You can't contain poverty, catastrophes and migrants with walls, but with cooperation, understanding and peace.
Mar 06 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Raul Castro is associated, including Cuba, United States, and prisoner. Most recently, Raul Castro has been quoted saying: “Cuba and the United States can cooperate and live side by side in a civilised manner, respecting our differences and promoting all that is of benefit for both countries and people. But it should not hope that to achieve this, Cuba will make concessions inherent to its independence and sovereignty.” in the article Latin American leaders blast Trump border wall.
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There are profound differences between our countries that will not go away.

After 56 years of heroic and selfless resistance by the Cuban people, diplomatic relations were re-established between Cuba and the United States of America. Now, a long and complex process begins toward the normalization of relations that will only be achieved with the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

I'm sure new victories for the Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution will come under your leadership.

We do not ignore the bitter criticisms that President Obama has had to endure because of the said announcements by forces that are opposed to the normalisation of relations with Cuba.

The revolution's programme will be updated every five years so that it always responds to the true interests of the People – the continued development and deepening of our social democracy – and promptly correct any errors.

We're not asking the US to change its political or social systems and we don't accept negotiating on ours. If we really wish to make advances in our bilateral relations, we will have to learn to mutually respect our differences and get accustomed to living peacefully with them.

Any other way and we're willing to withstand another 55 years in the same situation.

Let's clean our heads of all sorts of nonsense. Let's not forget that the first decade of the 21st century is already over and it is time.

The Council of Ministers has agreed to increase the practice of self-employment, as another alternative to jobs for excess workers, eliminating various existing prohibitions.

I have not been elected president just to reinstate capitalism in Cuba, I have been elected to defend, safeguard and continue to improve socialism and not to destroy it.

100 million people in the world, particularly in our nations, are victims of illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, poverty and curable illnesses.

We wish you success in the new battle, we remind you that victory in Latin America and the Caribbean depends largely on the victory of Venezuela.

The defence of the country will continue without neglect, independently of the results of the next US Presidential election.

Socialism means not just social justice and equality, but equality of rights and opportunities, and not income. Equality is not egalitarianism, itself also a form of exploitation, because the good worker pays for the average, or worse, lazy one.

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