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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Rebecca Harms is associated, including Russia and border. Most recently, Rebecca Harms has been quoted saying: “I'm not at all convinced that Russia and russian authorities are able to do an independent investigation. Too many cases of similar killings have been opened and not completed.” in the article MEPs urge Russia to start 'independent' probe of Nemtsov murder. An other article where Rebecca Harms has been quoted is What did MEPs make of Pope Francis' speech in the European Parliament?.

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Will we be able to seal our outer borders? Will we want to seal our outer borders? I would say no.

I'm not at all convinced that Russia and russian authorities are able to do an independent investigation. Too many cases of similar killings have been opened and not completed.

I liked this idea to ask that humanity is a fundamental part of the European strategy.

The European Commission and the European Council did not play with open cards during the last weeks of negotiations. Right now, I do not feel able to really judge when and how the trade agreement with Ukraine will be implemented.

There's the audacity of the decision being made here in Brussels during the last legislative session that women should make up forty percent on the boards of big companies. While in politics, where for a long time, women have been able to do everything just as well as men, they should remain marginalised.

We must not fall into a military confrontation to make it clear to Russia that if it wants to isolate itself, this isolation is going to happen!

In the European Parliament, concerns about political developments in Ukraine have been growing for a long time – since the last presidential election. We are not satisfied with the development of the rule of law. We are not satisfied with development concerning values such as freedom of the press, freedom of expression, pluralism of opinions. The cases of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yurij Lutsenko throw a long shadow over these elections.

I think that we must support a very, very severe criminal prosecution of the concerned colleagues. National prosecutors must look into each case.

I would really recommend the Council start serious debate on the future of a sustainable EU budget. So, the whole extra conditions for the UK, for example.

Once possible confict like that are reported in the press or commented in the press, all people involved should not only go to Court like she announced it but make clear by making the documents available that there are not conflicts of interests.

I don't think we should vote for the President of the Commission without talking about the programme with him. My group will insist on first discussing the next five-year European policy programme and retain the right to vote afterwards – or not.

High oil prices and global warming indicate that the time is now to go for a smaller, more efficient, climate-friendly cars. And those manufacturers who refuse to accept this will lose on the world market, because the future is with efficient, smaller cars.

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