Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan quotes

Oct 10 2017 - Turkey

We do not see him as the U.S. representative in

Oct 10 2017 - Turkey

How did these agents infiltrate into the American Consulate? If these agents did not infiltrate the American Consulate, then who put them there? We need to focus on them. No state would allow such agents to threaten it from the

Oct 10 2017 - Turkey

An ambassador in Ankara taking decisions and saying he is doing so in the name of his government is strange. If our ambassador did this, we wouldn't keep him there even a

Oct 08 2017 - Turkey

For the (U.S.) embassy in Ankara to take such a decision and implement it, it is

Oct 08 2017 - Syria conflict

If we didn't take our measures, bombs would fall on our

Oct 07 2017 - Turkey

They say, Give us this certain pastor,' . You have another pastor in your hands; give him to us. Give him to us and we will put yours through the judiciary; we will give him to

Oct 07 2017 - Syria conflict

There's a serious operation in Syria's Idlib today and it will

Oct 07 2017 - Syria conflict

When you enter a boxing match, you don't count how many punches you

Oct 07 2017 - Syria conflict

For now Free Syria Army is carrying out the operation there. Russia will be protecting outside the borders (of the Idlib region) and we will handle inside. Russia is supporting the operation from the air, and our armed forces from inside Turkey's

Oct 05 2017 - Iran

If a decision will be made on closing oil taps in the region, that will be made by us. Turkey, Iran and Iraq's central government will do so

Oct 04 2017 - Iran

We have already said we don't recognize the referendum in northern Iraq... We have taken some measures already with Iran and the Iraqi central government, but stronger steps will be taken. There is no country other than Israel that recognizes it. A referendum which was conducted by sitting side by side with Mossad has no

Oct 04 2017 - Iran

There is not a single country that recognises them aside from Israel and any decision taken with MOSSAD sitting by them at a table can not be legitimate and this is illegitimate. Turkey, Iran and Iraq have no choice but to take serious and necessary measures to protect their strategic goals in the

Sep 30 2017 - Kurds

They are not forming an independent state, they are opening a wound in the region to twist the knife in. We don't regret what we did in the past. But since the conditions are changed and the Kurdish Regional Government, to which we provided all support, took steps against us, it would pay the

Sep 29 2017 - Kurds

The [Iraqi Kurdish independence] referendum has no legitimacy in terms of Iraqi constitution and international laws. Unfortunately the regional government made a big mistake by holding the referendum. It's very important that the international community takes a stance supporting Iraqi territorial integrity and political

Sep 29 2017 - Kurds

It will be over when we close the oil taps, all (their) revenues will vanish, and they will not be able to find food when our trucks stop going to northern

Sep 28 2017 - Kurds

With its independence initiative, the northern Iraq regional government has thrown itself into the

Sep 26 2017 - Kurds

(They) will be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions. It will be over when we close the oil taps, all (their) revenues will vanish, and they will not be able to find food when our trucks stop going to northern

Sep 26 2017 - Kurds

The moment that [Turkish] trucks do not work in northern Iraq, they [Kurds] will not be able to find food and

Sep 26 2017 - Kurds

This referendum decision, which has been taken without any consultation, is

Sep 25 2017 - Kurds

After this, let's see through which channels the northern Iraqi regional government will send its oil, or where it will sell it. We have the tap. The moment we close the tap, then it's

Sep 25 2017 - Kurds

We will continue to take determined steps and the Kurdistan Regional Government must take a step back. It is an absolute

Sep 25 2017 - Kurds

We may enter at night without

Sep 24 2017 - Kurds

New crises in the region, such as bids for independence, could spark new conflicts and must therefore be avoided at all costs ... We urge Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government to abort the steps they have taken in that

Sep 22 2017 - Kurds

It is not right for me to unveil them right now but at National Security Council and cabinet meetings we will discuss when these sanctions will be imposed and what the road map will

Sep 22 2017 - NATO

They went crazy because we made the S-400 agreement. What were we supposed to do, wait for (them)? If we have difficulty in obtaining any defense element from some places, if our initiatives are often frustrated by obstacles, what will we do? We will sort it out on our

Sep 20 2017 - Turkey

The ones who have been sentenced, who have been imprisoned, are not journalists. Most of them are terrorists. Many have been involved in burglaries and some have been caught red handed as they were trying to empty ATM

Sep 20 2017 - Kurds

We hereby call on the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government to abort the initiative they have launched in that direction. Ignoring the clear and determined stance of Turkey on this matter may lead to a process that shall deprive the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government even the opportunities they currently

Sep 17 2017 - Kurds

We are going to discuss it during the (UN) National Security council meeting which we moved forward from (September) 27th to the 22nd. We are going to hold a cabinet meeting on the same day. Our stance will be discussed and the decision will be made. Thus Turkey will announce its ultimate position (on the referendum). This will also be an item on the agenda during my meeting with (US President)

Sep 13 2017 - Turkey

They've gone crazy just because we made a deal on the S-400. What were we supposed to do, wait for you forever? We are taking and will take all our precautions and fend for

Sep 12 2017 - NATO

It's us who will make decisions regarding our independence. We are responsible over taking security measures for defense of our country. We'll save ourselves if we face difficulties in procuring defense

Sep 12 2017 - NATO

Signatures have been made for the purchase of S-400s from Russia. A deposit has also been paid as far as I know. Nobody has the right to discuss the Turkish republic's independence principles or independent decisions about its defense industry. We make the decisions about our own independence ourselves – we are obliged to take safety and security measures in order to defend our

Sep 08 2017 - Turkey

These moves are completely political. Something smells fishy behind this

Sep 08 2017 - Turkey

I assess the step taken against our former economy minister as a step against the Turkish

Sep 08 2017 - Turkey

This demonstrates the weakness that the U.S. has fallen into. You might be a great nation but to be a just state is something

Sep 04 2017 - Rohingya

You watched the situation that Myanmar and Muslims are in. You saw how villages have been burnt... Humanity remained silent to the massacre in

Sep 04 2017 - Rohingya

There are some leaders we can achieve results with and some that we cannot. Not everyone has the same sensitivity. We will do our

Sep 01 2017

This is a complete scandal. It is a scandalous sign of how justice works in the United

Sep 01 2017

These developments in the United States are not good at all. The United States is still a country where the FETO gang (Gulen's network) is being protected. The United States has literally become a country where the PKK terrorist organization is under protection. I am having trouble understanding what the United States is trying to do with all these

Sep 01 2017

This is completely a scandal. It is clearly a scandalous sign of how justice works in

Sep 01 2017

These developments in the United States are not good at all. The United States is still a country where the Feto gang is being

Aug 19 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

I am calling on all my countrymen in Germany: the Christian Democrats, SDP, the Green Party are all enemies of Turkey. Support those political parties who are not enemies of

Aug 07 2017 - Terrorism

Germany is abetting terrorists. We gave Merkel 4,500 dossiers, but have not received an answer on a single one of them. When there is a terrorist, they can tell us to give that person back. You won't send the ones you have to us, but can ask us for yours. So you have a judiciary, but we don't in Turkey?feedback

Aug 07 2017 - Turkey

They will be introduced to the world like that. Now they will show off this

Jul 27 2017 - Turkey

If I don't speak up right now, when will I use my privilege? When will be the right time?feedback

Jul 24 2017 - Terrorism

No-one is jailed because of journalism

Jul 24 2017 - Israel

I have heard of Israel's decision to remove the metal detectors, and I hope the rest will follow...We expect Israel to take steps for the peace of the

Jul 23 2017 - Israel

No one can expect the Islamic world to remain unresponsive after the humiliation Muslims suffered with the restrictions at the Noble

Jul 22 2017 - Turkey

We are all citizens of the Turkish republic. We are all hosts of this country, siblings without discrimination between you and us. A cemevi is not a place of worship, it is a center for cultural activities. Muslims should only have one place of

Jul 21 2017 - Turkey

The German government that harbours Turkish terrorists in their country must first give an account for this. How will they explain the financial support given to those people there?feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Turkey

I strongly condemn the German economy minister's baseless comments aimed at startling and disturbing companies investing in our country with indirect messages. There isn't any investigation on any German company in Turkey. These accusations are all

Jul 21 2017 - Turkey

I want to remind my German friends, and to all world, you do not have the power to defame Turkey. You do not have the power to scare us with these kinds of

Jul 21 2017 - Turkey

The government who is hiding Turkish terrorists in Germany should first explain this. Why are they hiding in Germany? How they can explain the material support given to them?feedback

Jul 16 2017 - Turkey

On Monday we are going to assemble the state security council and discuss this issue and advise our government to extend the emergency law

Jul 16 2017 - Turkey

The July 15 coup attempt is not the first attack against our country, and it won't be the last. For that reason, we'll first rip the heads off of these

Jul 16 2017 - Turkey

I don't look at what Hans and George

Jul 16 2017 - Turkey

We will rip off the heads of those traitors. Be sure that none of the traitors who betrayed this country will remain

Jul 15 2017 - Turkey

These are still their good days. I have spoken with our prime minister and said 'when they appear in court, they should wear one type of outfit, like in

Jul 15 2017 - Turkey

They are asking how many people have been dismissed from work, how their needs will be met from now on. Let them work in private sector. Why should we care? Will we think about them? Let them work in private sector. Will the state look after them? The state looked after them and they betrayed the

Jul 15 2017 - Turkey

My friends and I said, We have one nation, if we are to die, let's do it like men. Everyone who was there with me had come there to die. Nobody was afraid of

Jul 13 2017 - Human Rights

Those who were affected were people like me who defend the law. I defended human rights and the state of law 15 years ago and I defend them today. I will defend them in 10 years time if I live that

Jul 10 2017 - Mosul conflict

We have been left with a Mosul in ruins. Who will meet the cost of rebuilding Mosul for the people of Mosul?feedback

Jul 09 2017 - Turkey

If it turns out that they are innocent, the judiciary will release them. But if they are guilty, the judiciary will rule

Jul 05 2017 - Syria conflict

If there is a threat against us, our troops will conduct any operations with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the

Jul 05 2017 - Qatar

Why are the Saudis disturbed by us and not by that? This is

Jun 26 2017 - NATO

Those so-called friends don't see any issue walking along with terror organisations who want to divide

Jun 26 2017 - NATO

Those who think that they can fool Turkey by saying that they will get those weapons back will eventually understand the vital mistake they made, but it will be too

Jun 26 2017 - NATO

All of these moves are against Nato. In this case, the Nato treaty should be revised. We will call to account the real owners of those weapons for every drop of blood they shed with those

Jun 26 2017 - Turkey

Today, I had a little instability due to my blood pressure, for reasons related to my blood sugar. But now I am recovered and in a better

Jun 25 2017 - Qatar

Here we see an attack against a state's sovereignty

Jun 25 2017 - Qatar

Demanding that Turkey pull its soldiers is unfortunately also disrespectful toward

Jun 25 2017 - Turkey

Given that a law made by two drunken [people] is respected, why should a law that is commanded by religion be rejected by your side?feedback

Jun 25 2017 - Diabetes

I had a little condition about my blood pressure, related to my

Jun 25 2017 - Qatar

This approach of 13 demands is against international law because you can't attack or intervene in the sovereignty of a

Jun 25 2017 - Qatar

Even though they still didn't come back to us on this, asking Turkey to pull back its troops (from Qatar) is disrespectful against

Jun 15 2017

What kind of a law is this? If they are not going to protect me, why would I bring them with me to America?feedback

Jun 15 2017

What kind of a rule, what kind of a law is this? If those bodyguards would not protect me, why I am bringing them with me to the U.S.?feedback

Jun 15 2017 - Turkey

Can you imagine what would the attitude be if something similar happens in Turkey?feedback

Jun 14 2017 - Qatar

We appreciate Qatar's laid back and constructive stance. Trying to isolate Qatar, which certainly carries out an efficient fight against terrorism, will not contribute to resolve any

Jun 14 2017 - Turkey

He "would tear down a mosque to build a

Jun 10 2017 - Qatar

We will not abandon our Qatari brothers. I say it should be lifted

Jun 07 2017 - Turkey

If Germany decides to pull out of Incirlik, we might as well say

Jun 07 2017 - Qatar

I want to clearly say that we disapprove of the sanctions on

Jun 06 2017 - Kurds

Backing terrorist organisations that murder civilians, carry out ethnic cleansing and heap pressure on everyone who has different opinions, literally forces us to live on a bomb whose safety pin has been

Jun 06 2017 - Qatar

Isolating Qatar will not resolve any problem. We are and we will do everything we can to resolve this

May 29 2017 - Turkey

We are going to remove the word 'arena' from stadiums. What does arena mean? We don't have such a thing in our

May 29 2017 - Turkey

In the final analysis, all cultures in fact emerge, develop and flourish within a certain society and specific

May 29 2017 - Turkey

Of course you know what they used to do in arenas in the past? They would let people be shred to pieces. We are going to remove the word 'arena' from

May 26 2017 - Turkish constitutional referendum 2017

There is no difference in killing the fetus in a mother's womb or killing a person after

May 18 2017 - Kurds

We are already telling you in advance: Our rules of engagement give us this authority. We will take such a step and we won't discuss it or consult with

May 18 2017 - Turkey

They are shouting, but they don't know what's going on back in

May 18 2017 - Terrorism

It is absolutely unacceptable to take the YPG-PYD into consideration as partners in the region, and it's going against a global agreement we

May 16 2017 - Turkey

There is no place for the terrorist organizations in the future of our

May 15 2017 - Syria conflict

If we are strategic allies we must take decisions as an alliance. If the alliance is to be overshadowed we'll have to sort things out for ourselves. It is a slander of the Obama administration. Unfortunately now they have left the Syria and Iraq problem in Trump's lap. Now we will conduct the final talks. After that we will make our final

May 15 2017 - Terrorism

The fight against terrorism should not be lead with another terror

May 14 2017 - Terrorism

This is going to be the kind of initiative that puts an end to

May 14 2017 - Turkey

We have walked on these paths together. We have been soaked by the rain together. Now every song I hear reminds me of

May 14 2017 - Turkey

We are together with our nation, and we will walk together. We say, One nation, one flag, one homeland, one state.' Who can stand in front of this unity, togetherness and brotherhood?feedback

May 12 2017 - Kurds

We don't find it suitable at all for the United States to stand side by side with a terrorist organisation and a terrorist organisation to stand by the

May 11 2017 - Turkey

You see your NATO allies cooperating with such groups. This is unacceptable. I hope very much that this mistake will be reversed

May 10 2017 - Syria conflict

The fight against the terrorist organisation Islamic State should not be carried out with another terrorist organisation. This kind of step would endanger the future of Syria and the region. It's obvious where the wrong steps taken in the past brought

May 03 2017 - Turkey

A so-called 'green zone' or a de-escalation zone, has been set up there. We hope and wish that the zone will continue to operate. We have used a map to discuss this issue with Mr President

May 03 2017 - Daesh

We do not differentiate between terrorist organisations. Daesh, YPG, Al Qaeda are all the same for us. It is our mutual responsibility to scrape away their

May 02 2017

I am today returning to my home, my love, my passion. This yearning (for my party) is ending after 979 days. It has no right to intervene in this country's internal affairs concerning

May 01 2017 - NATO

This needs to be stopped right now. Otherwise it will continue to be a bother in the region and for us. It will also bother us as two Nato countries and strategic

Apr 30 2017 - Kurds

We will be forced to continue (our offensives). We won't provide a date and time for when we'll come. But they will know that the Turkish military can

Apr 30 2017 - Kurds

Groups "must come to an

Apr 29 2017 - Kurds

The YPG, and you know who's supporting them, is attacking us with mortars. But we will make those places their grave, there is no

Apr 28 2017 - Turkey

Now Turkey, the Free Syrian Army, along with the coalition led by America, can clear these 2,500-5,000 terrorists. It's not difficult for us and we would

Apr 26 2017 - Syria conflict

In Europe, things have become very serious in terms of the extent of Islamophobia. The EU is closing its doors on Turkey and Turkey isn't closing its doors on anybody. If they're not acting sincerely we have to find a way out. Why should we wait any longer? We're talking about 54

Apr 26 2017 - Daesh

We are trying to cleanse members of FETO inside the armed forces, inside the judiciary and inside the

Apr 25 2017 - Turkey

With the latest developments, some are talking back and forth, saying the European Union will stop negotiations with Turkey and so on. If this understanding, if this mentality is real, then, of course, what will we do? We will revise the

Apr 25 2017 - Chemical weapons

He has attacked his people with tanks, with cannons, with barrel bombs, with chemical weapons, with fighter jets. Do you think he could be the vehicle for a solution?feedback

Apr 25 2017 - Turkey

One or two countries cannot keep the EU alive. You need a country like Turkey, a different country symbolizing a different faith ... But EU member states don't seem to realize this fact. They are finding it very difficult to absorb a Muslim country like

Apr 25 2017 - Islamophobia

In Europe, things have become very serious in terms of the extent of Islamophobia. The EU is closing its doors on Turkey and Turkey is not closing its doors on anybody. If they are not acting sincerely we have to find a way out. Why should we wait any longer? We are talking about 54 years. The UK asked her people and they voted for Brexit ... They have peace of mind, they are walking towards a new future, and the same thing was conducted by Norway ... and the same thing can be applied for Turkey too. I am very curious as to how the EU is going to act vis-a-vis this last (PACE)

Apr 25 2017 - Turkey

There is not a single thing that we are not ready to do, the minute they ask for it. Whatever they wish, we do. But still they are keeping us at the door. But the EU member states don't seem to realize this fact. They are finding it very difficult to absorb a Muslim country like

Apr 21 2017

The crusader mentality in the West and its servants at home have attacked

Apr 19 2017 - Turkish constitutional referendum 2017

A win is a win. I come from a football background. It doesn't matter if you win 1-0 or 5-0. The ultimate goal is to win the game. I am a mortal really, I could die at any

Apr 18 2017 - Turkish referendum result

Our concern is not what George or Hans or Helga says. Our concern is what Hatice, Ayse, Fatma, Ahmet, Mehmet, Hasan, Huseyin says. What Allah says. That's why our parliament will make this

Apr 18 2017

We neither see, hear, nor acknowledge the political reports you'll prepare. We'll continue on our path. Talk to the hand. This country has carried out the most democratic elections, not seen anywhere in the

Apr 18 2017 - Turkish referendum result

This country held the most democratic polls that have never been seen in any other country in the

Apr 17 2017 - Turkish referendum result

This is what I have been saying all the time in the rallies. God willing this issue will come to parliament. When it is passed by parliament, I'll approve it, because we don't have the power to forgive the killers of our martyred

Apr 17 2017 - Turkish referendum result

We have put up a fight against the powerful nations of the world. The crusader mentality attacked us abroad, inside their lackeys attacked us. We did not succumb; as a nation we stood

Apr 17 2017 - Democratic Party

Given the suppression of the 'no' campaign, the fact that much of the [pro-Kurdish] Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) leadership is in jail, and that the government's effective control of the media ensured a massive imbalance in campaign coverage, the 'no' campaign did very well. For Erdogan, a narrow win is still a win. He is unlikely to either slow his consolidation of power or reach out in meaningful ways to the opposition. He promised a 'yes' vote would result in more stability and a return of economic growth. I suspect that neither of these things is

Apr 17 2017

This is a historic decision, not an ordinary event. We are carrying out the most important reform in the history of our

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

It's too late now. April 16 is the victory of all who said yes or no, of the whole 80 million, of the whole of Turkey of 780,000 square kilometers. There are those who are belittling the result. They shouldn't try. It will be in vain. It's too late

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

April 16 is the victory of all who said 'yes' or 'no,' of the whole 80 million, of the whole of Turkey. There are those who are belittling the result. They shouldn't try, it will be in vain. It's too late

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

Tomorrow is very important, you must absolutely go to the polls. Don't forget that the vote is our

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

Who are you? First know your place. You cannot meddle in what happens. We need to make a decision that is beyond the ordinary. I believe in my nation's democratic common

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

We have held referendums before. But this referendum is now about a new administrative system for the Republic of Turkey, it's a choice for change and

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

April 16 will be a turning point for Turkey's political history... Every vote you cast tomorrow will be a cornerstone of our revival. There are only hours left now. Call all your friends, family members, acquaintances, and head to the

Apr 15 2017 - Human Rights

The EU has lost all credibility. We don't defend democracy, human rights and freedoms because they want us to, we do that because our citizens deserve it. As we get closer to democracy, they are moving away from

Apr 15 2017 - Turkish referendum result

Sunday will be a turning point in the fight against terrorist organizations. We will finish what we started on July 15 this April 16. The presidential system we are bringing with this constitutional change is necessary for the development, growth and stability of our

Apr 14 2017

Now the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe says if the result is 'yes', that means there are a lot of problems. Who are you? First of all, you should know your place. This is not your

Apr 13 2017 - Turkey

So, what do those who are against constitutional changes say? If they say that Turkey is better governed this way without a presidential system it means that they defend coups, coalitions, crises and periods of

Apr 11 2017 - Turkey

There is an amazing explosion of votes abroad. Around 1.42 million votes have been

Apr 11 2017 - Unemployment

If one man is all-powerful, will terror be eliminated? Will unemployment (now 12 percent) fall?feedback

Apr 11 2017 - Turkey

You have seen what happened in Europe. Why did they go berserk? They saw what this (constitutional) system will bring Turkey. Turkey is leaping, growing. This makes them go crazy. This is an artificially created conflict in order to boost anti-Westernism in Turkey, which would be translated into Yes votes. The best answer will be given to them by our brothers through the

Apr 08 2017 - Russia

They say it came from the depot of a terror organization there. It has nothing to do with it. Russia should also join this and should stop supporting

Apr 07 2017 - Syria conflict

Is it enough? I don't find it enough. It is time to take serious steps for the protection of innocent Syrian

Apr 06 2017 - Turkey

They pretend they don't know me. They turn their back on

Apr 06 2017 - Turkey

Your aim is just to get out of there. They say: 'Did you do this? Did this happen?' And you just say yes to get yourself out of

Apr 04 2017 - Kurds

We don't agree with the claim 'Kirkuk is for the Kurds' at all. Kirkuk is for the Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds, if they are there. Do not enter into a claim it's yours or the price will be heavy. You will harm dialogue with

Apr 01 2017 - Kurds

We are ready to talk, to walk together with everyone who has something to say or has a project. We have one condition. There will be no guns in their

Apr 01 2017 - Kurds

We are the guardians of peace, we are the guardians of

Mar 29 2017 - Turkey

A 'yes' vote is very important … because Turkey is not the stooge of

Mar 28 2017 - Turkey

I want to rule my country with almost the same understanding as a company manager. Why? To be able to lead with speed, to speedily take

Mar 27 2017 - Turkey

I say, Give me the list of journalists in prison. I take a look: They are all thieves, child abusers,

Mar 26 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

Merkel, now you're applying Nazi methods. Against my brothers who live in Germany, and against my ministers and lawmakers who visit there. Would this suit the ethics of politics? Your mission is not to support terrorist organizations, but to extradite

Mar 25 2017 - Turkey

Turkey is no one's whipping

Mar 23 2017 - Turkey

We stand in solidarity with the U.K., our friend and ally, against terrorism, the greatest threat to global peace and

Mar 23 2017 - Human Rights

Turkey is not a country you can pull and push around, not a country whose citizens you can drag on the ground. If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. Europe will be damaged by this. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and

Mar 22 2017 - Turkey

Turkey is not a country that can be pushed and shoved, whose honor can be toyed with, whose ministers can be ousted, whose citizens can be dragged on the ground. These developments are being watched in all corners of the world. If you continue this way, tomorrow no European, no Westerner anywhere in the world will be able to step onto the streets safely, with peace of

Mar 22 2017 - Human Rights

If you go on behaving like that, tomorrow nowhere in the world, none of the Europeans, Westerners will be able to walk in the streets in peace,

Mar 19 2017 - Turkey

That is why I believe my citizens, my brothers, will vote '

Mar 17 2017

The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful

Mar 17 2017

When those incidents began, I said those are fascistic measures. I said Nazism had risen from the dead. And then I added: I thought Nazism was over, but I was

Mar 17 2017

Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against

Mar 15 2017 - Bosnian genocide

It is not possible to be twins under such

Mar 15 2017 - Sanctions

The countries that have embraced this thuggery have lost all their credibility. The Chancellor of Germany has come out and said she supported the Netherlands. We know that you are no different than

Mar 15 2017 - Sanctions

The cabinet took action yesterday but there are many other things that could be done against the Netherlands. We will show those who think they can get away with an apology that they are making a

Mar 14 2017

There is nothing to say that you can't have a presidential system in a unitary state. There are already some examples in the world today, and also some from the past. You see it when you look at Hitler's

Mar 14 2017 - Human Rights

We know the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians

Mar 13 2017 - Turkey

The Netherlands is nothing like an EU country. It is acting like a banana republic. The world has witnessed how those who had lectured Turkey on human rights, rule of law and democracy for years are far from those values. Now they are trying to find excuses for their bad

Mar 13 2017 - Islam

The West has thrown off its mask in the past days. What we have seen is a clear manifestation of Islamophobia. I have said that I had thought Nazism was over, but that I was wrong. Nazism is alive in the

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

If you sacrifice Turkish-Dutch relations to the elections held on Wednesday, you will pay the price. I thought Nazism was dead, but I was wrong. Nazism is still widespread in the West. The West has shown its true

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

What took place in the Netherlands was the trampling of diplomacy, international law, practice, decency. Is there a peep coming out of Europe? No. Why? Because they won't bite one another. They are all the same. The Netherlands did not behave like a European Union member state governed by the rule of law, but like a banana

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

Nazism is still widespread in the West. If you can sacrifice Turkish-Dutch relations for an election on Wednesday, you will pay the price. I thought Nazism was dead, but I was wrong. Nazism is still widespread in the West. The West has shown its true

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

If you sacrifice Turkish-Dutch relations to the elections on Wednesday, then you will pay the

Mar 12 2017 - Islamophobia

I said 'I thought Nazism was over,' but I was wrong. In fact, Nazism is alive in the

Mar 12 2017

They are concerned they will not be able to pull it off this

Mar 12 2017 - Turkey

When those incidents began, I said those are fascistic measures. I said Nazism had risen from the dead. And then I added: I thought Nazism was over, but I was wrong. Holland, if you are sacrificing Turkey-Holland relations because of the election on Wednesday, you will pay the

Mar 12 2017 - Turkey

They will certainly pay the price, and also learn what diplomacy is. We will teach them international

Mar 11 2017

You can stop our foreign minister's plane all you want, let's see how your (diplomatic) planes will come to Turkey from now

Mar 11 2017 - Turkey

Listen Netherlands, you'll jump once, you'll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game. You can cancel our foreign minister's flight as much as you want, but let's see how your flights come to Turkey

Mar 11 2017

I sent them so they could contribute to your economy. They're not your captives. They don't know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are

Mar 11 2017

You can stop our foreign minister's plane all you want, let's see how your planes will come to Turkey from now

Mar 11 2017 - Turkey

Listen Netherlands, you'll jump once, you'll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game. You can cancel our foreign minister's flight as much as you want, but let's see how your flights come to Turkey now. They don't know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are

Mar 10 2017 - Daesh

It should now be accepted that a terrorist organization cannot be defeated with another one. As a country that has been battling terror for 35 years, terrorist organizations like Daesh (Islamic State), the YPG, Nusra front and others are organizations we face at all times. We have kept all lines of communication open until now, and we will continue to do so from now on. Whether it is Turkey or Russia, we are working in full cooperation militarily in Syria. Our chiefs of staff, foreign ministers, and intelligence agencies cooperate

Mar 10 2017 - Kurds

We must accept the fact that one terrorist group can't be eliminated by another. As a country that has been fighting a war against terrorism for 35 years, our current enemies are terrorist groups like the Kurdish YPG, ISIL and

Mar 09 2017

Those votes you cast will be the best response, not just to all the countries in the West, but to all the countries in the world. God willing April 16 will be the day that my citizens who have been hindered in the West and around the world will also

Mar 07 2017

We can clear Manbij together, then we can clear Raqqa

Mar 07 2017

To those who don't want us in Europe, to Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria, you should know that we have no problems because our brothers and sisters are watching us, listening to us, because we are talking to them through the language of the

Mar 06 2017

Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions are no different to those of the Nazi period. If I want to come to Germany, I will, and if you don't let me in through your doors, if you don't let me speak, then I will make the world rise to its

Mar 06 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

Germany, you are not even close to democracy. Your behaviour is no different from the Nazi practices of the past. I'll come tomorrow if I want to, and if you do not let me in, or try to stop me speaking, I'll start an

Mar 05 2017

I thought Nazism had ended in Germany. Turns out that it's still going on, plain and

Mar 05 2017

We don't want to see the Nazi world anymore. We don't want to see their fascist actions. We thought that era was in the past, but apparently it isn't. Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to

Mar 05 2017

We will talk about Germany's actions in the international arena and we will put them to shame in the eyes of the

Mar 05 2017

In Germany they are not allowing our friends to speak. Let them do so. Do you think that by not allowing them to speak the votes in Germany will come out 'no' instead of 'yes?'. Germany, you don't have anything to do with democracy. These current practices of yours are no different than the Nazi practices of the

Mar 04 2017 - Terrorism

They need to be put on trial for aiding and abetting terrorism, the situation is so obvious and clear. Now they are asking us: 'why are you whipping up the issue?' Just you wait, we have only just started. We are going to expose all that you have done one by one in several international

Mar 03 2017 - Turkey

Turkey is the country with the best seas, the best mountains, the best rivers, the best lands, the best trees, the best sun, the best food and fruits, the warmest and most heartfelt smiles and of the best times to be had on

Feb 17 2017

I hope this will be good for our people. I hope it will be good for the country. I hope this will be the beginning of a new

Feb 12 2017

After this operation to take al-Bab, the next targets in the east are Manbij and Raqqa.The ultimate goal is to establish a safe zone by cleansing a 4,000- to 5,000-square-km area of

Feb 02 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

There's a legislative branch, executive as well, and the same goes for judiciary. There can't be a question about removing the separation of

Jan 27 2017 - HSBC Bank

Raising interest rates influences the exchange rate and inflation in a negative

Jan 23 2017

We have substantial evidence of the activities of this network in Africa and I hope my friend Magufuli will help

Jan 10 2017 - UBS

Nobody has enough power to topple this country with economics, terror, unrest or

Jan 09 2017

I believe we will accelerate dialogue when Mr Trump takes office. I believe we will reach a consensus with Mr Trump, particularly on regional

Jan 04 2017

These attacks try to push our emotions ahead of our reason. Even if we suffer as a result, it is no reason to give

Jan 04 2017

The goal is to polarise our society, that is very clear. We will stay strong and keep our

Jan 04 2017 - Turkey

Nobody's lifestyle is under systematic threat in Turkey. We will never allow this. We haven't allowed this since we took the helm 14 years ago. Anyone who claims otherwise must prove it with concrete

Jan 04 2017

The issue of Al-Bab will soon be

Jan 04 2017 - Turkey

I repeat once again: no one's lifestyle is under systematic threat in Turkey. We would never allow such a thing. We didn't allow it in 14 years of governance. If anyone alleges differently they need to put forward concrete

Jan 04 2017 - Daesh

To present the country – which is leading the greatest struggle against Daesh – as one that is supporting terrorism is what the terror organization wants. To say Turkey has surrendered to terrorism is to take sides with the terrorists and terror organizations. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's

Jan 04 2017 - Daesh

Despite the sad start in the early hours of 2017, we strongly maintain our expectations for the new year. To present the country which is leading the greatest struggle against Daesh as one supporting terrorism is what terror organization wants. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's

Jan 01 2017

They are trying to create chaos, demoralise our people, and destabilise our country with abominable attacks which target civilians … We will retain our cool-headedness as a nation, standing more closely together, and we will never give ground to such dirty

Jan 01 2017 - Turkey

Turkey continues its combat against terror and is absolutely determined to do whatever is necessary in the region to ensure its citizens safety and

Jan 01 2017 - Turkey

I vehemently condemn the terror attack in Istanbul's Ortakoy neighborhood in the first hours of

Dec 29 2016 - Turkey

We, as Turkey, have been calling to Western nations for some time to not distinguish between terrorist organizations and to be principled and consistent in their stance. Some countries, namely the United States, have come up with some excuses on their own and overtly supported the organizations that massacre innocent people in our region. When we voice these, these gentlemen are bothered by

Dec 28 2016 - Turkey

You began asking what would you do if Turkey opens its gates. Look at me, if you go any further, these borders gates will be

Dec 28 2016 - Turkey

Sooner or later, the United States will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO (Gullenist terror group. Ed).feedback

Dec 27 2016 - Daesh

They were accusing us of supporting Daesh (Islamic State). Now they give support to terrorist groups including Daesh, YPG, PYD. It's very clear. We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and

Dec 22 2016

He was a member of the Fethullah Gulen Movement, the terrorist organisation. There is no point in hiding that. We can see it from the places where he was raised, and from his

Dec 21 2016 - Kremlin

There is some speculation about why he wasn't captured alive. Look what happened in Besiktas when they tried to capture an attacker

Dec 20 2016 - Russia

Together with Mr. Putin, we have an understanding that our cooperation, especially in Syria, will not be affected by this

Dec 19 2016 - Russia

After the incident [attack on the Russian ambassador], during a conversation with Mr. Putin, we agreed this is indeed a provocation about that there is no

Dec 19 2016

This is a provocation to damage the normalization process of Turkish-Russian relations. But both the Russian and Turkish administrations have the determination not to fall for this

Dec 17 2016 - Iraq

Turkey is under a combined attack by terrorist organizations, especially the divisive terrorist

Dec 16 2016 - Aleppo

If necessary, we will take some part of those who have left and bring them to Turkey, children, the elderly, those who are really in difficult conditions and place them in camps and houses, if they are available. We will provide them with a peaceful

Dec 14 2016 - Aleppo

Not even a few hours had passed since the agreement was reached that the regime forces broke the cease-fire and once again started to attack civilians. Assad's regime is clearly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Aleppo. Everybody needs to see this reality including those who give him

Dec 12 2016 - Peoples' Democratic Party

If you show mercy to a tyrant, you are betraying the oppressed. Never show mercy to a

Dec 11 2016

Nobody should doubt that with God's will, we as a country and a nation will overcome terror, terrorist organizations ...and the forces behind

Dec 10 2016

We have once again witnessed tonight in Istanbul the ugly face of terror which tramples on every value and

Dec 03 2016

Convert the foreign currency under your pillows to national currency against those who want to topple us. This is national, this is fruitful. Don't worry you won't make a loss

Dec 03 2016

Sooner or later we will take some steps for

Nov 30 2016 - Kremlin

We are there to bring justice. We are there to end the rule of the cruel Assad, who has been spreading state

Nov 24 2016

Let's be patient until the end of this year, then we will go to the people. Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the people, so let's go to the

Nov 24 2016

I have nothing against the independence of the central bank, but I cannot allow my people's will and rights to be taken away with high interest

Nov 23 2016

If we stay silent, after all of these events if we don't saying anything, the West will continue to welcome – with red carpets – tyrants who salute the West and who have blood on their hands and label anyone who criticises them as a

Nov 23 2016

In America they started calling Trump a dictator. In various countries of the Europe they spilled into the streets and started saying 'dictator.' Why aren't you respecting the results of the ballot box?feedback

Nov 22 2016

We won't allow them to destroy this country nor to crush the people. We will do whatever is

Nov 22 2016

We know that the state is not fully cleared of this treacherous gang. They are still within the Armed Forces, they are still within the police, they are still within the judiciary and they are still within the various sections of the

Nov 21 2016 - Turkey

I hope that in the upcoming process, this will be reassessed especially by the United States and positive steps will be taken so that terrorism's back is broken and Turkey is rid of the threat of

Nov 21 2016 - NATO

As a country that suffers from terrorism, we cannot tolerate the fact that PKK members freely travel in European countries and walk through the corridors of the European Parliament carrying posters of the terrorist PKK leader (Abdullah Ocalan).feedback

Nov 15 2016 - Terrorism

Germany, we are concerned by your stance. You are encouraging

Nov 09 2016 - Turkey

You are late, go and review them as soon as you can. But don't just review them – go and make your final

Nov 07 2016 - Kurds

Europe, as a whole, is abetting terrorism. Even though they declared the PKK a terrorist organisation, this is clear. We see how the PKK can act so freely and comfortably in

Nov 07 2016 - Kurds

I don't care if they call me dictator or whatever else, it goes in one ear, out the other. What matters is what my people call

Nov 06 2016 - Kurds

They (Western critics) should not concern themselves with trifles. We know well who they are, we have studied their history closely. I got to know them very well during my 14-year-old tenure as a prime minister and a

Nov 06 2016 - Kurds

Our aim is to go to al-Bab and expel them toward the

Oct 30 2016

Tel Afar is an entirely Turkmen town . if Hashd al-Shaabi starts terrorizing it, then our response will certainly be

Oct 27 2016 - Kurds

Some insist on trying to keep Turkey and the FSA away from al-Bab. We are determined to cleanse Manbij from the PYD as soon as possible. Either they abandon the area as soon as possible, or we will do what is

Oct 27 2016

We will maintain this struggle in Sinjar. Why? Because Sinjar is becoming a new Qandil. ... We cannot permit Sinjar, because the PKK is

Oct 27 2016 - Aleppo

Let's achieve peace for the people of Aleppo. Let's make a joint fight against terrorist organisations. But Aleppo belongs to the people of Aleppo. We need to be clear on this. It is not right to make calculations over

Oct 26 2016 - Daesh

I have told our American friends we do not need (the Syrian Kurdish groups) to fight

Oct 26 2016

They will leave (Manbij). They will to go east of the Euphrates river. If not, we will do what is

Oct 26 2016

We are putting it (possible intervention) on our agenda ... to remove the threat against our country coming from the region between Kilis and Kirikhan, to clear this region from the

Oct 22 2016

We are obliged to, we will go there. We have to prepare a region cleansed from

Oct 22 2016 - Iraq

Turkey will take part in the Mosul operation and hold a seat at the table. It is out of the question for us to remain

Oct 20 2016 - Kurds

From now on we will not wait for problems to come knocking on our door, we will not wait until the blade is against our bone and skin, we will not wait for terrorist organizations to come and attack

Oct 19 2016 - Iraq

I'm warning the terrorist organizations, the sectarian fanatic Baghdad government, and the Assad government that kills its own people: you are on the wrong path. The fire you are trying to start will burn you more than

Oct 19 2016

Let them go wherever until we find and destroy them. I am saying this very clearly: they will not have a single place to find peace

Oct 19 2016 - Daesh

They thought they could keep us out of Mosul by bothering us with the PKK and Daesh (Islamic State) ... They think they can shape our future with the hands of terrorist organizations. We know that the terrorists' weapons will blow up in their hands

Oct 19 2016

We know this business in this region. You are foreigners here. You do not

Oct 17 2016 - Iraq

I am sorry but we are not responsible for the possible outcomes of this operation that Turkey is not participating in. We will take part in this operation and we will also be at the negotiation table as well. We have a 350 kilometre border with Iraq that we have to defend from potential

Oct 17 2016 - Iraq

Turkey "will be in the (Mosul) operation and we will be at the table. It is not possible for us to stay

Oct 16 2016

They can go to their own lands, we can let them live there safely. That's the step we will take. We have given our proposal to coalition powers and we are moving

Oct 15 2016 - Daesh

We won't let Mosul be given to Daesh (Islamic State) or any other terrorist organization. They say Iraq's central government needs to approve this but the Iraqi central government should first deal with their own

Oct 15 2016 - Turkey

Nobody should talk about our Bashiqa base. We will stay there. Bashiqa is our insurance against any kind of terrorist activities in

Oct 11 2016

The world is greater than five. A Security Council that does not represent the entire world can never serve to re-establish peace and justice around the

Oct 10 2016

I am convinced that the process of normalization of our ties will continue

Oct 10 2016 - Aleppo

On Aleppo, we discussed what kind of a strategy can be applied on humanitarian aid so that the people there can quickly attain peace and

Sep 21 2016

Turkey's incursion into northern Syria in early September had led to establishing peace, balance and stability in a region taken over by

Sep 21 2016

We respect Syria's territorial

Sep 21 2016 - Turkey

I am calling, from this podium, to all our friends, to swiftly take the necessary measures against the Gulenist terrorist organization for their own safety and the future of their nations. It is evident from our experience that if you do not fight the Gulen network at this stage, it may be too late

Sep 20 2016 - Turkey

It should never be forgotten that the failed coup in Turkey was aimed at world democracy as well. It is a futile effort to look for peace behind the barbed wire and high

Sep 19 2016

Jarablus was liberated. Now the people of Jarablus are returning home with joy. Al-Rai was also cleansed (from ISIL). Now we are moving towards al-Bab. They (the Americans) are asking 'why do you go there?'. We will. We need to make sure this area does not pose a threat against

Sep 19 2016

As part of the Euphrates Shield operation, an area of 900 square kilometers has been cleared of terror so far. This area is pushing

Sep 19 2016

Jarablus and al-Rai have been cleansed, now we are moving towards al-Bab... We will go there and stop (Islamic State) from being a threat to

Sep 11 2016 - Daesh

It is our duty to our people to finish off Daesh (ISIL) in Syria and to reduce them to a level where they can't carry out attacks in our country. Euphrates Shield is the first step in

Aug 28 2016 - Kurds

We are as determined about the PYD, the separatist terror organization's Syrian

Aug 28 2016

Terror has used a 14-year-old child as a suicide bomber and shed blood, killed people. In this attack, our 54 citizens, including 34 children,

Aug 24 2016 - Wiretapping

As per the extradition agreement between the U.S. and Turkey, these types of people should at least be detained, arrested and kept under surveillance. Yet that individual is still directing his terrorist organization from his whereabouts. He has schools, businesses and associations in 170 countries. He continues managing them. Many members of the media are interviewing

Aug 24 2016 - Daesh

Whether it's Daesh or PKK or PYD or YPG or the DHKPC or Nusra or Al Shabab, in our view these are all terrorist organisations… There are no good or bad terror organisations. We can not make a distinction between good or bad terrorist organisations. They are all terrorist and all are

Aug 18 2016

This attack shows that there is no difference between PKK, ISIS and the Gulenist organisation. They are all working for the same

Aug 18 2016

Europe didn't understand and it seems they won't understand our struggle. We know that they are not honest towards us. We will not step back from our military and police as well as judicial operations. We will keep conducting our

Aug 11 2016

We will not shy away from noting down and questioning banks where we see banks go the wrong way on interest rates and credit policies. If the banking sector tries to turn this into an opportunity they will deal with

Aug 11 2016 - Turkey

They will either choose the coup-plotter terrorist FETO or Turkey, the democratic

Aug 08 2016

Without Russia's participation it's impossible to find a solution to the Syrian problem. Only in partnership with Russia will we be able to settle the crisis in

Aug 08 2016

Sovereignty stays unconditionally with the nation. If the people want it, (the death penalty), in my opinion, the political parties should follow the will of the

Aug 07 2016

July 15 showed our friends that this country isn't just strong against political, economic and diplomatic attacks, but against military sabotage as well. It showed that it will not fall, it will not be derailed. Those wringing their hands on that night hoping for Turkey to fall woke up the next day to realize their work was much harder than they

Aug 07 2016

This nation will never accept

Aug 07 2016

As a state and as a nation we need to analyze the July 15 coup attempt very well. We need to evaluate well not just those who engaged in this treachery, but the powers behind them, the motives that made them take