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Corporations normally deal with other corporations, not with governments.” said Reid Hoffman on this article: Artificial intelligence has ‘great potential, but we need to steer carefully, ' LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman says. This page contains 26 articles quoting Reid Hoffman. Main topics on which Reid Hoffman is quoted are Donald Trump and America. In addition you’ll find 46 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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Aug 28 2017

You have to start with a recognition that we are not yet the meritocracy we want to be. We are not yet the diverse and inclusive society we want to be. And we should all work toward that

Aug 28 2017

Once I started realizing I want to build that, I want to accomplish that, I want to participate and help in that kind of mission, in that kind of project, oh – this learning helps me do that. And once I made that connection, I got very focused on

Aug 24 2017 - LinkedIn

I didn't invest in Square, which was obviously a mistake. I didn't invest in Stripe, which was obviously a mistake. Great founders, great, interesting companies – it was just my own PTSD from PayPal. People don't want the payments thing to screw up. They don't want to go with start-ups, they want to go with what's tried and

Aug 24 2017 - LinkedIn

Getting them established is really hard. You have to get a minimum of a billion dollars of transactions to even have an interesting payments

Aug 24 2017 - LinkedIn

Only a small number will define the next platforms, the next major tech companies, and so forth. And so on that risk-adjusted bet, if you said I took a portfolio of a hundred of them, probably 90 or something are overvalued. And 10 are undervalued. Or five are undervalued. And that's the challenge for being a professional venture capitalist and investor and so forth, is trying to discern those

Aug 24 2017 - LinkedIn

One of the thing's that's been interesting is if you contrast the top five most valuable companies now, versus 10 years ago: 10 years ago it was more oil companies, now it's more tech companies. Because they benefit from this kind of global scale, in a networked world, like oil companies have always benefited from a global scale. So then you get to all these other

Aug 24 2017 - LinkedIn

The question is, well, are they going to be one of these huge, ginormous companies that benefits from the networked world? So if you say, there's a high probability that they are, then they're probably undervalued .... low probability, and they're probably overvalued. Now, what it does mean is that most of the valuations are probably too high, right?feedback

Aug 21 2017 - Tesla

If you're not embarrassed by your first product release, you've released it too late. Why? Because your assumptions about what your users want are never exactly

Aug 21 2017 - Tesla

You need to test a real product with real customers. It's the fastest way to build something users can't

Jul 21 2017 - Facebook

He has no qualms about rushing out an imperfect product. In fact, his famous mantra is 'move fast and break

Jul 20 2017

There's only one way to keep those unruly conversations going. You let them unfold chaotically, anywhere and everywhere across the organization. And you listen for what bubbles up. If you want your company to innovate, your job is to manage the

Jul 19 2017 - LinkedIn

I've long believed that if you're not embarrassed by your first product release, you've released too

Jul 19 2017 - LinkedIn

He has no qualms about rushing out an imperfect product. If you are Steve Jobs, you can wait for your product to be perfect, but there are almost no Steve Jobs in the

Jul 11 2017 - LinkedIn

I could try to be coy and say, Well, it's like blitz in sports! But actually, the intellectual parallels to blitzkrieg are too close: The innovation of moving super-fast to accomplish something decisive within a war. Here, it's decisive within a

Jul 11 2017 - LinkedIn

Let's still build as fast as we can, but let's also engage in dialogue, hear people's concerns – not presume that because we can build it, we know exactly how it should be built. But [let's] make sure that we're paying attention to the constituencies of people that want to be part of the

Jul 11 2017 - Silicon Valley

Part of the innovation that has been developed over decades in Silicon Valley is ... [saying] 'Let's assemble a bunch of resources'. Everything from capital to talent to knowledge to help them get to global market very fast. That's part of the reason why ... there's 4-4.5 million people in Silicon Valley and yet the majority of the $100-billion-plus tech companies within the English world are made

Jul 11 2017 - Silicon Valley

When you listen to people talk about what the 'secret of Silicon Valley' is, they always give you the startup story. Technologists, inventors, tech companies, tech universities, put 'em in a soup, lightning strikes, network emerges.' Actually, that exists in many places in the world

Jul 06 2017 - LinkedIn

This is entirely immoral and outrageous behavior, . And it falls to us to stand with you, to speak out, and to act. On a structural level, venture capitalists unfortunately have no HR department to prevent predatory and inappropriate behavior, and so try to characterize (falsely) their actions as innocent flirtatiousness or

Jul 05 2017 - Netflix

It seemed inevitable to [Hastings], that streaming entertainment would eclipse DVDs, just as surely as the combustion engine eclipsed the horse and

Jul 04 2017 - Democratic Party

I think part of the thing is to say, look, we're not about politics as usual. We have little patience for that on both sides. And so it may end up being some clash with the Democratic Party, but I think that's also part of what millennials and a swath of Americans

Jul 02 2017 - LinkedIn

This behavior occurs in our industry not just because some believe it's no big deal, but also because those who do find it unacceptable don't do enough to actively discourage

Jul 02 2017 - LinkedIn

This is important, because the question for women entrepreneurs is whether people just don't care. Here's why writing quickly is important: YES, MANY OF US DO CARE. This is entirely immoral and outrageous

Jun 23 2017

We all need to solve this problem. If you stay silent, if you don't act, then you allow this problem to

Jun 05 2017 - Facebook

High achieving people have a tendency to be perfectionists and the same instincts that make us good students can make us lousy

Jun 05 2017 - Facebook

Every entrepreneur must walk this fine line between fixable and fatal. The important thing is you push your experimentation to the

May 31 2017 - LinkedIn

It's unprecedented in the post-World War II era to have the leader of Germany say 'oh we can't rely on America

May 31 2017 - LinkedIn

One of the things that I have been a little worried about is that there has been a longer trend for companies staying private a lot longer. I think there's a good public benefit and some good public accountability for IPOs not being super deferred. So, I think the opening of the IPO market is

May 26 2017 - Facebook

He has no qualms about rushing out an imperfect product. In fact, his famous mantra is 'move fast and break things'. If you are Steve Jobs, you can wait for your product to be perfect, but there are almost no Steve Jobs in the

Apr 17 2017 - Facebook

People trust people more when they get a sense of them as human

Mar 14 2017 - Silicon Valley

From this position, I will continue to focus on helping LinkedIn fulfill its mission of increasing the economic productivity of individual professionals and the companies they work for. I'll also contribute more broadly as Microsoft deepens its presence in Silicon Valley and continues to weave social, AI, and other technologies into [its]

Jan 28 2017 - ICBM

"Saying you're 'buying a house in New Zealand' is kind of a wink, wink, say no more,"feedback

Sep 13 2016 - LinkedIn

When I saw the campaign … I said that's exactly the right way to make this message, a message in support of folks who have given great service to our country. If Donald Trump is as concerned with making America great as he says he is he should care about

Jul 07 2016 - LinkedIn

To reach a lot more people and to grow much more strongly, especially internationally, Microsoft brings all that. From Microsoft's perspective, we bring a network of individuals that tend to bring productivity to corporations. ... Those two things together make great benefit for the individuals and the corporations, and that reflects into kind of a good economic

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