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There is so much that smacks of obstruction of justice that is swirling around this dismissal and the meetings that preceded it. The exchange that took place with Comey, whichever version you believe, raises very, very serious questions about attempts to pressure an FBI director investigating wrongdoing potentially implicating the

Prejudging the results of any inquiry now is premature. Right now, the important point is to follow the evidence, to pursue every investigative lead and every potential witness diligently and promptly, and – I just might add this point – providing the resources that are

If you believe the president did nothing wrong, that is all the more reason why you should want an independent prosecutor. Then a decision against prosecuting the president would be all the more

I would oppose confirmation of a new FBI director until there is support for a special

I feel strongly that the credibility and independence of this investigation require a special

What we have now is really a looming constitutional crisis that is deadly

The need for a special prosecutor is now crystal clear. President Trump has catastrophically compromised the FBI's ongoing investigation of his own White House's ties to Russia. The only way to restore faith in a non-political, non-partisan FBI is to appoint an independent special

The failing @nytimes does major FAKE NEWS China story saying 'Mr. Xi has not spoken to Mr. Trump since Nov. 14.' We spoke at length yesterday!feedback

We are going to continue fighting for a woman's right to determine her reproductive decisions. We're going to continue fighting for same-sex couples and [and their right to] marry the person they love. We're going to continue fighting for the workers who go to their jobs every day and they expect to be safe and come home to their wives and

There's a reason they call it the nuclear option, and that is because there's fallout. And this fallout will be dangerously and perhaps disastrously radioactive for the Senate for years to

The independence of our judicial branch has never been more threatened or more important. The possibility of the Supreme Court needing to enforce a subpoena against the president of the United States is far from idle

We must assume that Judge Gorsuch has passed the Trump litmus test – a pro-life, pro-gun, conservative judge. In question after question, Judge Gorsuch had an opportunity to distance himself from right-wing groups. His refusal to answer only deepens the doubt that he is not a neutral follower of the law – an umpire who just calls balls and strikes – but instead an acolyte of hard-right special

Today, we still know very little about Judge Gorsuch's core beliefs ... he has left us with substantial

With all due respect, Your Honor, we're doing more than splitting hairs here, because words matter. And the words of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito were different than yours. Asking you to agree that these results were correct, I think is a relevant and important question. And your declining to do so – I respect your reasons, but I think that it speaks volumes, with all due

Let me invoke your beliefs as a commentator. Do you believe it was the right result, based on your understanding of law – not your personal beliefs about whether contraceptives are a good thing or a bad thing, but your beliefs about the constitutional underpinning, the right to privacy, the Fourth Amendment, substantive due process, underpinning of Griswold versus Connecticut, was it the right result?feedback

There are a lot of issues where we can work together, if they are willing to truly be open to Democratic

Millions and millions of women who had apprehensions about Roe v. Wade and whether you would vote to overturn it will find very little basis for

This resolution is a direct attack on consumer rights, on privacy, on rules that afford basic protection against intrusive and illegal interference with consumers' use of social media sites and websites that often they talk for

Isn't that reference by the President – to a so-called judge – isn't his attack on the same judges who struck down that order as plain politics… isn't that an attack on the judiciary, on its integrity?feedback

Senator, I can't comment on specific cases. And I can't get involved in politics. I've gone as far as I can go

We meet this week in a looming constitutional crisis. Just hours ago, not far from here, the director of the FBI revealed that his agency is investigating potential ties between President Trump's associates and Russian meddling in our election. The possibility of the Supreme Court needing to enforce a subpoena against the president is no longer idle

We meet this week in a looming constitutional crisis. Just hours ago, not far from here, the director of the FBI revealed that his agency is investigating potential ties between Pres. Trump's associates and Russian meddling in our election. The possibility of the Supreme Court needing to enforce a subpoena against the president is no longer idle

The president has gravely undermined it and that is why I believe you have a special responsibility here this week, which is to advocate and defend the independence of our judiciary against those kinds of

Neil Gorsuch may act like a neutral, calm judge. But his record and his career show he harbors a right-wing, pro-corporate, special-interest

Roe v. Wade certainly fits that description, and that kind of out-of-the-mainstream thinking will cause me to filibuster and use every tool I have at my disposal to block his

The high burden of proof that Judge Gorsuch has to meet is largely a result of the president who nominated

The right wing, very purposely and methodically, has built a stable of nominees that fit their ideological profile, and it's been a national movement, well organized and strategized. Frankly, I think the progressives of the Democratic Party have been less vigilant and vigorous than the

It's a fascinating process because clearly he has strengths in intellect and articulateness that make him an appealing candidate. But – and it's a big 'but' – what are his core beliefs?feedback

This astonishing admission is more appalling evidence of foreign entanglements and conflicts of interest involving the Trump

This President's conflicts of interest are creeping into every corner of the world. The consequence is that he has done nothing to counter Chinese currency manipulation, trade rules violations, military buildup, and other aggressive Chinese actions. Standing up for a great America means putting our nation before personal

I say so with some sadness and regret because of my respect for you, but this issue of principle is so profoundly important. Only you – only you – have the power to appoint a special

We are in an extraordinary time, careening toward a constitutional crisis with the intelligence agencies in complete agreement that the Russians launched a massive attack on our

This situation is extraordinary, and he is a professional career prosecutor who knows that there is a need – who should know, should know – there is a need for independence and protection from political influence

I'll use every possible tool to block DOJ Deputy AG nominee unless he commits to appoint independent special

I'd like him to explain what was said during that Sept. 8th meeting. Remember, it was at the height of the campaign season during a time of widespread reports of Russian interference in our election, and possible complicity and connection between the Trump campaign and the

For him to correct that record and avoid a perjury prosecution if one is required under the record right now. The question of the FBI investigation will concern whether or not perjury was committed in the Judiciary

I'd like him to explain what was said during that September 8 meeting. And what came of it, and also what other meetings there may have been, because if he misled us as to that meeting, what other meetings might he also have failed to disclose?feedback

I've been in public life for quite a while. Anyone who is interested can go back over

You can repeat that. You can quote

He needs to condemn Donald Trump's attacks publicly and it needs to be much stronger, more explicit and direct than has been done so far. Unless it is done publicly in a clear condemnation, it will not establish his

After some back and forth, he did say that he found them to be disheartening and

If he wants the American people to believe that he is truly independent, Judge Gorsuch must tell them in no uncertain terms that President Trump's attacks are not just disappointing – they are abhorrent and destructive to our Constitutional system – and he must condemn them

As the nominee of a President who has viciously attacked the independence of the judiciary and declared multiple litmus tests for justices, Judge Gorsuch has a special responsibility to reassure the American people that he will be an open-minded and independent

It needs to be a strong condemnation and that kind of public condemnation is important to establish his independence. Otherwise, the American public will conclude that he is more likely to be a rubber

I want to salute Sally Yates, who has taken a stand based on moral and legal principle in the highest tradition of the Department of Justice, saying that these orders cannot be defended; that the rule of law and morality is more important than the politics of the moment, and the impulsive edicts of a ruler who apparently fails to understand that law, or at least his administration

It will come down to his independence, which is an essential, absolute prerequisite for an attorney general. Sessions "has to be able to stand up to the president and say

The merger here is very different from NBC and Comcast in this respect: It involves wireless, it's a national platform and it involves more than one platform. It's several platforms, whereas Comcast and NBC really involved one platform and it was limited to certain parts of the

Consumer protection and antitrust enforcement never has been and never should be a partisan

Fifteen years after that tragedy we are still learning the facts, but there is mounting evidence that the Saudi government or at least organizations and operatives within the Saudi government aided and abetted one of the most massive crimes in the United

If they run into this kind of massive meltdown, travelers ought to be reimbursed and refunded, no questions asked, or given the opportunity to rebook on that airline or another airline without any limit on time or additional

While the pages do not reach a conclusion regarding Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks, they provide more than enough evidence to raise serious

Without charges for checking their bags, passengers will be far less likely to carry them on, which snarls screening checkpoints and slows the inspection

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