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Not the race we were hoping for. I'm sorry for the contact with Esteban, I was touched strongly from behind, I believe I had a puncture from there so I lost the car and he was on the
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Nov 13 2017
We found 33 articles in which Romain Grosjean said something. The most recent Romain Grosjean’s quote is: “It's to me a racing incident, in my opinion, I'm really struggling to understand the penalty, which was super harsh. It is what it is and we have to move on.”. In addition, all sources we refer have quoted Romain Grosjean 59 times. On this page, you will find all of Romain Grosjean’s quotes organized by date and topic.
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Oct 06 2017 - Malaysia

FP1 was a solid session in between the drops of rain. We managed to do everything we wanted, more or less. It would've been nice to get a few more laps on the long run on high fuel before the rain came, but we saw how fast the car is anyway. The car's doing OK for now, so we need to keep on that trend. We need to keep improving and making sure we don't lose our way. The weather can determine a lot. We'll see what happens between FP2 and FP3. I think we have some ideas what to do to get the car

Sep 29 2017

I'm fine, that's the most important thing. I just seen the footage, apparently a drain came

Sep 15 2017

In year one we had to accept, from early in the season, the car was what it was and there would be no more performance. At an early point, the team had to write off the season, to stop developing the car, to move into year

Sep 15 2017 - Singapore

Every time we run maximum downforce, the car seems to work better. We've got a better efficiency between drag and downforce, so that's good. The key for us in Singapore will be to get into the tire window. If we do so, we'll be in a good place. But again, that's not easy to

Sep 02 2017

Not much to say. On the straight line and the next thing you know you're facing the wall at more than 300 kph. I just think the conditions were not good enough for us to go out there. I complained on the out lap saying that I thought there was too much water, we couldn't see anything. You cannot back off on the straight line in case someone is behind because he won't see anything. You can't stay flat out because you're going to lose the car. The first time was just about fine and then the second time I lost it for no

Sep 02 2017

Spinning on a straight line shouldn't be something you should be seeing in Formula

Aug 20 2017

It's been a very good feeling. We've achieved quite a lot compared to last year. Same amount of points, without the failure in Melbourne we would have six or eight more points so we are in a good place. The team is growing up, we've shown that in the year two where everyone was expecting us to dive down, we have actually stepped up our game so very pleased with that. As far as I am hoping and what we are getting since I signed back in

Aug 08 2017

It was not such a big surprise for me. I've known this since September 2015! So I would call it a normal continuation. And things are great. Things like that do happen. Right now I am part of a great project. I am very proud of what we have done together -- and we want to become better, of

Jul 27 2017

There are tensions, they are fighting for a world championship. Probably some of my words were reported to Toto in a different way. I didn't mean anything against Lewis or Mercedes. Just saying it cost me two positions on the grid, starting P8 or P10 is a different matter in Formula One and we are all fighting for the same

Jul 27 2017

I saw the comments and I was not very happy. The good news is I have got his phone number! I called Toto. We had a great phone call. We explained each

Jul 27 2017

I do apologise, I said their GPS is not good which is not fair to Mercedes, still thinking that I was on a fast lap and I lost three-tenths, it's a shame but it's behind us now. It's all good, I spoke with Toto and we are

Jul 27 2017

Personally I think it was a sad day for Formula One when it was announced. I am still against it, I still don't think it has a place in Formula One. As a GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers' Association] member and director, and a driver, I need to thank the FIA for all the

Jul 27 2017

I guess you get used to everything in life, but hopefully I don't get as bad as I was in Brazil because it got me pretty sick. You are trying to focus with something in front of you all the time, in the middle. I don't know, my eyes kept coming together, it was a bit

Jul 26 2017

It's never easy to change brakes on a race weekend. It changes much more than just the brakes with things like mapping and adjusting the set-up. I think we got some good results from the CI package. Whatever we were running with Brembo, with the right spec and the right temperatures it wasn't too bad. It'll be very dependent on cooling. When we've got the latest from Brembo, I'm happy with them. But if we can run the CIs, I'm probably going to stick with

Jul 15 2017 - China

I know that there is a world title going on at the front but we are in a position where we actually fight as hard as the boys at the front and I was impeded today. Maybe if it was another driver the sanction would have been something and it does feel sometimes like there are two types of

Jul 15 2017 - China

The mirrors are not great... but again when your engine or your gearbox goes, who gets the penalty, the team or yourself? By one of your colleagues I learned the decision. I wasn't even there. I got a five-place grid penalty in China for being 40km/h under double yellow and today I lost position and there's nothing happening. It's frustrating, it seems there is big inconsistencies between the decision and who is doing the

Jul 15 2017

If next time I have to get my front wing in his rear diffuser to show that I have been impeded... We've got very clear rules in qualifying and with ten cars in track in Q3 we should not have those

Jul 15 2017

Yes. Surprised by the wording. Driver behind has not been impeded. If losing 0.3 to 0.4s in one corner is not being impeded I'm very surprised. I think it opens room for mess in qualifying and the rules is pretty

Jul 14 2017

I think we have backed off on that subject. The test was not very conclusive today. I tried the Halo last year, I hated it, it made me sick so we haven't yet found a good

Jul 14 2017

The Shield is as bad as the

Jul 08 2017

I didn't hit any kerbs. I was on the exit kerb of Turn 3 but it doesn't have those big [yellow kerbs], they are the normal red and white

Jul 05 2017

We'll work on the things we can improve and I'm hoping for a better result. We had a good race there last year. I'm hoping the car works well and it should be a fun track to

Jun 25 2017 - Renault

The brake feeling has been terrible all weekend long, but Kevin [Magnussen] has got the same comment and he can drive around it. When the brake feeling is terrible we need to find a way that I can work with it. When they are great that's my strongest point in racing, I'm braking very late, very hard, turning the car with grace. When I cannot do that then I just need to find more

Jun 25 2017 - Renault

Today, I didn't get the feeling. It's as simple as that, I'm not searching for an excuse. If you look at the bigger picture you can find a lot of areas, tyres too hard, brakes not [working] well, set-up maybe not perfect and so on. When that's the case I need to do a better

Jun 25 2017 - Renault

The problem is that I don't get the feeling and therefore I am not getting the best out of the car. There's a lot of things that could be better on the car but I am not saying that's why we are out, I'm just saying that when things are wrong in that aspect and I don't' get the feedback that I want, I am struggling to find where I should put the

Jun 25 2017 - Renault

Braking is my strength, since Formula Renault but when things are not working as I want, it's my biggest weakness. It could be my strongest point or my weakest point. So when it's not good I'm lost and I admit it. I need to work on that and I am sure that I can get

Jun 25 2017 - Renault

It's not set-up related it's just that when things are not great, I am struggling to find the real limit. We made the right choice for qualifying, the set-up was going in the right direction but like I say, when the deceleration zone is not to my liking, things are not happening as they should on the paper, then I get a bit confused and lost and I am struggling to

Jun 14 2017

There is a risk of damage to the car and it's too dangerous, so box

Jun 14 2017

Check the aero numbers, front left. It seems I have quite a lot of understeer and little grip on the front left. Yeah, there seems to be an issue. I think I have damage on the front wing. Maybe we can delay that stop a little bit?feedback

Jun 12 2017

I was there, I was alongside him, so it's the same type of thing, but I'm not saying it's a race ban. I'm not saying he needs a big fine as I had, but I'm saying I'm very unhappy with the way he behaved and I think it was very dangerous and he was lucky not to hit anyone in Turn

Jun 12 2017

There's probably a blind spot, but you know where you are going into Turn 1 and he was on the outside of Turn 2, so probably on the exit there was going to be someone on the inside. He moved twice, so either we need to change the mirrors or be more careful. But to be fair, I did the same to Lewis Hamilton in 2012 and I got a pretty tough

May 11 2017

I was expecting maybe him to get something. The rules says you need to keep a car width when there's a car next to you. I did the corner very nicely and even got on the orange sausage kerb. Then he spun and that is one thing I wanted them to look at. If there is a car spinning at Turn 1, I know it is not easy but the drivers should almost go on the brakes, a car should go on the brakes. The thing which happened with Jolyon, is that his car spun and he stayed flat

May 11 2017 - Malaysia

His car came back and that's why we had the big hit. The same thing happened with Rosberg in Malaysia last year when he spun into Turn 1 but was going flat out but you obviously don't want to lose time but when you coming and there's a car is facing you and you don't know the momentum of the car which is facing you makes it a bit more dangerous. I think it's a tricky one because obviously you don't want to lose time when a car is spinning ahead of you. But the on the other hand when you facing an object you know where to go, but when the object is having a move it make it's more

May 04 2017

I am proud to have been elected by my peers as director of the GPDA. We race drivers don't always hold the same opinion, but as a group we are united in wanting the best for our sport. I believe we have an important role and duty to coordinate between each other and support the stakeholders in the evolution of the

May 03 2017

Why is my car overheating guys? I'm out of the race

May 03 2017

Did you talk to Charlie? It cannot be right!feedback

Apr 30 2017

I had a great start, a great run into Turn 1, passed Jolyon under braking. Then I was on the inside, he turned, we had contact, he spun his car. On the first point of view it was Palmer's fault. I was on the inside, he turned into me, and maybe there was someone on the outside who needs to be pushed on the outside. There is no room on the

Apr 30 2017

I was really full of hope going into the race trying to analyse what we could do better and help the guys to work hard for the next race and see what we could do. Maybe it wasn't points today, but it was 53 important laps, then we just got ruined at the first

Apr 15 2017 - Bahrain

It was a pretty solid day. It was very warm -- the first time we've had those conditions this year. We need to keep working on the car. Clearly, tires are having a tough time on the long runs. A qualifying lap is only a lap, so it's pretty fun. There's a lot of work to be done for tomorrow, but as I said, it's the first time we've had the warmer conditions this year. There's a lot to learn from today, and hopefully we can find a little bit of performance for

Apr 08 2017

I backed off before the corner, I took the corner slowly and I backed off after the corner. I didn't got to pit because my engineer told me it was a single yellow flag initially, so single yellow could be just a spin and then going again, I didn't know it was a crash. We'll see. I lost one second, I was fully backed off before the corner and after the corner and the car was on a straight line and I went by on the

Apr 06 2017

He had that shunt in the Race of Champions and he couldn't really train. I've seen, I think every driver have put a lot of efforts in the winter training, so coming from last year as I was and then having to jump in those cars we would have struggled a bit ... If you don't have the time, and two months of a rest, it's just hard. It's fair to say he could have not said anything to anyone and just go for it and then retire for some reason. But he was quite brave to say I'm not taking the risk to put myself and others in danger, because I suppose he wouldn't have been able to drive the

Apr 06 2017

He would hate me for saying that, but I would drive!feedback

Apr 05 2017

It's always good to have a fast car, one that's maybe not 100 percent reliable, over a slow car that is reliable. I wouldn't have much fun finishing the grand prix in 15th, but if I'm always fighting in the top-10 and having some good results, sometimes having an issue at the beginning of the year is not a huge deal. We've got the performance, which is what we want. Of course, it's not ideal not to finish the race -- that's not what we want. But again, if the car is fast, we can aim for some good points and the reliability is something we know we can

Apr 05 2017 - China

The car felt good to drive from the first lap. We made some setup changes and things reacted pretty well, so that was very positive from the weekend. I felt comfortable all weekend long in the car. It's a shame we did not finish the race, but things are good and we keep our fingers crossed that she'll be as good in China as she was in

Mar 25 2017

The cars are brutal to drive, we are not far from 8Gs on the peaks in the high speed corners. It is pretty good fun, but it is hard on the body and hard on the cars. Overtaking is going to be pretty tricky. Hopefully we get a good start and we hold onto where we are. I think the car should be okay in the

Mar 19 2017

I think this year it's actually going to be the opposite. This year, if you had to choose, I think you'd want to start slow and finish hard, and not the opposite. This is because in 2018 the cars are going to be very similar to 2017, and therefore if you're finishing on a high it means you've understood the regulations and everything's going well. Your next car will be on that trend. We really want to keep the development going and push through the year, improving race after

Oct 22 2016 - Twitter

I like to have a very quiet dinner and a glass of red wine. I'm

Oct 22 2016

It's great to be here. An extra pride to be wearing the American flag on the

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