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Specifically? I give you a concrete example. The Americans say Nato one day is a very nice thing another day is a problem. In any case Europe must work for its own defence. So, a first reinforced cooperation could be 10 European countries start slowly putting together a defence.
Mar 02 2017
This page is completely dedicated to what Romano Prodi has to say. All of Romano Prodi’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Romano Prodi came from an article called 'Europe must work for its own defence': “You are taking me by emotion I am talking with my heart not with my brain. In the Renaissance the Italian states were leading, it is not rhetoric, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Genoa for banking for technology for military art, Venice for trafficking – that was the first globaliation the discovery of America – and we did not stick together.”.
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In Italy I still hope that putting together the pieces of the (former) Democratic Party and many of the other, even the right wing parties, you have a majority in favour of Europe.

No Italian state was able to build the new ships that were necessary for the New World and Italy disappeared for four centuries from the world map. Now we are in the same situation. Germany, France, Italy, no one is big enough for the new globalisation.

It was a triumph. When in Dublin we celebrated on May 1, 2004, the enlargement, it was a sense that Europe was a winner in history. Then clearly the old nationalist ideas that were following the problems of the tensions of minorities the difficult borders, this came up with the new freedom of the east European countries. Then in the second phase you had the populist parties.

I go back to the Renaissance example: we are lost, we are lost! Together we win. It depends up on us.

In Europe now, because of this losing mentality, there is the idea that all the world is in crisis. But in reality, the world as a whole has never been so well. Asia is growing, Africa also – starting from zero, of course, but it is still growing…the United States from two to three percent. Only Europe is suffering. When you have zero growth, a horrible rate of unemployment, even more so if we look at youth unemployment, then you have to put some fuel into the economy.

I've have many political memories but just one emotional memory. In Vienna during New Year Eve I was with the Austrian Chancellor. On the stroke of midnight we made the first purchase with the euro. The first legal purchase: we bought a bunch of flowers for our wives. And everyone was in the streets, in a joyful Vienna.

On a small scale it's the memory of something great. The personal emotion of an event, together with the awareness of its enormous importance. Because changing currency means changing the structure of the State.

I'm asking every one of you, members of the Senate for confidence to relaunch with new power and awareness, a wider reform process that our country needs urgently.

It's down to you, members of parliament to take the decision, in a clear and open way, for which you were elected. It's in parliament and only in parliament that the future of this government can be decided.

We cannot accept this shame any more, we must find a solution to the issue here in Italy.

We shall not depend upon the blackmail of transportation, of the criminality. They control the garbage system. Now we have said we will intervene and do without you.

We will propose a broad agreement between workers and employers for higher wages, higher productivity and a substantial reduction in the tax burden for workers who earn low-to-medium level salaries.

Together we have asked that the European Union do more. It is clear that in tackling migratory flows within the community, the EU must act at the level of the problem posed.

This agreement gives Italians a more just country, with new prospects for young people and a balanced pension system for the long term.

There really is active cooperation, both on the problems of Afghanistan and the difficult problem of Iran. We share the same position about the danger of atomic arms proliferation. We agree on the path that must be followed.

I believe in not necessarily moving forward together at the same speed. I'd like that, and I'll do my part to bring it about. But I realise it is not always possible.

It is only now that I can send my sympathies to the family of Mastrogiacomo for all they have suffered in the past few days, as well as the director of La Republica who has followed this story step by step. It was an extremely complicated matter.

There is no preferential political-industrialist axis between Rome and Madrid but certainly there is very good political co-operation between Spain and Italy.

There is of course a long tradition of close relations between the church and the state, from a geographical point of view. But this in no way affects the secular nature of the Italian state, as is recognised in the Italian-Vatican agreement, the 'Concordato.

Listen, you're clearly talking about the mission in Afghanistan, but there'll be more than 300 votes in favour out of 350 so I think that whatever the smaller groups decide to do, there won't be a problem.

It has turned out to be a welcome crisis as it strongly reunited our coalition. And you have to remember also that we haven't lost anything; the vote of confidence produced the same number of votes we had on day one. And that makes the coalition very attractive.

In this case, the decision's not yet been made, partly as we've asked the constitutional court to shed some light on certain legal aspects. But certainly I find it strange that, even before Italy has decided anything, the US has declared it won't extradite anyone.

I find it appropriate to take part in missions where the UN makes the decisions, appropriate to respect obligations to allies. But peace missions like the one we organised for Lebanon have a fundamental role in the peace process. However, as they are conflict zones, obviously our soldiers are going armed and they will use them if necessary.

We need a law that guarantees our citizens are able to choose not just a party, but also a platform, a coalition, a government plan and a Prime Minister.

I will seek a vote of confidence as soon as possible, with renewed impetus and a united coalition.

I'm always smiling. Even after the past few days I wasn't really crying.

We have taken a number of very important decisions in many different areas. We can say that we have launched a phase of real liberalisation and dynamism for our economy.

I've not only expressed my unease regarding the death penalty, but also that this execution will only serve to increase tension.

I have no comment to make. The gravity of the situation has been made clear enough by the facts. The magistrates will get to the bottom of this.

It's an extraordinary example of cooperation. It will be a mission without weapons and uniforms.

We are not holding a beauty contest here. We must contribute to peace. If we are handed leadership responsibilities, that will be fine. Otherwise, we will still do our bit for peace.

If we win, it's encouraging, if we lose, it's discouraging, he said.

We are very happy and I believe strongly that the centre-right has lost achance to take part in Napolitano's election, beacuse he will really be everyone's president.

I hear the centre-right bloc is holding talks and I hope that will bring about an agreement and that they decide to vote for Napolitano.

I hope that the intermediate period won't last too long, and I also hope that there will the possibility for the technical exchange of information, the advice which is necessary at these kinds of moments.

Italians can have no more doubt about our victory. Now we have to get to work to put together a strong government.

It's useless for Berlusconi to seek excuses and delays, he should go home.

Its been a hard fight, but we won in the end and its time for Berlusconi to stop wasting time and go home.

He (Berlusconi) is unable to lose, to admit that we won. He will never do (it). He is absolutely unable to admit the truth. He did so ten years ago, he is doing the same now.

There already is a government coalition… our program never contained plans for a grand coalition nor is there any need for one – that is only needed if there is no majority in parliament.

We've written in our programme – reintroduction of inheritance tax, exclusively for the wealthy.

It was clear that it was a storm in a teacup, and now I feel that everything is back on course.

Today represents a major step back for the country. I believe that only the Italian people can correct this in a vote.

Given the gravity of the circumstances, I ask for the resignation of the government and I call for new elections to be held immediately.

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