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When you're reaching for the cranberry sauce, Republicans are going be reaching for your pocketbooks to give handouts to multinational
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Nov 15 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Ron Wyden is associated, including Americans and Oregon. Most recently, Ron Wyden has been quoted saying: “I've never heard a senator try to psychoanalyze a Joint Committee on Taxation table.” in the article Senate Plan Would Raise Taxes on the Poor, a Report Says.
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Oct 31 2017

I have a particular concern about issue advertisements, sock puppets, and the dissemination of made-up stories, tactics we know Russia and other actors have used

Oct 29 2017

This is a middle-class con

Oct 25 2017 - Republican Party

They cannot keep their hands off your 401(K). They can't help themselves, and you bet we are going to take this to the mat. And they have clearly reopened once again this question of rolling back fundamental retirement protections for working-class

Oct 19 2017

There is a Grand Canyon-sized gap between the rhetoric surrounding this plan and

Oct 18 2017

Any plan that starts off with the middle class in a serious hole is going to be pretty hard to

Oct 06 2017

The administration is now stooping to a new low by attempting to deny women the preventive health care coverage they

Oct 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

It's clear now that this scandal didn't start or end with former H.H.S. Secretary Tom Price. It's time for the Trump administration to come clean with the American people and show us what other top officials in this administration have been using the White House as a luxury travel

Oct 05 2017

After years of baseless claims and false accusations it is my hope Republicans will finally put an end to this witch hunt and admit that their attacks on the IRS were nothing but political grandstanding on behalf of special interests at the expense of American

Oct 04 2017

If you don't get this addressed in a timely way, you put children at risk. These enrollment freezes and belt tightening and other emergency measures that states have talked to us about – they are not abstractions. They represent very real problems for kids and parents and families that are walking on an economic

Oct 03 2017 - Trump Presidency

Apparently that mainstream economic analysis had to be purged because it basically didn't jibe with the Trump team's

Sep 28 2017 - Trump administration

This yet another example of how the Trump administration is executing a middle-class con job with their tax scam. History has shown most of the pockets lined by corporate tax cuts are found in wealthy shareholder suits. It is disturbing the Treasury Department is burying research proving that trickle-down economics harms American

Sep 27 2017 - Trump Tower

If this framework is all about the middle class, then Trump Tower is middle-class

Sep 25 2017 - Obamacare

Mr. Chairman, let the record show that our colleague does not want to answer the

Sep 25 2017

The Graham-Cassidy bill gives a super block grant blank check to the states. They can do whatever they want in terms of Americans' health care, and it guts the funding for those block grants over a very short period of time. This will mean a whale of a lot of pain for vulnerable

Sep 25 2017 - Obamacare

Right now, there is a frenzy of special deals being considered, [and] elbow-twisting behind the scenes to bring swing votes from off the fence. The fight is far from

Sep 19 2017 - American economy

We've seen this movie before. It is a prescription for more trouble in the American economy in the long

Sep 19 2017

It looks to me like yet another trial

Sep 18 2017 - Obamacare

Hearing "makes a mockery of regular

Sep 16 2017

The idea that he is not interested in giving stuff to the wealthy is about as plausible as my playing in the N.B.A. next

Sep 14 2017 - American politics

It endows future generations of the

Sep 14 2017

You don't need a giant rule book of government requirements to just say yourself 'This is common sense, it's wrong'. That's just slap-your-forehead

Sep 14 2017 - American politics

It'd be great if what I'm hearing about the goals for individual tax reform actually lined up with the details of the plans that are reportedly in the works, but that just isn't the case. The Republican plan I see coming together right now doubles down on the rotten unfairness in our tax

Aug 29 2017

You get the sense that they think that somehow when they offer up all of this bravado about the deadlines and the plans that all of this is going to pop out of the oven like a cake fully baked. From the standpoint of getting real tax reform, which takes buy-in from both sides, they have just frittered months and months away

Aug 03 2017 - China

China's forced technology transfer policies are among the key challenges facing U.S. innovators operating in China or otherwise competing with Chinese

Aug 02 2017

There's a lot to work with here if you want to reject the 'my way or highway'

Aug 01 2017

I think Democrats generally, and you see in what we've said in the last couple of weeks, are going to be very united about saying the centerpiece has got to be to focus on middle folks. The middle class drives the

Aug 01 2017 - Democratic Party

Yet Americans remain in the dark about the content of the task force's

Aug 01 2017 - Democratic Party

These [Justice Department] decisions could have dramatic and wide-ranging consequences for Americans' daily

Jul 30 2017 - Human Rights

You really strengthen the exchanges and probably provide another path for people actually advocating make the transition work. I've said before, this is a civil rights issue and it'll take a movement on the scale of the one Dr. King led. I'm glad we're here – it shows we're making progress – but my goal isn't a certain number of co-sponsors, it's passing a bill that makes every American

Jul 25 2017

They don't know how they're gonna do it!feedback

Jul 19 2017 - NAFTA

The administration is planning to come to the table with watered down versions of TPP

Jul 17 2017 - NAFTA

It is surprising that in key areas the Trump administration is seeking outcomes that were achieved in the T.P.P., which the president said was a bad

Jul 14 2017 - NAFTA

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to rewrite NAFTA. Trump can't squander this

Jul 14 2017 - NAFTA

Donald Trump promised to get a better deal than TPP, and Americans are going to be deeply disappointed if he doesn't follow through on NAFTA

Jul 14 2017

Today's reports reveal the claim Medicare is bankrupt as simply a political excuse to cut seniors' benefits, and Social Security's near term outlook is

Jul 13 2017

The secretary feels confident that his approach is going to make all sides happy in the steel

Jul 13 2017 - Trump-Putin

How is it was plausible that nobody told then-candidate Trump about it? We've got to ask about this. We've got to get to the bottom of

Jul 11 2017 - Kremlin

These emails show there is no longer a question of whether this campaign sought to collude with a hostile foreign power to subvert America's

Jul 11 2017

This was an attempt at

Jul 10 2017

Based on his own admissions, this is an attempt at

Jun 29 2017

The slush fund is open. Applicants can queue up and have a good chance of being treated favorably if they are from the right political

Jun 23 2017

This bill may change, but Republicans will only be putting lipstick on a devastating blow to Americans' health

Jun 21 2017

Americans are sick and tired of seeing the cost of their prescription drugs race past their

Jun 20 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

Either Director Pompeo had no idea what people in the C.I.A. reportedly knew about Michael Flynn, or he knew about the Justice Department's concerns and continued to discuss America's secrets with a man vulnerable to blackmail. I believe Director Pompeo owes the public an

Jun 19 2017 - Affordable Care Act

The point was to say that the states, the laboratories of democracy, would have an opportunity to show that they could do better than the Affordable Care

Jun 16 2017 - Russia

When people ask me a question about Russia, I say, I'm happy to talk to you about it, but you're going to have to listen to me talk about the health care challenge

Jun 13 2017 - Russia

I believe the American people have had it with stonewalling. Americans don't want to hear that answers to relevant questions are

Jun 13 2017

What are they? That answer, in my view, does not pass the smell

Jun 13 2017

Mr. Secretary, you made a commitment that there would be no absolute tax cut for the wealthy. And yesterday, you changed that. You said, we have an objective to do that. So maybe, it'll happen maybe it won'

Jun 13 2017 - Russia

That's just not going to be acceptable

Jun 13 2017

Again, @SenKamalaHarris was doing her job. She was interrupted for asking tough questions. I was not

Jun 13 2017 - Russia

Consistent with longstanding Department of Justice practice, I cannot and will not violate my duty to protect confidential communications with the

Jun 12 2017

I think you are going to see members be very tough on that. When there are legitimate questions on both sides of the aisle, you can't say, I don't feel like

Jun 12 2017

Jeff Sessions has already demonstrated a willingness to mislead the

Jun 11 2017 - Russia

These matters, which are directly related to threats to our democratic institutions, are of the utmost public interest. I believe we owe the American people

Jun 10 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

Flynn is gone, but other individuals with contacts with the Russians are still in extremely important positions of power. Should the American people have the same sense of urgency now, with respect to them?feedback

Jun 08 2017

Having more details – fleshing out what was said, who was involved, was it documented – I think will very much clarify where things were at the time Mr. Comey was fired. I said an hour after the president had fired Mr. Comey the single most important thing now is to get Mr. Comey in front of a public forum, the Intelligence Committee. We're getting that

Jun 07 2017 - Trump Presidency

I am disappointed the president chose not to take Sen. Grassley's and my recommendation to renominate Carolyn Lerner, who is an experienced leader with bipartisan

Jun 07 2017 - Russia

That was an attack on American

Jun 07 2017 - Wiretapping

I have long disagreed with Comey about surveillance, about encryption, about secret legal interpretations. But I continue to believe the timing of the decision to fire James Comey just stinks. This, is an opportunity to get on the record what the status of the investigation was at the time of his firing. The president would do well to remember that in America, the truth always comes

Jun 06 2017 - CIA

This nominee told members of our committee that she had not yet studied whether the CIA's torture techniques were legal. She told us that she would read the report and now the report is

May 24 2017

This is the budget you write if you think working families have it too

May 24 2017 - Trump Presidency

This just seems to be across-the-board, systemic rewriting of the separation of powers. Everybody understands that in the first days of a new administration you're kind of finding your feet and may take a little bit of extra time, and people like me will acknowledge that. That's not what's going on. This really feels like a pattern of just saying, We don't believe in getting back to Congress as they try to carry out their oversight

May 19 2017

What we've had so far is a debacle on healthcare. You can't make this stuff up. Put me down for freedom to innovate and flexibility, but on that issue, that doesn't mean the freedom to leave people without decent

May 19 2017 - Russia

The Congress has a broader oversight responsibility than just whether crimes have been committed. Bob Mueller doesn't have, for example, the same broader responsibility to get into the kind of financial entanglements that I have especially focused on. We still have to know more ... about how Russia corrupted our

May 15 2017 - Trump Presidency

These reports, if true, are of the gravest possible concern. It could harm our national security by cutting off important sources of intelligence that protect Americans against terrorist

May 14 2017 - Russia

Sessions said he'd recuse himself from anything to do with Russia. It's clear he did not. Calling for him to resign (again).feedback

May 10 2017

The temporary solutions DOE has used for decades to contain radioactive waste at Hanford have limited

May 10 2017

More members are getting concerned about the

May 09 2017 - Russia

But Donald Trump's decision to fire him now, in the midst of an investigation into Trump associates and their ties to Russia, is outrageous. There can be no question that a fully independent special counsel must be appointed to lead this

May 09 2017 - Russia

James Comey is a man of honor and integrity ... I have long called for a special congressional committee to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 election. The president's decision to remove the FBI director only confirms the need and the urgency of such a

May 05 2017 - Republican Party

Convening a group of men behind closed doors to scheme how to make care worse for women is as gutless as it gets,

Apr 26 2017

This is an unprincipled tax plan that will result in cuts for the one percent, conflicts for the president, crippling debt for America and crumbs for the working

Apr 25 2017 - American politics

I'm particularly struck by how some of this seems to be turning on its head Republican economic

Apr 25 2017 - Russia

For this investigation to be successful, the committee must recognize the enormity of the job and provide the resources to tackle

Apr 21 2017 - Twitter

The summons raised serious concerns about improper political use of [the agency's] summons power to quash free

Apr 16 2017

We are taking the gloves off to say knock off the secrecy Mr.

Apr 15 2017

President Trump has tossed this great American tradition in the trash can like a teenager trying to hide a lousy report

Apr 15 2017 - Wall Street

My message for the president is short enough to tweet. Today across America we are taking the gloves off. It's time to knock off the tax rip offs. No more Cayman Island accounts for the insiders. No more tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. No more special breaks for Wall Street. Knock off the secrecy, Mr. President, and publicly release your own tax returns. Disclosing tax returns is the very lowest ethical bar for a president and we are going to insist that he clear

Apr 13 2017 - Affordable Care Act

There is no outcome in which the administration sabotaging insurance markets persuades Democrats to pass Trumpcare, a disastrous proposal which would only make our health care system worse. When the president drops his threats on Americans' health care – including the latest threat to withhold insurance payments, which he clearly understands puts people's care in danger – Democrats will be prepared to work on bipartisan improvements to the Affordable Care

Apr 12 2017

Indiscriminate digital searches distract CBP from its core mission and needlessly divert agency resources away from those who truly threaten our

Apr 09 2017 - Twitter

If that is the case, it raises serious concerns regarding potential violations of law that must be promptly addressed by

Apr 06 2017

If they repeat what happened on health care, it will be another

Apr 06 2017 - Twitter

The DHS inspector general should investigate to determine who directed this witch

Apr 04 2017

Americans' Constitutional rights shouldn't disappear at the

Mar 29 2017

Efforts to understand these relationships and to separate fact from speculation have been hampered by the opacity of the finances of President Trump and his

Mar 24 2017

The DOE has the ability to make things right – first by reinstating its rules to punish contractors that retaliate against whistleblowers like Sandra Black, and second, by penalizing this specific contractor for retaliating against her. The DOE's failure to take any action would send a dangerous signal to contractors at the Energy Department and across the government that it's still open season on

Mar 22 2017 - Trumpcare

It's terrible for seniors. Trumpcare forces older Americans to pay 5 times the amount younger Americans will–an age tax–and slashes Medicaid benefits for nursing home care that two out of three Americans in nursing homes rely

Mar 22 2017 - Republican Party

Representative Nunes's statements would appear to reveal classified information, which is a serious concern. With regard to the substance of his claims, I have no idea what he is talking

Mar 19 2017

That's the way to really lose credibility. I think you let the facts drive the answer to

Mar 15 2017

This scheme will give billions upon billions of dollars in tax cuts to the most fortunate at the expense of the most vulnerable. It clearly and directly breaks the 'Mnuchin rule' promise that there would be no absolute tax cut for the wealthy,

Mar 14 2017

As a legal matter, Mr. Lighthizer's previous work for foreign governments makes him ineligible to be appointed as the United States trade

Mar 09 2017

Given that there has not been a firm commitment to deliver this critical information, I cannot support any DNI nominee without that

Mar 07 2017

There is no debate that the conflicts in question pose a threat to American national security and the integrity of the government of the United States, and more and more keep coming to

Mar 07 2017 - Trumpcare

Breaks a clear Trump promise not to damage Medicare. This bill sends a loud and clear message: Tax cuts for special interests and the wealthy matter more than your health

Mar 07 2017

This bill sends a loud and clear message: Tax cuts for special interests and the wealthy matter more than your health

Mar 05 2017

People just kind of gasp. I can tell you it comes up at every one of my town meetings. People think it is very much linked to the Russia

Mar 05 2017

Either FBI is talking to the subject of an investigation or Trump is making it up. Either way Americans deserve

Mar 01 2017

The tax return is the lowest ethical bar that you can have for a presidential nominee or a

Feb 28 2017

If these reports are true, I think it's going to be very hard to convince the public that there could be an impartial

Feb 27 2017 - Oil

Now that he is in charge of protecting clean air and water in every community across the country, the public must decide for themselves whether they can trust Pruitt when he can't even be honest about his email or his ties to the oil and gas

Feb 25 2017

Politicized assertions by White House chief of staff Priebus about what may or may not be the findings of an FBI investigation are exactly the wrong way for the public to hear about an issue that is of grave consequence to our democracy. The American people deserve real transparency, which means Director Comey needs to come forward, in an open hearing, and answer

Feb 23 2017

If the White House chief of staff can make public claims about the supposed conclusions of an FBI investigation, then Director Comey can come clean with the American

Feb 10 2017 - Affordable Care Act

The Mnuchin rule is already being broken as Republicans look to strip away hundreds of billions of dollars in Affordable Care Act tax credits for working Americans to pay for a giant tax break for the wealthy. Bottom line is it's unfair to cut benefits that the middle class depends on, all so the wealthy pay a lower

Feb 09 2017

"The debate on Congressman Price's nomination is a referendum on the future of health care in America,". "This is about whether the United States will go back to the dark days when health care worked only for the healthy and wealthy.".feedback

Feb 08 2017 - FCC

We all know what the stakes are with the new chairman of the FCC. He is prepared to do the bidding of the big cable companies at the expense of consumers. This is another one where, early on, it's going to feel like we are really pushing the rock up the hill. But if it comes down to the citizens and the people at the grassroots against the special interests, then we can win

Feb 01 2017

I don't know all the details of what just transpired, but it seems to me the basic proposition of breaking the rule so that you can in effect look the other way in the face of strong evidence of serious ethical problems for two nominees is exceptionally

Jan 11 2017

There's enough here that, if you're serious about oversight, you can't simply say it's a coincidence and move

Jan 10 2017

"Has the FBI investigated these reported relationships?"feedback

Dec 23 2016

Banning oil the only way to completely eliminate future

Dec 09 2016

Declassifying and releasing information about the Russian government and the U.S. election, and doing so quickly, must be a

Oct 07 2016 - Wiretapping

The USA Freedom Act requires the executive branch to declassify Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinions that involve novel interpretations of laws or the

Oct 04 2016 - NSA

If that has changed, the executive branch has an obligation to notify the

Oct 04 2016 - NSA

The NSA has said that it only targets individuals under Section 702 by searching for email addresses and similar identifiers. If that has changed, the executive branch has an obligation to notify the

Sep 08 2016

Today it's mine workers; tomorrow it can be

Aug 11 2016 - Marijuana

The DEA's decision flies in the face of choices made freely by voters in Oregon and many other states about the legality of

Jun 29 2016

I'm not going to let the adequate be the enemy of the barely

Jun 24 2016

I'm going to continue to demand accountability to ensure the manufacturers of these powerful prescription drugs aren't having an undue influence on policies designed to reduce their

Jun 22 2016

Due process ought to apply as it relates to guns, but due process wouldn't apply as it relates to the internet activity of millions of

Jun 10 2016

This bill would make a historic shift in child welfare funding by offering a way for moms and dads to get help and treatment rather than pitching in only after children are removed from

May 19 2016 - Wiretapping

This is a dramatic expansion of the government's hacking and surveillance authority. Such a substantive change with an enormous impact on Americans' constitutional rights should be debated by Congress, not maneuvered through an obscure bureaucratic

Apr 28 2016

This rule change could potentially allow federal investigators to use one warrant to access millions of computers, and it would treat the victims of the hack the same as the hacker

Apr 13 2016

This flawed bill would leave Americans more vulnerable to stalkers, identity thieves, foreign hackers and

Mar 08 2016

I'm waiting to hear what the president has to say about it. I know [White House Press Secretary] Josh Earnest has said he is for the Justice Department, [but] I want to hear from the

Feb 12 2016

Most Americans pay $0 in taxes to connect to the Internet. And thanks to a bill that passed today, you will never have to pay taxes just to get online, or pay more taxes for goods and services just because they're bought

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