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Two days ago the small caps looked a lot more concerning but so did the market. If we're going to get that end of the year move, there's no reason why the small caps won't participate. After looking a little vulnerable, it looks like the small caps reclaimed most moving averages and are back on the
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Nov 16 2017
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Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

This is not a time to be long. But we'll see if the bears can reassert some power. You had your third lower high in the QQQs and your third lower high on the S&

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

Trump is definitely a head wind. He was a tail wind for the first three to four months. Then he became neutral and now people are losing faith in anything he can do. If he can't keep the Manufacturing Council together, how's he going to get tax reform? There were a lot of traders scratching their heads yesterday about why the the market was

Aug 02 2017

Tech was the heartbeat of the market, with its move to all-time highs. It could go from being a tail wind to more of a headwind at least for the month of August. They're selling strength instead of buying

Aug 02 2017

Either way it feels like there's caution in the air, rather than ... the fear of missing out. Apple could be its own little island. It didn't have a pre-earnings run. There was a lot more caution around it. It might be able to hold up better than other

Aug 02 2017

Maybe the active bulls live to fight another day, but I still think there's a dose of skepticism ... I still think it's very price specific and very stock specific. As far as the next few weeks go, there's a bit of a downside bias in

Jul 19 2017

The summer time rally might have just gotten new energy, and energy could be the focus. The XLE, which was trapped in a downtrend, closed above the 50-day moving

Jul 19 2017

If we can hold just $63 in the XLE, we might be able to take back the 50-day moving average around $66, and get a little bit of a bounce to about $

Jul 19 2017 - Oil

What I'm seeing is a bounce in crude, which has pretty much been in a range all year, and crude and energy stocks have been laggards for all of 2017. Crude is down more than 12 percent this year while oil equities have fallen 13 percent. So for the first time potentially, it could be a focus to help the S&P actually get up to that 2,500 level because [the most recent rally has been] driven mostly by big-cap

Jun 19 2017

It seems the bios have some momentum, the banks are in the game, technology is pushing the bears back, and the S&P is at an all-time high. But the bears will say the volume has been light, but the volume has been light since

Jun 06 2017 - Oil

We'll see if that leads to further weakness. If it holds 2423, the eight day, buy the dip' could still be in

May 15 2017 - Oil

A lot of technicians are talking about [S&P 500] 2,440. It would be nice to see a little power come back to the small caps and the banks to validate this move. That's what's

May 08 2017 - French election 2017

Most traders went long into the weekend thinking we'd get some upside follow through. Basically, Europe opened higher, and took profits. I think it was too widely expected [Emmanuel] Macron was going to

May 08 2017 - Oil

Oil below $50 is not constructive for bulls. Energy shares have been laggards for 2017, and are starting to turn into a headwind. It's not the time to be all in short, but there's less participation and the rally's getting narrower. There could be a corrective phase for the summer. The last breakout there was more participation. This time there are less names involved. None of the infrastructure plays are

Apr 27 2017

Amazon and Alphabet stole the show. It's just a question of which psychology is going to have more effect on the

Apr 05 2017

Today was your day to take

Apr 05 2017

The real test is whether the market will fall below and close below the 50-day moving average, which it hasn't done since Election Day. That would be a signal the complexion has changed, and that would breed more caution. When you break key levels and hold them, it's a constructive signal for the bulls. If you push above levels and it fails, it could give you some clues that there's more weakness to come. The banks and small caps were giving clues even before the Fed said the market is quite

Mar 27 2017

Traders are looking for good entries and thinking we'll have a little bit of a bounce at quarter's end. Technology has been strong. … I think you have to be careful with some of the banks and small caps. They've been a little more bent but still not

Mar 08 2017

If it stays below the 200-day for multiple sessions it shows true

Mar 03 2017 - Federal Reserve

The market does have a bit of an exhaustive feel. I think the bears would love to think with two major events like the Trump address to Congress and the Snap IPO, with heavy valuations, and now Yellen pretty much signaling three rate hikes will happen, it would be the kind of week they sell the news and we finally get a corrective phase. Traders are trying to stay with the rally but the higher we go, the harder it

Mar 03 2017 - Oil

I think even the bulls would like a correction at this point. High-beta tech feels a bit exhausted. ... You had nice new higher trades in the banks and Apple, but the banks feel tired. Traders will see if oil could hold $51, $52. A lot of people are trying to say that energy stocks are the safe way to play the market in the week ahead. Traders are going week by week now to find out where money is rotating. If [oil] can take out $54 with authority, they can play upside catch

Feb 14 2017 - Goldman Sachs

This is a tough spot. Last week was a great setup. Now it's harder to sink your teeth into longs. You have big names like Apple helping fuel breakouts. … You have stocks like Goldman Sachs going to all-time high and stocks like Bank of America at multiyear highs. But traders don't want to feel like they're chasing price up here. … Even if you think it's going to go higher, it's hard to think about initiating new longs. Individual names still have room to go. It's harder to be in the

Feb 14 2017

It's hard to be long, but it's even harder to be short. Today was a really good setup. Banks got a little stronger late last week, and traders like me were on the alert for a hawkish Fed and that gave you a little more juice on the bank

Feb 09 2017

Everybody keeps talking about holes in the Trump trade, but I don't see any leaks. We saw historic highs all across the board, and there's really no reason for it not to continue. Banks haven't broken to highs of 2017, but they were stronger today. Trump's carrot of a huge tax program coming soon put some shorts on edge, because nobody wants to be short the market if he's going to come up with big tax cuts. It could turn into a 'buy the rumor, sell the news' when it gets

Feb 03 2017 - UBS

This could keep the Dow above 20,000 this time. Earnings have been pretty good with 72 percent of companies

Jan 25 2017

I think there have been a ton of bullish undertones while we just consolidated in six to seven week range, after the big post election move. In a bad market, break outs are sold. Not

Jan 19 2017

It's become a binary event for the

Jan 07 2017

Right now the market has been floating on the illusion of optimism, and does that turn into a false sense of security?feedback

Jan 07 2017

All eyes will be on [President Barack] Obama's farewell speech Tuesday and then President-elect Trump's first press conference on Wednesday. We'll be trying to figure out what his tone is like. It will be a kind of pre-game for the inauguration. Traders would like the tone to be like he had in his election speech when he was claiming victory, versus what we've seen in the last few

Dec 23 2016

I think it's interesting biotechs showed some relative strength [Friday]. It'll help the whole theme of rotation, where money is moving around to keep the market going. There aren't that many dogs of the Dow, so if the bios, which have been weaker, start to act better, it would probably be a place to outperform in the beginning of

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

The postelection move has been very technical. The market would break above barriers or records, extend and then pullback and the retest would hold. This has been healthy, as those who missed the first, second or third move had some time to position on the slight

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

Oil might be the sector that brings the Dow over 20,000. It was a broad-based rally that got us over 19,000. It's been a lot of rotation and the same stuff that got us up to 20,

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

We started out the week trying to figure out if the market would hold higher, to have Santa take it to 20,000. The small caps held higher. The techs that broke out last week retested the breakout level. The banks, which everyone says are overbought, haven't pulled in, and oil broke $51/$52, retested it and

Nov 29 2016

There are four things traders are watching this week, and tomorrow, oil is first on the

Nov 29 2016

Europe was down a percent on the fact that Italian banks were

Nov 29 2016

There were a few signs that gave traders an excuse to take profits. ...A pull back was pretty much in the

Nov 21 2016 - Christmas

Thanksgiving week tends to trend higher. Today could set the tone for the rest of the week, barring any kind of incident. I would think it continues. As far as seasonality, it will play a big role. Then into Christmas performance chasing could start to happen as well. Besides the solid technical landscape, there are still a lot of fund managers under-invested and a lot of retail investors not in the

Nov 17 2016 - Christmas

Typically when you hit the tightest range bar, you get some expansion. The question is which way does it break. It still looks like it's going to be higher. If the S&P goes above 2,181 and holds, we should be seeing new highs by the weekend. If it doesn't hold, and we trade back to 2171, new highs might be more toward Santa Claus rather than

Nov 11 2016

The generals of the market usually lead to new highs, but with a new administration maybe the generals are

Nov 11 2016

I would think the S&P is not too far away from making new

Nov 11 2016

It's a tricky tape, full of

Nov 11 2016

There's a dose of skepticism because tech and high beta names didn't participate and have been weaker, but the strong sectors where money has rotated to have helped lift the market. The financials, industrials, materials and

Nov 07 2016

I would say tomorrow could be up another 10 or 15

Nov 07 2016

If Trump wins, you could see 100 [points] down

Oct 20 2016

In July, GE was $33. Now it's down at $29, weekly lows. The Street's not expecting much from GE. If it could just come in line, it could get some kind of bounce. If it misses, it seems the downside is priced

Oct 20 2016

GE is not priced for a good report. If GE comes in decent, or just in line, it probably can rally and help the

Oct 20 2016

The market's been trapped under the 21-day moving average for almost two weeks, so the first step for the bulls to get some momentum back would be a close above 2,147. Then the next obstacle would be the 50-day at 2,

Oct 20 2016

Those reports are going to have to be strong with decent guidance in order to be rewarded. Those three names are priced for

Sep 21 2016 - Japan

I think at this point the market is a bit more comfortable with a close race. You would think people would put more risk on after hearing what the Fed and [Bank of Japan] have to say. If tomorrow we open lower and it was a trap, that would be frustrating for most

Sep 13 2016

We have 2,119 to trade against. If that were to break, we could see 2,080 next week, but for tomorrow I think there's going to be a little bounce

Sep 13 2016

I would say technically we broke below the summer range which was 2,148 to 2,163 [on the S&P 500]. We broke below that on Friday, then on Monday we reversed, came back up, retested it and then sellers came back. We're now developing a new level below that. The longer we stay below that, the more vulnerable the market is to lower

Sep 13 2016

This started late last week, and had more downside correlation this

Sep 08 2016

Apple could be something traders

Sep 08 2016

Every time Hillary looks bad, they sell off. When she doesn't, they

Sep 08 2016

I think you still have to be constructive on the market. Although the indices are choppy, there's been an upside bias. Although we haven't broken out to highs for a month, there's been constructive stock

Aug 24 2016 - Federal Reserve

The down move in bios gave a little more conviction to sell them also and get out of the way. They're not broken, but they're

Aug 24 2016 - Federal Reserve

It was a textbook outside day in bios, which puts it back in the bearish camp. Finally the bears have a perfect formula to flex their muscles. Any pullback could be

Aug 24 2016 - Federal Reserve

Hillary took the air out of that sector and that hit other momentum

Aug 24 2016 - Federal Reserve

The S&P closed right at the 21-day moving average. This time it feels like there was a lot more damage to momentum

Aug 24 2016

I would say it's still kind of funny that everyone is trying to find a reason to call game over for the market when all we're doing is grinding higher all

Aug 24 2016

There's not a lot of power because there's not a lot of players. Who's going to make a big bet there ahead of Jackson Hole?feedback

Aug 05 2016

It's like deja vu. A month ago we had a hot jobs number and the market broke out. Since then, it was a choppy range-bound tape. Earlier this week, there were concerns with oil, and the fact that it is August, a bad month for

Aug 03 2016

If it's 150,000 to 170,000, that should keep things in tact. If oil hadn't bounced, we would have continuation to Tuesday's move. If oil's bounce is sustained, it's going to be hard for bears to get much

Aug 03 2016

The S&P 500 held 2,146, the 21-day moving average Tuesday, and today the bulls took back the ball. It was good to see oil reverse on the [inventory]

Jul 13 2016

The market could take some clues from the strongest stock in tech selling down on its Prime Day. Amazon has been the strongest of the high beta FANG names this year and it ran before the market did last week, and today it moved lower and sold on the news. That could give some clues about tech. The market could use a few days

Jul 13 2016

A breather would be nice, but unfortunately this is an all or nothing market so breathers don't happen when you want them. The measured move off this breakout is 2,

Jun 29 2016

Bank stocks are helping the market bounce back more than most traders thought it

Jun 09 2016 - Facebook

It burnt off some of the overbought conditions. The market was definitely overbought. I think there was a little rotation into some tech names – Amazon is still near highs, Apple is holding in there and Facebook looks all right. Oil didn't fall

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