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You are always eyeing for pole when you go into qualifying, but I think I was also eyeing it in the last couple of events but I had to learn harshly in Q3 that we weren't quite ready. Today I don't think I ever looked at it and said 'ok we can do it'. I knew that we could do well and I knew that the car was good but I didn't know what they [Mercedes] might be able to find in the last part of qualifying. I knew we were strong, I knew we can do it, but I didn't know how
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Sebastian Vettel is associated, including Max Verstappen and focus. Most recently, Sebastian Vettel has been quoted saying: “Mercedes have been very, very dominant the last years in qualifying, so it's good to get there. It's been a mega qualifying. The car was really nice to drive and it's a track where it comes alive.” in the article Lewis Hamilton says he just wasn’t quick enough after Vettel takes pole.
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Obviously it helps when straight from the box, in testing, we had a good feeling. We looked reasonably competitive. [The win in] Australia obviously was a massive boost for all the team and you can see that when they are singing [the national anthem] down there [in front of the podium]. The whole factory has really come alive so that's great and we need to just make sure we keep it going and keep enjoying

But for now, I think the team has obviously done a really, really great job, a lot of hard work, commitment and as I said, things start to click and hopefully that sort of success now in the first couple of races helps us to build up some sort of

Obviously we did a massive stint over the winter [to build a competitive car]. I think last year was a very good year for us. It wasn't good in terms of results, don't get me wrong, but I think for the team, getting together, a lot of things that had changed seemed to start

Qualifying is very raw so you spend time going through the lap. What are the key points? Where do you have to improve compared to the run before? Once you start the lap there is no time to think so you clear your mind and you have to be in the moment. You focus corner by corner – and ideally let it

I don't think so, I think we will manage. We managed as well in China and it was quite cold. I think it will be OK. We'll see, I don't know the forecast yet but usually forecasts keep changing as well so we will see when we get

We obviously struggled to find the right set-up but, overall, it's been better here than it has been in the last couple of races. Obviously when we start to push in qualifying, it's not exactly what I wanted. In the end, there's always a bit of guesswork involved because the conditions change a lot here, but I think there was a lot of potential, but the end result was far from what I

Q2 I thought it would be tight. I was very happy to go into Q3, and I was very happy with my first lap, I crossed the line, looked up, and then saw both of them ahead! When I got the time I was a bit down to be honest, because four-tenths was a lot more than I expected, also given how good the lap

Then on the next run I tried a little bit too hard probably everywhere but I had nothing to lose. I was quite safe to the cars behind, I was confident, the car felt good so I tried a bit harder. Didn't work, went slightly slower. Obviously if a tenth quicker it's not enough, so I try to do it a bit more. Hopefully we can do a bit more

I think the team has obviously done a really great job. A lot of hard work, commitment, things start to click and hopefully that sort of success now in the first couple of races helps us to build up some sort of momentum that Mercedes had in the past and the last couple of years, so they will be the ones to

The car feels good on a single lap and as for race simulation we can further improve for

I thought Australia would be unrepeatable. Here it was the same or even better. The conditions helped, so we took advantage of

The safety car came just when I was about to start to feel that the dry tire was a lot quicker. So I couldn't use the momentum, the advantage and I lost a lot of positions. But then I had a very exciting

I had some overtaking, it was difficult to get close to the cars so the last race we felt the effect but here it's a better track to overtake it's the way it should be in my opinion, you need make your stakes, so it shouldn't come for free, you shouldn't just open a flap and sail past, so it's good

Would or should... I think Lewis was quick, first of all. I think they did a good race, he did a good race so to get into these kind of discussions there is no point but today we finished second, very happy with that and we take it, good points, but more than that and much more valuable than that it was a very entertaining and fun race for

Obviously it was very close with Valtteri, good job we got just enough margin to make it to the front

Nevertheless, obviously very limited running yesterday, hardly any for me, I think I did two laps. But I don't think anyone had much running. We will see. The car is good, the car is fine so I'm confident whatever the condition the car is working and then we try to do the fastest

Being pragmatic I think if you take the gap we have had so far I think you can say that in qualifying we are still lacking a bit and in the race I think we are a good match. Certainly, as for tomorrow, you can draw another average but what matters most is that after 20 races you draw the average and we come out on top but it's a long way. For now we are very happy to be able to challenge Mercedes and hopefully we can do that more and

If I make up eight metres [the gap between first and second on the grid] it looks pretty good. We don't know. There are a lot of things that can turn out in many, many ways tomorrow. That's one option that I mentioned but I wouldn't know for a start, what the conditions will be like so we will see. I think it should be an exciting

I think we generally are in a much better position. People are more comfortable throughout the whole team. I think the work that is going in is a lot more targeted and overall I think we're more confident with the way we work now. Hopefully we can keep up that trend to show that on the

I think Mercedes has to be still the favourite. Obviously we had a very strong first race, but I think at least the way we look at it inside the team, we really go race by race. We know we have a good package, which puts us in a strong place, but there's lots of things we need to do to keep up with them and keep the position that we are in now to fight for good

Maybe my memory is wrong, but I remember [2016] better than what people make out of it now. For sure it wasn't the season that we wanted to have, so after one race, it's easy to say that this year is better than last year, but it's only one race. It's the start of the season. But for sure, a lot of things have changed since last year, the team has

You really have to go step by step. It's good to know that we have a great car but it's just the beginning: new regulations, new generations of cars so there will be a lot of

It is, definitely [more difficult]. Even in years before it has been difficult to follow once you get within one and a half or one second, just because the turbulent air messes up the aerodynamics of the car. That means you don't know have that much grip while following another car and now as more of the grip from the car is relying on the aero it's a bigger

You know as you look race by race it's not great but still seeing what happened in the background I think it's important. I think the people always kept believing. As I said the last six months have been very calm, we've done our work and it's starting to pay off so I think obviously now it peaks and we're on top of this grand prix but that's a small

I saw the guys (in the garage), they were smiling and singing, I'm sure we'll see some more of that. But... it's just the beginning. Motivation has been really high but obviously it helps to wave from the podium. It's not the time to look at the table. Step by step. (There are) new rules, regulations and generations of

We say this all the time, what this team has done in the last six months has been really tough, rough as well. (It's) not (been) easy to manage the whole team, but I think the new car in general obviously is fantastic and this is a great reward, a big relief for everyone. There's been a lot of ups and downs, left and rights in the last 12 months. The big difference was being able to deliver a really good

Then we saw the gap, went into the pits, and it worked. It was tight, I lost a lot of time on the in-lap because I had a lapped car, I think it was a Williams. I lost like a second, so I was quite angry but that's how it goes

It was just enough and I had Max right behind me and Lewis after coming out. Turn 1 was a bit slippery but I managed to get a decent exit and a decent run down to Turn 3 and held the inside, I knew Max would probably try something but I kept in front. That was obviously crucial for our

There is a long long way ahead but for now we are over the moon. It has been a hard winter, and an incredible race today. I was a bit nervous at the start and Lewis was better, then I had to take care of Valtteri in turn one, then I had to keep the pressure on, to get the message that we are here and we are here to

All of my laps were not very good. I just didn't put any decent laps together, it was a bit messy after the first run. It wasn't exactly how we should have done it from my side and we're also catching up a bit and never really got it together. It's a bit disappointing but we're still fourth, so it's the first qualifying done and we go from

Definitely, I think we have a good car. I think we are working well as a team. Things are improving. Obviously it's nice to see that things are working, the car is working. I had a mixed day yesterday, but the confidence in the car was there from testing and I think we showed that again

Obviously everyone is pushing very hard and it's not so easy to come here with a long journey to get to Australia, but I think people are fired up and we are motivated for tomorrow. I think it's the first good

We've worked on all areas trying to improve but we all know qualifying is important to have a good race, so the higher up you qualify the better chances you have in the race. Statistically doesn't look that good, so hopefully we can turn that around. Last year was closer [with teammate Kimi Raikkonen] than the year before but it's always been fairly close. Obviously, I want to be in front of him and he wants to be in front of me, but starting the season priority number one is that hopefully we are in front of the

Naturally since the day I got into Formula One the cars got faster and faster and they tend to stall a little bit. We distributed cornering speed versus cornering speed. For us what really gives us a good feeling is cornering speed and we're back to the level we were ten years ago and maybe a bit faster. So for us it's nice to have the feeling you're driving the fastest cars you've ever driven. On competitiveness we're all here to find out -- we're here to go

Well, it's March now, so... If you are in the fight for the title it is a question for October, November. Looking at the performance of the cars it was expected to be a big step up and that's how it felt on the track. I think that's what we all said when we got out of the car, that it's a big step forward, so it's not entirely fair to judge to the previous years because it's a different formula and it will be the fastest cars we've ever

I'm sorry for what I said. Obviously when we are racing, when we are fighting...for sure I regret what I said and certainly didn't mean

He also indicated that he would likewise be contacting (Red Bull's) Max Verstappen and vowed that such an incident would never occur

I think we are all fairly busy at this time to focus on the four races that are left and focus in particular to prepare for next year so I think that's where...the main focus

I'm not entirely happy because the gap is quite big, the guys ahead are in a world of their

It is really difficult to realise you have achieved it twice but I think you set yourself new targets again and again and we are hungry, we want to win, we are competitive, we are ambitious. We want to be there and enjoy these

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