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We are waiting with anticipation. There are 4-5 of us (carmakers) at the global level, if something needs to be done, it will be done. I haven't seen Mueller in 6-7 months, but I will go find him at the first opportunity.
Mar 21 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Sergio Marchionne is associated, including Mexico and U.S.. Most recently, Sergio Marchionne has been quoted saying: “We are waiting with anticipation. There are 4-5 of us (carmakers) at the global level, if something needs to be done, it will be done. I haven't seen Mueller in 6-7 months, but I will go find him at the first opportunity.” in the article Fiat Chrysler boss says 'waiting in anticipation' to meet VW chief. An other article where Sergio Marchionne has been quoted is Fiat Chrysler CEO says rationale for GM-FCA merger stands, even after PSA buys Opel.
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We have done nothing illegal and the reports are blown out of proportion.

The way that it has been described, I think, has been unfair to FCA, and that is the thing that disturbs me.

There's not a guy in this house that would even remotely attempt to try something as stupid as that. And if I found a guy like that I would have hung him on a door.

What's going to kill diesel is this continuous drain on capital and this continuous skepticism about its value to society.

The reality is the Mexican automotive industry has now for a number of years been tooled-up to try and deal with the U.S. market. If the U.S. market were not to be there, the reasons for its existence are on the line.

Let's find out what happens as a result of President-elect Trump coming in and how he views imports. I need clarity ... we're not the only ones who need clarity.

It's possible, if the economic terms imposed by the US administration on anything that comes into the United States that, if they're sufficiently large that it would make the production of anything in Mexico uneconomical. We would have to withdraw. It is quite possible.

We didn't twist ourselves into a pretzel (to make this decision)… It wasn't a preemptive strike against a tweet.

This is new territory for most of us. None of us have had a tweeting president before. I need clarity. I think we all need clarity.

Our partnership with Waymo enables FCA to directly address the opportunities and challenges the automotive industry faces as we quickly approach a future where fully self-driving vehicles are very much a part of our daily lives.

But its value lies in its recognition of the willingness of the country to change. It is time to stand behind the prime minister on this.

I think it is completely unnecessary for Italy to risk that exposure.

Let's hope it lasts as long as possible. The effects will be felt starting from the end of the year because we still have a lot of dollar hedging to get through. It will also help (luxury sports maker) Ferrari.

There is nearly 100 percent certainty that no (sales) deal will happen in the fourth quarter of this year.

I've had this conversation with CVC in the past, I've had it with Bernie ... I think it's important that we provide stability and a long-term view. I'm sure that will happen soon.

I think we failed the targets, I don't think there's a doubt in my mind.

I feel quite comfortable that this team are quite capable of turning the fate of the 'scuderia' around. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of season left.

We keep on focusing on a single individual as being the answer to all these problems. James was a great technician and I think he had the variety of skills that certainly were relevant for parts of the car.

The experience both companies gain will be fundamental to delivering automotive technology solutions that ultimately have far-reaching consumer benefits.

The company would cease making the midsize sedan as well as the compact Dodge Dart, unless a partner could be found to keep the production going.

We have decided to install a new modular platform for the production of a completely new model that will only be produced at this plant, with the majority of production destined for export.

The scission from the FCA group formally ratifies the independence that Ferrari has always had, even if being part of the automotive group. An independence that has been operational, partly financial, but that is now necessary to maintain the uniqueness of the models and the Ferrari brand, guaranteeing the full development of its potential.

I don't see any glimmer of hope this year.

We are determined to use all our Italian factories to produce vehicles destined for the global market. And the cars made here in Turin are most important for us in launching a new business expansion into the luxury segment.

We have been very clear on the strategy that Fiat has put together in terms of dealing with what we consider to be an inevitable drop in the Italian market that we are experiencing this year. We have not seen levels like this in nearly 40 years. And so we knew that markets were going to come down and we knew that there will be a large impact on the volume in Europe for Fiat.

The decline for June will be less than 20 percent, but it's still a double-digit figure.

Fiat… can't afford to operate in Italy in an environment of uncertainty that is so incongruous with the conditions that exist elsewhere in the industrialised world.

If the Chinese are willing to invest, God bless them. But the fact we had to go there to China asking for money is not a good sign.

We are changing both the image and substance of our group and are regaining the faith of the public at large.

Success is incredibly temporary. The first quarter is done. We've got a lot of quarters to do.

We are delivering on everything we said. We are doing it quietly, keeping our head down.

An extraordinary amount of work still lies ahead.

Maintaining job levels in the face of the market crisis we are enduring is not easy.

If the Opel transaction is not available to Fiat, life will move on.

Workers have no need to worry. We will do our best to avoid causing any damage that could be linked with the collapse of the market.

The agreement offers both companies opportunities to gain access to most relevant automotive markets with innovative and environmentally friendly products.

What I can tell you is that I think we probably have the best lead ship team to run the organisation.

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