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I got it all wrong before. I used to say, Is there anything I can do?' I used to say, How are you?,' or not say anything. Every mistake that someone else made with me, I've made. Look, if I don't find a way to move forward, then my kids are going to have a harder time
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Apr 28 2017 Facebook
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Sheryl Sandberg is associated, including Instagram, World Bank, and health. Most recently, Sheryl Sandberg has been quoted saying: “I don't think we have to be the publisher and we definitely don't want to be the arbiter of the truth.” in the article Facebook, Google need to accept they are media not tech companies, CEO of world’s largest ad firm says.
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This is the second worst moment of our lives. We lived through the first and we will live through this. It can only get better from

I lost my husband, and it's a horrific thing to live through. I sat down with my children – they were 7 and 10 – and I said, You will never see your father again…. As women must be more empowered at work, men must be more empowered at home. I have seen so many women inadvertently discourage their husbands from doing their share by being too controlling or critical. I realize now how hard that [chapter] must have been to read if you were a single mom. I didn't get

I've definitely learned how hard it can be to lean in when you're struggling at home. But I deeply believe – maybe even more – in the importance of female

It gave me the understanding that, this is going to be terrible, and I stopped fighting the terrible moments because I knew they would happen. And when I stopped fighting them – 'Oh my God, I'm heartbroken, and I'm upset that I'm heartbroken' – they actually passed more

Turning feelings into words can help us process and overcome

One of the things that happens when you lose a spouse is people judge [you for dating again].feedback

I wrote Option B because I want other people to know it can get better, and I want to help people make it better. When I first lost Dave, I felt like I would never be okay again. That feeling of not being able to breathe is not forever. I want people to know that. I learned that when life pulls you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface and breathe again. If you're facing loss or adversity, the first thing [you have to do is] lean in to the suck. This is gonna

I'm falling asleep, . The three ps – personalisation, pervasiveness and permanence. Especially because the early reports, which were false, said he died by falling off an exercise machine. So I absolutely thought that if I had looked for him sooner, he would be alive. A friend would say to me, You didn't leave a three-year-old alone in a gym.' But I felt hugely guilty. I really meant it. But it kind of shifts the burden to the person who needs the help to tell

Writing about joyful experiences for just three days can improve people's moods and decrease their visits to health centres a full three months

And you know, after that, I didn't feel alone any

You know, we were Facebook. We were very open. We sit at open desks and we share

I'm so glad you're doing this interview. Because you get

Mark is why I'm walking. Most of what [he and Priscilla] did is not even in the book, because they did so much. When I felt so overwhelmed and so isolated and just needed to cry, I would grab him into his conference room and he would just sit there with me and be like, We're going to get through this and we want to get through it with you. He did it over and over. Really? I thought you made a good point in that meeting and helped us make a better

I think I'm helping people remember that dating, for those that want to do it, is part of moving forward, and it's option B. If I could, I would only date Dave. I made that choice. I just had it taken away from

I think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice. You can give in to the void, the emptiness that fills your heart, your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even breathe. Or you can try to find meaning. These past 30 days, I have spent many of my moments lost in that void. And I know that many future moments will be consumed by the vast emptiness as well. But when I can, I want to choose life and

It just kind of crumbled in every area. I didn't think I could be a good friend. I didn't feel like I could do my job. It reminded me of how one day in my neighborhood I watched a house that had taken years to build get torn down in a matter of minutes. Boom. Flattened. I feel it every day. Every day. I go to my son's basketball game, and there are a lot of fathers there. My daughter is going to be in the school play next week, and Dave is not here to go to any of

Small businesses provide such important products and services, but they also are a huge engine of job growth in a world where job growth is increasingly uncertain and something people really worry

We need to raise the federal minimum wage law. Two-thirds of minimum-wage workers are women. We need better public policy. We need businesses to do the audits they should be doing. We need individuals to be aware of this. There is a lot to

Equal pay is essential to the goal of gender equality. This issue speaks to how we value women's labor, knowledge, time, training, and so much more. In short, it's about women's worth. There's nothing more fundamental than

Facebook employees will have up to 20 days paid leave to grieve an immediate family member, up to 10 days to grieve an extended family

Amid the nightmare of Dave's death when my kids needed me more than ever, I was grateful every day to work for a company that provides bereavement leave and flexibility. I needed both to start my recovery. At a time when nearly nine of ten working women in the United States have no parental or family leave, women make 80 cents on the dollar compared to men, and there's no system of national paid leave, companies need to step-up and lead. I hope more companies will join us and others making similar moves, because America's families deserve

I don't know of one woman in a leadership position whose life partner is not fully – and I mean fully – supportive of her

Consumer video is exploding on our platform as Mark was talking about, and that really creates ad

Marketers are increasingly seeing mobile and the opportunity in it, especially mobile

Long before this week, women – especially undocumented women – have been vulnerable to violence and abuse once they get here. Young women caught in refugee status are highly vulnerable to violence and exploitation and also often lose the chance at an education. We know that no investment has a higher return than girls' education – for them, for their families and for the countries they may someday help

The Executive Orders issued over the past week defy the heart and values that define the best of our nation. Families have been separated. Frightened children have been detained in airports without their parents. People seeking refuge have been turned away and sent back to the danger they just managed to flee. This is not how it should be in

I started my career working at the World Bank on health care in India. I saw firsthand how clinics funded by foreign aid are often the only source of health care for women. When women are given even the most basic health care information and services, they live longer, healthier lives – and they give birth to children who live longer, healthier

Comprehensive family planning helps prevent unintended pregnancies, deaths and abortions. This week's executive order reinstating the global gag rule will make that work much harder. It bans health organizations around the world from providing counseling on all family planning options. If they refuse to abide by the ban, they could lose millions in funding from the United States. And this ban is harsher and broader than past orders by past presidents, because it covers every program that falls under global health assistance. That means it'll hurt more

For the first time in our country's history, a woman was the nominee of a major party, and over 59 million Americans voted to put Hillary Clinton in the highest office in the land. Even though we fell short, that should make us all proud. We have real challenges to face as a country. The only answer I've ever known to facing any challenge is to work harder. Today we pledge as Americans to keep working for a better future for everyone. Today we recommit ourselves to leaning

We don't want to decide what the truth is, and I don't believe anyone wants us to do that. When we say that we can't take it on ourselves, that doesn't mean that we don't want to take any responsibility. We do take

Just to notice the times when things were good. And I have kept it all year in this little notebook that a friend of mine gave

This is the first year I have ever kept a New Year's

It's definitely true that most of our advertisers are advertising on TV and advertising with us on mobile – and they should be. And we've done studies with Nielsen that show our ads can be a good complement to TV, particularly enabling you to reach people who really aren't on TV ... the power of what we're able to really goes to the

Our goal as a company is to make your Newsfeed experience great…. If we can make advertising work because it is great content for people, that's where the win

Video is exploding across Facebook. ... What's happening with live on Facebook is really exciting. We're not yet focused on

I think that's because businesses know that consumers are spending time on mobile, and they need to be

What [advertisers] have always looked for is who sees their ads, how they are spending their ad budgets, and then, is that moving products off shelves. What we're working on is all of that measurement so that we can go all the way through from what someone sees to to their

We take any mistake really seriously and trust is so important. We also believe very strongly in third-party measurement. We're not just grading our own

I hope to see you soon - and am always available if you have further

Even with clear standards, screening millions of posts on a case-by-case basis every week is

Nonetheless, we intend to do better. We are committed to listening to our community and evolving. Thank you for helping us get this

As we think about helping people understand different points of view and being open to different points of view, we're dealing with political bias as well going

I have never spoken publicly about this before. It's hard. But I will do my very best not to blow my nose on this beautiful Berkeley

It is the hard days – the times that challenge you to your very core – that will determine who you are. You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you

We are really pleased with the growth in the advertiser adoption on

Starting the transition back to work has been a saviour, a chance to feel useful and

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